Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 406

“My luck, it looks good…”

In the Demon Fire space, above the huge flame vortex, Yan Qingshan looks at the lava ocean below. In the middle, the Heavenly Flame clone that had begun to shrink from its inflated state, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Heavenly Flame clone’s conversion to Flame Mantra is smoother than he imagined. Although Heavenly Flame, which has been refined, can’t provide enough Qi Method evolution energy, don’t forget what it is. local.

In the Demon Fire space, Jinglian Demon Fire has been trapped here for thousands of years. There is too much Fire Attribute energy gathered here, and the source energy of Heavenly Flame itself does not depend on absorbing Fire Attribute. energy.

The magical Qi Method of Flame Mantra, Yan Qingshan is of course very interested. At first he only had the Fragment of Flame Mantra from Han Feng. At first he couldn’t afford to offend Xiao Yan and Old. Yao, although he smashed the wool several times, he did not trade Flame Mantra.

But then the strength went up, so naturally he had the mind. At the beginning, he helped Old Yao resurrect. Although it was said to share the pressure for Pill Tower, the benefits he got from Old Yao were not small. Knowing that he had a broken scroll in his hand, Old Yao later sent the whole book wisely.

After he got the complete Flame Mantra, he once studied this Qi Method in depth. After countless calculations with SmartBrain Dawn, he also analyzed some things, including its evolution mechanism.

The evolution of Flame Mantra relies on the strongest strength of Source among Heavenly Flames. This power exists in every Heavenly Flame and Beast Flame. It is the key to the evolution of Qi Method, Qi Method The upper limit depends on this force.

The evolutionary mechanism of Flame Mantra can actually be explained with a simple metaphor. Assuming a person’s Qi Method is a map, then the Qi Method of Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow 4th-Rank is four different maps.

The most amazing thing about Flame Mantra is that this map is incomplete, and fragments can be extracted from the source fire to complete it. The key to completing it is that Heavenly Flame is the strongest of Source, which determines The size of the map is the upper limit after Qi Method has been upgraded.

But the gap between the Qi Methods of each level is not just the size of the map. After the completion of the map, it still belongs to the kind of gray screen state, which requires the energy of Heavenly Flame to recharge. This is The evolution of Heavenly Flame.

Because the energy required for each evolution is extremely large, so the cultivation base feedback of Flame Mantra cultivator is very limited, especially for the first time at first.

Green Lotus Core Flame This is enough to easily burn Dou Huang’s Heavenly Flame, but it only gives Xiao Yan in the original work two stars, which is still Dou Shi level.

Although it is not absorbed in the origin of Heavenly Flame and the energy has been consumed insufficiently, it also shows from the side that the energy required to evolve Qi Method is huge.

“This kind of cultivation progress feels really good!”

In the Demon Fire space, the endless Fire Attribute energy is swept and swallowed. Every time Flame Mantra Qi Method evolves, It will also make it easier for the cultivator to advance, otherwise how could Xiao Yan get promoted so easily?

Yan Qingshan of 7-Star Fighting Saint is enough to pry all the Power of Heaven and Earth in the Demon Fire space, swallow the Fire Attribute energy accumulated for thousands of years, and part of it is used to evolve the Qi Method In addition, his cultivation base has also been slightly improved, although it is not yet advanced, but it has also made his cultivation base more stable.


When the last ray of milky white flame submerged in the body, the originally hot Demon Fire space had a little shady, and the foot was stepping on the solidified lava rock, Demon Fire clone slowly opened his eyes, then turned into a stream of rainbow light and submerged into the body.

“Everything is over, and it’s time to leave, are you right, Little Brat.”

Yan Qingshan extend the hand palm, little fire infant reappears, childish The appearance of his small body has changed greatly now, the green lotus platform is under his feet, and the purple dragon and red snake surrounded by him are like a sacred scorpion, which looks like a majestic’Little Nezha’.

“Yiwa Yiwa……”

The little Fire Spirit did not make a soft sound in his mouth, stretched out his little fleshy hand, holding Yan Qingshan’s palm, and rubbing it constantly Go, relying on that peculiar induction, it is like a small pet, treating him as the closest person.

Yan Qingshan looked at the fire infant with a smile, and gently stroked the latter’s small head with his palm, who also squinted comfortably with his big eyes, Yiwa Yiwa’s cheering ceaselessly.

Yan Qingshan uses the Flame Mantra of clone cultivation, and the situation of direct cultivation of Xiao Yan is still somewhat different. In the original work, Xiao Yan absorbed the Demon Fire of Jinglian. Because of lack of strength, he used Xiao Xun’er The help of the Gold Emperor Heaven Burning Flame was only successful.

At that time, in Xiao Yan’s body, other Heavenly Flames were swallowed by the little Fire Spirit. Only with the help of Fire Spirit can we use the Buddha’s Fury Flame Lotus. This is not bad, but it’s not bad for him. As far as the other Heavenly Flames who have conquered, it’s not a good thing.

Each type of Heavenly Flame has a special rule. In theory, it can be promoted to the state of Demon Fire, which can be kept and cultivated, which will be more helpful in the future.

