Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 402

“Old man Hun Mo, it’s actually you. You Hun Clan really wants to break the agreement and it won’t happen.”

Gu Nan Hai and the other ancient seed Elder. , Seeing the appearance of the black-browed old man, each of his complexions became ugly, and there was also a faint look in his eyes.

Old man Hun Mo, a generation of powerhouse among Hun Clan, 5-Star Peak Fighting Saint, extremely powerful battle strength, and extremely cruel methods, bloody and violent wherever he went, once slaughtered One city in Central Plain.

“hehe…a promise? Under the origin of Demon Fire, the so-called promise is nothing.”

Old man Hun Mo slightly smiled, holding it from Xiao Yan in one hand. With the black light seal, Jinglian Demon Fire is in the palm of the palm, and the other hand is pointing to Xiao Chen, “Besides, it’s not that I broke the rules alone, Xiao Clan, how do you explain… …”

Gu Nan Hai coldly snorted and said: “hmph! Xiao Chen senior was trapped in this Demon Fire space thousands of years ago. It’s different from your sneaky sneaking in! “

“Xiao Chen? Blood Axe Xiao Chen! The genius of the second only to Xiao Xuan in Xiao Clan back then, I didn’t expect you to be trapped here. Clan Leader missed you very much and wanted you all the time. Hun Mo’s fate!”

The old man Hun Mo’s eyes changed slightly. The name of the blood axe Xiao Chen, at least a thousand years ago, Hun Clan was very important, “didn’t expect, you really live Up to now, but it is your blessing. If you are in Xiao Clan, you will end up like Xiao Xuan and the others.”

Back then, Hun Clan destroyed Xiao Clan and killed most of Xiao. Clan powerhouse, but one person never appeared, and this threat is one of the reasons why they gave up completely killing Xiao Clan.

Blood Axe Xiao Chen, this second only to Xiao Xuan genius powerhouse, had already broken through 4-Star Fighting Saint that year, and has been lurking, which is also a threat to Hun Clan, so in After many considerations, Hun Clan promised to end the war, but for a while, they Hun Clan had always wanted to find out this threat.

“Wan Gui Elder, be careful, that Jinglian Demon Fire has not been sealed.”

When many powerhouses confronted each other, Yao Ling who was to close eyes opened with horror. Opened his eyes and shouted, while Yao Wan Gui Hearing this next to Gu Nan Hai took a look at Hun Mo and then retreated decisively.


In the midst of a muffled sound, the sealed Demon Fire in Hun Mo’s hand exploded instantly, and the sky-shattering fire waves hiding the The sky and covering the earth’s violently surge out, the black beam of light exploded directly when everyone was shocked.

Hun Clan powerhouse, who was the first to bear the brunt, was the first to strike and was overwhelmed by the endless fire sea. Although Xiao Chen Gu Nan Hai and the others were a little embarrassed, they withdrew in time.

The milky white flame swept the sky, and a silhouette formed in the fire sea. It was the Demon Fire in the white robe. He looked down with a cold face, his eyes locked on Yao Wan Gui behind the medicine. Ling, “Unexpectedly, my plan was destroyed by a little girl.”

“This guy was actually sealed on purpose.”

Everyone looked at this scene. It was extremely frightening. The Demon Fire breakthrough of the black light seal of Jinglian Demon Fire was obviously extremely relaxed. This shows that they have been busy for a long time, but in fact they are all right.

This Jinglian Demon Fire was deliberately sealed by them, watching them fight each other, and then preparing to sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits, and even take them out with their hands, etc. Scheming, really deep!

“cough cough…you bastard…”

A cloud of black mist wrapped a few embarrassed silhouettes and escaped, Hun Clan powerhouse reappears, holding Jinglian in one hand just now Demon Fire, the old man Hun Mo who seemed to have the overall situation, was the most miserable at this time, not only burned his whole body, but also lost a hand.

“Hey! Little Hun Clan, dare to think of my idea. I can feel that there is a familiar power in this kid. If I swallow the fire of Void Swallowing Flame, Void Swallowing Flame slowly turned around, and he looked at Hun Clan. To be precise, he looked at Hun Feng, as the strongest of Hun Clan’s generation. Heir, Hun Feng has a Void Swallowing Flame on his body, which is definitely a good supplement for Demon Fire.

“Everyone, let this guy run out, Central Plain will also lose of life, everyone can’t please.”

The old man Hun Mo was staring at him. He roared like lost self-control and asked everyone to take action together, but everyone had just seen Hun Clan’s cunning, and who would help them at this time.

“I can swallow the sub-fire of Void Swallowing Flame, you 5-Star Fighting Saint, who happens to be my hoon, don’t struggle.”

Jing Lian Demon Fire sneered, his hands suddenly changed, the milky-white flame permeating between Heaven and Earth suddenly condensed towards him, his breath continued to skyrocket, and the flame condensed in that one after another shocking gaze Formed into a huge flame giant nearly ten thousand zhang.

“Demon Fire Divine Idol!”

The flame giant’s feet are directly inserted into the Lava Sea Territory below. Such a Hegemon-like body shape makes the soul of the person always continuous Trembling, such a giant punched down, and even the powerhouse of Dousheng had to be blasted into nothingness.

“The old man Hun Mo withstands it, everyone will help him together.”

Jinglian Demon Fire once again shot, and immediately let Gu Nan Hai and the others rest sitting atop a Mountain to watch the tigers fight’s mind, Hun Mo is just 5-Star Late Phase, and now it’s soaring to the 7-Star Fighting Saint Demon Fire, the people present really only have a glimmer of working hard together. survival.

