Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 405

“It is worthy of being the Demon Fire of Jinglian, a spiritual creature that can make people advanced by leaps and bounds at the level of fighting saints!”

Yan Qingshan’s heart is secretly sighed After a while, as the powerhouse of fighting sages, he knew best how difficult it is to upgrade the ranks of fighting sages.

Before the retreat, he was a 4-Star Fighting Saint, but now he has become a 7-Star Fighting Saint. The improvement of 3-Star level is unthinkable at the level of Fighting Saint. Although there is also the last gift of the Demon Sage of Pure Lotus and the help of the Tier Nine Black Pill, it is the key to let him break through the 7-Star Fighting Saint. It’s still this Jinglian Demon Fire.

Generally speaking, for normal cultivation, it will take at least several decades to upgrade 3-Star at the Dousheng level. There is still no calculation of bottleneck and so on. In fact, there is no special opportunity to think about it. It is simply unrealistic to improve quickly.

And looking at this between Heaven and Earth, the powerhouse can make the powerhouse soaring by three levels in a row. It is also the top three Heavenly Flame that has this inverse strength of Heaven.

In the original work, Xiao Yan successfully absorbed Heavenly Flame and upgraded from the two-star Dou Sheng to the 5-Star Dou Sheng. This is still a part of the sharing, in addition to improving the rank of Flame Mantra, it also helps Xiao Xun ‘er upgrades the cultivation base, so that Xiao Xun’er also upgrades to 4-Star Dousheng Late Phase.

Of course, Yan Qingshan’s 3-Star promotion is completely different from Xiao Yan’s 3-Star promotion in the original book. In Dou Qi continent, the more it reaches the Late Phase, the more difficult it is to cultivate the base. Promote.

In the original work, if Xiao Yan can fully absorb the benefits of Jinglian Demon Fire alone, there is a high probability that he can reach the 6-Star Fighting Saint, but he is unlikely to leap to the 7-Star Fighting Saint level. After all, he The cultivation base when absorbing Demon Fire is too low.

But Yan Qingshan is different. The cultivation base of 4-Star Fighting Saint, looking at the entire continent, is already a Peak powerhouse. At this level, if you want to increase 3-Star again, the difficulty is really impossible. Imagine.

Of course, in order to achieve his goal, he has a lot of preparations. In addition to the Demon Fire, there is also a Tier Nine Black Pill, plus the gift of the Demon Saint, and he does not need to use it. Heavenly Flame’s original energy is improved by Qi Method, and the cultivation progress is naturally more obvious.

“Come out! Demon Fire!”

Yan Qingshan sorted out his own harvest a bit, then turned and spread one hand flat, now thoughts move, shouted in a low voice, A pink flame suddenly surged out from the palm of the hand.

As soon as this group of pink flame appeared, the surrounding space was rapidly distorted, obviously possessing extremely terrifying power.

After the flame appeared in Yan Qingshan’s palm, it squirmed automatically, slowly becoming a human form, and turning into a baby only half a foot in size.

“Yiwa Yiwa……”

As soon as this little fire infant appeared, the big eyes with pink flame looked towards Yan Qingshan, and then stretched out the flesh Toot’s little hand, hugging his palm, can’t help but rubs it over, appearing extra intimacy.

The brand new Fire Spirit created by Demon Fire, with a soaring braid on the small head, and a small pink belly on the body, revealing a bare buttocks, on its small face and forehead. There is a pink lotus fire seal, which looks very cute.

“Little Brat, pretty cute…”

Yan Qingshan smiled and stretched out his other hand, lighted his chubby belly and teased, this The Fire Spirit, which looks like a ball of fleshy balls, is like a real baby, and its skin touch is exactly the same as that of a human being, and it is extremely real to touch.

“Yiwa Yiwa!”

Huo Ying shook Yan Qingshan’s palm back and forth, with a tender and strange voice in his mouth. Following Yan Qingshan’s teasing, it still There will be chuckle giggles.

“Fire Spirit, clone, Flame Mantra…the idea that existed a long time ago, I don’t know if it can be implemented!”

A trace of bright flashed in Yan Qingshan’s eyes The light, the silhouette flashed, and a clone that was exactly similar to him appeared. Except for the red eyes and hair color, this clone was really no different from him.

“My own clone is not a daoist after all, nor can I cultivate this Flame Mantra, but Fire Spirit is different. If this Little Brat cultivated Flame Mantra sits in my clone again, it seems… feasible… …”

Yan Qingshan thought for a moment, the red-haired clone flashed, a pale red fire snake appeared, and when it appeared in the void, when the fire snake appeared in the void, his palm The little Huo Ying stood up immediately, with a look of desire in his eyes.

“Yiwa Yiwa…”

The little fire infant held Yan Qingshan’s fingers, pointed at the little fire snake floating in the air, and made a childish voice to Yan Qingshan through induction. It can be seen that he wanted to eat the little fire snake, and the little fire snake floating in the air had already hid on the other side of Yan Qingshan’s shoulder, screaming si si to express fear and fear.

Heavenly Flames can swallow each other to increase their origin, but this kind of swallowing is quite dangerous and inefficient, and it is difficult to completely wipe out the other party.

Of course, the existence of the little fire infant in front of us is another matter. The Demon Fire, the third on the Heavenly Flame list, has no pressure even if it is the sub-fire that swallows the Void Swallowing Flame. Not to mention it’s just Fallen Heart Flame on the 14th Heavenly Flame list.

