Big News of the Immortal World Chapter 473

Whether it is the chaos of the people in Immortal World or the war erupting again in Cultivation World, Su Chun has no time to take care of it.

Foreign Domain is void, Su Chun in the heart said to System: “System, how is the progress now?” Su Chun looked at the dramatic changes of Heaven and Earth on the Light Screen in front of him, facial expression grave said .

“When this world Heavenly Dao entered the Qingling world, he was fiercely resisted by Heavenly Dao, but with the desperate efforts of Ice Venerable, he has successfully entered the Qingling world.”

“Now, the Qingling world has been integrated with this world, and the final integration will be completed in about one hour, please be prepared for Host…”

“One hour Counting the time, they should have completed the final restoration of the great array…”

After listening to Systems answer, Su Chun looked towards the sky above all split up and in pieces, in his heart said solemnly. Suddenly, Su Chun’s heart moved slightly, as if thinking of something, and said: “Where is the ice lord?”

“The ice lord’s fleshy body has been destroyed, and the non-expiring Primordial Spirit has been preserved and can be resurrected at any time… “

hearing this, Su Chun nodded. However, at this moment, Su Chun’s body suddenly startled, as if feeling something, his eyes suddenly looked towards the sky above his head.


Under the sky, I saw 81 thick chains made up of Xuan’ao rune suddenly descend, slowly descending. These strong chains imprisoned the entire Cultivation World in an instant.

These chains escaped into Cultivation World and then disappeared directly, but Su Chun could clearly perceive the invisible imprisonment in the dark.

Almost at the same time, the entire Cultivation World saw the horrible scene just now.

Dao Karma Immortal Sect, Sect Hall, Li Yunzong and other Nine Peaks Peak Masters, fist facial expression grave looking at the sky above all split up and in pieces, and the mysterious chains that escaped into the Culture World just now .

“Brother, this day is going to change!” Qing Yuan facial expression grave lifts the head looked towards Li Yunzong.

hearing this, Li Yunzong did not scold Qing Yuan anymore this time, but a grave expression appeared in his eyes, “Dont panic, Su Chun has already said in todays scene, we just need to watch the changes. Thats it!”

Heard Li Yunzongs words, Qing Yuan and the others had no choice but to nodded them. In fact, after making plans with Bingzun, Su Chun had already decided that Heaven and Earth might undergo major changes. Li Yunzong and the others informed of the news.

So even though Li Yunzong and the others were shocked by what happened today, in the heart it was an early preparation.

Shangyu, Tianlan Emperor Dynasty, Lan Imperial Palace.

Ji Hua walked out of the great hall and looked at the sky above all split up and in pieces, her eyes shone with indeterminate luster, “Strange, between Heaven and Earth, there is a trace of Immortal Energy…”< /p>

Watching Devil Cliff, Purple Moon Palace.

Leng Yue looked at the sky above his head that had also become all split up and in pieces, and there was a grave expression in his eyes, “What he said is true, and this day is really going to change…”


“Immortal Energy has appeared between Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth here can be considered Perfection.” At this time, Leng Yue walked out a silhouette behind him.

Leng Yue couldn’t help turning around and looking towards the woman behind him when he heard the sound behind him, “When are you going to leave, are you really going to see him?”

hearing this, the woman was silent. Seeing this, Leng Yue shook the head and you stopped talking. She knew that the other party wouldn’t be saying anything.

Heaven and Earth is still expanding and changing. Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth has exploded wildly in these short hours, and Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth has become more and more rich. .

“Ding dong, Host, and Qingling world have successfully replaced this world. From now on, Host is the Ruler of this world.”

In an instant, Su Chun slowly closed his eyes. At this moment, whether it was Cultivation World or Immortal World, it was all in his eyes.

As long as he is a single thought, he can clearly know all the past, present, and even the future of Great Thousand Worlds. At this moment, he is Supreme’s heaven.


Suddenly, Su Chun heard the sound of one after another, dragging the chain into his ears. That was the Buddha and the others repaired the great array, trying to absorb Heaven and Earth Source!


Suddenly, Su Chun’s eyes opened suddenly, and as his voice fell immediately, those chains collapsed in an instant.

In the depths of the Foreign Domain, the great array web that almost enveloped the entire void collapsed in an instant, turning into a starlight and disappearing into the sky.

“pu chi…”

Almost at the same time, everyone, including the Buddha, took a few steps backwards at this instant, and then opened their mouths There is blood.

“How is this possible?!”

At this time, whether it is the strongest spiritual Heavenly Venerate and Shangru Heavenly Venerate among all Heavenly Venerates, or the Buddha who planned all of this At this moment, his complexion changed drastically.

Deducing Heaven’s Mystery will be followed immediately, but no matter how they deduced, the final result was ignorant, and even a few people were backlashed and vomited blood again.

On Spirit Beast Peak, Su Chun looked into the void of Foreign Domain, looked at the face of Buddha and the others lose one’s head out of fear. There was no emotion in his eyes, some were just endless indifference.

At this time, the Foreign Domain is in the void, following Su Chun’s gaze towards the Buddha and the others, and then he sees above the Foreign Domain void, slowly staring out a pair of cold eyes.

Seeing these eyes, the Buddha and the others couldn’t help but fiercely trembled.

“Steal Heaven and Earth Source, vainly destroy the law, damn it!”

The cold voice sounded, followed by a slight movement in Su Chun’s heart, and directly used the entire World Strength. The void condenses into a giant hand, directly moved towards the Buddha and the others fiercely fiercely.

“This is the power of the laws of Heaven Road World, this impossible, how could Heavenly Dao still have the same power as before, this impossible!”

Feel this giant hand The boundless formidable power on the Buddhas face suddenly turned into a terrified look. He couldnt understand why Heaven and Earth Source suffered a serious loss, and Heavenly Dao became a tool of their Heavenly Venerate. With such power, this is a result he absolutely did not expect.

Suddenly, the Buddha seemed to think of something, and his eyes were full of unwilling roars: “Heavenly Dao, you plot against us!”

Hearing the words of the Buddha, Su Chun I didn’t pay any attention to it, the big hand of the world’s will, still ruthlessly grabbing down fiercely, and holding a dozen Heavenly Venerate fiercely in his hand.


Directly deprived of all their cultivation base and laws with the will of the world, and then fiercely held the palm of the hand, suddenly, a dozen plots against the heavens, trying to collect The original Heavenly Venerate powerhouse was so completely annihilated.

After eliminating all Heavenly Venerate, Su Chun’s gaze suddenly looked towards the depths of the void, the trace of the storm.

At this moment, he really wanted to use World Strength to see the remnants of the storm, but as soon as this thought rose in his mind, a cold voice sounded in his heart.

“No, there is nothing you want, there is nothing…”

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