Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 408

“Xiao Yan!”

The old man Hun Mo was chanting this name, and he couldn’t help being silent. Xiao Clan, who was destroyed by Hun Clan, turned out to be again after a thousand years. The appearance of such a young fighting saint is really incredible.

“The two guys of Xiao Clan, the clan can’t support them now, it’s troublesome!”

Old man Hun Mo feels a little tired. For Hun Clan, Whether it is Xiao Yan or Xiao Chen, it is not too much trouble, but the key is that the current Hun Clan is too closely watched by the Imperial Clan coalition forces to send a powerhouse over.

He pondered for a while and bowed his head to say solemnly: “Before the decisive battle with them, during this period of time, first arrange for personnel to lay out the formation marks, and everything is important in the clan.”

Hun Mo’s words made the powerhouses below feel a little bit aggrieved, but they didn’t know what to say, and in the end they had to bow and retreat.


After everyone left, Hun Mo let out a long sigh. Of course he knew that his words would make these Soul Palace powerhouses extremely discouraged. But now Hun Clan’s order is to collect the soul source and inscribe the formation mark to complete Hun Miesheng’s unsuccessful work.

As for the annihilation of Xiao Yan Xiao Chen and Star Meteor Pavilion, Hun Clan’s point of view is not a major event at all. If he could do it himself, it would be fine, but he was defeated by Xiao Chen. Once again, reinforcements are sent, and Gu Clan is easy to get into trouble.

So, although Xiao Yan was disgusting to destroy Hun Clan Side-Branch Palace, in order to complete Hun Clan’s secret arrangement, he could only endure it for the time being.

“Old man Hun Mo, it looks like you are very distressed!”

A vast voice suddenly sounded in the great hall, and the old man Hun Mo’s body suddenly tightened. Get up, a pair of black pupils roaming back and forth, trying to find the source of the sound.

Hun Mo looked around for a long time and didn’t notice the whereabouts of anyone. His heart sank suddenly. The left hand in his sleeve secretly sent a message from Jieyin, and said in a deep voice: “Which friend is talking Old man is kidding, why not show up.”

“You don’t have to try, the space here has long been blocked by me, let alone people, even if it is a space message, it is impossible to send it out. “

A silhouette appeared abruptly on Hun Mo’s side, and a hand seemed to be placed on his right shoulder unintentionally, and immediately he felt something wrong with his body.


The old man Hun Mo felt his right shoulder sink, and he just wanted to turn his head and notice that his body was stagnant. It seemed that the whole body was out of control, which made him I was shocked.

He is also a 5-Star Fighter anyhow, even a high-level Fighter is impossible to stop him so silently. At least the Four Demon Sages of Hun Clan that he has seen before, fundamentally There is no such ability, that is, Clan Leader Hun Tiandi, the mountain is generally deep and unmeasurable.

But the person who has sneaked in now can easily control him. What level of enemy is this? Is it the Clan Leader of Gu Clan who is here?


Hun Mo didn’t have much time to think, because a scorching heat began to sweep through his body from his right arm, and the continuous pain made him unable to help roar .

“Jinglian Demon Fire, you are…how could it be you…”

The silky milky white flame mixed with a little pink breath, from his broken right arm He began to infiltrate his body. After he barely turned his head to see this man, he felt a chilling horror.

He recognized the Jinglian Demon Fire, and thought that the person who came should be the guy who was plotting against everyone in the Demon Fire space at the time, but he also recognized Yan Qingshan, this general Pill Tower brought back to Peak’s young powerhouse, a Heaven’s Chosen that has built the world.

And when the two are mixed together, he will only feel terrified. Everyone is wrong, including them Hun Clan. It turns out that there has always been one hidden in the dark, and they all ignored For the powerhouse, Hun Clan may suffer a big loss.

The old man Hun Mo’s thoughts could not continue. As Jinglian Demon Fire invaded his body, a little pink light appeared in the depths of his eyes, his eyes gradually lost and his consciousness began to deepen. Being engraved with the brand, he completely lost his self-awareness and became a Hono puppet.

“I have to say, Jinglian Demon Fire is really good in this respect.”

Yan Qingshan slowly stopped, and the old man Hun Mo stood up again. With a trace of Jinglian Demon Fire completely submerged in his body, his breath also began to change slightly, and he was promoted to a higher level.

Heavenly Flame ranks the top three Heaven and Earth Spirit Objects of this level, which contain extremely profound Law Power, which can do many incredible things, and even have great effects on high-level fighting sages. .

In the original book, Hun Clan has stronger strength than the other Imperial Clan combined, on the one hand, because of the long time Imperial Clan bloodline is exhausted, most of the Imperial Clan’s strength is far behind. The Peak moment of grabbing the emperor jade.

Another reason is that Void Swallowing Flame can reverse the emptiness Dao of Life and Death, allowing a part of Hun Clan’s high-level battle strength that should have died to suspend that life, so that Hun Clan’s hidden battle strength Much higher than other Imperial Clan.

The two magic weapons for Hun Clan to win are inseparable from the Void Swallowing Flame. Whether it is the continuation of the bloodline or the battle strength to keep the dead, it is derived from the Void Swallowing Flame, so in Hun Clan , Void Swallowing Flame is even above Hun Tiandi, so Hun Tiandi immediately won this Heavenly Flame after the breakthrough Dou Di.