“Only ants, death!!!”

Jinglian Demon Fire stood on the head of Demon Fire Divine Idol, staring at the crowd as small as ants below, and smiled swiftly. In the meantime, the Demon Fire Divine Idol violently raised the fist that looked like a huge mountain, and hit the old man Hun Mo with one punch.

This fist just blasted out. On the surface of the lava Sea Territory under ten thousand zhang, a huge lava vortex of thousands zhang appeared, spinning and whistling crazily, if it was the seven Da that was besieged just now Saint Dou Shi, no matter who hard-wires it alone, it will turn into a powder in an instant.

The old man Hun Mo did not hide in the face of this blow, but instead propped up countless black fog. He knew very well that as the person with the highest cultivation base in the field, only he could drag forward at this time. With this Jinglian Demon Fire, if you don’t do that, everyone present, including him, will have to die.

His complexion was also cold, his handprints changed abruptly, only to see that in the dark cloud above his head, there were countless mournful screams, and they could still be seen in the faint. In the dark clouds, there are countless silhouettes struggling.

“Sky Demon Blood Insect, bite!”

The old man Hun Mo coldly shouted, and the black clouds in the sky suddenly churn up, a fierce breath that does not belong to humans. Violently surge out, a dazzling blood light, like a thunder-like tearing black cloud, strikes hard against Demon Fire.

Demon Fire Divine Idol fell with a punch. Under the impact of the fire, the blood light displayed by the old man Hun Mo also revealed its true face. It was a toad-like thing with a dark red body. , There are countless protruding meatballs on the surface of the body. Upon closer inspection, there are actually hideous human faces on these meatballs.

As soon as this evil thing called soul frog appears, everyone will inevitably show disgust. This evil thing is said to be gathered together with many souls, letting souls fight each other, plus some With the refining of materials, it was possible to refine this soul gu frog.

This thing is somewhat similar to a puppet, because countless souls have been forcibly combined together, possessing some wisdom, but are dominated by fierceness.

This thing, once it is released, it will kill frantically, and even later, it will attack its owner. Therefore, this soul frog usually has to be a very ruthless person. Will refine.

“Demon Fire Divine Idol!”

Demon Fire Divine Idol fisted to no avail, yet another fist fell. At this time, the support hadn’t arrived yet, and Old Man Hun Mo could only use it. After the trump card, the palm of his hand was pressed fiercely on the top of the soul frog’s head, and during the bloody glow, the soul frog suddenly uttered a stern croak.

The body of the soul frog frog melted down at a speed visible to naked eye, and finally turned into a pool of thick plasma, which was swallowed by the old man Hun Mo in one mouthful.

“gu lu lu……”

As the old man Hun Mo swallowed the soul frog, on his face, he actually began to bulge one after another blood group, it looked like It seemed particularly terrifying, but the vast Dou Qi shrouded all over his body also became extremely violent at this moment.


A heaven-shaking, earth-shattering croak came from the distorted mouth of old man Hun Mo, the energy between Heaven and Earth, Quickly condensed in the old man Hun Mo’s mutated big mouth, and in a short moment, a thick blood cell emerged.


As soon as the sticky blood cell appeared, it burst out in many eyes, and finally collided with that huge fist.

At the moment of the impact, the intense blood light spread and spread, the dull bright red and the milky white flame intertwined, and the chi chi continuously sound was wiped out, and the old man Hun Mo fell to the ground. And that huge Demon Fire Divine Idol, one arm was corroded cleanly.

“Slash the sky, slash the sky!”

In a fierce shout, Xiao Chen, who has a feud with Hun Clan, rose to the sky, and the blood axe in his hand suddenly slashed across the sky. A strange arc.

A blood line with only the thickness of a thumb flashes into the sky, and the blood line passing by, this world seems to be cut into two halves, half of the dark clouds are rolling, thunder bursts, and half of the blood energy Skyrocketing, murderous-looking traversed the entire Demon Fire Divine Idol.

The huge and majestic Demon Fire Divine Idol collapsed, endless flames scattered everywhere, and the body of the Jinglian Demon Fire was also hit hard by the tail of a thousand zhang python, and the whole person fell. Into the lava.


Everyone hovered in midair and stared down. Just now, the old man Hun Mo, the blood axe Xiao Chen, and Queen Medusa made their moves. Lian Demon Fire broke into Lava, but no one dared to assert that this time really solved the opponent.

“You all die for me!”

A pillar of fire suddenly burst out of the lava, the Demon Fire roar towards the sky, the stature suddenly rushed into the sky, a ray of With the shooting of the milky white line of fire hiding the sky and covering the earth, the formation mark appears in the entire Demon Fire space.

“Smelting Sky Ancient Spell, now!!!”

The Jinglian Demon Fire shouted, and there was a loud hong long long noise in the space, and everyone was shocked I saw that above the sky, a huge fire array of nearly ten thousand zhang, slowly melted out of the void.

When the great spell in the sky appeared, the endless lava Sea Territory also rolled up, and finally, in the shocking eyes of everyone, a huge fire array emerged slowly.

With the two fire arrays, everyone’s complexion instantly became ugly. No one didn’t expect Jinglian Demon Fire to hide this move.

Jing Lian Demon Fire said with a big smile: “haha, don’t you think of it, this great spell, which was placed by the Demon Lord Jing Lian himself, will eventually be for me to use, for thousands of years. , I have already penetrated its profound mystery, in this Demon Fire space, who can compete with me.”

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