Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 407

The news that Yan Qingshan reappears in Pill Tower did not cause any disturbance, because in the eyes of outsiders, he just closed the breakthrough and went to 4-Star Fighting Saint.

In the great hall of Pill Tower, once again sitting in a familiar position, Yan Qingshan leaned slightly on the seat and closed his eyes, with one hand gently stroking the little fire that Yiwa played in his arms. infant.

When Yan Qingshan was resting to close eyes, there was a gentle sound of footsteps at the door. They were still familiar people. Although he closed his eyes, he also knew that they were looking for him. Up.

“Qing Shan big brother!”

“Young Master!”

“Little Child Shan!”



A familiar voice came into his ears. Yan Qingshan opened his eyes. Although the many enchanting females in front of him didn’t jump into his arms with excitement, they also showed joyful expressions one by one.

“I’m back.”

Yan Qingshan looked at the group of women in front of him who were worried about him, feeling quite emotional, and immediately smiled at them.

“Yi! Who is this Little Brat!”

“This is a little child! Could it be…”

“So cute, looks and Young Master seems.”


Yan Qingshan had not had time to share the joy with them, everyone’s eyes were attracted by the little babbling Little Brat in his palm. Before the fleshy Little Brat could react, he was snatched from his arms, and then snatched like a robber infighting.

“This Little Brat is a Fire Spirit incarnation! You succeeded.”

Queen Medusa walked to Yan Qingshan and sat down, leaning slightly on his shoulder , Looking at Little Brat who was robbed, there was a trace of envy in his eyes.


Yan Qingshan nodded, slightly wrapped around the snake queen’s slender waist, her palms wrapped around her soft and tight belly, and she sighed in her heart.

I thought he and His Royal Highness could have a life crystallization for the first time, but he has worked hard on these girls for so long, and he hasn’t achieved a result yet!

“This kind of thing, don’t worry, the stronger the lifeform, the less likely it is to have a child. We are still young.”

Yan Qingshan hasn’t spoken yet, but instead Medusa first started to comfort him, which made him stunned, and then shook his head with a laugh, temporarily putting aside his thoughts.

“Central Plain has been in chaos again during this period, but with our current strength, we can still suppress Hun Clan and the other Imperial Clan guys. Do you want to take action!”

Medusa asked in a low voice, as a former snake queen, she not only has a strong cultivation base, but she is also very good in development. Now she is an important task in the alliance. During Yan Qingshan’s retreat, Pill Tower has many alliances. She is handling everything.

Yan Qingshan raised a smile at the corner of his mouth, and whispered: “Why stop, let them fight. We didn’t have the strength to be a flag bearer before, and once a full-scale war is easy to become cannon fodder.


But that chaotic battle will begin sooner or later. Now that he has the strength, let him start. The current Central Plain is not chaotic enough!”

“Qing Shan big Brother, I’m afraid it’s not easy for those guys to go to war. If they really want to go to war, they would have started fighting.”

At this time, Xiao Yi Xian and the others also left. Coming over, the fleshy little demon lay down in Xiao Yi Xian’s arms and was held by her. He was very cute and well-behaved.

Qing Ling is pinching Little Brat’s face with two fingers, listening to these conversations and looking up: “Young Master, now the two parties are afraid of each other and are not willing to take the lead.

Among the six Imperial Clans, Ling Clan has always been the main battle, but it is a pity that the strength is weak and the right to speak is little. The rest of the races have no personal pain, just want to weaken Hun Clan, so they are only fighting on a small scale, like a frog in warm water.

Hun Clan’s reaction is also very strange. Although it has been continuously weakened, he seems to be happy to maintain the current situation. However, our spies also found some information. It seems that Hun Clan secretly planned something, and it seems that It’s like preparing for a full-scale war.”

Medusa was a little frowned upon hearing this: “Hun Clan shouldn’t be so impulsive! After all, they only have one family, and just one Gu Clan is their archenemy.”


“You look down on them too much. Do you know how many high-level fighting saints they have!” Yan Qingshan shook his head and sighed, looking at the doubtful colors around him, said solemnly : “In addition to Void Swallowing Flame and Hun Tiandi, Hun Clan also has four 8-Star Fighting Saints, and at least five 7-Star Fighting Saints. This is just their high-end battle strength.”

“What! How is this possible… If that’s the case, why doesn’t Hun Clan go to war…”

Medusa was stunned by Yan Qingshan’s words. With the current strength of Pill Tower, it is naturally I have conducted intelligence collection on the current seven Imperial Clans, and conducted detailed investigations on the powerhouses of the major Imperial Clans, especially the powerhouses of the high-level Dousheng this stage.

According to the information they have obtained, Hun Clan has only four high-level fighting saints, Hun Clan Four Demon Saints, except for Void Swallowing Flame and Hun Tiandi.

On the side of the Imperial Clan coalition, the Clan Leader of the Gu Lei Yan Yao four clan, Gu Clan Three Immortal plus King Hei Yin, and a part of the powerhouse of the rest of the clan, Ming Mian’s overall strength is stronger, this This is the reason why Hun Clan is unwilling to go to war among everyone’s guesses.

According to what Yan Qingshan said, the high-level battle strength of Hun Clan has to be turned up, and it can crush any Imperial Clan including Gu Clan, but if there is such a Strength, why doesn’t Hun Clan just lift the table.