Jinglian Demon Fire and Void Swallowing Flame are ranked third and second respectively. The difference between the two is actually not that big. The reason why they do not show so many magical powers is that on the one hand It is the higher cultivation base after the transformation of Void Swallowing Flame. Hun Clan provides enough treasure to improve his original ability.

Another reason is that the Demon Fire backlash of Jinglian Demon Fire backlash, on the contrary, caused it to be sealed for thousands of years, thus being separated by the Void Swallowing Flame.

But in the final analysis, the ability of Jinglian Demon Fire is not inferior to that of Void Swallowing Flame. It is like improving strength. In the original book, Hun Miesheng, who was resolved in a decisive battle with Xiao Yan, died at 5- Star Fighting Saint, when the funeral mountain range battle, not only resurrected, but also upgraded to the level of 7-Star Fighting Saint.

Hun Miesheng’s rapid improvement comes from the Void Swallowing Flame, and Jinglian Demon Fire can also do it. This improvement is essentially to completely burn the Imperial Clan bloodline to tap the remaining potential.

Not only will there be basically no room for improvement in the future, but the promoted will essentially become a hoon puppet and become the slave of the flame owner.

Now Yan Qingshan uses this refining promotion for Hun Mo. In the Demon Fire space that year, Hun Mo was blown off an arm by Jinglian Demon Fire, and a trace of extremely high-quality Demon Fire invaded his body, which greatly affected his strength, so he would lose to Xiao Chen.

In this case, unless Void Swallowing Flame takes the shot himself, he will always fall into this state where he cannot recover Peak, but this trace of Demon Fire has already been rendered into the soul, even if it is Void Swallowing Flame. Wanting to get rid of it, the price is not small, he paid for how a nobody like Hun Mo is equipped with Void Swallowing Flame.

So after the strength problem, Hun Mo was thrown to the Demon Fire plain, saying that he was asked to rebuild the Soul Palace and make another contribution. In fact, it is equivalent to the use of waste, not to completely abandon him. But without great feats, he is basically impossible to return to Hun Clan’s core power.

The Demon Fire in Hun Mo’s body is also a trouble for the Void Swallowing Flame. This is because the Demon Fire that invades the body is too entangled with Hun Mo’s soul. It is extremely difficult to remove it, but For Yan Qingshan, who owns Demon Fire, this will not be a problem at all.

Void Swallowing Flame shot, accidentally it was easy for the two Heavenly Flames to collide, and now the two strongest Heavenly Flames on the continent collide, Hun Mo will undoubtedly die.

Yan Qingshan doesn’t have so many worries. The Demon Fire that invades Hun Mo’s body will help him refining the puppet. A trace of Demon Fire is submerged in Hun Mo’s blood. Burning, the cultivation base increased, and he was already in the 5-Star Late Phase, and he had a chance to break through 6-Star Fighting Saint.

“Hun Mo has seen the Lord.”

With the last trace of Demon Fire absorbed by Hun Mo, his breath has finally stabilized, and his eyes moved towards Yan frantically Qingshan kneels down and worships.

Yan Qingshan walked to the side and sat down and said: “Hun Mo, how much do you know about Hun Clan and Gate of Death.”

“Master, The four patriarchs of Hun Clan were the main force who participated in the siege of Xiao Xuan thousands of years ago. Back then, Hun Tiandi was able to survive Xiao Xuan’s counterattack. It was their credit. Void Swallowing Flame was able to…”

Old Hun Mo Kneeling on the ground, raising his head to carefully narrate the secrets he knew. He was once a high-level figure in Hun Clan, and was even assigned to replace Hun Miesheng to control the overall situation of the outside world. This shows that Hun Clan’s position is unusual and he knows things. That’s a lot.

“If you want to return to Hun Clan, what kind of prerequisites do you need?”

Yan Qingshan thought about it, then whispered and asked in a low voice. In line with his plan, he must find a way to get Hun Mo back to Hun Realm, so as to help him find out more.

The old man Hun Mo respectfully spoke: “Master, the strength of Hun Realm is respected. After the 6-Star battle like me, as long as the news reaches the clan, they will definitely call me back. “

Yan Qingshan thought for a while and said: “Since this is the case, after you go back, tell Hun Clan those people that there are rumors in Central Plain that there is a relationship between Hun Clan and the Spirit Swallowing Tribe. , The situation is not good for Hun Clan…”

The old man Hun Mo whispered: “Master, but I need to collect evidence that Hun Clan uses Spirit Swallowing Tribe to continue the bloodline matter.”

“No, you only need to guide Hun Clan and Gu Clan step by step to intensify their conflict, but for the time being, it is not yet when they finally go to war.”

Yan Qingshan Shaking his head, he watched the old man Hun Mo give his plan, “Neither Hun Tiandi nor Void Swallowing Flame are impulsive people. They are smart people. If the usual plan is not able to plot against them, they must be shown that they can The opportunity to defeat the Imperial Clan coalition forces in one fell swoop.

Yao Clan’s Yao Ceremony is about to begin. This is a great opportunity…”

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