Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter 417

In the world of medicine, countless Lei Yun rolled, and in front of Yan Qingshan, the birth of Black Pill drew the energy of Heaven and Earth to continuously converge, and there was even a sign of condensing pill rain.

Just when everyone thought this Tier Nine Black Pill was about to be born, the three-headed dragon behind Yan Qingshan suddenly jumped into the sky, and burst into the sky in the rumbling Lei Yun. Strong light, a ball of lightning flash crashed into the cauldron, and Lei Yun in the sky suddenly cleared.


Yan Qingshan’s palm was pushed, after the appearance of the ten thousand beast cauldron, the huge fire cauldron suddenly shrank, and the whole cauldron became a Black Pill. Enclosed in this ten thousand beast tripod.

“The method of pill, this is to continue to improve the quality of medicine pill, but if this is the case, today I have no chance to see the birth of Black Pill.”

Yao Dan looked at it. An already formed Tier Nine Black Pill was sealed in the cauldron of Ten Thousand Beasts, and there was a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

Tier Nine Black Pill is also hierarchical, such as the Black Pill refined at this time. Three people compete for the energy of Heaven and Earth, which leads to some problems with the quality of this Black Pill, and Yan Qingshan’s current method of enshrining alchemy is a Secret Skill that contains Soul Raising Pill to improve quality.

However, Yan Qingshan has used this Secret Skill now, and will hardly continue to refine it in a short period of time, so today is basically impossible to witness this Tier Nine Black Pill truly born.

Yao Dan glanced at Yan Qingshan, who was still nurturing Black Pill, and withdrew his gaze a little disappointedly, and whispered loudly: “Everyone, everyone has seen it. The result of this time Yao Ceremony, I I think everyone is clear!”

Yao Dan’s words echoed in the field, Wan Huo Elder’s expression was flat, but Hun Xu’s face twitched, only when he saw Yan Qingshan With Black Pill’s behavior, his eyes became extremely weird again.

Hun Xu stared at Yan Qingshan, secretly said in one’s heart: “hehe…this kid didn’t directly refine the medicine pill all at once, for the sake of the better quality of Black Pill? After Yao Clan, this Black Pill is mine too.”

Hun Xu is thinking in his heart, but his face is getting more and more weird. Yan Qingshan is still sealing his energy, and Hun Xu But he turned his head and looked towards Yao Dan, with a weird smile on his face, “Yao Dan Clan Leader, I lost this time, but I am here today and I want to ask for something!”

“Oh What’s the matter!”

Yao Dan eyebrows slightly frowned, looking at Hun Xu’s face, there was a little vigilance in his heart, and he tentatively said: “Let’s listen!”

The smile on Hun Xu’s face became more and more weird, he licked his lips, and the next words made everyone in Yao Clan’s complexion change drastically, “I came to the medicine world this time, I have given the order of Clan Leader to temporarily borrow Tuo She Ancient Emperor’s Jade from Yao Clan.”

Hun Xu’s tone barely fell, the originally boiling square suddenly silenced, and all medicine Clan Leader was old. His complexion was heavy in an instant, and the cold glow flickered in his eyes.

“Hun Xu, you know what you are talking about…”

In the sky, Wan Huo Elder’s complexion is heavy, and in the eyes of Hun Xu, there is already a killing intent surge As long as Yao Dan speaks, he will immediately do his best to kill this guy who dared to provoke him Yao Clan’s coercion in front of so many people.

“Hun Xu, you are provoking Yao Clan. If you don’t give a statement today, don’t leave the medicine world.”

Yao Dan at the top, face Looking at Hun Xu in the sky blankly, he felt uncomfortable with Hun Xu’s provocation, but he was able to take advantage of it. There was a sharp cold glow flashing in his eyes, and a voice without the slightest emotion came out slowly from his mouth.

“Hun Xu, you are too impudent. I will capture you today and let Hun Tiandi lead people…”

Yao Dan’s words made Wan Huo Elder understand him instantly The meaning of right now is to immediately take down Hun Xu. Dou Qi suddenly swept out hiding the sky and covering the earth. When its stature flashed, it appeared on the top of Hun Xu’s head, and a huge wind flame condensed. Formed into a giant palm, slammed at the latter fiercely.

Hun Xu is faintly smiled, lifts the head, and looks at the distant sky. The weird smile at the corner of his mouth immediately expands. The black flame deep in the pupil is like crazy surge out. And with the surging of the black flame, Hun Xu’s breath also soared at this moment.


With a wave of Hun Xu’s sleeve robe in the sky, his simple palm touched the huge wind and flame palmprint, and the momentum was shocking. The old man Wan Huo was like a heavy blow, his body flew upside down and blood spilled into the sky, smashing into the ground a huge pit in embarrassment.

Hun Xu in the sky has long hair without wind, and his eyes are completely covered by black inflammation, which looks very strange.

“7-Star Fighting Saint!”

Yao Dan said in surprise, everyone looked at Hun Xu in the sky in disbelief. The latter burst out earlier The breath far surpassed the old man Wan Huo.

Yao Dan looked at Hun Xu in the sky, and a stronger breath surged from his body, “Hun Xu, you Hun Clan first shot Ling Clan for no reason, and now you are plotting me Yao Clan ancient Jade, I really thought that the Imperial Clan alliance was not set up.

