Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 403

The fire array covering the sky and sun is like two incomparable gigantic fire plates, one above the other, covering the space, and the many remaining powerhouses are like two sides The trivial ant in the giant plate can only struggle between Heaven and Earth.

The old man Hun Mo looked at the formation of this world in disbelief, “He is actually able to control the great spell set by the Jinglian Demon Sanctuary.”

“The old man, what? Do it!”

Hun Feng and Hun Yu and the others looked towards Hun Mo. At this time, it is him who has the highest cultivation base in the field.

“How do I know that this Demon Fire space is constructed by the Demon Sage Jinglian. He claims to be the closest to the existence of Dou Di powerhouse in that era. The space he constructed is on the current continent. No one can forcibly break in without passing through the passage.”

The old man Hun Mo’s ugly complexion’s way, immediately looked towards Xiao Chen and the others on the side, “The only opportunity today is to join hands. We Each of the two led a group of people to break through the two sides of the formation. They must work hard, or they will all die here.”

“Liantian great spell is divided into Heaven and Earth, based on our strength and state. , I’m afraid it’s hard to break. But it’s the only way to go. You deal with the sky array and leave it to me.”

Xiao Chen didn’t even bother with the old man Hun Mo at this moment, and then faced with a deep voice. Gu Nan Hai and the others shouted. Although everyone didn’t want to see Old Man Hun Mo, it was only at this time.

“futile resistance, although I hate that guy very much, but if the great spell he arranged can be unraveled with you jack of all trades, then I will still be trapped here for thousands of years !”

Jinglian Demon Fire saw everyone’s actions, but sneered, and immediately the killing intent surged in his eyes, and he didn’t bother to say anything. The fingerprints changed, the great spell that enveloped Heaven and Earth, Just like a grinding disc, the hong long long spins slowly.

With the two great spells slowly spinning, the energy in this world suddenly became extremely violent. Some powerhouses whose strength reached Half Sage turned pale on the spot, and what’s more, Mouth spurt blood has come out.

“Smelting Sky Ancient Spell, refining the sky as a slave!”

Jinglian Demon Fire hangs in the sky, hiding the sky and covering the earth milky-white flame from its body violently surge out, infuse as much as possible into the great spell.


As soon as his voice fell, this world was shaking fiercely, a circle of milk-white ring of light, from the edge of the great spell It spread rapidly in the center, and finally gathered into a milk-white beam of light the size of a hundred zhang in the sight of many horrified eyes.


A touch of sorrow appeared on the Jinglian Demon Fire face, and the finger suddenly pointed downward, but the curse did not come from him, immediately after the sky The formation and the ground formation trembled fiercely, and the two ray of milky white beams of light accurately blasted on Jinglian Demon Fire’s body in the incredible eyes of everyone.


Jinglian Demon Fire suddenly screamed, and at this time a line of sight also looked towards the crowd, beside Yao Ling, a line of sight The silhouette slowly levitated, one after another breath, a not weak silhouette appeared from the void, guarding him in the middle.

“The breath of Jinglian Demon Saint, who are you!

The Jinglian Demon Fire looks like crazy. The seal of thousands of years has made him almost crazy, but now he is about to When he successfully escaped, someone came and felt the breath of Jinglian Demon Fire. Smelting Sky Ancient Spell changed abruptly. How he is not angry or mad.

Yan Qingshan is floating in the air, 4- The majestic Dou Qi of the Star Fighter perfectly meets the Demon Fire space, “Did you just keep looking for me? As for who I am, shouldn’t you have guessed it, little demon, but I’m not here to acknowledge allegiance to you? Young Lord…”

“This is impossible, how could he have a descendant, he is a lonely family, has no relatives at all, and has been dead for thousands of years. “

Jinglian Demon Fire is struggling in this Smelting Sky Ancient Spell. The endless milky white flame forms a circle of fire and barely protects oneself. He raises his head and shouted: “You think it can be destroyed. Is it me? I am Heaven and Earth divine object, relying on your little 4-Star fighting sage. “

“Naturally, I am not your opponent. Without the consumption of these people, it would be really difficult for me to plot against you. “

Yan Qingshan coldly smiled, a lotus-like light pattern appeared on his forehead, and the breath on his body seemed to have changed a little, “I can’t solve you by myself, but the demon sage Jinglian, I want to see you again On your side! “

Yan Qingshan’s tone barely fell, his body released a faint halo, which slowly condensed on his surface, and finally turned into a somewhat illusory silhouette.

“Jinglian Demon Saint? “

This silhouette is almost exactly the same as Jinglian Demon Fire. The talents have just had several points of calm, but at this time they are all a bit blown up. This legendary super powerhouse that has fallen for thousands of years, how? It may appear suddenly.

Yan Qingshan’s body is slightly trembled, his dark pupils have changed into milk-white, and his eyes move slowly. Anyone who is swept by his eyes, deep in the soul, is There is a feeling that I can’t help but want to crawl and even tremble.

The Demon Sage of Jinglian, known as the powerhouse closest to Dou Di back then, reappears in the world with a peculiar posture. Now.

“Jinglian Demon Saint! How could it be, how could you be alive! “

The Demon Fire in the great spell, the moment I saw that phantom, the overflowing heaven stormy seas suddenly appeared in my heart, and the horrified roar was slowly unbelievable. .

