Battling Records of the Chosen One Chapter 3107

It’s a long story, killing intent!


tone barely fell, the rule power to suppress Lin Xun and the Lord of the Lake Devil was dispersed, both of which were regained in freedom and operated by aerial bombers.

As you can see, the Lord of the Lake’s robe flies, and there is a pencil in his palm, one in Void, one in the shadow of the sunset, one in which the meteors fall, and the remains of the bodies become ashes and the unspeakable breath of death spreads uninterrupted.

The end of the day is gone!

This is the Supreme Law, which is integrated into the Time Rules, which runs between nothing and makes it possible.

The sword canyon, their eyes jumped, complexion slightly changed.

Fu, the Lord of the Lake Devil has used to kill him!

“This Old Demon, apparently inspired by the death of the valley!”

And the crane fairies are sinking in their hearts.

generally speaking, the power of time is already hard to shake the density, as the powerhouse with such cultivation base, which is almost or less already comprehend and has control over part of the time rule.

Unlike the Lord of the Lake, he has already turned the time rules into a state of habitation, and he asks for the foundations and core of the road, which is the time rule.

As long as the age of the devil, the Lord of the lake has the glory of the “Time Lord”.

It is at this juncture that the Supreme Road Act, which he has practised, “The end of the day of darkness”, is a peak application of the time rule.

See the Reincarnation battlefield, Lin Xun pointed out as a sword, casually.


A blade is intended to be looted in Void, like a shiny photo ripple, torn by fiercely into countless pieces as the sword spreads and the heavens and the earth are painted.

And the shadow of the end of the clouds will fall apart with it!

The whole campaign.

So the sword cleaned off the Lord of the Lake Magic?

People are all shocked by this scene, staring at their eyes and thrilled in their hearts and rekindling expectations of Lin Xun.

Four like the birth of the sky and the others are not frowning.

“This sword is wonderful, and it’s a mystery of time in it, and there’s an implicit resistance to my path, interesting.”


Lord of the lake shined and seemed to have been wrapped up by this sword all over the heart of fighting intent.


He was dancing in his clothes, sweeping around the shadow, and breathing in Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, and a azure pencil in his hand was wiped out in Void.


pencil begins with a lifetime.

The pencils are flattered wind and rain!

And there is another hidden river coming out of the sky, like nine days of water, running in, and the rolling flowers, all of them, and everything changes in it, the wretched wheels, and Reincarnation makes mistakes.

It’s like the rivers of the Moon, the barrier of the ancient world, the roaring all over the sky, and drowning everything in the Reincarnation battlefield!

Big, big, big, big!

Those are the immense situations that make life immortal and exaggerate, “A good one, an empty sea!”


The instant…

Lin Xun, if he is on the surface of the ocean, all directions are running through the moon floods, spreading, releasing the breath, full of unimaginable threats.

Lin Xun was also exposed to unprecedented pressures.

It is well known that one of the Lord of the Ghosts of the Kanbi Heart is the application of the time rule, beyond the horror of imagination, and far from the equivalent of the valley before.

However, that is what Lin Xun aspires to fight.

He needs Reincarnation to be tortured so that he can make his own path completely transformed so that he can move into an infinite state!

And now this war, Lin Xun, is the most desired peace.


Lin Xun drained deep breath, sleeved robes, smashed like a knife.


Once again, a heavy wave of year-old floods has been split up by a mighty palm force, the waves have collapsed and the snow has swept.

Far away, you see Lin Xun riding, a path of palm force, like a thousand zhang blade, criss-crossing, all over the sea!

His silhouette was stretched, and he didn’t use the three former branches, the wooden sea, the waves, and that was spinning. That was superficial.

And the power of every fight is as horrible as that.

In the field of the heavens and the earth, the waves, the waves, the horrors, Lin Xun are getting worse, but Lin Xun is like a sharp light, open the clock and wave!

“For me to do it, I’m afraid I can do it at the most.”

Old monster furans, heart shakes, and I can’t believe that this is the battle that Lin Xun can have as a physical player.

“The time force at the disposal of the child is clearly unambiguous and cannot be done without interruption.”

Old Antique’s eyebrowing analysis, the more alarming.


Someone’s worried.

Lin Xun’s power is indeed invisible, but, in any case, it is still besieged by the power of the Lord of the lake!

All of them in the blade canyon are short remark, concentrate attention completely staring at the battlefield.

It’s just in the heart, but it’s like a tight bow, and it’s not easy to relax.

The four are closed, the same silence. Old Antique should be waited for a birthday to be focused on the battlefield, the screen.

“The waves will float, and the wind will blow to you with your great strengths!”


