Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 409

“hong long long ……”

In the dark empty space, the distant thunder pool rumbling sound, the end of Darkness, silver light Dasheng, the huge thunder, like a giant dragon-like, whistling crazy.

Yan Qingshan flew to the three-headed dragon, looking at the huge thunder pool in front of him. This is where he used to be a Tempered puppet to strengthen his hole cards. At the same time, it is also hidden here. Created a Heaven and Earth Spirit Object that is not inferior to Demon Fire.

On the periphery of the void thunder pool, one after another dark thunder surging crazily, one after another creeping clusters of black lightning intertwined and colliding slowly like the giant dragon of Darkness, any one of them is enough to destroy Everything that exists under the Holy Land.

black demonic thunder, the terrifying Pill Thunder when Tier Nine medicine pill was born, only at the level of the holy realm can you be qualified to touch it. Once you can successfully refining and control a complete black demonic thunder, it also means Stepped into the threshold of the Holy Land.

“Bang… ”

Under the control of Yan Qingshan, the three-headed dragon rammed straight into the depths of the void thunder pool, and his behavior , It immediately caused a thunder pool riot, one after another thick black thunder, flying out like pythons, and the sneer light continuously collided with the magic dragon body.

One after another huge black thunder and lightning, which surrounds the huge three-headed magic dragon like a group of dragons worshipping, and the flashing electric flowers are filled with the violent power that makes the scalp numb. .

This one after another thunder did not stop the three-headed dragon’s footsteps. Under the control of Yan Qingshan, its body rushed out like a cannonball.

This kind of action was undoubtedly provocative, and it immediately detonated countless black demonic thunder attacks here. Many black demonic thunders surged almost at the same time. One after another huge black thunder chased at an astonishing speed. Come up, and hit the dragon body of the three-headed demon fiercely.

“pēng pēng pēng ……”

one after another black demonic thunder hits the body of a three-headed demonic thunder, and then disappears in a flash, and is directly sucked into the demonic dragon In the body, not only did it never hurt the dragon at all, but instead allowed it to accelerate through the impact.

The three-headed magic dragon of the 6-Star Fighting Saint level is too powerful, and these black demonic thunders that can hurt ordinary Fighting Saints at most have no effect on it.

Yan Qingshan stands behind the necks of the three giant heads of the three-headed dragon, with a layer of pink flame floating on his body. There is nothing under the scroll.

The power of Jinglian Demon Fire is not comparable to that of black demonic thunder, with no difficulty is to swallow the power of refining the black demonic thunder that invades, and an unusually pure energy sweeps through The whole body is not very helpful to him, but the number around it is not small.


Yan Qingshan’s shoulders are light flashed, palm-size, and the meaty little Brat, which looks particularly cute, flashes out, and it opens. Looking at these black demonic thunders with big shiny eyes, a transparent silk thread appeared at the corner of the mouth, and the small mouth opened and took a breath. Ten black demonic thunders not far away were sucked and swallowed.

“chi chi… ”

Little Brat on Yan Qingshan’s shoulders is surrounded by black electric arcs, and at the same time, an astonishingly majestic and pure The power poured into Yan Qingshan’s body.

“It’s a pity, the 7-Star Fighting Saint’s cultivation base is not something Power of Thunder of this level can improve.”

Yan Qingshan did not stop moving forward. Speed. Although the black demonic thunder has a little effect on him, it is more of a snack for the little demon. In terms of quality, it is still a bit worse, and it does not make Yan Qingshan’s cultivation base too obvious. It is really big. The meal is still in the deepest part of the thunder pool!

The quiet void thunder pool thunders in the depths, countless python-like black thunders roar and move, hiding the sky and covering the earth, all thunders move together, before these spectacular sights, Even if it is a powerhouse, it will feel its own insignificance.

A dark storm ran across the thunder pool, moved towards the deepest part of the thunder pool quickly. In this sea of ​​black thunder and lightning, like a vortex, a tornado formed, one after another black thunder whistling Entangled.

However, no matter how fierce they are, this place is like a bottomless pit that is dissatisfied. No matter how many black demonic thunders come in, the black glow flashes in the end and disappears.

Such anomalous situation naturally caused thunder pool riots. The entire sky was black and Lightning Flash flickered, hiding the sky and covering the earth rushed past a darkness area in the center of the depths, seeming to seek The king’s shelter inside.

In the center of Thunder Sea, a golden-bright and dazzling is like a giant dragon made of gold. It is winding and entrenched. The golden thunder sputters away from the surface of its body, one after another black Python came to worship it quickly, begging Lei Zhong Sovereign to protect them.

The golden thunder dragon of golden-bright and dazzling is exactly the Pill Thunder and Nine Black Gold Lightning that Dou Qi continent has not seen for thousands of years. Only the birth of Tier Nine Golden Core can attract.

Nine Black Gold Lightning, if the world’s Power of Thunder makes a ranking similar to the Heavenly Flame ranking, then this mine is equivalent to Jinglian Demon Fire and even Void Swallowing Flame on the Heavenly Flame ranking. Status, second only to the emperor Thunder Force that no one has ever seen in the legend.

This level of thunder, according to legend, only when the Tier Nine Golden Core or a higher level medicine pill is born, can the Nine Black Gold Lightning be activated.

