Black Dragon Code Chapter 652

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Bulo Empire border, Okada.

The small figure rolls in the wind, when the eyes are flashing, Bronia is already sitting on the opposite side, she has never been like this, very relatives between iod, never random and guests.

The black wing’s princess is not surprised, put down the book in the hand, lazy lifts the corner: “What?”

“You are still reading here!”

Brownia sees her lazy look is anxious: “Just received the news, the big emperor fell to Monkville, defeating Bulo Empire, and smasted the conspiracy of the gods.” /P>

“is an exciting message.”

ODYN eye bending laugh: “The old man never lets us down.”

“Ca En ‘s army is also near Monkville, he dive near the fortress, trying to blow it, the big emperor learns his courage and strategy, Immediately calls, give Kahn many ideas. “

Bronia continues.

“He actually took the army to Runxing?”

ODYN thought, admire: “Very bold action After replenishing, after the assistance, Xiaoxia Legion will also retreat, no reason to continue in border and our fight. “

focus is. “

Bononia looks anxious: “Kahn got the affirmation of the Emperor, won the inheritance of the empire, he is the Wild Ambition’s dragon, will not let this opportunity.”

“I hope you are telling it.”

Odyn stretched a lazy waist: “You don’t know how hard it is, the old age is falling into sleep, King’s Court Lord is not me to sit on the iron chair. It is true for me. , But I can’t live up to everyone’s expectations. If someone can replace me, it is really good. “

Bononia Startled, Didn’t Expect Odyn is actually resistant to the Empire Emperor.


These news did not let Odyn mood get bad, but she flew up, it looked very easily, she stood up to touch the Bononia’s head, smiling: “It is interesting to tell you.”

The portrait of a sketch is opened on the table. See the details Obviously come from a Skill superb picture, from the screen, Brownia can see this is a middle-agd man, draw hands Do our best to draw him, reserved, solemavadium these adjectives are very suitable, but Bronia has read half, but did not guess Odyn to see this use of this painting.

This is not a black wing’s princess moved, like someone?

No wonder she doesn’t want to be an emperor of the empire, but this guy looks clearly a human …

Broninia is on the table, thinking into a head in his head, she is only a head of the long table, and the table is still awkward.

ODYN I don’t know what she is thinking, slowly said: “Natolis, the god of light and Yan.”

Bononia is instantone, short, no longer squatting: “What is it?”

“You didn’t have questions last time? The Toris has been born six years ago, why did you start the event two years ago, so I will investigate it.”

ODYN’s face became a bit cold, Broninia quickly saw such a expression: “Six years ago, he launched the old man, almost the emperor of the black wing into desperate, but he Therefore, it was hurt, and these years have been injured. “

“It turned out to be like this.”

Bologna: “Later, he probably notice that he is not a big emperor’s opponent, so in Sofah, it is more powerful to obtain more powerful power.”

“At that time, the old man was suppressing Demon Lord, and strive to maintain Aradia’s abyss erosion, but Nouriis took the opportunity to launch Sneak Attack for the old man, the guy bears the name of kind and justice, but did not do Good justice. “

Odyn slowly extracts the eternal spear, stroking the gun: “I have to kill him.”

“This is what you want to do?”

“I am uncertain, but becoming an emperor of the empire, it is too heavy for me.”

ODYN said: “Alternative old age, I feel like being bonded to the iron chair, and then do the do as one pleases do what I want to do. I have a destiny of countless people. All the will, all decisions are for this country, I can’t have emotions, and I can’t make mistakes. If I make mistakes, I may even have a whole black-winged empire. “

“This is not the idea of ​​Black Dragon, we are a bad dragon, live for yourself and people.” Brownia shakes his head: “The death of others,” unrelated to us. “

“Probably Mother’s inheritance, let me become less pure.”

Odyn smiles, she likes this kind of self: “At this point, the old man should also see it, so I will spend That Many, I will cultivate Kah, thank you very much for giving me the right to choose, for Overwhelming Majority people in World, this thing is really extravagant. “

“Natolis’s Divine Kingdom site selection in Sofafia, that is the Bulo Empire, the back is a cliff and the sea.”

Brownia changed a topic: “In the War of Black Wings and Bulo, Bulo Empire is more frustrated, and people will flock to Sofia, let Natolis are stronger, this is a tricky Question, how can you kill and inflammation? “

“I am very sensitive to Divine Force, to find Natolis.”

ODYn takes a hairpin from the head, and the long hair of the water is like a waterfall, and when she starts her clothes in Bononia, she is already a big girl. Surgery, eyebrows, lips and lips, skin white is like a fine snow, the elf is implied with the dragon’s English, there is a thrilling beauty.

“I ask you how to kill him.” Broninia has faced the face, so excuses jealous.

“You don’t know, I am stronger this time.”

ODYN replaces the tailor-made armor, Fully Armed, reached out to the Bologna forehead ratio: “Old man is here.”

Hand pressed down to Barona: “I am in this.”


odyn hearing this I thought about it, handed from the nose of the Bologna: “It is near this.”

Bronia put his mouth: “That is still playing.”

“looks like this.”

ODYN smiles to touch the Bonona’s head: “But my body is different, which is different from you, although I will make you very hurt, but this world, only me flow and old The same blood, I am a daughter of the Black Emperor, and he is born to defeat better than his own enemy. ”

“is going now?”

Bronia saw that she held the eternal spear.

“The old man is very busy, there is no time to clear the Spiritual God, but this Targeryan family will not forget, Natolis is known as the god of the land, I am also Aradia’s God, this is God and God’s battle, I won’t let him have a chance to escape. “

Odyn voice As always, it seems that there is a dragon in silent roaring, dark palple’s smell in space, and finally engaged her entirely.

until she disappears far away, Bononia only opened his mouth, whispered: “From now on, people will never call your black emperor’s daughter, the black wings of Princess, but the main ODYN, Dragon God ODYN! “

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