Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 416

“Two people, please enter!”

After the foreplay of Yao Ceremony, Yao Dan faintly smiled and looked at Yan Qingshan and Hun Xu Turn around, the final battle of Yao Ceremony this time is mostly between these two people.

“Hehe, Yao Dan Clan Leader is simply, I have long heard that Yao Ceremony is the most peak Alchemist gathering on Dou Qi continent. I am coming down here today and I want to ask you for advice.”

Yao Dan’s voice has just fallen, Hun Xu’s silhouette is like a ghost-like in midair who first appeared in the venue, with a domineering voice in the dull laughter, “This title of the continent’s first Alchemist, I’m Hun Clan. Interested…”

“hmph, Yao Clan belongs to the family of Alchemy. It is better to stay in Yao Clan with this title.”

Wan Huo Elder is coldly snorted, the stability flashes , Also appeared in midair, and stared at Hun Xu without giving up.

As soon as Wan Huo Elder came out, it attracted a burst of cheers around him. This is Yao Clan’s home court. They naturally don’t like the arrogance of Hun Clan’s people.

“Continent, the first Alchemist, will not be on a dead person.”

Yan Qingshan’s indifferent voice came out, the voice has not dissipated, it has appeared in the other corner of the square, The breath on her body is extremely obscure, yet she is not affected by Wan Huo Elder and Hun Xu.

Hun Xu coldly snorted, “sharp-tongued, kid, did you rely on that mouth to become the lord of Pill Tower!”

The three people in the sky are fighting against each other in the square. Suddenly, there was commotion. The countless Alchemist’s eyes were full of enthusiasm. The level of the three above, but their lifelong pursuit.

Yan Qingshan no longer responds to Hun Xu. Hun Xu can only be coldly snorted when he sees it, and his hands are behind behind. The grandmaster’s attitude is undoubtedly revealed. Regardless of his character, this Hun Xu’s attainments in Alchemy is indeed prohibitive.

Hun Xu doesn’t talk too much nonsense. With a wave of his sleeves, the black flame is hiding the sky and covering the earth violently surge out of its own body. It immediately condenses into a statue on the sky in front of you. There is a huge black fire cauldron full of hundreds zhang, and there is a strange Devouring Power faintly.

This is another Dao Child fire of Void Swallowing Flame, and it is also the original fire of the ground, equivalent to the Void Swallowing Flame of the initial stage, if it is by chance, this fire is there. Chance to become a brand new Void Swallowing Flame.

Hun Xu smiled and said, “Summon all the Heavenly Flames in your body. My Void Swallowing Flame is very coveted for their taste.”

” If you want to swallow our Heavenly Flame, you have to have this tooth mouth!”

Wan Huo Elder coldly snorted, and immediately after waving his sleeves, a gust of blackish wind suddenly appeared. Whizzed out from his sleeve.

These violent winds are squirming rapidly in the air, but if you look closely, you will find that this is not a violent wind, but a peculiar flame.

Nine Dark Wind Flame, the tenth place in Heavenly Flame, Yao Clan inheritance Heavenly Flame, the flame born in the storm, was once given to Yao Xing Ji of the younger generation.

“It’s just a place of fire, and you have the courage to be so arrogant.”

Yan Qingshan glanced coldly, a green flame like a liquid rose, green liquid fire sea As it diffused, layers of mist rose up, and in that mist, countless kinds of strange medicine ingredients slowly grew up, permeating a moving breath of life.

“Life Spirit Flame!”

Everyone’s eyes are on this Heavenly Flame, Life Spirit Flame, the most special one in the Heavenly Flame list, and the rest Heavenly Flames have extremely strong Destruction Strength, and only this Heavenly Flame has powerful Life Power.

This Heavenly Flame is not good at destructive power, but it can be ranked in the top five of the Heavenly Flame list. It is the Heavenly Flame that Alchemist wants most.

“Life Spirit Flame!”

Hun Xu’s eyes fixed on the Life Spirit Flame in Yan Qingshan’s hands, and there was a touch of greed in his eyes. He is also an Alchemist, naturally Eyes greedy this Fire of Life.

Yao Dan glanced at the Life Spirit Flame in Yan Qingshan’s hand, and after taking away his enviable gaze, he said loudly: “Three, if you are well prepared, please open the refining pills…”


The Life Spirit Flame in Yan Qingshan’s hands rises against the storm, and immediately forms a hundred zhang green tripod, into which the spiritual medicine seeds fall, root and sprout in the flame, and an extremely delicate Tempered liquid.

Hun Xu stature appeared on the other side in a flash, countless medicine ingredient hiding the sky and covering the earth swept out of the black fire cauldron while the sleeves were swung, the strong medicinal fragrance, immediately It is filled with Heaven and Earth.

Wan Huo Elder in the distance also used the Nine Dark Wind Flame to form a fire cauldron. At their level, the medical cauldron is almost dispensable for them, because they have nothing to do with them. Able to use Heavenly Flame to condense into the best quality medicinal cauldron.

These three people each occupy one area, and the center of the square is divided into three places, as if the three kingdoms are fighting for battle.

“The four kinds of Heavenly Flames are really mysterious and magical, and the legend is actually true.”

“This master of Pill Tower actually solved the coexistence of Heavenly Flame. The problem.”

“Three soul clones, this is not something ordinary people can do!”

Four silhouettes appeared next to Yan Qingshan, Green Lotus Core Flame, Fallen Heart Flame and Three Thousand Raging Fire appeared one after another. After the seeds of spiritual medicine were spawned, they flew out and fell into the fire cauldron in front of the three silhouettes. Yan Qingshan’s efficiency was suddenly faster.