“Little demon, the seal of thousands of years still seems to have failed to smooth the violence in your heart. “

An unfamiliar voice rang from Yan Qingshan’s mouth. This is the Jinglian Demon Saint who is talking. The plain voice echoes in the Demon Fire space, faintly revealing a kind of trembling that makes Heaven and Earth tremble. The coercion.

“Bastard, Jinglian Demon Saint, you ungrateful bastard, without me, you can achieve that. I helped you that many, but you sealed me in the end. You deserve to be killed by the backlash at the end…”

Jing Lian Demon Fire looked at Jing Lian Demon Sage with a grim face, and shouted with a crazy smile. , As if to pour out all the monstrous hatred in my heart.

The Demon Sage Jinglian slowly shook his head and said: “You are so violent, and I am also responsible, but the Demon Fire destructive power is too big. Let you leave freely, between Heaven and Earth, will be a catastrophe. “

“hmph, a remnant image, you dare to be arrogant in front of me, you thought you were the all-powerful Demon Sage of the Jinglian. “

Jinglian Demon Fire looked resentfully at Demon Sage Jinglian, with countless flames spewing out of his body, and roared: “Demon Sage Jinglian, I will fight with you.” “

Jinglian Demon Fire feels the power of Smelting Sky Ancient Spell is rising, he naturally knows the terrifying power of this great spell, knowing that if he is allowed to continue like this, he will definitely not escape Being dismissed that year, how can he accept all this.

“Demon Fire is annihilated! “

The body of Jinglian Demon Fire swells rapidly, and finally the peng sound turns into Tian Huo flames permeating Heaven and Earth. All the energy in this space is in this moment. Was evaporated by the extremely terrifying heat.

“Let them out first. “

Yan Qingshan’s own voice came out of his mouth, and the demon holy ghost with white halo immediately waved his sleeve robe, a rays of light distorted in midair, and finally turned into a space passage .

“You hurry and leave, the next thing has nothing to do with you. “

An indifferent voice came from his mouth, Yan Qingshan lowered his head and looked at Yao Ling, before turning his head back, as if he had no intention of communicating with everyone.

The people who avoided a catastrophe were ecstatic in their hearts, and there was no time to think about anything. At the moment, there are people who show off their stature, struggling to flee from the space passage.

“Let’s go… …”

Medusa, Xiao Yi Xian, Qing Ling and Feng Qing Er and the others glanced at Yan Qingshan above the sky, and immediately decisively led them to leave the Demon Fire space, which Yan Qingshan had previously formulated The plan went well and everything went well. All they have to do now is to evacuate safely.

“Ling’er, let’s go too! “

Beside Yaoling, Yao Tian and Yao Wan Gui are also preparing to evacuate.

“Big Brother Qingshan, you must be safe…”

Ling glanced at Yan Qingshan above the sky, and thought to himself, although it was only the first sight, and Yan Qingshan was suspected of using it, but just now he personally saved himself, which caused Yao Ling’s heart to ripple.

“Xiao Yan big brother, this is the situation, let’s go! “

In the team of Gu Clan and Star Meteor Pavilion, Gu Xun’er also persuaded Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan clenched his fist, and finally let it down, and followed Gu Xun’er to leave the Demon. Fire space.

With the last silhouette evacuation, within the Demon Fire space, only Yan Qingshan, Jinglian Demon Saint and Jinglian Demon Fire are left.

Smelting In the Sky Ancient Spell, the Demon Fire of Jinglian burst into the body, and the milk-white flame expanded. In the center of the flame, allow some pink gradually appeared. These pink flames gradually condensed, and a slightly reddish flower appeared. The demon Heavenly Flame lotus finally appeared.

In the vast space, every area is filled with milk-white Demon Fire, and the space is filled with indescribable terrifying heat.

Now here, even a powerhouse with a strength of 4-Star or even 5-Star, can’t stay for a long time, because the temperature here can burn even Dou Qi.

At the center point of the fire sea in space, a Fire Lotus with fascinating breath is slowly rotating, and with every rotation of it, its color is constantly changing between dark red and white. Changing from time to time.

The rotating Fire Lotus finally solidified into white, but all the petals of the lotus are covered with small red veins, which look like human blood vessels, occasionally red The glow flickers, so that this beautiful Fire Lotus is full of monsters and gloomy feelings.

The Jinglian Demon Sage looked at this group of struggling Fire Lotus, and sighed: “My first When I met you once, you were as pure as a baby, and I brought you intelligence, so that you have human thoughts, but the path you took is contrary to what I thought. “

The whole body of the demon lotus gleams lightly, and the roar of Jinglian Demon Fire is also heard from it,” Jinglian Demon Sage, how I want to grow is my own business, you control too much Up. “

“I just don’t want you to end up in self-destruction. It was me who made you look like this, so let me end everything! ”

The phantom of the Demon Sage of Jinglian looked at the demon lotus, his handprints changed, and the two great spells covering Heaven and Earth suddenly swept up and down, and a huge fire curtain came from the center of the great spell. It shot out, and then quickly formed a square fire pillar prison like lightning, blocking the demon lotus and entering.

“The intelligence and memory I gave you, I will take it away. From now on, You will once again have the purity when I first discovered you…”

The Smelting Sky Ancient Spell was activated while the Demon Sage Jinglian spoke, and the power of magical formation continued to deprive the spirituality of Jinglian Demon Fire. , He wants to cleanse all the evil memories of Jinglian Demon Fire.

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