“Little Brat, don’t make trouble, the little snake is your companion…”

Yan Qingshan softly comforted two Heavenly Flames. He summoned the Fallen Heart Flame for It was devoured by Little Brat, but had other thoughts.

until now, although Yan Qingshan got a lot of Heavenly Flames, they could not be perfectly integrated. Even Heavenly Flames can coexist in his body by special means. One Heavenly Flame exists in one. clone.

It’s also fortunate that he has SmartBrain Dawn who re-deduced the Three Thousand Thunder Illusionary Body Dou Technique of Wind and Thunder Pavilion, otherwise this step would not be possible.

But his approach has always had drawbacks. First of all, it is unable to fully integrate all Heavenly Flame. The power of Heavenly Flame is not as good as Xiao Yan after using Flame Mantra to fuse, and once the clone is in the body some day If something goes wrong, different Heavenly Flame is messing around inside the body, then some play.

Of course, the above-mentioned situation is a very small probability, but it is also a reason for Yan Qingshan’s worries. He also wants to change in the past.

He used to think about the cultivation Flame Mantra, but Qi Method is not easy to change. He also thought about letting his spirituality clone go to the cultivation Flame Mantra. Unfortunately, the spirituality clone from Fallen Heart Flame cultivation is too much Precious, unreasonable words can easily lead to changes in nature, which had a great impact on him at that time.

However, when his Soul Realm reached the Great Perfection of the Heavenly Realm, and he had a soul clone that was not inferior to the body under the law of the world, he had already grasped some of the characteristics of the Heavenly Flame clone. Also rekindled the mind of letting clone cultivation Flame Mantra.

However, at this time he faced other problems, that is, Heavenly Flame is uncontrollable. Clone is not the main body after all, and the differences are also caused. He can’t start from the beginning.

You can’t start over. This is a key point. After you arrive at Dou Sheng, you want to change Qi Method. The difficulty is not normal. In his case, you must complete all the absorb fusion of Heavenly Flame at one time.

He must transfer all Heavenly Flames in his body to the fire clone at one time, so that the Qi Method of Flame Mantra’s metamorphosis is no worse than the Fire Attribute Heaven Class Qi Method of the original cultivation. The impact of stability can be minimized.

But the problem here is big. If you get a variety of Heavenly Flames into your body at one time, even if you clone them, once Heavenly Flame riots, maybe his body will get cold.

So, he used Dawn to perform countless deductions, and finally came to the conclusion that the plan is feasible, but there must be a powerful Source Fire that can suppress all Heavenly Flames, that is, a king of fire is needed. .

Obviously, he did not have that kind of conditions at the time. Whether it was Life Spirit Flame or Three Thousand Raging Fire, it was indeed powerful enough to suppress the ordinary Heavenly Flame, but at most it would suppress one. These two Heavenly Flames are still the same level to some extent, and the probability of conflict is greater.

At this level of original inability, the road ahead has become a dead end, but when he has Demon Fire, everything has changed again.

The biggest difference between Jinglian Demon Fire and other Heavenly Flames is that Fire Spirit is completely transformed, has real wisdom, can understand his meaning and cooperate with his plan, and it can achieve a fire. Suppress Wan Huo and help him suppress other Heavenly Flames.

“Little demon, next, I need you to cooperate well…”

Yan Qingshan teased this young Fire Spirit, he didn’t give it like Xiao Yan Jinglian Demon Fire changed its name to the name taken by the Jinglian Demon Sanctuary. As the opponent’s descendant from generation to generation, it is necessary for him to leave a trace of the other party in this World for the Teacher who has passed away for thousands of years.

“Yiwa Yiwa……”

Yan Qingshan’s finger points to Little Brat’s head, the faint silver light submerges into his little head, and the little fire infant is from here I understood the meaning of Yan Qingshan in a message, and he was nodded again and again like a small adult.

“Let’s get started!”

Yan Qingshan did not hesitate, and sent all the Flame Mantra information into the little demon’s head, and then this Little Brat jumped into him. Within the Heavenly Flame clone, four fire lights burst out immediately above his body.

The Three Thousand Raging Fire in the form of a purple dragon, the Fallen Heart Flame in the form of a fire snake, and the Life Spirit Flame and Green Lotus Core Flame in the form of a green divine lotus are separated again, immediately following his guidance Enter the Heavenly Flame clone at the same time.

Five Heavenly Flames rushed into the Heavenly Flame clone almost indiscriminately. The energy fluctuations in the instant burst of this clone were extremely intense, the instantaneous fluctuations in space were distorted, and the clone kept trembling and even became blurred. It’s like the next moment is about to explode.

“This feeling is really uncomfortable. Fortunately, it’s just a clone…”

Yan Qingshan moved a little away from the clone that seemed to be about to explode, with bursts of pain in his head Although this is not the Qi Method for his body to be replaced, the pain of the clone will also be fed back to the body, and he can feel that his clone is close to a collapsed state.

“If it is unsuccessful this time, I can’t try again without a year or two…”

Yan Qingshan looked at the expanding clone, without much pressure in his eyes. If this time fails, it is nothing to him.

Although he is not as good as Xiao Xuan back then, but at his current level, suppressing the ordinary Heavenly Flame is just a matter of raising his hands, even if the integration fails, he can forcefully suppress the Heavenly Flame backlash.


Yan Qingshan waited quietly. Suddenly, the clone that swelled to the extreme fell quickly into the lava ocean, and immediately a vortex appeared Above the lava sea, the burning lotus Demon Fire in the Demon Fire space quickly gathered away.

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