Big News of the Immortal World Chapter 474

Hearing this sudden sound in his heart, Su Chun couldn’t help but startled in his heart, and then slightly paused in his heart, and then saw it on the palm of his hand, a clear breath emerged.

“Heavenly Dao?” Su Chun asked uncertainly.

“Its me, dont move there. There is nothing in it. Its just a wrong passage of time and space. Even if you blast away there, what you enter is not the real Immortal World, its just a It’s just a fantasy…”

Hearing Heavenly Dao’s explanation, Su Chun’s brows could not help but frowned. Although he was puzzled, he had already dispelled the doubts in his heart.

But there is another thing he wonders, and that is why he deduced the remnants of the storm with the will of the world just now, but did not deduct anything.

“The storm trace is a loophole I personally filled with the Heavenly Dao source. Everything about there has been erased by me and I. I added it back then, but it was because of that place. , Its just an illusion from the projection of the real Immortal World.”

“I dont want to affect the balance of this world because of the existence of this illusion, but what I absolutely did not expect is that someone discovered In this place, he used the law to describe the great array when I was weak in using the origin, and then steal the traces of the origin shock storm…”

Hearing what Heavenly Dao said, Su Chun basically knew this Who is the person should be the so-called extreme person in time.

“Later, I, who added the imaginary, became the tools of Heavenly Venerate. They used the power of Heavenly Dao to build a grand plan for thousands of years. If I didnt misunderstand the hearts of the people, I would stay After Nangong Bingbings move, the consequences would be unimaginable…”

Hearing this remark by Heavenly Dao, Su Chun finally understood why Heavenly Dao Union made Bing Zuns breath compatible with him so easily , And almost succeeded in being compatible with Qingling world without much resistance.

It turns out that all of this is Heavenly Dao, who has already been plotting against. “In this way, the words that the Buddha said before he died are not wrong. All of this is Heavenly. Dao plot against them…”

Suddenly, Su Chun moved in his heart and continued to ask: “What about the purple lotus and the others, did you deliberately do the Heavenly Dao seal on them?”< /p>

“Yes, my original intention was to seal their abilities, and after Heaven and Earth Source was restored, I would assimilate them, but I didnt expect that all the plans were disrupted because of your presence, even Heavenly Dao plot against also has an accident. Now I have completely integrated with this world, or a part of Qingling world.”

“So, what are you going to do?” At the end, Heavenly Dao in the heart asked in a deep voice.

hearing this, Su Chun couldn’t help hesitating in his heart. Although Qingling world, he is the master, everything in the Qingling world must be run according to his will.

Even Heavenly Dao, he intends to allow Qingling world to develop and evolve freely, but now Heavenly Dao of the original world is compatible with Qingling world.

This made him wonder what to do for a while, whether to erase the consciousness of Heavenly Dao, or to continue to let him be the Heavenly Dao of the Qingling world, for a time it really helped Su Chun was stumped.

“System, if you continue to let Heavenly Dao of the original world run the rules, will there be anything wrong?”

“Host, dont worry, Host has to understand one point, that is Whether it is the original world or the New World that is now integrated with Qingling world, it is already a whole.”

“The origin of the original world has been assimilated by the origin of Qingling world, and the two worlds are not separated Each other, completely merged into one, and you are the will master of this World.”

“So, whether it is the Heavenly Dao of the original world or the new Heavenly Dao of the natural evolution of the world, it is life Death, destruction, or rebirth are just a matter of Host thinking…”

After listening to Systems analysis, Su Chun felt relieved. Just as System said, Heavenly Dao is just a law of maintenance. It’s just a running tool, and it’s already integrated with Qingling world. No matter how it plots against it, it’s always under control.

Thinking of this, Su Chun no longer entangled, and then in the heart said to Heavenly Dao: “Since you were originally Heavenly Dao, the law of this World depends on you…”


“Now Heaven and Earth Source are all reborn, and the power that belongs to you Heavenly Dao has returned. I hope you don’t let me down!”

Heard Su Chun’s words, Heavenly Dao After a moment of silence, he agreed, “Relax, regarding the order of Heaven and Earth, I will never make the same mistake again. From then on, Heavenly Dao is ruthless and selfless, World’s All Living Things, all in accordance with Heaven and Earth. Law is running!”

