Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 415

“Yao Clan Clan Leader, Yao Dan!”

Yan Qingshan squinted at the benevolent white haired old man. From the latter, he felt To an exceptionally powerful breath, not inferior to him who just came out of the Demon Fire space, but the powerhouse in the 7-Star Fighting Saint.

The appearance of Yao Dan naturally drew greetings from all the people present. Just as everyone was preparing to take their seats, suddenly a dark cloud appeared, and finally spread at an astonishing speed and opened in the blink of an eye. Reached the top of the mountain.

This black cloud condensed and turned into a middle-aged man wearing a black jacket. With the appearance of this man, a low whining sound was heard in this world, as if The whine of soul.

This black clothed man’s faintly smiled, neither fast nor slow tone was heard in midair, “Hun Clan Hun Xu, turn up without being invited, but also don’t want Yao Dan Clan Leader Be offended.”

“Hun Xu!”

Yan Qingshan received the name of this person, his body shook sharply, his eyes narrowed slightly, and cold glow surged in his eyes.

“Hun Xu…”

When Xiao Yan heard the name, Old Yao murmured rather absentmindedly, and then looked towards Yan Qingshan’s Direction, and although Xiao Yan next to him felt that the name was a bit familiar, it seemed quite strange. Seeing this situation, he couldn’t help but wonder.

“Teacher, this Hun Xu, is it not related to this Yan…Alliance Chief.”

Xiao Yan noticed that not only Old Yao, but also many people, they watched it immediately. Not the many powerhouses of Yao Clan, but the direction of Yan Qingshan.

Old Yao slowly spoke, with endless disgust in his voice, “Remember what I changed with the little Pill Tower you said at the beginning! That one used to lurking in the little Pill Tower, and The last Hun Clan who betrayed and injured his Master and escaped…”

Xiao Yan’s heart was shaken and he narrowed his eyes, “I remember, after the Pill Competition, Hun Clan He aggressively attacked Pill Tower. The Yan Alliance Chief mentioned the name at the beginning.”


Old Yao slowly nodded, his eyes fixed on Hun Xu in the sky, his voice Coldly said: “This guy has a very high status among Hun Clan, even Soul Palace Palace Master can’t compare to him.

Hun Clan now closes Hun Realm, even the ordinary Hun Clan powerhouse I couldn’t find one, but he didn’t expect to show up at Yao Ceremony. This incident is not simple…”

Xiao Yan is also a smart person, and he quickly produced it. It means, “Teacher means, this is Hun Clan’s conspiracy.”

Old Yao heavy nodded, said solemnly: “pretty close, Xiao Yan, you try to inform Gu Yuan Clan Leader of them ……This Hun Xu is very important to Hun Clan. If it can be removed, it would be nothing more than breaking Hun Clan’s right and left arm.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes are squinted, allowing some cold glow to flow in his eyes. For Hun Clan, he wants to get rid of it quickly. If he has a chance, he can try to kill Hun Xu.

Old Yao shook his head and looked towards Yan Qingshan again, “Don’t worry, the author who has enemies with Hun Xu is there! Although this Hun Xu is extremely mysterious, that Yan Xiaozi , I haven’t seen it clearly.”

“Hun Xu, why did this guy come, I didn’t invite him to Yao Clan.”

“Hun Clan murdered Ling Clan, Soul Palace has arrested Alchemist for many years. Most of this has nothing to do with this guy. This time I must not let him go.”

“Now all races are searching for Hun Clan’s whereabouts, and he must be taken down. You can know a lot.”

As soon as Hun Xu showed up, he immediately drew a fierce response from many Yao Clan powerhouses. A line of sight was full of disgust and hostility, and those who were more impulsive were ready to do it. Up.

“Hun Xu!”

Yao Dan Clan Leader, who was on the top of the Yao Ceremony gift, looked at each other with Wan Huo Elder. They were both frowns, and Old Yao could They can think of things that they think of.

The Hun Xu who turned up without being invited was a bit unexpected. The rumors about Hun Clan and Spirit Swallowing Tribe are now raging, and even the entire Hun Realm has disappeared. This Hun Xu suddenly appeared Body, obviously this thing is not simple.

Yao Dan quickly made up his mind and secretly arranged for people to report to the various races, but the expression on his face remained unchanged, maintaining the smile of being the host.

Hun Xu in the sky, with his hands behind behind, looked directly at Yao Dan, lightly said with a smile: “hehe, it seems that Yao Clan’s friends don’t seem to welcome me very much. This is the same as Yao Clan’s Hospitality is a bit contrary!”

Yao Dan smiled and said: “Hun Xu, what you said seems to me Yao Clan is stingy. Although Yao Clan did not invite you, but since you are here , The visitor is a guest. How would I, Yao Clan, drive away the guests, and even wish you could stay longer!”

Hun Xu didn’t seem to hear the special meaning in Yao Dan’s words, and smiled He replied: “Really! I happen to have this meaning too, but that is going to disturb Yao Dan Clan Leader more.”

“Come on, please Hun Xu Grandmaster to sit in.”

Yao Dan deeply shouted, Wan Huo Elder personally led Hun Xu to sit on a separate stone seat. Although he disdains Hun Xu as a person, I have to admit that this guy’s Alchemy technique is definitely one of the very best in the world. , Can be a master.