Every time this Nine Black Gold Lightning appears, it is heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and Heaven and Earth trembles. The powerhouse of Dousheng is small and insignificant under its thunder. There is a record in the ancient book from the ancient times, the horror scene when Tier Nine Golden Core was born.

Among the unusual forms where Golden Core was born in the legend, the most shocking is the Nine Black Gold Lightning. If the ordinary powerhouse is stained with something, it will instantly turn into Fly ash.

Such a terrifying Nine Black Gold Lightning, even in the most prosperous Ancient Times, is extremely rare. Today’s continent has never had a Nine Black Gold Lightning for thousands of years. The news that has appeared, in these thousands of years, no Tier Nine Golden Core has ever been born.

Tier Nine Golden Core is close to a divine object. Basically only Dou Di can be confident of successful refining. On today’s continent, the closest thing to Tier Nine Golden Core is Pill Tower Old Ancestor. Once it breaks through 7 -Star can probably be promoted to Tier Nine Golden Core, and his refiner has passed away many years ago.

Golden’s thunder giant dragon occupies the deepest part of the thunder sea, the dragon’s eyes are closed tightly, the golden arc above the body is constantly flickering, and a faintly destructive force quietly spread out, The empty space all presents an extreme sense of distortion.

The densely packed black demonic thunder surrounds the Golden thunder dragon thousand zhang. It looks like a king-like who is worshipping them.

The appearance of Yan Qingshan caused many black demonic thunders to suddenly turn around, like a string of angry pythons, but none of them dared to rush to fight with him. They all could be counted as Yan before. Qingshan drove over, and most of the energy was drawn, so how dare you to do it again.

“Nine Black Gold Lightning, which is about to enter the Spirit Rank segment, will not be inferior to the 7-Star Fighting Saints even if it has not been transformed into a success. It is worthy of being the strongest Heaven and Earth Spirit Object.”

Yan Qingshan looked at this Nine Black Gold Lightning in the distance, a little fervent expression flashed in his eyes, Nine Black Gold Lightning, not inferior to the spirits of Demon Fire and Void Swallowing Flame. Thing, a Thunder Attribute cultivator, as long as it can refining this spirit thunder and cultivation to the half-emperor level, it is the second Jinglian Demon Saint.

The powerhouse of the level of Jinglian Demon Saint, I am afraid that it is still above Gu Yuan and Hun Tiandi, even Zhu Kun, in the case of the same level of competition, there is another level of Demon Fire. With the help of the power of, you can have stronger battle strength, which is infinitely close to Dou Di powerhouse.

The Nine Black Gold Lightning in front of Yan Qingshan, although it is still 7-Star Fighting Saint level, it has reached the brink of completing the mastery, but it lacks a chance to gather the spirit complete mastery. Once it succeeds, the world Just one more transforming spirit creature, and it should be the only transforming Thunder Spirit in the world.

The Power of Heaven and Earth, flame and Heavenly Lightning, once they converge and condense Law Power, they will become Heavenly Flame and Divine Lightning, and these powers are also divided into several stages and levels.

Under normal circumstances, first gather a lot of origin Power of Heaven and Earth, under Good Fortune of Heaven and Earth give birth to a trace of spirituality, condense into a kind of fire or thunder kind, this is the original Source Power seed.

This kind of seeds will gradually enter the growth stage over time. With the most basic flame or thunder form, another Fallen Heart Flame cultivated by Jia Nan Academy is now The spiritual creature at this stage.

After the spiritual creatures accumulate enough energy in the growth period, they enter the mature stage and transform into complete mastery, which is transformed into the most basic Fire Spirit or Thunder Spirit, usually in the form of plants or animals. Naturally, there is a gap. of.

Take the Heavenly Flame list as an example. The low-ranked ones such as Green Lotus Core Flame are condensed and rooted into plant forms. The energy level of at first is definitely not as good as the animal form of Fallen Heart Flame. There is also a gap in Flame, spirituality and intelligence.

In this form of Heavenly Flame, there is a gap in the energy level of the birth of at first. With the growth of energy and the baptism of time, there will also be changes. The lower rankings may not be as good as the higher ones. The plant form is not necessarily worse than the animal form.

General Heavenly Flame or Divine Lightning, at this level, it is already complete mastery, and then there will be a long water milling effort. There may be opportunities for transformation after endless years, but some special Power of Heaven and Earth, the only power equivalent to Heaven and Earth, will go further.

Power of Heaven and Earth like Void Swallowing Flame, Jinglian Demon Fire, Nine Black Gold Lightning, turning into a beast is not their complete mastery, but just a process towards complete mastery. Wait until After the energy accumulation is sufficient, they will have a spiritual gathering. If they succeed, they will be Human Transformation, and if they fail, their spirituality will collapse. They need to accumulate again and wait for the opportunity.

The Nine Black Gold Lightning in front of Yan Qingshan is in the stage of gathering the spirits. The strength in the body has long been accumulated to the level of transformation, but it is not a thing to really succeed. Simple things.

And Yan Qingshan came to this void thunder pool at this time, and what he wanted was his idea. High-level fighting saints want to make rapid progress. Only this Heaven and Earth Spirit Object can have that kind The possibility to help him get promoted.

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