Battling Records of the Chosen One Chapter 3108

A role that can beauty the heart pot, it must not be easy for a single generation.

Before that, Lin Xun was just breaking the perimeter, even if the lake demon suffered backlash, but that was just a minor wound.

People were shocked, and the point was that Lin Xun had two other elevators.

And when the lake is seen to be angry at this moment, without the slightest hesitation to use trump card cards, people realize that this war is coming out of Reincarnation!


The confusion, like hell, trapped Lin Xun and his five streets in it, and the power of the madly breeding moon was as clear as the blade of the torment.

This hit is even more terrifying than time!

But I saw Lin Xun breathing in a deep breath.

In their own dignity, there has been a sudden sweeping light, an unsatisfactory rainfall and a silent appearance of the gates of eviction, as if bloody mouth wide openings like a sacrificial bowl in the range of thousand zhang.

hong long!

the power of the Monthly Penalty, which strikes up to the age, has been swallowed with silence and has not hurt Lin Xun at all.

Come on, with the spread of the power of the expelling door, it’s like swallowing the heaven and the devouring of the earth, which will be swallowing as much as possible if the turtle collapses in the chaos like hell.

And Lin Xun and his five elevators are out of poverty, without harm!

Those old monster almost can’t believe their eyes.

This is the trump card of the Lord of the Lake Devil, but it’s swallowed with no difficulty!

It’s too big to have some sense of falling apart.

“The Treasure swallows the dome! Who are you?”

And this brake, the princess of the lake has changed completely and lost his voice.

The Emperor of the Night!

In a silence, many old monster showed a great deal, remembering the mysterious Legendary who used to be alone a long time ago.

In the rumors, the Emperor of the Night is destined, the cause, the time of control, and the myth that cannot be extinct in many centuries.

But everything about the Emperor of the Night, so far the mystery is quite pleasant.

But for the Lord of the lake who asks for the Path of the Hour, he knows the Emperor of the Night better than the usual ones.

As you

can say, on the path of the time, the Emperor of the Night is still a tall, far away mountain!

“It’s all the dead, and that’s all bullshit.”

Lin Xun shook the head, together with the five elevators, killed ahead.

Before he fought, he was acutely aware that it was difficult to really shake himself when the time forces under the control of the Lord of the lake were terrifying.

The reason is that the time rule at its disposal is sufficient to wipe out with no difficulty most of each other’s powers.

This reminds Lin Xun that, on the path of time, the rule of power at its disposal may well be as strong as the Lord of the Lake.

But the power of the time rules at its disposal is much better than the other!

It’s like a sword, one of which is superficial, Divine Armament, and the other is made of unusual copper iron, geologically as different as heaven and earth.

If Lin Xun was not used directly to harness his own streets, then the attack could be dissolved with no difficulty by using innate talent Divine Ability.

Naturally, it is not possible to get tired of fighting.

And at this point, when the Lord of the lake comes up with the King of the Night, he surprises lost self-control, and makes Lin Xun realize that, on the path of time, even if it’s powerful, like the Lord of the lake, it’s not possible to be the opponent of the Lord of the Night!

“Whoever you are, you must die!”

The Lord of the lake is completely calm, the breath is getting worse, and the Azure pencil in his hand is blown up and turned into a crystal round wheel.

That’s what the treasure was supposed to be.

It’s also the strongest Eternal soldier in the Lord of the lake.


next moment, the treasure came out of the air, and that moment, like the power of the time to transform into the day, was released from the endless moon rain, the glamorous eyes and the horror of the world.

Almost at the same time, Lin Xun also took out the endless sword and struggled.

The war broke out.

In the Reincarnation battlefield, we see the lake demon manipulating the time cycle, turning into an incredible world of natural phenomena, the end of the day of sunrise, the sea of the sea, chaos like hell, the glorious rotation and…

That screen is terrifying.

A lot of old fellow people in the bars think they’re going to do it, and they’re not going to be the rival of the Lord of the Lake.

From this moment on, however, Lin Xun has become one person.

It is inconceivable to let the Lord of the lake attack crumble terror by one after another.

Even when the wheels are strong, they’re blocked by a sword of immortality!

That’s why they used innate talent Divine Ability.

The sword canyons, the mountain lanterns, their breezes became brighter, and the heart of the original stress became vibrant and excited.

And when they were born, their expression was a little dizzy, and the eyebrows were getting harder and harder.


On the ground, Lin Xun, in the Reincarnation battlefield, carried out the “Deavine Ability of the Year”, which was integrated into the sword of the invertible sword and wiped out.


Although the sword was blocked and dissolved, it was appalling to find that the breath on the Lord of the Lake Devil had suddenly fallen by three points!