“Because Hun Clan is not sure, he will solve or severely inflict all enemies at once.”

Yan Qingshan shook his head and continued: “Hun Clan on the surface’s battle strength, It’s almost the real battle strength that they can use at any time, but the 8-Star battle strength I mentioned and some hidden battle strengths can’t be moved easily.

Hun Clan’s hidden battle strengths are mostly The powerhouses that were besieged Xiao Xuan and were killed on the spot. These powerhouses died that year, but they were kept half-life and half-dead by Hun Clan by special means. The movement restrictions were very large, and the battle strength was also problematic. They were not as good as Hun Clan. It’s easy to use.

So, it seems that Hun Clan can sweep the Imperial Clan coalition, but once the hidden battle strength is discovered and fails to play its due role, Hun Clan will definitely usher in the Imperial Clan coalition. The crazy counterattack.

Once all the secrets of Hun Clan are exposed, Gu Yuan and the others will fight Hun Clan crazy. Even if they can win in the end, Hun Clan will also strengthen great injury. This is what Hun Tiandi has always been scrupulous.”

Yan Qingshan analyzed the situation between Hun Clan and the Imperial Clan coalition. He has information from Pill Tower, and he knows the secrets of some original works from the perspective of God. , He can easily analyze Hun Tiandi’s psychology.

Hun Tiandi is not afraid of going to war, but is always looking for opportunities, because he knows very well that once the soul and the others are exposed but cannot eliminate the main force of the Imperial Clan coalition forces, Hun Clan will instead fall into a passive situation.

This point is very good in the original Late Phase. In the Battle of the Burial Mountain Range, Hun Clan’s formation never wiped out the Imperial Clan coalition forces. As a result, he could only hide back to Hun Realm and dare not venture out.

Of course, there are other reasons for this. At that time, Hun Clan had already collected Tuo She Ancient Emperor’s Jade and only wanted to open the Ancient Emperor Cave Mansion first.

“Now Hun Clan is in Chief-In-Charge in the Demon Fire Plain, who is it?”

Yan Qingshan summarized all the recent information and slowly closed his eyes and thought. After a while, I asked again.

Medusa spoke from the side: “On the Demon Fire plain, Xiao Chen was in the Star Meteor Pavilion after he was born, and he shot Hun Clan continuously, and Hun Clan naturally left the 5-Star Fighting Saint. It is the old man Hun Mo.”

Yan Qingshan pondered said: “Hun Mo! He broke a hand in the Demon Fire space. It shouldn’t be Xiao Chen’s opponent, right? !”

“Yes, the old man Hun Mo lost in the Demon Fire space. After breaking his arm, his strength was greatly damaged. He was almost beheaded on the spot in the fight against Xiao Chen…”

Xiao Yi Xian also spoke to the side. Through her narration, Yan Qingshan had a deeper understanding of the situation in Central Plain, and he also had a care in his heart.

“I understand. Next, we need to pay attention to keeping secrets what we are going to do.”

Yan Qingshan spoke again, his tone full of caution, “Send an hidden child in Rumors spread in Central Plain that Hun Clan’s purpose in destroying Ling Clan is not simple.

What Hun Clan does for Ling Clan inheritance, Hun Clan does whatever it takes for Emperor Jade, Hun Clan ultimately destroys Spirit. The key to the Swallowing Tribe is that Hun Clan’s bloodline has not been exhausted for so many years…

Spread these news, I want to mess up the situation in Central Plain, Gu Yuan is unwilling to go to war, then I will force them to go to war.”


In the depths of the Demon Fire Plain, the dark great hall stands on the dangerous ground of the abyss. This is Hun Clan’s important stronghold in the Central Plain, the brand new Soul Palace, 5-Star Fighting Saint Hun Mo is in charge, and is also the core of Hun Clan’s peripheral forces that Star Meteor Pavilion has always wanted to break.

The dark great hall all around, one after another Spiritual Perception is constantly sweeping back and forth, like an inescapable net. This kind of defense, even if an ant breaks into it, will be immediately noticed.

“In this month, seven Side-Branch Palaces were destroyed. This is the case when Xiao Chen did not take action. What do you guys do for food…”

In the great hall, the atmosphere is dignified, and the old Hun Mo who has broken his arm roars in anger, and some high-level peripheral forces attached to Hun Clan below, all of them bow their heads and dare not speak, let alone talk back. .

The old man Hun Mo of 5-Star Dousheng Late Phase can be regarded as a giant in Hun Clan, not to mention that in this Central Plain, it is definitely a batch of powerhouses of the cream of the crop.

It’s a pity that in the Demon Fire space, he was broken by plot against, his battle strength was greatly reduced, and he was almost killed in the subsequent decisive battle with Xiao Chen, and his prestige was greatly reduced. The brand-new Soul Palace under his control was completely suppressed by the Star Meteor Pavilion, which naturally irritated Hun Mo, who had always wanted to make some achievements.

“The devil, the one who hurt us the most this month is not Xiao Chen, but the Star Meteor Pavilion Little Hall Master Xiao Yan. This person is a troublesome guy and has a close relationship with Gu Clan. Xiao Clan is also the most talented person in a thousand years. It’s quite tricky…”

Hun Mo vented, and the people underneath started to feel bitter after staring at each other, telling in detail about the suffocation of the past month. Bend.

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