Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 413

Pill Tower is the great hall at the core, the closed door opens again, and a silhouette slowly walks out.

Yan Qingshan’s exit again did not cause any disturbance in Pill Tower. During his retreat, Cao Ying and the others did a good job. The momentum of the Pill Tower alliance brought it up a level, more and more The strong and prosperous, it seems that there are signs of unifying Central Plain.

While the Pill Tower alliance is strong, the soul Palace, a force that has attracted much attention on the other side, has been rare in these days. The rumors about Hun Clan have become more and more widespread. These shrinking behaviors of Soul Palace, on the contrary, Like a kind of proof, it has attracted the great attention of Imperial Clan.

In this period of time, there have been a lot of rumors about Hun Clan, such as Hun Clan Gu Clan cooperation theory, Hun Clan wants to capture Tuo She Ancient Emperor’s Jade, Hun Clan gained the Spirit Swallowing Tribe ability… …And so on. Among these rumors, what makes Imperial Clan the most vigilant is the part about Spirit Swallowing Tribe.

The last Spirit King died at the hands of Hun Clan. This detail reminds many interested people. Hun Clan’s last Dou Di is a long time ago. According to the truth, they should have been Ushered in the bloodline exhaustion, but until now the bloodline has been vigorous.

When the rumors about the relationship between Spirit Swallowing Tribe and Hun Clan spread, the major Imperial Clan naturally paid more attention to Hun Clan and tried to find evidence in secret. In this case, many Hun Clan’s Peripheral forces, including the Hun Clan powerhouse in Soul Palace, have begun to transfer and return.

In just a few months, the news about Soul Palace gradually became lonely. The huge Soul Palace seemed to have disappeared. Later, Central Plain did not report anything related to Hun Clan. news.

The disappearance of Hun Clan and the quietness of Soul Palace seem to indicate something, which makes people faintly feel the oppressive feeling of wind and rain.

In this case, the development of Central Plain has stabilized, and forces such as the Pill Tower Alliance and Star Meteor Pavilion have risen and swallowed the remaining large tracts of Soul Palace.

With the help of the Imperial Clan Alliance, Star Meteor Pavilion attacked Hun Clan’s Sky Abyss Sect, but unfortunately, until Sky Abyss Sect was destroyed and Old Ghost Tian Ming was killed on the spot, it still failed. Finding any clues, Hun Clan seems to have lost track.

In this case, many forces carried out a siege and attack on Soul Palace. One by one Soul Palace’s Side-Branch Palace was broken, but the big guy found everything after searching for it in this round. The Soul Palace Side-Branch Palace has become empty.

The soul body and the origin of the soul collected were all taken away. A senseless search failed to find clues. In the end, everyone could only return without success, and the Imperial Clan allied forces The connection is getting closer, with the intention of finding Hun Realm to figure out the truth about Spirit Swallowing Tribe.

Hun Realm closed and disappeared, the major Imperial Clan jointly searched, and the Central Plain was turbulent, all of which had little impact on the Pill Tower alliance.

But inside Pill Tower, Yan Qingshan, who was in charge of Pill Tower, has now retreated to the second line and has become a legendary figure. It seems that he is deliberately downplaying his image. Central Plain is in this weird way. In the calm, the next wave of storms ushered in.

“Yao Ceremony is going to start!”

Yan Qingshan walked out of the great hall, and Cao Ying, who is now the head of the Pill Tower Big Three, greeted him and handed an invitation card to After Yan Qingshan took a look at him, the corners of his mouth were slightly curved.

“Soul Palace lurks, Hun Clan disappears, and now the situation in Central Plain is quite weird, this time you should bring some manpower to ensure safety!”

Cao Ying is standing in Yan Qingshan By his side, a pair of jade hands helped him organize his wrinkled collar. The delicate jade face was full of worry. She knew part of Yan Qingshan’s plan. She knew that this line was not simple, so she was even more worried.

Yan Qingshan gently hugged Cao Ying’s lovable body, bowed her head and kissed her forehead, “Don’t worry! With my current strength, if I want to go, no one has the ability to take me Stay.”

Cao Ying heard him say this, knowing that his heart was determined, and put his hands around him with a slight force, to close eyes buried in his arms, and whispered: “My sisters and I , Wait till you get back.”

“en! But before leaving, there seems to be some time!”

Yan Qingshan whispered, his restless palms went down, and his head bowed Looked at Little Witch’s broad mind. Cao Ying’s jade-faced Fei Xia softened her body with a scream. This prestigious tycoon Chairman in the Pill Tower immediately lost control of her body.


Yao Clan is located in the Shen Nong mountain range in the extreme south of the Central Plain. The area there is actually separated from the Central Plain and seems quite remote.

Although the Shen Nong mountain range belongs to that kind of wild area, where poisonous insects are rampant, all kinds of rare ominous beasts in the Central Plain emerge endlessly, but because of the existence of Yao Clan, this area still becomes quite lively.

This mountain range is rich in various rare medicine ingredients. Many Alchemists came here not far from ten thousand li to find medicine ingredients for refining pills. To some extent, this is another one. Alchemist Holy Land.