“Yao Dan Clan Leader, a lot…”

Hun Xu chuckled, the corners of his lips lifted, and a strange smile quickly swept in a flash from his eyes. Immediately, its stature moved, and it appeared directly on a stone chair under those many gazes.

“Yao Chen, you have received a good dísciple. Even though I am deep in Hun Realm, your dísciple’s name is still thunderous.”

Hun Xu sat down on the stone chair. Hun Xu turned his gaze and looked at Old Yao, a strange smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Old Yao smiled, shook his head and said: “If the name is like thunder, who can compare with Hun Xu of deceiving masters extinguishing ancestors!”

“hehe I was born as a Hun Clan person, and I have Hun Clan’s bloodline, but I can’t tell you about killing the ancestors. As for deceiving the teacher, hehe, I don’t recognize the old ghost as the Teacher.”

Hun Xu shook the head seemingly serious, and seemed to disagree with Old Yao’s sarcasm. He was still about to speak, but was interrupted by a voice.

“Your mouth is quite hard, but I don’t know what it will be like when you become a dead dog!”

Yan Qingshan’s indifferent voice did not carry A trace of emotion, I didn’t even look at Hun Xu when I was speaking. She held the jade cup in her hand and raised it. The charming maid next to her immediately walked up and filled it with Yao Clan’s scented medicinal liquor.

“hehe…The Pill Tower alliance, in my opinion, is just a Shen Nong. Yellow mouth child, dare to speak out…”

Hun Xu seems to be talented After noticing Yan Qingshan, when he was about to say two more cruel words, a palm of the behind suddenly protruded, and he rose up suddenly, avoiding the palm of the hand with a slight difference.

Hun Xu floated to the ground, a burly silhouette walked past, and he staggered. He glanced at Hun Xu indifferently, and walked back to Yan Qingshan’s side, like a sculpture Standing still.

“pa pa pa ……”

Yan Qingshan put down the wine glass and clapped his hands lightly, lightly said with a smile: “The monkey show is good, it is really good for acting, but it’s singing After all, it’s the time when you will die. Cherish your next time! I bet you, you can’t get out of the medicine world.”

“Hehe, what a Pill Tower Alliance Chief…”

Hun Xu looked at the three-headed dragon puppet next to Yan Qingshan, and there was a smile on his face. The smile was so cold that he stared at Yan Qingshan, a terrifying energy fluctuation, slowly spreading from his body. After the release, many drugs Clan Leader always changed their complexion slightly.

At this time, Yao Dan, who has been sitting in the first place to ignore it, lifts the head, indifferently said: “Hun Xu, today is my Yao Clan ceremony. It’s forbidden to make chaos. Violators, I will personally take it down.”

“hehe, since Yao Dan Clan Leader has spoken, it must be obeyed.”

Yao Dan’s words made Hun Xu The Senran smile on the face condensed slightly, and the cold luster in his eyes became more and more dense. This old ghost did not speak when Yan Qingshan shot, but when he was about to counterattack, he came out to show justice. This is really enough.

“The hour has come, Yao Ceremony begins!”

Yao Dan also ignored Hun Xu’s complexion, his eyes swept all around slowly, and the flat voice slowly spread. , Like thunder, in this piece between Heaven and Earth, resounded.

Yao Dan announced the start of Yao Ceremony. One after another silhouette is slightly towards the central square. Most of the silhouettes have similar Clan Marks on their foreheads. These are the well- of Yao Clan younger generation. known figure.

Yao Clan’s ancestor, Emperor Yao, started with Alchemy, and his descendants also inherited the corresponding innate talent in the bloodline. This makes Yao Clan’s clansman cultivation Alchemy technique particularly handy, and there is no shortage of them in the family. Cultivation talent outstanding generation.

Because of Yao Clan extraordinary natural talent, almost everyone has Alchemist innate talent, which makes them have the largest Alchemist group on Dou Qi continent. This is what Pill Tower can compare with. Fan out.

In the foreplay of Yao Ceremony, most of the younger generation of Yao Clan came on stage, possessing the innate talent that the ordinary Alchemist coveted, at least at the level of Tier Six Alchemist or even higher, medicinal cauldron The rising scene is comparable to the old Pill Competition.

This foreplay of Yao Ceremony lasted for several days, and there were some finale scenes after that. Xiao Yan also participated in the game, and once had the potential to compete for the crown, but unfortunately he still lost Give Yao Clan number one genius medicine.

On this Yao Ceremony, Yao Ling demonstrated the Alchemy technique that is not inferior to the forefront powerhouse of Yao Clan’s older generation, and successfully refined a Tier Nine Precious Pill.

Alchemist is divided into Tier Nine, Tier One is the lowest, Tier Nine is the highest, and Tier Nine Alchemy Grandmaster is divided into three levels, Precious Pill Grandmaster, Black Pill Grandmaster, and Golden Core Grandmaster.

Yao Ling can refine Tier Nine Precious Pill, it can be called a Grandmaster character. This Alchemy skill can be regarded as the second only to Yao Dan and Yao Clan in Yao Clan. It is enough to compete with Yao Dan and Wan Huo. Yao Wan Gui and the others are fighting each other.

“This is Yao Clan number one genius, which is said to have the potential of Emperor Realm soul…”

Hun Xu is also paying attention to Yaoling, with a slight sneer at the corner of his mouth, just What he didn’t notice was that someone had been staring at him from out of sight, and seeing his small movements, the cold light in the depths of his eyes became colder.

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