Big News of the Immortal World Chapter 475

“Breaking News of the Immortal World” is here and it’s over. The first word to say in Zero Burn is “Thank you!”

Thank you book friends, thank you for reading, thank you for editing…

This is the end of this writing. When the last chapter is sent out, to be honest, although this is not the first book to be completed, the author still thinks Feeling empty.

From the beginning of writing and publishing the first chapter, and then to the last chapter now, the author encountered readers’ criticism, doubt, and of course the most encouragement.

For those who like this book and support Zero Burn, I must say thank you. It is precisely because of your support that I am motivated.

In the writing process, there are pains, entanglements, card texts, deletions, and revisions. Every time the author has to rack his brains and try to perfect each chapter!

Thousands of words are turned into a sentence, the author of “Breaking News of the Immortal World”, Burning Zero, thank all the book friends who accompanied this book! ! !

At this point, Burning Zero, which is me, Ill leave you a goodbye~~~

The new book is already under planning, either this month, at the end of the year, or in the future. The plot has been well conceived, and it will definitely be a more exciting story…

Finally, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you book friends for your company and support, zero zero for now~~~


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