Battle Through The Heaven’s Qingshan Chapter

Reading the book review during this period mentioned that the protagonist had plundered many resources of Xiao Yan, but Xiao Yan was still promoted to Dou Zun with ease. This involves a misunderstanding, and that is the timeline issue.

The author did not deliberately indicate the time when writing, but only used a vague news about the battle between the Star Meteor Pavilion and Soul Palace, which made people misunderstand that Xiao Yan was promoted to Dou Zun soon after the Pill Competition. .

But in fact, looking at the following plot, it is that the protagonist and Cao Ying had a Flower Sect trip soon after the dialogue, and just a few months after the Flower Sect plot in the original work, it was Gu Clan’s coming-of-age gift. As for the Gu Clan Bar Mitzvah to Pill Competition in the original work, it was several years after the original work.

In the original work, it took Xiao Yan at least eight months to absorb the Three Thousand Raging Fire. It took more than a year for the mountain range to save Old Yao and the mountain range to return to the Star Meteor Pavilion. The coma lasted more than half a year, and this period added up to two to three years.

This paragraph can refer to the original work of Dou Po (Chapter 1207, Time Flies). There is a passage from Medusa that recalls that Xiao Yan has been away for five or six years and left from Jia Ma Empire to Central Plain to participate in the Pill Competition. , The plot is relatively compact, and it will last for more than a year at most.

So in the original work, Xiao Yan was promoted to Dou Zun about three years after the Pill Competition.

In the original work, after Xiao Yan was promoted to Dou Zun, he went to the Ancient Ruins of the animal domain, the Star Meteor Pavilion was besieged by Soul Palace, and Old Yao went to war after the resurrection. Four to five years.

With the support of Star Meteor Pavilion, Xiao Yan still has some luck for the protagonist. There is also Gu Clan Lei Clan’s secret investment, and he was promoted to Dou Zun from Dou Zun in four or five years. This is not too much!

The current trend of the plot, Xiao Yan has only been promoted to Dou Zun, which is a lot slower than the original, and Heavenly Flame is also a lot less. Why would someone make up for the plot of Dou Zun with one click.

Moreover, the design of this plot development is also for the rationality of the protagonist’s promotion. After 9-Star Dou Zun, the ninth round of condensing requires a lot of time and energy. This period of time is also the protagonist’s dormant period.

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