Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 412

In the center of the void thunder pool, amidst the thunderstorms, Nine Black Gold Lightning was struggling frantically, and the pain of the Spirit Gathering Tribulation made it extremely uncomfortable.


The spirit gathering backlash makes Nine Black Gold Lightning extremely painful. In its stern low roar, those black demonic thunders in the depths of the sea of ​​thunder, They all went crazy, fierce and unafraid of death smashed into his body.

As the spiritual qi in the Nine Black Gold Lightning dragon’s eye becomes more and more intense, the explosion in the Golden dragon body becomes more frantic. The ripples of destruction caused by the explosion, one aftermath is enough Destroy the ordinary powerhouse.

Yan Qingshan has been paying attention to the situation here. He can clearly sense that with the influx of many black demonic thunders, the energy in the Nine Black Gold Lightning is more abundant, and the backlash in the body is also growing. Times skyrocketed.

If we continue to follow this trend, even these black demonic thunders will not be able to suppress the backlash thunder, and once they can’t suppress it, the Nine Black Gold Lightning will finally condense. The intelligence that comes out will be blown up again.

The top-level Heaven and Earth Spirit Object, it is almost an act against the sky to gather spirits. Peak spiritual objects such as Nine Black Gold Lightning and Demon Fire are powerful. Power, but it almost deprived them of other rights.

“boom~ boom~ ……”

In the depths of the thunder sea, the Nine Black Gold Lightning occupies dimly, like a body made of gold, it has also become a lot illusory In the face of the terrifying backlash, it is already powerless to resist.

When it lay in the depths of the thunder sea as if resigning, the surrounding black demonic thunders also stopped the impact, surrounding the former, making a low whining sound, the sound filled with The meaning of sadness.

“The power you have accumulated is too much, sometimes it is not a good thing.”

Yan Qingshan’s heart moved, and his feet stepped into the void, and the stature flashed into the sky. Going into the depths of the thunder sea, I looked at the huge Golden thunder dragon of thousands zhang up close. At this moment, the latter pair of extremely bleak dragon eyes glanced at him without any movement.

“wu wu…”

Yan Qingshan’s intrusion made those black demonic thunders angry. Many black demonic thunders roared and moved, and they wanted to impact. , But when Jinglian Demon Fire appeared on Yan Qingshan’s shoulder, these guys didn’t dare to move, one by one stopped in place.

“I am here to help you, but I need to give up some strength and give me the Lord…”

Yan Qingshan is suspended in front of the Nine Black Gold Lightning, his tiny body is like a trivial ant , Its calm voice caused some fluctuations in the dim dragon eye of Nine Black Gold Lightning.

He slowly extend the hand with his palm between the eyebrows of Nine Black Gold Lightning, and gently press his palm on the dragon scales between a pair of dragon eyes, and pink flame emerges from his fingertips Out, and then slammed hard.

A bright golden lightning flash was directly extracted from the body of the Nine Black Gold Lightning. In a faint, golden lightning flash gathered into a lightning flash giant dragon around a hundred zhang.

The extraction at this time was exceptionally smooth. Nine Black Gold Lightning was already extremely weak and unable to resist. In addition, it understood Yan Qingshan’s words and made its own choice.

After the power of Nine Black Gold Lightning is drawn out, Yan Qingshan’s palm pink flame flourishes, turning into a huge fire net, and the restraint of the golden light thunder dragon is blocked.


This golden light thunder dragon is struggling crazily in the fire net, wanting to escape, but only instinct is left. There is no power to escape, but it seems weak.

Yan Qingshan’s fingertips swiped, a blood line flew out, and then quickly formed a magical formation on the fire net, and immediately the flame glow was shocked, and the fire net wrapped the golden light thunder dragon It began to shrink rapidly, and finally turned into a mini-thunder dragon.

This mini-thunder dragon was banned into the little demon’s body, which immediately made Little Brat unhappy. Such a majestic destructive energy is also quite dangerous for this Fire Spirit. !

In front of Yan Qingshan, the Nine Black Gold Lightning’s body has been transformed into a little Golden Dragon around ten zhang due to its power being tuned.

Yan Qingshan extends the hand again, gently stroking the dragon head of Nine Black Gold Lightning with the palm of his hand, the spiritual qi between Heaven and Earth, is gathered quickly, and finally turned into a spiritual qi seed , Slowly penetrated into the body of Nine Black Gold Lightning.

The spiritual qi of the golden light thunder dragon’s pair of dragon eyes suddenly flourishes, and its eyes reflect the image of Yan Qingshan, roaring slightly to express intimacy. At this moment, it is just like a little beast that has just been born, keeping the people it saw at first sight in his heart, and will never forget it.

“You can merge with my clone, and you can recover Peak in the shortest time…”

Yan Qingshan’s side is silver light flashed, and illusionary thunder appears in him Next to him, accompanied by Yan Qingshan’s words, the golden light thunder dragon did not hesitate much, swimming around his illusionary thunder for a moment, and then submerged in it with a sound.

“zi zi ……”

One after another Golden thunder arc bursts outside the body of the illusionary thunder, and the illusionary thunder, which was not too strong, burst out suddenly The breath, one after another, the electric light shines all around, and the surrounding black demonic thunder converges again.

“It’s really a spectacular sight!”

Yan Qingshan immediately left the place, and countless Power of Thunder gathered in the torrent, and immediately flooded the illusionary thunder. It was originally a Tempered illusionary thunder with the power of the ordinary Heavenly Lightning. At this time, the breath and appearance were slowly changed, and the hair color and eyes glowed with a faint golden halo.