After hearing what he heard, Su Chun was satisfied with nodded, and said again: “Soon, I will go to Three Thousand Worlds, I will send Three Thousand Worlds, All Heavens Myriad Realms to This world respects the world, and then helps you re-establish the order of reincarnation…”

Speaking of this, Su Chun’s eyes showed a gleam.

“Thank You Master!”


Time flies in a hurry, thousands of years are passing by, Foreign Domain is empty, Su Chun’s eyes are slow Open slowly.

“System, the law of Three Thousand Worlds, are all connected to the Qingling world?”

“All Heavens Myriad Realms are all connected with the Qingling world, Spirit Realm has been officially taken over by Heavenly Dao, and the Heaven and Earth order has been fully improved.”

“Apart from this, Space-Time Projection has also spread across Three Thousand Worlds, and Host News Points are obtained daily. 10 billion…”

After hearing System’s answer, Su Chun was satisfied with nodded, suddenly, slightly paused in his heart, and his eyes couldn’t help moving towards the distance, looking at the world where Cultivation World was located.

Soon after, a smile appeared on his face, “It’s a coincidence, this year is Dao Karma Immortal Sect facing the Three Thousand Worlds Apprenticeship Ceremony. I am the Peak Master, it’s time to go back… “

Cultivation World, Orchid State, Dao Yuan domain.


“chi…” The brakes rang, splashing a large rain, a floating car marked with soliciting Flicked and stopped on the street.

“fuck, what are you courting death, dont you know if you run the light, dont think you are Old Antique from some deep mountain cultivation, Laozi dare not scold you, what age are you still wearing? A daoist robe, hurry up…”

A rugged man in a women’s dress poked his head out of the car window and yelled at a boy wearing a daoist robe standing on the side of the road. After that, I started the car and went away…

“Hey, this shouldnt be some cultivated Old Antique for thousands of years, tsk tsk…”

“Ouch , Look at what he wears, how old-fashioned, stay away, stay away, this kind of old lunatic is better not to provoke…”

“Go, go, Dao Karma Immortal Sect The admission test is about to start. This is the three-year college entrance examination. It would be nice if you are late…”


Looking at the tall buildings all around , Feasting, and all around the men and women wearing fashionable and revealing clothes, Su Chun immediately stayed in place.

“Did I go to the wrong place, am I back to Earth again?”

Looking at someone next to him holding a ring in his hand and making gestures to himself, from these On the ring, you can clearly hear the sound of pressing the shutter.

At this time, I heard a female disciple dressed in Dao Karma Immortal Sect disciple clothes next to me, and said excitedly: “Fuck, this is Old Antique, hurry up and send a circle of friends to the Internet, saying Uncertainty can make fire…”

“No, what is going on?”

After looking at the all around environment quickly, Su Chun With a slight movement in his heart, Heavenly Dao’s consciousness instantly moved.

“Heavenly Dao, tell me all the major events and changes that have occurred in Cultivation World over the past nine thousand years…”

Hear Su Chuns voice, Cultivation World, In a certain footwashing city, Heavenly Dao, who was enjoying a Fox Race Banshee fine massage, was shivered and immediately disappeared.

One hour later, in a star bar at the foot of Dao Karma Immortal Sect, Su Chun watched as the youngster sitting in front of him was nodded and bowed, and the corners of the youngster’s mouth twitched constantly.

After a long time, Su Chun glanced at the leopard girl who was writhing and writhed on the dance floor in the distance. She only felt a moment of exhaustion. She passed Heavenly Dao’s narration just now and System’s test.

Su Chun discovered that after nine thousand years, whether it is Cultivation World or Immortal World, under the influence of Star Sea World, the quality of life has already made a qualitative leap.

Although he still advocates cultivation and asked, compared with before, in addition to cultivation, practitioners just meditate and talk about the Taoist Secret Art. Now, its either going to dance at night or holding a variety of spiritual rings that can connect to the Internet. Recreational entertainment.

