Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 410


In the depths of the thunder pool, because of the manic movements of many black demonic thunder pythons, the entrenched Golden thunder dragon finally wakes up. The closed dragon’s eye opened slowly, and thunder and lightning flashed in the pupils, as if the entire Heaven and Earth had shot upside down into the huge dragon’s eye.

Yan Qingshan looked at this Heavenly Might awe-inspiring golden thunder dragon, without a trace of fluctuation in his eyes, facing this powerful existence comparable to 7-Star Fighting Saint, he was fearless.

“hong long long…”

Golden thunder dragon stared at Yan Qingshan indifferently, and the dragon’s mouth flashed light in between, a huge Golden thunder and lightning about hundreds zhang, It was a chick, shot out at a speed close to the speed of light, just a flicker, and it came to Yan Qingshan.


pink’s fire light flashed, the little demon blocked Yan Qingshan’s face, with a wave of fleshy palms, pink’s flame vortex greeted The Golden Thunder slammed into it, and the collision between the two didn’t have any shocking fluctuations.

This Power of Thunder was silent after being submerged in the flame vortex. The flame vortex quickly retracted and submerged into the little demon, and this Little Brat also sprang out a few Golden lightning snakes, and then again It was slowly that calm was restored.

“Nice energy.”

Yan Qingshan feels the majestic force pouring into the body, it is a huge and destructive energy, the mass is more fusion The Demon Fire with four types of Heavenly Flame is inferior, but it is also an extremely powerful masculine thunderpower.

Golden lightning flash flickered, the surface of the little demon’s body exploded one after another Golden lightning flash, and Demon Fire in its body ran to the extreme, frantically refining, accompanied by this Nine Black Gold The power of Lightning has been refined a little, and his cultivation base seems to have slightly improved.

“The method of gathering spirits, the technique of transforming thunder, and the formation of spirits. This is your chance and my chance.”

Yan Qingshan’s palm quickly formed a seal , One after another Spiritual Strength converged, endless auras converged into his palm, accompanied by a finger pointed, a brilliant silver light shot out like a sharp arrow, across countless voids, and plunged straight into the thunder dragon’s between the eyebrows .


The huge body of the Golden thunder dragon suddenly exploded. One after another huge thunder arc, containing the stern dragon roar sound, heaven- Shaking, earth-shattering sounded in this world, and the black demonic thunders around were also stunned and dispersed.

“spiritual qi is gathering, the gathering of spirits has begun…”

Yan Qingshan stretched out his hand to sense the energy fluctuations around him, looking forward to the direction of Nine Black Gold Lightning. With his help, this spiritual creature that originally relied on instinct to accumulate energy began the process of gathering spirits.

Yan Qingshan looked at the Nine Black Gold Lightning that was gathering spirits, silently, a silver-haired silhouette appeared beside him, his appearance was exactly similar to him, and his body was surrounded by powerful wind and thunder power. Although the quality is slightly inferior to the black demonic thunder, the quantity is still worse.

Three Thousand Thunder Illusionary Body, the thunder clone of Yan Qingshan, the cultivation method of the orthodox Three Thousand Thunder Illusionary Body, the thunder clone from the power of Heavenly Lightning, the power of Heavenly Lightning is not weak, However, it was not enough for the stage of fighting the saints, and for Yan Qingshan today, it was already a tasteless one.

The orthodox Three Thousand Thunder Illusionary Body is just the highest realm, comparable to the Di Class High Level Dou Technique of Heaven Class Dou Technique. This Dou Technique should be a Thunder Dao expert imitating the Great Perfection of Heaven Created by soul clone, the upper limit is lower.

The clone of the ordinary Heavenly Lightning is not enough to see in the fighting stage. Dou Qi of Dou Qi is stronger than the ordinary Heavenly Lightning. I don’t know where to go. Thunder Attribute clone will do whatever you want. Was blown up.

Of course, in the face of this situation, there is a subsequent Tempered method on the Three Thousand Thunder Illusionary Body, just like the Heavenly Flame clone can integrate with the Heavenly Flame, and the illusionary thunder body can also integrate with the Thunder Attribute. Kind.

Three Thousand Thunder Illusionary Body’s cultivation conditions are not low. Even if you are a genius, if you want to get started, you must at least be Dou Wang cultivation base, and those who can successfully cultivating it are basically Dou Zong level.

Douzong cultivation base, looking at Central Plain, it’s not a weak hand anymore. This powerhouse gets the ordinary Magic Beast or the Heaven and Earth thunder species, the probability is still very large, and the illusionary thunder is here. Late Phase, there is also a Secret Skill that integrates the true power of Thunder Attribute.

This kind of Secret Skill is of course limited. The first is that the realm of the illusionary thunder body must be high enough to achieve the complete mastery Perfection Realm that is not inferior to the body. In addition, this method of fusion of thunder species is extremely risky, and accidentally destroys the illusionary thunder body and even affects the main body.

The last limitation is that this fusion of Secret Skills can only integrate one type of Power of Thunder. This is the reason why Yan Qingshan has not integrated the Thunder Seed.

Although the true species of thunder between Heaven and Earth is rarer than Heavenly Flame, he knows where the void thunder pool is, and there is more than one black demonic thunder condensing thunder.

Pinnacle’s black demonic thunder is enough to hurt the middle-level fighting saints, Tier Nine Precious Pill and Black Pill are born, Heaven and Earth’s test of Pill Thunder, the black demonic thunder appears, which is enough Power of Thunder in Dousheng.