In less than a day, he has completed the refining of the medicine ingredient, and the other two have completed most of the work. More importantly, the medicine ingredient he used this time is sufficient. It is several times as much as the other two, and it is not like refining ordinary Tier Nine medicine pill at all.

Hun Xu finally finished refining the medicine ingredient, put a lot of refined medicinal liquid into the fire cauldron, his handprint changed, shouting loudly: “Power of Heaven and Earth, listen to my orders.”

“This is…refining the Black Pill?”

On the stone seats around the square, when Hun Xu manipulates the flame to induce Power of Heaven and Earth, Yao Dan’s face is slightly pale Change, Tier Nine Black Pill, a divine object, shouldn’t it be refined at this time? The environmental conditions on Yao Ceremony can easily lead to failure.

Hun Xu’s voice fell, suddenly violent wind erupted in this world, the infinite Heaven and Earth energy hiding the sky and covering the earth came together from the burning cauldron, and was finally emitted by it. The suction that came out swallowed it in.

Wan Huo Elder saw frowned and coldly snorted handprints changing, and he shouted: “Power of Heaven and Earth, condensed!”

“Power of Heaven and Earth It’s up to you to use it!”

Yan Qingshan coldly smiled, four lights and shadows flew in the four directions between the beckoning hands, the four pillars of fire rose up and condensed, and the majestic Power of Heaven and Earth was suddenly Pulled over, more than half of the Power of Heaven and Earth gathered to his side.

“Burning Flame Valley’s four flames! When? This kid’s scheming is so deep.”

Hun Xu, who originally thought that the overall situation was in control, also took a bite at this time. Surprised, Yan Qingshan was secretly warned in his heart, and his hands kept moving.

Yao Dan, who is above the top of the list, looked at such an unusual form in the sky, but his expression turned a little weird. With his eyesight, he couldn’t tell that the three people were competing.

Wan Huo Elder knows the bottom line. Although the latter’s Alchemy technique is not weak, if you want to refine Tier Nine Black Pill, the success rate may not exceed 20%. This refining Tier Nine Black Pill needs to absorb the terrifying Heaven and Earth energy.

The energy of Heaven and Earth within the ten thousand li of the medicine mountain is extremely rich, but it is impossible to support and condense three Black Pills. Even if one of them is a bit reluctant, in the current situation, Yan Qingshan has a better chance.

This process of snatching the energy of Heaven and Earth lasted for three days. At noon on the third day, the energy of Heaven and Earth around was thin, and only Yan Qingshan among the three had completed the elixir. Refining seems to have the possibility of success.

Wan Huo Elder was a little distracted, thinking that he had lost this time, but a weird smile appeared on Hun Xu’s face, his handprints changed abruptly, and his palms slapped him fiercely before Huo Dingzhi Immediately, two pillars of black flames surge out violently.

A flame appeared above the fire cauldron of Wan Huo Elder, turning into a crazy rotating black hole, the horrible Devouring Power violently surge out.

“Hun Xu, do you dare…”

Wan Huo Elder’s complexion turned heavy almost instantly. He had never expected that Hun Xu was so bold. Directly hit the idea on his head.

Nine Dark Wind Flame suddenly swept out and slammed into the black hole. However, this move was useless. Instead, the black hole was spinning faster and faster. During the devouring power, it was unexpectedly It was that even his Heavenly Flame had swallowed some alive.

“Hun Xu, have you forgotten the lesson of Hun Feng Hun Yu back then…”

Yan Qingshan coldly smiled, Life Spirit Flame is not good at fighting, and indeed some can’t deal with this Void Swallowing Flame’s ground fire, but he has more than just one kind of Heavenly Flame, the four kinds of Heavenly Flames merged together in an instant, and the black hole formed by the emptiness fire instantly exploded.

The silhouettes of the four Yan Qingshans change their gestures at the same time, and the magical formation instantly spreads and spreads to cover the entire square. The flame storm swept the audience. The collision of the four Heavenly Flames produces too much power, even if it is stronger than Wan. Huo Elder and Hun Xu did not dare to stay.

“bastard, you are courting death……”

The flame vortex after the collision of the four Heavenly Flames directly swept over the audience, immediately letting Wan Huo Elder and Hun Xu Out of the game, and the energy collected by the two and the numerous flames once again shrank and condensed into a tripod. This Black Pill by Yan Qingshan is about to be born.

Wan Huo Elder was also cleared out of the field, but there was no anger. Nodded, he said: “It is true that the younger generations will surpass us in time, and the old man is convinced.”

“Boy, I want you to die today!”

Hun Xu stared at Yan Qingshan in the square, and burst out a black fire dragon from his roar, and wanted to destroy Yan Qingshan. But unexpectedly, he was stopped in the middle by a silhouette.

“Hun Xu, we just got the account, but we haven’t counted it yet!”

Wan Huo Elder hehe smiled, Nine Dark Wind Flame rolled out of Tyrant Dragon, and another one The indifferent silhouette was faster than him, and directly smashed this fire dragon.

“You are all courting death…”

Wan Huo Elder cooperated with the three-headed dragon to make a shot. Hun Xu did not show his full strength and was beaten by two 6-Stars. The class powerhouse besieged, seemingly bound and retreating.

“hong long long ……”

On the clear sky, dark clouds were covered in an instant, and the whole land was covered with black thunder, and the black thunder carried a destructive force in the clouds. Shuttle fast in the middle, the low thunder of hong long long made many people look astonished.

As soon as Pill Thunder came out, this Tier Nine Black Pill basically became the final winner of this year’s Yao Ceremony, and it seems that there has been a result. Hun Xu stopped temporarily, and looked back. With that soaring beam of light.

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