The premise of Yan Qingshan to clone cultivation Flame Mantra is to first subdue Demon Fire and communicate with it in advance. In this case, when Flame Mantra is evolved and merged, other Fire Spirits do not It is completely integrated into Jinglian Demon Fire.

As a result, Little Brat has an extra group of companions, although a little stupid, they are more like pet companions. But to a certain extent, these Fire Spirits are indeed similar creatures, and I believe it is very interesting for them to make friends with each other.

“Little demon!”

Yan Qingshan called out, Huo Ying, who was rubbing his palm, quickly lifted the head, his big eyes turned out to be hopeful He said Xiao Yan, with the immature voice of Yiwa Yiwa in his mouth.

“Let’s go!”

Yan Qingshan put the little Huo Ying on his shoulder, Little Brat stood on his shoulder, Yiwa yelled in his mouth, Full of vitality, full of vitality, obviously very happy with this state.

Yan Qingshan listened to the excited voice of Little Brat, and immediately pushed out with a hand. The space in front of him suddenly became a hole. With his stature flashed, the hole closed slowly, a silent space. , After a moment of liveliness, he returned to dead silence again, truly calm.


The Demon Fire Plain was once a lofty mountain, but on the same day of the two moons, the Demon Fire of Jinglian was born, and here is also under the power of Heavenly Flame, Great changes have taken place in the topography.

On the snow-white plain, thousands of zhang huge cracks spread like a huge centipede. The hot temperature rises from the cracks, making this world seem unusually dry.

Jinglian Demon Fire was born, the original lofty mountains turned into a lava zone, when the Demon Fire space passage was closed, the lava desert here gradually solidified, and finally turned into this plain.

Generally speaking, the area after the raging Heavenly Flame will be extremely desolate, and it will take time to regain its vitality. This kind of place basically has no special value.

But when a team of expedition mercenary found a strange spar full of violent Fire Attribute energy in the plain, the plain became even more lively.

This kind of spar full of violent Fire Attribute energy is called Demon Fire stone, because in these spars, there seems to be a trace of pure lotus Demon Fire energy remaining.

Although this kind of remaining Demon Fire has been sparsed thousands of times by ignorance, it is an absolute treasure for some cultivation Fire Attribute Dou Qi and Alchemist.

Fire Attribute cultivator, absorb the energy in these Demon Fire stones, not only Dou Qi will become tyrannical, even the flame from Alchemist summon can be much tyrannical than before.

Because of the emergence of this special resource, the originally desolate plain naturally attracted many forces to divide the land here and mine the resources that scrape the Demon Fire stone.

The Demon Fire Plain is close to the northwest of the Central Plain, and there is no Peak power in this area. The Pill Tower in the Central Plain is the nearest Peak power, as Alchemist Holy Land, Pill Tower There is a great demand for Demon Fire stone, which naturally occupies the most abundant area of ​​Demon Fire stone resources.

Over the past year or so, a lot of things have happened in Central Plain. During the Demonic Fire descent battle, there were a lot of Peak powerhouses that were damaged in Central Plain. Under the 6-Star Dou Zun, there were never Entering the powerhouse of Demon Fire is that’s all. Entering the powerhouse in the Demon Fire space, it is not too much to leave in the end.

Peak forces such as the ancient Imperial Clan and Pill Tower, because the powerhouses are rare and there are 4-Star Fighting Saints, there is almost no damage, but the big and small forces that entered in groups and the Loose Cultivator powerhouse, But a large piece of it died.

The dead powerhouse in it, the lowest are high-level Dou Zun, and even Half Sage and even Dou Sheng. Today Dou Qi continent is in a period of decline as a whole, far from being compared with Ancient Times. Even though there are still a group of high-level fighting saints, most of them are from the ancient Imperial Clan.

The ancient Imperial Clan powerhouse relied more on bloodline to have such a profound cultivation base, which could not represent the overall level of continent at all.

If you don’t count these Dou Di descendants and those ancient Magic Beasts, looking at the entire Dou Qi continent, the most powerful house is Old Man Shen Nong, the breakthrough 7-Star Fighting Saint, except for Old Man Apart from Shen Nong, middle and low-level fighting saints are extremely rare.

In other words, the strongest group of people on the continent besides Imperial Clan, that is, the level of the low-level middle fighting saints, and this time Demonic Fire descent, the dead holy land There are not a few. It is conceivable that the forces behind these powerhouses are in the eyes of the loss.

The fall of a group of powerhouses standing at the top of the continent naturally caused a lot of shock, which naturally caused a large number of forces to reshuffle.

These forces shuffled the internal chaos, which naturally caused chaos. At this time, Hun Clan, who was originally dormant temporarily, would naturally not let the opportunity go. Taking advantage of the fact that many forces shuffled and expanded wildly, they intended to restore the original. The power of Soul Palace.

Hun Clan’s crazy expansion behavior in Central Plain naturally aroused the alarm of the Imperial Clan forces headed by Gu Clan, and the fact that Hun Mo broke the rules in the Demon Fire space made them feel Hun Clan became more unruly and must be beaten.

The major Imperial Clan enters the arena again with Hun Clan. This time the Demon Fire Plain is used as the battlefield to compete for interests, and Central Plain is once again caught in a melee.

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