It is as if he was deprived of a part of what he had in his entirety, albeit marginally, but it is already appalling.

“The sword of the age!”


Lord of the lake surprised and angry said that there was an invisible cruelty in his stomach.

How come he doesn’t know what Divine Ability can do?

But what makes him feel more striking is that, by his way today, he can’t really fight it!

Does this mean that, on the Times Avenue, even if you ask for a walk to this day, it is far from being compared to the original Emperor of the Night?

If so, when the original Emperor of the Night, what time is the power to control?

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Not until the Lord of the Lake Warrior reacts from suspicion and anger, Lin Xun’s pride has been killed by the forces that manipulate the years of age, and for some time the Reincarnation battlefield has been blackened, criss-crossed, where Void has been torn apart from countless stitches.

The five main routes of Lin Xun, in turn, were formed as fighting forces and siege and domination of the Lord of the lake. Let him not escape, he can only face up against Lin Xun’s pride.


the world-shaking collision continues to erupt, and the Lord of the lake is clearly struggling, but every time and every time, the forces of the moon are shaken, the breath on him will be reduced.

Although every time it’s slight, when it’s accumulated, there’s no doubt that it’s fatal!

This screen is all seen in the spot, and the heart is not rolling.

They see that the Lord of the lake was restrained by Lin Xun’s innate talent Divine Ability on the path of his best intentions!

Otherwise, with its strength, it will not appear that wolf and embarrassment in the battle at this moment.

Just a moment.


breath of the Lord of the lake has been drastically reduced!

And when this fierce killing battle lasted up to one hour, the Lord of the lake was as dark as a young man’s skin, such as the glorification of frost.

It’s like being old and old.

And his path was 40 percent weaker than Peak-Stage before!

The difference between power and power is extremely likely to be separated from Reincarnation.

Besides, is it weak enough to be 40 per cent?

Those old monster who have been watching the war have a sense of creepy, and for a big, densely borderless man, the road has been slightly cut off, and what is the horror?

“I didn’t expect that the power that appeared on the Emperor of the Night had appeared on Lin Xun this child…”

And the crane fairies are trembling.

Four are like the sky, and they should be born on earth, and their faces are no longer heavy, but iron and anxiety.

Anyone can see that the Lord of the current lake is at stake!

And at this point…

In the Reincarnation battlefield, it was another astonishing collision that struck all over, concealed that the shadow of a fantastic age had passed away.

Thereafter, the Lord of the lake was impatient, and the wave of grudge, the sound of the mute and the end of the road: “This is not a failure for you.”

The sound is still floating, and his silhouette looks like he lost opportunity to live in big trees, leaves are zero, bodies are dry and empty.

This is the scene of death, and let the whole scene scream.

The Lord of the Lake Devil has been beaten up like this!

This is one of the top figures in the Skylife Camp, far from Google, unyielding these old fellow fellows.

Even in the world of centuries, it is known that Vikh was murdered.

However, in today’s Reincarnation battlefield, he died on the path of his best hands!

It’s too shocking.

When looking to the silhouette of Lin Xun in the Reincarnation battlefield, all their eyes have been hidden in the dark.

Kill the valley first, and destroy the Lord of the Lake!

Replacement is the overwhelming majority of them, and it is not possible to do so.

But who can’t be surprised that a young man like Lin Xun did it? Why not?

“All right!”

The Lord of the Mountain Road screams out and excites to make it hard for himself.

Also at this moment, he finally believed that the cave was dead in Lin Xun’s hands.


sword canyons, Funnan, all laughed at them, and that’s why they all found back shirts swept in cold sweat, which was inspired by that intense battle.


A strange rule of power fluctuated, and silhouette, Lin Xun, was removed, and the Reincarnation battlefield disappeared.

And at silhouette, Lin Xun, just stood steady, four like the sky, and it was supposed to be a born complexion ashen, and said, “Everyone, go with me and destroy Lin Xun!”

It’s like a bomb, a cloud.

See an old monster, who was born, irresponsible, unyielding, etc., at this moment in full Void Teleportation, pointing to Lin Xun.

In a minute, the sword canyon they smile tightly, pupil shrink.

Undoubtedly, the death of the Google and the Lord of the Lake Devil has stimulated this old demon’s anger, even if he ignores four of them, to kill Lin Xun at this moment!


Almost the first time, the sword canyons will come up, and they will go with Lin Xun and move away.

This mutation took place too quickly, so that the old monster who spread all around the area was accidentally and in the face changed.

Who could think that the old demon would do it when he was born?

– Yeah.

Plus it?

And the shoes of the child are over this time, and then again, God is proud to finish the book in next month.

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