Although the power of the black demonic thunder can be regarded as tyrannical among the fighting sages, Yan Qingshan has been eyeing it early in the morning, but it is the stronger Nine Black Gold Lightning.

He naturally knows that there is a Nine Black Gold Lightning in the depths of this void thunder pool that has never been able to gather spirits, and he with Thunder Attribute has more opportunities than Xiao Yan in the original book. Can get huge benefits even more.

He wants to subdue the divine object of Nine Black Gold Lightning, naturally accompanied by Gao Feng’s risk, but once he succeeds, he will be one step closer to Dou Di.

“roar roar…”

In the center of the void thunder pool, Nine Black Gold Lightning uttered one after another with a stern roar and low roar, the surrounding black demonic thunders fled far away And open, surround the Nine Black Gold Lightning thousand zhang, they all know that the current Nine Black Gold Lightning is at an extremely critical moment.

“pa la…”

Nine Black Gold Lightning, a golden thunderstorm the size of one-fifth of the body, exploded fiercely on the surface of its body, full of golden thunder with destructive power The arc moved frantically, this kind of backlash explosion from inside the body, even if it was as strong as the Nine Black Gold Lightning, it could only groan and struggle with pain.

But during this frenzied struggle, among the pair of dragons that are so cold that there is no emotion at all, some spiritual qi began to emerge slowly, making it look a little more angry, no It’s as cold as a sculpture as before.

Nine Black Gold Lightning, a divine object such as Nine Black Gold Lightning, must bear such a fierce backlash if it wants to gather spirits, but as long as it can survive it, its upper limit of achievement is also quite high. Basically It can reach 9-Star Peak in normal growth.

This level of divine object, even in the battle of 9-Star Peak, is also terrifying. But relatively speaking, its luck is pretty good, and there is still a chance to transform, and the strongest spiritual thing between this Heaven and Earth, there is basically no possibility of transforming.

The first spiritual creature of Dou Qi continent is not Nine Black Gold Lightning, Demon Fire and Void Swallowing Flame, but Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, which relied on instinct and legend in the Peak period Dou Di powerhouse fought against each other. Although he was backlashed after he killed Dou Di, its powerful nature can also be seen.

But the more powerful the Heaven and Earth Spirit Object, the more difficult it is to condense intelligence. Nine Black Gold Lightning is the case, and the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment is even more so. I don’t know how many years since ancient times. Now, the Ancient Tree of Enlightenment still failed to reach the conditions for the spiritual gathering form.

It is too powerful, once transformed into Dou Di, Heaven and Earth already lacks the conditions to achieve Dou Di. Looking at all the spirits on Dou Qi continent, I am afraid that only the Ancient Emperor Tuo She who became the emperor can compare with it.

But the essence of Innate of Ancient Emperor Tuo She should be just a more ordinary Heavenly Flame, at most, the level of Void Swallowing Flame and Demon Fire. As far as the basic essence of Innate is concerned, it is incomparable. Ancient Tree of Enlightenment.

“Bang Bang…”

In the center of the void thunder pool, when some spiritual qi emerges from the dragon eye of Nine Black Gold Lightning, the backlash in its body becomes more intense , The deep sound of thunder and explosion, and the hong long long constantly emanating from his body.

The muffled sound of continuous explosion muffled sound, the energy fluctuates, and every terrorist explosion, the spiritual qi in the Nine Black Gold Lightning dragon eye will be blown away a lot. This is The backlash of Heaven and Earth is also the calamity of gathering spirits.

“It has too much energy accumulated in its body, and sometimes, it is not the more the better energy. The more the energy when gathering the spirit, the heavier the backlash…”

Yan Qingshan looked at the Nine Black Gold Lightning and was waiting for the opportunity to shoot. The energy in the Nine Black Gold Lightning bred by the void thunder pool was extremely majestic, but because of the too much energy, it was instead gathered for it. The hindrance of the spirit.

Usually, Nine Black Gold Lightning and Demon Fire have the best chance to gather spirits for a period of time after the maturity period. The energy in the body is probably equivalent to 7th-Rank Initial Around Phase Peak, the backlash at this time is not too serious.

The conditions of the void thunder pool are very good. Not only did Nine Black Gold Lightning bred, but there were also so many black demonic thunder gatherings, so many Power of Thunder gathering places, and the same savings time. , The energy of Nine Black Gold Lightning is much more abundant than that of the same level, almost 7-Star Peak level.

And this result is that the backlash doubles when Nine Black Gold Lightning gathers spirits, making it more difficult.


Yan Qingshan whispered, surrounding the black demonic thunder of hiding the sky and covering the earth, seems to rely on instinct to be aware of it. Pian Lei Hai, there was a strange sound with a kind of sadness.

Countless black demonic thunders surging together, they turned out to be the Nine Black Gold Lightning violently surge out. These black demonic thunders will melt when they touch the body of Nine Black Gold Lightning. It is a tiny black electric current that invades the latter’s body.

With their intrusion, the violent explosion in the Nine Black Gold Lightning gradually became subtler. In that case, it is as if these black demonic thunders are using their own body. But it resists the backlash in the Nine Black Gold Lightning body.

Under the death-like impact of many black demonic thunders, the spiritual qi in the Nine Black Gold Lightning dragon eye is becoming more and more intense, spirituality is more abundant, and one step closer to transformation.

But in the same way, along with this process, its originally bright golden body is getting darker and darker, and its backlash makes it weaker and weaker.

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