Under the rule of the Tianlan Emperor, both Cultivation World and Immortal World are thriving…

“hehe, master, are you dissatisfied with this World now If youre not satisfied, the younger one must do it right, let everything return to primordial, its really not good, give him an extinction…”

Seeing Su Chun not speaking, Heavenly Dao suddenly felt Panic, he hurried forward to show his hospitality, but before he could finish his words, he was shivered by Su Chun’s eyes.

As he shivered, Three Thousand Worlds was weirdly raining all together.

However, for this weird sight, all Heavenly Dao in Three Thousand Worlds looked towards Qingling world with strange eyes, and then they couldn’t help cursing in their hearts, “The dog, Qingling, is peeing again ……”

“No, this World is very good right now, you are doing very well, keep working hard…”

After that, Su Chun from Daoist Robe has disappeared. However, Heavenly Dao looked at the direction Su Chun was leaving, and fiercely took a few breaths.

“Too terrifying, his breath is getting more and more unpredictable, so powerful, I am afraid that the Three Thousand Worlds Heavenly Dao together, it is not enough for him to pinch it, but I am fortunate enough…”< /p>

Among the clouds and mountains, Dao Karma Immortal Sect, Sect Hall.

Wearing a white gown, the elegant Profound Light looked at the person who suddenly appeared in front of him, and suddenly got up from his seat, with an unbelievable expression on his face.

“Master, Junior Brother, you are back!”

“Brother Profound Light, you really did not disappoint Sect Master, Immortal Emperor’s later cultivation base, good!”

Su Chun looked at the Profound Light in front of him, and a touch of relief flashed in his eyes. At the same time, the secretly thought Profound Light aptitude was out of the ordinary. In less than ten thousand years, it had reached the Immortal Emperor Realm.

“Brother, come with me to see Master, he has been talking about you…” Hearing Su Chun’s ridicule, Profound Light didn’t care, but pulled Su Chun. , Just moved towards Spirit Beast Peak.

In less than half a breath, Su Chun and Profound Light have come to a place in Spirit Beast Peak, Zhuhai.

Looking at the bamboo sea in front of him, Su Chun couldnt help feeling agitated. After a while, he suppressed the unevenness in his heart, opened the mouth and said: “disciple Su Chun, see you!”


As Su Chun’s voice fell, a gust of wind suddenly blew up in Zhuhai, followed by a strong calm voice, “Jiu Thousand years, Su Chun, you still know to come back!”

In the blink of an eye, I saw Li Yunzong in a long gown appearing in front of Su Chun, his eyes flushed.

“Laozi thought, you are dead outside, your clothes have been buried in the sect of the heroic grave, you know!” Li Yunzong looked at Su Chun and said bitterly.

Hearing Li Yunzong’s cursing, Su Chun always smiled without saying a word. From Li Yunzong’s words, he could hear the deep sense of care.

After a long time, Li Yunzong, who had been scolded enough, said again: “Just go home, go home…”

“Yes, I’m back… “

Spring has gone, autumn has come and spring has gone, time flies by.

A thousand years have passed in the blink of an eye, and in the void of Foreign Domain, Su Chun looked at a leaf in his hand, and a bright radiance burst out of his eyes.

After a while, the leaves were thrown out by him, and then disappeared into the vast Foreign Domain void.

“so that’s how it is, so that’s how it is…”

Su Chun dressed in white daoist robe, the smile on his face grew stronger, and then moved towards Void took a step slowly, and then saw a small intestine path appear under his feet.

On the blue bricks of the trail, go far away, at the end of the trail, there are endless rays of light. Su Chun just step by step moved towards the end of the path.

When he was about to come to an end, Su Chun suddenly looked back and looked towards behind him. At the beginning of the trail, Ji Hua, wearing a white dress and a cold face, stood in the void, far away from him. relatively.


Hearing this, Su Chun showed a smile on his face, slowly nodded, then turned around, and at the moment he turned around, I saw it in the small road far away There stood one big and one small, two silhouettes with invisible faces.

“Waiting for you…”


Immortal World, a small town, come to the inn from afar.

Looking at the desolate Qingshan town in front of him, the dilapidated and depressed scene, suddenly, when Su Chun looked towards a stone tablet in the distance, his pupils suddenly shrank.

I saw it wrote on the stone tablet: “Finally!”

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