Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 401

“The origin of Demon Fire!”

In the Demon Fire space, it seems that the seven powerhouses successfully sealed the Jinglian Demon Fire with magical formation. Refining made him The intelligence, and accompanied by the stability of the black beam of light, countless lights converged to the center of this beam of light, the soaring milky lotus fire.

At this time, the seven powerhouses are all riddled with scars on the surface, and their breath is sluggish. Obviously, the previous battle with Jinglian Demon Fire was extremely costly to them. With the Jinglian Demon Fire being sealed and the crisis contact, everyone was thinking more carefully.

Hun Clan’s powerhouse, which led the team this time, is far worse than Hun Miesheng before. After adjusting his breath, he flew to the Jinglian Demon Fire, with a strange smile on his mouth and fierce palms. Scratching the black beam of light, “haha, many thanks to everyone today, I Hun Clan remembers your love.”


“Hun Clan, really. It’s not a good product.”

“Everyone, let’s grab him.”


This scene surprised everyone and immediately hurried. Came back to his senses, in the sound of scolding, there were bursts of wind, and everyone who was able to break through the holy realm, basically not much would care to offend Hun Clan.

“Let’s do it together.”

“Jinglian Demon Fire is mine.”

“I am the destiny.”


After a brief period of calm, the entire space was suddenly noisy and chaotic. Everyone immediately broke out in a civil war. The hasty union is the most fragile. The previous friendship was in the Jinglian Demon Fire. Under the temptation, simply does not have any possibility of continuing.

“Ling’er, stay here, I will grab that Jinglian Demon Fire.”

Yan Qingshan’s Yao Tian, ​​who is also hot at this time, looks back. He exhorted medicinal spirits, and then Feishen joined the battle. The two-star battle is not weak enough to cope with overwhelming majority opponents.

A war broke out in the Demon Fire space.

Now these powerhouses with strengths above 4-Star Fighting Saints, most of them are a little weak, so they haven’t taken any action yet. If whoever takes the first shot, the success rate to capture the origin of Demon Fire will undoubtedly be much higher.

“Don’t go over, be careful, I’m not that simple.”

By the side of Yao Ling, Yan Qingshan slightly stretched out his hand and shook his head on Yao Ling’s wrist, pupil light I have been paying attention to the body of that pure lotus Demon Fire.

A war broke out here, and on the other side, the seven 4-Star Fighters are all swallowing medicine pill to quickly heal and recover Dou Qi. In the previous battle, at least the other six outside Medusa. All of them are really desperate.

Unfortunately, what these people don’t know is that Jinglian Demon Fire was originally intended to be taken out by others, so if you didn’t work hard, the results were the same. So many people were vying to come and go and get it in the end. It’s a hot potato.

Yan Qingshan next to Yao Ling heard what he said, and quickly closed his eyes. Yan Qingshan next to her could feel a strange soul fluctuation, which made him feel quite Amazed.

Dou Qi continent, as a fantasy world, also has some strange physique, Xiao Yi Xian’s Woeful Poison Body, Qing Ling’s Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils and so on.

However, most of the so-called physiques have not yet reached the level of breaking the balance, such as the ancient Holy Body and Primal Chaos Body in the sky. Once they are cultivated, they will definitely be able to leapfrog. Basically there is no.

Most cultivators don’t have that special physique, like Yan Qingshan, and Xiao Yan is the same. Even if someone has a special physique, in fact, according to the different cultivation of each person, they can achieve cross-level There are not many people who fight.

Most special physiques actually can’t be considered how bad they are, that is, they have some advantages. For example, Xiao Yi Xian’s natural poison attribute is amazing, Qing Ling’s restraint on serpent race, and Cao Ying and Dan Chen’s natural soul ability is powerful enough to influence the outside world.

At this time, the medicinal spirits that cast special secret techniques are actually similar to Cao Ying and Dan Chen. They have special innate talents in soul, and they are more perfect than Cao Ying and Dan Chen. This kind of innate talent that shocked everyone of Yao Clan, she would be considered as a potential person who is expected to break through the Emperor Realm soul.

“Really interesting innate talent, promising Emperor Realm soul, it looks like it is worth exploring!”

Yan Qingshan was just beside him silently watching the magical magic of the medicine spirit , That magical soul fluctuation, with a special’spirituality’, touched the soul of Great Perfection that he had reached the heaven realm, as if he felt a touch of a higher realm.

In the Demon Fire space, many powerhouses fought for the Jinglian Demon Fire whose body was refined. After this duel, Xiao Yan was actually quite eye-catching, and Hun Feng Hun Yu has the upper hand in successive battles.

But not long after he got the sealed lotus fire, he recovered some Dou Qi’s Hun Clan 4-Star Fighting Saint to stop him.


This guy is ruthless enough, not even think a Destroying Fire Lotus was thrown out, Hun Clan in the explosion couldn’t avoid it. Remember, the old wounds are not healed and new ones are added. At the same time as battered and exhausted, a fire burns in the heart, and immediately shot with anger.

“Junior, die!”

This 4-Star Fighting Saint, who was once injured and escaped by Yan Qingshan, blasted out his palm against Xiao Yan, and shot it with all his strength. Ordinary people can only see fluctuations in the space. The palm of the former is less than an inch from the top of the head of Xiao Yan.

“My younger generation, how can you allow you to threaten.”