I have sent a message to the major Imperial Clan, and now their men and horses should almost be here, you should just grab it with your hands!”

“Have your message been sent out? It should be just right now! It’s just right now! Very good, it just caught you all at once.”

Hun Xu smiled inexplicably. Since Yao Dan has already sent out the message, press Logically speaking, it has arrived long ago, and it hasn’t arrived yet, it means that Hun Clan’s plan is considered a success, and he will just continue.

“What did you say…”

Yao Dan was inexplicably uneasy after hearing his words. Suddenly, there were countless black glow flashes on the edge of the distant sky. He His face changed immediately.

“hua hua ……”

The infinite black inflammation, penetrated from the nothingness, and finally the spread of hiding the sky and covering the earth will spread this world , Cover everything.

“Void Swallowing Flame!”

Yao Dan looked at the black inflammation that seeped out of nothingness, but his pupils suddenly shrank, his expression quite ugly.

Hun Xu hovered in the sky, with black flames behind him. He lowered his head with a smile and looked at Yao Dan, his arms opened slowly, and the smile on his face became more and more weird.

“Yao Dan, I’m honored to announce to you, Yao Clan, it’s going to be gone…”

Hun Xu’s words match the black flames covering the sky, this The world is all shrouded in it, and under the cover of the black inflammation, the people below suddenly feel that Dou Qi in the body is gradually losing.

Yao Dan flew up, stature suspended the sky, looking at the monstrous black flames that diffused from the sky until the end of the field of vision. His complexion was also extremely heavy. From there, he I felt a breath of extreme horror.

“All the clansman in Yao Clan listened to the order to activate the Huatian Medicine Formation! Imperial Clan coalition reinforcements are on the way, everyone must hold on…”

He took a deep breath , Resolutely resounded, this time, he felt a kind of crisis that he had never had before. This kind of crisis made him understand that Yao Clan’s survival is at this time.

All the medicine Clan Leaders are old, they shoot one after another beam of light quickly at this moment, and shoot into this mountain range, and one after another huge beam of light bursts out of the mountain range in the shaking. Finally, a huge strange magical formation is intertwined in the sky.

Along with the formation of this magical formation, all the rare medicine ingredients in this mountain range withered in a moment, and the infinite energy surged out violently, poured into the great spell. .

At this moment, almost all the people of Yao Clan condense Dou Qi into a beam of light in their bodies, and finally hiding the sky and covering the earth into the great spell, the great spell ray masterpiece, A horrible coercion quietly awakened, and the space of the entire medicine world trembled violently.

“The Imperial Clan coalition forces have arrived. Things here can’t be delayed any longer. You must do it quickly to get rid of these guys from Yao Clan as soon as possible.”

Other than great spell Hun Xu looked at the great spell surging below that made him feel a little palpitating. He turned around and bent down to face the monstrous black flame. He respectfully said: “Lord Void, please break this so-called great spell.”

Hun Xu’s respectful voice fell, and the black inflammation behind him suddenly squirmed slowly. As the black inflammation climbed, slowly condensed into one silhouette, and finally appeared in countless lines. of sight.

“The time is almost here, I really can’t drag it down.”

Void Swallowing Flame slowly lowered his head, looking at the great spell rippling with vast power below, and his sleeves waved. , The overwhelming black flame on the top of the head tumbling fiercely, and finally turned into densely packed black fire rain, hiding the sky and covering the earth facing the great spell and landed away.

“chi chi…”

As the black fire and rain dripped, white mist burst out on the great spell, everyone could feel it, great The energy of spell is being swallowed by those rain of fire.

“Yao Clan, come down, there is still a way to survive, you Yao Clan, have some effect on us.”

The black fire and rain are pouring down in the sky, and the lush mountain range is almost It turned yellow in an instant, as if all vitality had been swallowed away, and at the same time, a hoarse voice that made one’s soul tremble came out slowly from the silhouette like a Demon God.

The final plan of Hun Tiandi and Void Swallowing Flame involves refining pills, and the best refining pills in this world is the Yao Clan powerhouse. Hun Clan naturally wants to try to recruit Yao Clan.

“You want to swallow me Yao Clan, but it’s not that simple.”

Yao Dan’s expression is fierce at this moment, he screamed, and there was suddenly in the mountain of medicine. Several beams of light sprayed up and rushed directly into the great spell. It turned out that various densely packed medicine pill poured into the great spell, and with the massive medicine pill pouring into the great spell, the great spell formidable power was even worse.

“Bandan transforms the sky, in the name of pill, the ancestor returns!”

Yao Dan changed his hands and screamed out with a fierce face, and that great spell In the center, a vortex suddenly appeared, an endless stream of liquid energy continuously pouring in.

An extremely old breath, also slowly diffused from the vortex, vortex high-speed rotation, and finally quietly dispersed. When the vortex dissipated, an illusory old man in coarse linen silhouette appeared in this world.

When this illusory silhouette of the old man appeared, all the Yao Clan people present, soul suddenly shivered fiercely, a kind of pressure from the bloodline, which instantly made it all right. Film mountain range kneeling down countless silhouettes.

“The ancestor!”

Many Yao Clan Elder were so excited that they looked at the illusory silhouette with tears, and there was enthusiasm on the face, inspired by the bloodline Down, that silhouette, in their hearts, is like a Spiritual God, inviolable.

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