Di Class High Level’s Three Thousand Thunder Illusionary Body is only as good as Heaven Class Dou Technique when it reaches the highest level. When this Dou Technique reaches the level of fighting, it’s already a chicken rib. Dou Qi Qi Method of powerhouse is Heaven Class, Dou Qi of Tempered is more advanced than Heavenly Lightning.

At this level of illusionary thunder body, you can also choose to integrate Divine-Thunder Force, but you can only choose one kind of thunder force as the target of integration. Yan Qingshan’s ambition is very big, and he focuses on Nine. Black Gold Lightning, he simply succeeded, and immediately jumped heavenly ascension.

Yan Qingshan slowly exits the void thunder pool, looking at the void thunder pool that has already begun to riot, smiling at the corners of her mouth, “The next thing, don’t bother for the time being, wait for the illusionary thunder body to be reborn , So to speak, the golden illusionary thunder body.”


In the core main hall of Pill Tower, Yan Qingshan sits in front of the huge Alchemy tripod, slightly raising his palm , While the pink flame was tumbling, the fleshy Little Brat turned over, calling out to him rather dissatisfied.

“Yiwa Yiwa……”

Little Brat’s big shiny eyes glared at someone, a tender cry from his mouth, the meat beeping on his little arm, there was an extra one Golden’s dragon mark has a faint scalp-numbing destructive power fluctuation.

This Little Brat is angry. The power of Nine Black Gold Lightning, even if it is the Demon Fire Fire Spirit, is extremely difficult to refining. If this thing is accidentally exploded and opened , It’s just a bit painful.

“hehehe…It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t I just deal with it…”

Yan Qingshan chuckled, touched Little Brat’s head and soothed a few times Hearing, staring at those golden marks, his eyes flashed with caution, this kind of manic power, even the 7-Star Fighting Saint could not absorb it, even if he has reached 7-Star Peak now.

But if you reseal this power into the Thunder Attribute clone body, you can quickly refining, and you may even seize the opportunity to advance to 8-Star Fighting Saint, but he is not prepared to do so, because it is so true. It’s too wasteful.

Nine Black Gold Lightning is related to the legendary Tier Nine Golden Core. Only through the Tempered of Nine Black Gold Lightning, Tier Nine Pill Recipe can be born.

Yan Qingshan is now 7-Star Fighting Saint, barely reaching the minimum threshold for refining Tier Nine Golden Core. Although the success rate of refining Tier Nine Golden Core is less than 10%, if it is suitable The conditions are not unworkable.

Generally speaking, if you want to refine a high-level medicine pill, you have a minimum strength requirement, but if a low-level powerhouse wants to refine an advanced medicine pill, it’s not really impossible.

The continent catastrophe of the original Grand Finale is that Hun Clan powerhouse wants to refine the Emperor Tier medicine pill for blood sacrifice. Under Hun Clan’s situation at that time, under normal circumstances, it is basically impossible to refine into the Emperor Tier medicine pill. Even the Ancient Emperor Tuo She was only made into the Emperor Tier young pill.

But in the end, Hun Tiandi succeeded. This is a successful example of low-grade refining high-grade medicine pill, although the price is high.

Yan Qingshan stretched out his hand slightly and pulled out, a thunder dragon flew out of the little demon’s body. There was still a spirituality in this golden thunder, and Yan Qingshan was going to be embarrassed subconsciously.

“It’s just a trace of instinct. I dare to resist…”

Yan Qingshan stretched out his hand to strangle the back of the thunder dragon’s neck. 7-Star Peak’s he is stronger and he can easily Being able to control this mass of material, he probed his hand slightly, a pink flame gathered under the medicinal cauldron, and the medicinal cauldron in front of him suddenly became red.

“Give me a point to go in!”

He threw out abruptly, the golden light thunder dragon was thrown into the medicinal cauldron, the pink pure lotus The Demon Fire immediately submerged the entire medicinal cauldron and completely wrapped it. Amidst the huge torch, a golden light swam constantly trying to struggle out.

“Isn’t it good to have peace of mind!”

Yan Qingshan’s Dou Qi gushed out, the torch shrank suddenly, and the thunder dragon inside became smaller, like a small adult The little demon from the side helped Yan Qingshan master the fire, and under the endless flame, the instinct of this thunder dragon was gradually obliterated.

A little bit of time has passed, and the situation of the outside world also has extremely unusual changes. In this calm day, Yan Qingshan before medicinal cauldron opened his eyes again.


He stared at the ball of flame in front of him, and with a slight wave of his hand, the flame blasted out, and a golden light flew out, slowly falling. Into his palm.

This is a golden thunder bead about half a fist sized. The thunder dragon that gathers most of the energy of the Nine Black Gold Lightning has been wiped out of its violent instinct, leaving only this group of pure energy. It is extremely mild at the time, and it is more conducive to absorption, and it is also the best refining pills material.

Among advanced medicine pills, there is a precious medicine pill called Thunder Calamity Pill. The lowest is Tier Six. The final result of refining into a pill depends on the quality of the main material. .

For Yan Qingshan’s Nine Black Gold Lightning thunder bead, it is enough to refine the Tier Nine Black Pill of the cream of the crop, but he is not prepared to do so.

For him now, Tier Nine Black Pill is not difficult to refine. For him now, the help is not much. He has been so busy half a month, but it will not be so. waste.

This golden thunder orb will be the key to his next transformation. As long as the planning at this time is successful, whether it is Hun Tiandi or Gu Yuan, he will not be his opponent anymore.

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