Reincarnation battlefield, where the Lord of the lake opens, and with his voice, the Azure pen in his hand has suddenly changed, and it has been tremendous, such as dragging the mountains of Vancouver.

And at that time, in the sea, all of a sudden, there was a wave of horror, a ravaged hurricane and a storm, and hong long came out of the sea.

More rude than a bucket of lightning thunderbolt pours!

Throughout the sea is like the end of the day.

And Lin Xun, one of them, silhouette, suddenly became wolves, beaten by a giant wave, then swept by a storm, then lightened, and then covered by a storm.

It’s just a room, it’s tired, blood shirt!


“The power of the old man of the lake is not comparable to the grain!”

“Lin Xun this child is in danger!”

Crane Fairy, they all face blindness, and the situation has become apparent now, and Lin Xun is in a disadvantage and will suffer anytime.

“The old man…”

Mountain lanterns are nervous, but they are interrupted by the sword canyon, “Just a few wounds, nervous things, and continue to watch the battle.”

Shut up when the Mountain Downtown is here.

He does not know that the heart of the sword canyon is tense at this moment.

Once again, Fonnan left them, and each and all expression were extremely heavy.


In the midst of the storm, Lin Xun finally displayed green wood, extreme fire and yellow three main pathways, all of which came out of the vicious situation.

“Open it!”

His shouted, his pride and the three elevators shined, pointing out the ground, messing with the sea, blowing the cloud lightning, and showing the power of hegemony.


And it is a sign of four fragments in the clouds, when the clouds reach the sea.

It’s a riot.

But only the Lord of the Universe laughed, “What about life, futile ears?”

He’s got a lot of Azure pens in his hand.


The clouds are boiling, spreading hundreds of millions of flames, making it possible to turn it into a fire sea, burning flood, just like melting, unleashing refining, burning the horror of all things.

That’s the fire of the time!

And this is the trump card of the Lord of the Lake Magic. Read the sea and float into flames!


In the Reincarnation battlefield, the flames, hiding the sky and covering the earth, wandering across the sea and burning the sky.

That’s the power of power, and let the faraway watch the fighters out of a cold sweat, and the back is cold!

And those attacks, Lin Xun, who was about to break down, then fell into the risk of murder, even if the three main walks worked together.

That’s too terrifying.

And by the time of the sea, burn the earth!

The strength of the Lord of the Lake Devil also shows vividly and thoroughly at this moment.

“If it were not Reincarnation’s decision, I would really like the lake to spare the child’s life…”

However, the unexpected scene has emerged…

When you see Lin Xun, you can’t support it, there are two other streets looting.

They are white gold and black liquid, respectively.

And then Lin Xun was cold in the dark, and a long tsunami: “Open!”


And when the flames of the sky float, they explode.

The big time of the sea is blown up!

Lin Xun and his five elevators are also as if the angels break through, and the horrors that have been released have shaken the whole world.

“Five Avenues!”

Somebody’s screaming.

“This kid’s hiding too deep…”

Somebody’s pouring cold.

“haha, okay!”

More exciting.

It’s too exciting to laugh at Lin Xun before.

The expression at birth and at the others is firmly entrenched.

Five main streets?

That makes them completely unpredictable!

At the same time, on the Reincarnation battlefield, the Lord Silhouette of the lake wandered out of his lips and had been bleeding out of his face, and had flourished at this moment.

He was also subjected to backlash by breaking the sea.

But more surprising than that, Lin Xun hides two main paths, and that’s exactly what he didn’t think.

“Too bad.”

Lin Xun sighs.

And before, when he destroyed the valley, he was so lamentable, but until the meteor of the valley fell, people realized what he was sadly doing.

And now he is once again grateful.

Does that mean that he’s about to use all his energy to kill the Lord of the Lake Magic?

Imagine, the crane fairies are all shaking in their hearts.


No, and the others have too much time to think, and Lin Xun and his five streets are doing their best.

“Too bad? Don’t worry, since this house says to paint for you a picture of the ‘Paralympic Leaf’, it must be said to do it!”

The Lord of the Lake Devil has a cold opening.

His expression has become cold, the time of terror in his stomach, the breath of the whole human being has changed, the shadow is duplicated and the flame vaporizes.

Before he, like a Wevenya reader.

And then he was truly like the Lord of the Ghosts, a man of all ages!



sleeve drums, the azure pencils in his hand, and he brainstormed, pointing out a mixture, the Grey Boy’s School, and the Gray Boy’s Dawn 26473.

It gives people the feeling that the confusion is to suppress the old women of the sky, which breeds the strength of the age, the punishment of the slaughter.

It’s like hell. It’s a punishment!

– Yeah.

Thank you, brother “awatera” again, alliance lord!

Let’s go on tonight.

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