In this one Hun Clan powerhouse is about to capture Xiao Yan’s moment, a thin palm, but extremely He appeared abruptly on top of Xiao Yan’s head, flicks with the finger, and flicked his palm away. At the same time, a hoarse voice sounded slowly.

Xiao Chen has taken the shot, this one used to be Xiao Clan Heaven’s Chosen, even if it has been blocked for a thousand years, it still has a silent breakthrough. 5-Star Fighting Saint, but not the unprecedented breakthrough 5- Star is comparable to the guy who was seriously injured.

“The ancestor of Xiao Chen.”

Xiao Yan quickly came back to his senses, and when he saw Xiao Chen’s move, he also quietly sighed in relief.

Xiao Chen waved his hand, his character was withdrawn and dull at first, and he didn’t want to say anything at this time. He just lifted up his pace and walked slowly in front of Xiao Yan, staring at Hun Clan on the opposite side. Dou Sheng, his voice hoarse, “Hun Clan’s people, bully the weak, are you killed!”

“Are you from Xiao Clan?”

Hun Clan’s 4 -Star Dou Sheng eyes slightly narrowed staring at Xiao Chen, feeling that the opponent’s power is not inferior to him, his pupils suddenly shrank, and he said in disbelief, “How is this possible? Xiao Clan has long been ruined, how could it be possible? There is also a powerhouse.”

Hun Clan and Xiao Clan have a deep hatred, and they are also very concerned about Xiao Clan. However, before the rise of Xiao Yan, the declining Xiao Family really had nothing to attract attention. , Even Hun Clan did not notice the Jia Ma Empire Xiao Family.

But after the rise of Xiao Yan, Hun Clan carefully probed the information of Xiao Family, the huge Xiao Family, except for Xiao Yan, the rest are mostly mediocre, and there is no hidden power at all.

But now Xiao Chen suddenly appeared, such a hostile powerhouse of at least 4-Star Fighting Saint level, but Hun Clan has no information. This is Hun Clan’s dereliction of duty at work, and No wonder he reacted so strongly.

Xiao Chen’s face didn’t show the slightest fluctuations, stepping lightly moved towards the other side, step by step, breath is like the waves that are constantly surging, getting higher and stronger, stronger and stronger .

4-Star Late Phase ……5-Star Initial Phase ……5-Star Middle Phase ……In just a few breaths, Xiao Chen broke through the 4-Star level and reached the 5-Star Middle Phase is infinitely close to 5-Star Late Phase Fighting Saint. This is Xiao Chen’s true level, and his battle strength is even stronger than the cultivation base.

Xiao Chen’s shot naturally shocked the audience. The 5-Star powerhouse, the Imperial Clan, is also an absolute high-level Peak battle strength.

The declining Xiao Clan even had such a powerhouse, and even violated the unwritten rules among powerhouses of various races, and secretly ran into this Demon Fire space.

“Who are you!”

The horrible breath haunting Xiao Chen’s body made this one badly injured Hun Clan Dou Sheng change his face. He is just a 4-Star Dou Sheng. Facing the 5-Star Middle Phase, Xiao Chen has no chance to win at all, and he is still injured. This will be extremely dangerous, so he can’t help but not panic.

“Noisy! Chattering!”

Xiao Chen was just frowned in the face of screaming, holding the void in the palm of his hand, the huge shadow of blood was condensed in the palm, and it was condensed in a blink of an eye Become a huge blood axe.

As soon as the palm of his hand turned, the blood axe was an instant Tearing Space, which brought up bursts of sonic booms, and the shock of terrifying energy completely locked the three of Hun Clan Fighting Saint and Hun Feng Hun Yu.

“Hun Mo, save me!!!”

Hun Clan fights with all his strength to prop up the energy shield to block it, but unfortunately it is only the first round attack wave of the sharp and bright rainbow , It caused his energy cover to disintegrate in an instant, and the terrifying energy swept over him, he also couldn’t care about his face, and desperately shouted for help.

“It’s really a waste, embarrassing…”

In this void, an old low sigh finally sounded, and one of the strength of the crowd only reached the high level Half. Sage’s grey-clothed old man walked out slowly with a disappointed face shaking his head.

As he walked out, his face also allowed some changes, a pair of long black eyebrows drooping down, looking extremely strange.

In just a few steps, the old man arrived in front of Hun Feng and the others, and the gloomy black mist instantly filled out.

“Sky Cleaving Three Axe!”

When Xiao Chen saw Hun Clan and powerhouse appear, instead of stopping, he launched a stronger offensive. Without a word, he took two steps Out, shua shua, the huge blood axe in his hand, is a three-axe.

The three axes are almost in one piece. Everyone saw a red shadow passing by above the sky. Only at least 4-Star Fighting Saint’s powerhouse can clearly see the three red blood lines. It rushed out of the space and rushed to the people of Hun Clan at an extremely terrifying speed.


Hun Mo looked at these three blood lines, his old face was slightly frowned, and the black mist and black mist of hiding the sky and covering the earth burst out of his body. In the pervasive place, countless sorrowful soul sound waves came out from it, like a magic sound, burrowing crazily into the depths of the human mind.

Three blood lines tore through the heavily black cloud, accompanied by a fast shuttle, above the blood line, there is also a rapid explosion, one after another ripple, with the last explosion, the black mist and the blood line at the same time It collapsed, and the old man Hun Mo and Xiao Chen also shook back half a step at the same time.

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