Yao Ceremony, this is the most important event of Yao Clan. The time is not completely fixed, and some changes will occur due to various circumstances.

Yao Ceremony is somewhat similar to Pill Tower’s Pill Competition, but with the decline of Pill Tower a thousand years ago, Yao Clan became Alchemist Number One Influence, and the authority of Yao Ceremony has also risen. Today, it has become a Grand Meeting between Alchemist at the Continental Peak level.

Those who can participate in Yao Ceremony, in addition to Yao Clan’s clansman, there are also some Alchemy Grandmasters who once or now have a great reputation and extremely high Alchemy skills on the Central Plain. All invited are from the Alchemist or Alchemy forces of Continental Peak.

The number of outsiders invited to participate in Yao Ceremony is generally very small. After all, the Alchemist who can be seen by Yao Clan can be described as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

Such a high-scale and high-quality, Yao Ceremony has also become the continent’s first Alchemy event, and the ultimate winner also has the strength and reputation to compete for the continent’s first Alchemist.

On a high mountain outside the Shen Nong mountain range, a silhouette slowly appears between the ripples in the space, looking at the misty Shen Nong mountain range in the distance, it disappears again in a flash .

Yan Qingshan’s silhouette mixed into the flow of people and stepped into the Shen Nong mountain range. This time he came alone, and did not let the rest of the Pill Tower accompany him. Instead, he was approaching. Before the trip, he told Cao Ying and the others to be careful in the near future, and immediately retreat into the pill world if something goes wrong.

This time came to Yao Ceremony to take a risk. Once it happens, it will be enough to change the current situation of the continent. After this battle, the situation of the continent will also change. He doesn’t want to plan on his own, but instead It was Pill Tower that had a problem.

Yan Qingshan’s silhouette walks on the mountain trails of the Shen Nong mountain range. The spiritual qi here is extremely abundant. The spiritual qi cloud is tumbling over the mountain range. The cultivation here is much better than other places. .

Yan Qingshan finally stopped at a deep stream deep in the Shen Nong mountain range. On the opposite side of the deep stream, a huge boulder arch about several hundred zhang stood quietly, a breath of vicissitudes of life, from Boulder upload of the arch.

The center of this arch is a distorted space. This is the space gate leading to Yao Clan. At this moment, there are many silhouettes flying by and falling outside the boulder arch. After checking the token, enter the medicine Within the world.

“Yan Alliance Chief, please…”

Yan Qingshan landed in front of the stone gate, and took out the invitation card to the guard, and the guard saw the invitation card in his hand, After checking the information, the attitude suddenly became respectful.

Yan Qingshan is now the leader of the Pill Tower Alliance, the ruler of the first Sect force in Central Plain, and the overall power of the Pill Tower Alliance is still above Yao Clan. This is a real giant. Of course, these guards You have to be careful.

Yan Qingshan retracted the invitation, and the stature moved into the distorted space. His eyes flickered, and once again, he saw a lush green plain with one after another body shape. Very huge, with wings spread out about several hundred zhang huge giant birds and beasts.

“Guests, please come here.”

Yan Qingshan just settled down, a group of Yao Clan in armor came quickly, and then led the two up There was a giant bird on its back. At this moment, there were hundreds of silhouettes staggered on that bird’s back, which seemed quite lively.

Yan Qingshan did not show any difference. He flew calmly and landed on the back of the giant bird. The huge giant bird flapped its wings and whizzed up in the wind, moving towards Yao Clan mysterious world. Flying in the depths.

When the speed of the bird slowed down, to close eyes the calming Yan Qingshan opened his eyes, and a huge mountain towering into the clouds appeared in his field of vision, and groups of great could be vaguely seen on the huge mountain. In the hall and buildings, countless plumes of smoke rise slowly into the air, which is full of rich pill fragrance.

This giant bird circled the giant mountain, and finally landed on a square. Yan Qingshan walked down slowly with the flow of people and came to the square.

Yan Qingshan looked at the crowds around, a street beside the square, there was a small market on it, and many people set up stalls there, which seemed extremely lively.

“Here, it looks like it’s a bit early!”

Yan Qingshan looked around a little bored. After he received the invitation, he rushed to him immediately. The current speed is full, and it doesn’t take much time to get here. At this time, there is still 5-6 days before the Yao Ceremony officially begins.

“But it’s okay, it seems that my plan is very successful!”

Yan Qingshan looked up at the sky of the medicine world, and a hint of white powder was faintly visible. Light pattern, he is in a good mood, with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

“Excuse me, are you the Yan Alliance Chief!”

A beautiful female voice like a yellow warbler sounded in her ears, Yan Qingshan looked down slightly, and she was in front of him with a sweet face and a bosom. Quite a vast and innocent girl with a trace of medicinal fragrance on her body.


Yan Qingshan nodded smiled, and the pretty face of the girl opposite suddenly became extremely pink and lovely, as if there was an inexplicable shyness.

The girl said timidly, with a rather weird tone, “Young Miss has arranged everything, let me lead the way for Young Master.”

“Lead the way!”

Yan Qingshan still has a faint smile, and a little expectation flashes in his eyes. As his words fall, the girl leads the way and leads him to a house in the city, a delicately furnished boudoir. Among.

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