Battling Records of the Chosen One Chapter 3106

“The battle of the valley is as good as the car, and it may not be able to take him away and use him in two separate ways to kill him, but it will suffer the shock of his death, which will make me very vulnerable…”

Lin Xun secretly said in one ’s heart.

He had previously revealed his third identity in order to kill the valley unintentionally, thereby avoiding his own injuries in the war.


A paradoxical fluctuation in the power of the rule.

Follow up, silhouette, Lin Xun, was moved out of the air, and then the Reincarnation battlefield disappeared.


winner lives.


loser is dead!

That’s Reincarnation resolution.

“Young man, what’s your name?”

When Lin Xun just appeared in the four areas before the end of the day, the crane fairies had been unable to ask, and the eyebrows were full of admiration.

“Lin Little Friend, this is Crane Fairy.”

Far away, the sword canyon was a busy presentation.

“Lin Xun in inch, meet Senior.”

Lin Xun, remote archers.

“So you’re the Lin Xun!”

“Just, in the rumors, you’re not overriding the bush base.”

The rest of the old monster was stuck there.

Early in the years, they were told that one of the big guys from other disciplines, the Lin Xun, was an inclinator, the ninth day of Eternal’s real world, and that all sorceries and witches would be rebuilt.

This is not the reason why Lin Xun demonstrated how aggressive it is, but because Lin Xun’s identity.

He’s an inch legend.

Even the Lord of the Age awaits the Lotus of Vancouver!

And the rumors about “Vancouver”, they all know about old fellows.

It was just that no one thought that Lin Xun, who had only crossed the border, was now in possession of Great Perfection cultivation base.

And there’s also a huge infinite presence that just killed the valley!

“Is it true what the Lord of the Age said?”

Crane Fairy, they’re in a mood and remember a lot of things.

“So you’re the Lin Xun.”

At the same time, four days are closed and old monster waiting for birth seems to be clear, each and everyone looking for Lin Xun’s eyes with unveiled killing plans.

“Prepare for battle.”

The sword canyon flies fast, sound transmission reminds Funnan to leave and the others.

Now, if they were born alive, Lin Xun would surely be under siege, and that would be dangerous.

See Lin Xun on his head, looking forward to four skies, unyielding, and freshly saying, “Did you promise to be with Lin for a Reincarnation settlement now?”

Silence in the scene.

A lot of people drank cold, Lin Xun. Is this going to continue with unyielding Reincarnation?

And look at the others, each and everyone’s face has become uncertain.

Before, who could think Lin Xun would be the rival of the valley?

Unyielding an old face is also sinking down, and said, “Regret? Smile! Are you afraid you won’t do this?”

To measure the strength of the battle, unyielding is much stronger than the valley.

But unyielding is well aware that if Reincarnation kills the valley with his patience, it will also have to pay a serious price.

Lin Xun, however, eliminated the valley without injury, which left unyielding alone.

Thus, despite the strength of his words, there is little certainty in his heart.

“If you’re not afraid, come to war!”

Lin Xun said that there was no cover for the cold-killing plan in the trunk.

When he spoke, his robes were blown up, and the gap was again on the brink of the “Reincarnation Solemn”.

“To fight?”

Crane Fairy, they all faint and feel that their perceptions are being shocked today.

A creature young man who just killed the valley and now kills unyielding!

If this goes out, who dares believe it?

However, in contrast to the previous period, they had all been calm, and, after all, they had seen the forces of Lin Xun, who already had new knowledge of Lin Xun in their hearts.

Calm down, even if they don’t think Lin Xun is reckless.

“Lin Xiaojun, this is too cruel…”


Lord of the Mountain Way.

He ignored the first time he saw Lin Xun, and what would be the consequences if Lin Xun had taken direct action against himself at that time?

“He just wants to help us kill some enemies while trying to grip himself.”


eyes of the sword canyon are complex, and it’s touching in the mind of Lin Xun.

“This time, no matter what happens, no matter what happens to Lin Xiaojun.”

On the one side, Funnan left said solemnly, chop nails and sever Iron.



odd rule forces of the Front have flourished and the Reincarnation battlefield is about to resurrect.

The atmosphere seems to be extremely depressed and depressed, like the day of closure.

Those old monster people all gloomy face, killing intent steam in the grocery.

The death of the valley had caused them to be angry and illuminated, and now Lin Xun again launched the challenge, even more provocative to their dignity.

Only the unyielding face is rigid, the heart is heavy, and hate can’t smoke its own mouth.

Before, why would that child challenge be easily answered?

Now, of course, you can regret it.

It’s just under this sight, and once it repents, it will be tantamount to recognizing itself as a creature like Lin Xun!

And he’s going to get unyielding out of his name and lose his name!

For a while, unyielding has feelings if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off.

At this point…



Reincarnation battlefield is empty.

Follow up, two figures were held hostage by the mysterious rule forces, in the Reincarnation battlefield and in remote confrontation.

One is Lin Xun.

Another attack, Wevenya, looks like a handsome guy who reads poetry, and he doesn’t have the balls.

It’s not unyielding!

When you see this scene, Lin Xun slightly startled.

And the sword canyon, they’ve changed in full.

Even unyielding himself, he stayed behind and looked towards his birth.

He knows that this must be a natural handwriting.

“You are the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and you use the rules of the heaven to steal the bride for the sake of the pillars.”

The rest of the old monster also showed despicable colors.

the divine poise and sagelike features, the purpose of charity, should be diligent: “Since this house is the Lord of Heaven, it will naturally be possible to arrange for those who fought in accordance with their will, if it is not obedient, and to fight as much as possible.”

One word makes it impossible for everyone to argue.

That is the advantage that the town can occupy in order to keep a gateway.

A Reincarnation resolution?


But the Lord of Heaven will decide who will fight!

“Lin Xiaojun, your opponent is the ‘Lord of the Lake’, and while he and one of the Google have traveled five times in silence, he has the strength to fight, but you have to be careful.”

The first time of the sword canyon, sound transmission, will tell Lin Xun some of the details of the opponent.

The Lord of the Lake Magic, one of the greatest densely borderless people in the age of magic, controls the “Time Rules”, and innate talent Divine Ability is the “Blue History”.

And its hosts, called the “Times”, the power of power, the mysterious.

In their battalions at dawn, the Lord of the lake is absolutely an extinct man of the very best, who is known as the murderer of Weih in every era in the sea of destiny.

It is known that Lin Xun has nothing to do with boiling fighting intentions in his heart.

A rival that’s not weaker than a heart pot!

The Lord of the Ghosts, who also has the “Time Code”!

Such opponents, too, can only meet in this lifetime world.

“Little friend, be careful.”

The crane fairy faces are dug up, although it is not the despicable way to live, the wood has become an ark and there is no possibility of change.

“and the owner of the lake demon Reincarnation…”

Others are also forbidden to fabricate a sweat for Lin Xun, which, in the case of unyielding, is generally Lin Xun nervous.

But the Lord of the Lake is different.

His strength is well known to all in the crossroads of times!

“All right, what can I do now?”

And the Lord of the Mountain Way fears again.

Care is chaotic.

The sword Channel: “All the beatings of the heart are blocked by little friends in the woods, and if they do, they will not see the possibility of killing each other.”

“Oh, I’m still worried…”

The Lord of the Mountain Road is sighing.

“hehe, this war, the child will surely die!”

Four days were closed, and many old monster showed bloodthirsty expectations, and he hated Lin Xun to be killed by the Lord of the lake for the first time in order to avenge the dead valley.

Reincarnation Battle.

“A long time ago, your master’s incidental Lord wounded me in the streets, almost extinguished me from this meteorological path, and it was because of that negative wound that made me dig up my potential, not only to restore Peak-Stage’s strength, but also to go further on the path of powerlessness.”


Lord of the lake opens up like the morning drums.

He struck the robe, Wevenya, as if he was a reader, there was no smell of the “Lord of Satan”.

But this is what he said, but Lin Xun has not been able to stare at.

This old fellow… fought against Master?

Lin Xun smiled and laughed, “So, why don’t you have many thanks to my master’s grace?”


And the Lord of the lake will not see a glimpse of shame, smiling at the temperature and grace. “So, in return for his grace, I will take this from you today that you will let him wait for the ancient ‘Lynn’, tear down the pet, see it dry and dry?”

That’s what it means. It’s cold and chill.

“You were not my master’s opponent, and today you are destined not to be my opponent, believe and disbelief.”

Lin Xun expression is calm, just as it was.

A young creator, faced with such horrors as the Lord of the Lake, can still maintain such a strong and tolerant paradigm, leaving many people in the field alone.

Even if it’s not for a lifetime, how good would it be if it were to be used?

Regrettably, Lotus will also be manrdly and bitter.

That’s it.

“I think so too.”

The Lord of the lake laughed, and he did not disguise the admiration of Lin Xun. “After this war, I shall play no fingerprint and draw a ‘wrecked leaves’ map, lay down for you, talk to me.”

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