Black Iron ’s Glory Chapter 553


Chapter 553 Going to the Kingdom of Kingdom


Hicks Kingdom is not easy to play, Claude knows it. But he now felt compelled to fight because the Kingdom was so disgusting. It’s like a badger dog, staring at you, you give it a few feet, and beat it away. But after a while it ran over again, far away, still staring at you, making you restless. Maybe for a moment, you will be bitten by it, and it will be too late to cry.


This is a rogue country, especially King McKid III of Hicks Kingdom. It is also a lunatic and paranoid. You can’t say that he has no way of governing the country. It’s just that he only deals with the nobility of Hicks Kingdom territory. The four colonial wars consumed the power of the nobility of the territories, except that the Hicks royal family had no loss of strength except that their defeat was ridiculed.


In the Freia Continent Northern Section, Hicks Kingdom can be called a Big Mac country, with an area almost as large as the Kingdom of Aueras plus the Nasri area. With a population of nearly 30 million, eight standing Legions, all neighboring countries are tributaries, and respect them. Kingdom is rich in mineral resources. The refining and forging industry is very developed. It can be said that the Hicks are best at exploring minerals and mining. They are natural miners.


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If other countries have spent that many military funds, lost 17 or 8 Legions, and lost such four colonial wars, then the national financial bankruptcy and the people’s riots and royal families will perish. But Hicks Kingdom is still the same. Instead, the Hicks family has expanded its power in Kingdom. The reasons for the failure of the colonial war have been pushed to the nobility of Kingdom territory. They have become the best scapegoats.


Then Hicks Kingdom intervened in the eastern part of Freia Continent to help Xidings Dukedom and Rimodera Dukedom regain the kingdom. They conquered the newly occupied territory of Kingdom of Aueras, obtained an enclave for Hicks Kingdom, and harvested a wave. prestige. Then formed the Continent Alliance of Eastern Nations, aiming at the Kingdom of Aueras, preparing to avenge the defeat of the colonial war on the Kingdom of Aueras …


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In fact, the speech of McKid III almost became a reality. If Kingdom of Aueras could not receive reinforcements from the Overseas Dominion, then Kingdom of Aueras would really not exist. It was only when the Thunderbolt Legion and Rock Legion returned to the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Overseas Dominion that the balance of war turned to the Kingdom of Aueras.


The Rock Legion obtained the big eyebrows of Ambridze County, the Kingdom of Nasri and Hicks Kingdom’s army was severely damaged, and the Retreat was withdrawn in a single breath to stabilize the position, while the Thunderbolt Legion was taken from the Frolic harbor of Rimodera Dukedom Landing, sweeping the Hicks Kingdom enclave in the eastern part of the continental Eskilin region, as well as Rimodera Dukedom and Xidings Dukedom. The two Dukedoms who relied on Hicks Kingdom for their resurrection were completely destroyed. The two Dukedom’s grandfathers and their families were all caught as netfish, and none of them escaped.


Immediately after thunderbolt Legion was inserted directly into the Kingdom of Nasri, the Royal City of Polynesia, broke the city, captured the Nasri royal family, and a series of combined punches made the Alliance army stunned. The crisis in the rear made the frontline army unstable and helpless. The Alliance army had to withdraw from the Kingdom of Aueras, and the soldiers headed towards the Royal City of Polynesia with the intention of solving the enemies behind them, Thunderbolt Legion of the Dominion of Overseas, and Legion of the Rock …


The last is the Bolivian Military Campaign. The two Legions of the Alliance Army and the Overseas Dominion launched a deadly decisive battle in the Royal City of Bolivia. As a result, although the Alliance army was crowded, it unfortunately fell into the trap set by the enemy, and the soldiers of the Alliance were driven by greed to perish. Only the commander of the Alliance Army, the north of Hicks Kingdom, duke Pilage Hi Ferriot, Marshal, keenly aware of the unsatisfactory situation, fled back to Hicks Kingdom with more than 100,000 remnants.


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Under normal circumstances, Hicks Kingdom should sign a truce peace agreement with Kingdom of Aueras, no matter how the two countries are not adjacent, there are two Kingdoms in the middle. From the colonial war to the second great war in the eastern region, Hicks Kingdom is a losing side, and there is no need to continue to entangle with the Kingdom of Aueras. As long as they are willing to admit defeat, Kingdom of Aueras will not make excessive demands, and the two countries can easily end the state of war and reach a peace agreement.


But Hicks Kingdom had a paranoid king McKid III, and he refused to admit that he was a loser. Even if he lost three or four standing Legion, a powerful sailing fleet, he was still unwilling to send messengers. Head to the Kingdom of Aueras to make peace, and would rather the state of war between the two countries continue, this stalemate continues.


In addition to not acknowledging defeat, McKid III also supported the extinct Kingdom of Nasri, the only escaped Vedario Prince to become the new Nasri king, and Archduke Kannas who fled to Hicks Kingdom. Together, they set up in exile Royal Court, claiming that the second great war in the eastern region is not over, and Hicks Kingdom will help their allies to recapture their country and destroy the Kingdom of Aueras …


I have to admit that this feeling is really disgusting, just like whatever you are doing, there is an unscrupulous gaze behind your back or in the shadow, looking at your back, it seems to be looking for opportunities Here you go. Claude received some news about the Hicks Kingdom in the Overseas Dominion. The hereditary family territory of Kingdom nobility who was confined in the Nasri area was often attacked and robbed by the gangsters of the Kingdom of Monbamark, who had Hicks agents behind them. Silhouette.


Claude originally had some feeling of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, thinking that it would not be a bad thing to have a Hicks Kingdom to add some trouble to Royal Capital, lest the Royal Court members always focus on the Overseas Dominion . In particular, King Frederick I used the method of granting hereditary family territories to obtain heredity and land selection fees from King nobility, which resolved the financial crisis of Kingdom in one fell swoop. envy, jealousy, hate.


Apart from that, Claude felt pain from the 30 million kronor cash collected from the Overseas Dominion, 400,000 new rifles, 30 million rounds, and sixteen armored battleships. abnormal. It is just that he cannot express his opposition. After all, all members of the Overseas Dominion Council, honor nobility, and generals of Jinjue expressed their satisfaction. Money and materials can be exchanged for a hereditary family territory. It can be said that their life Peak is worthy of infinite admiration of future offspring …


Now the situation in Kingdom is very good, and there is a thriving scene. With sufficient funds, and the lack of involvement of King ’s old nobility Aristocratic Family forces in Royal Court, Kingdom Prime Minister Blanchard Marquis has been aggressively implementing his economic revival plan in Kingdom. One year has passed, and it can be considered to have achieved initial results. , Kingdom has the signs of revival.


Therefore, Claude was pleased with the various small-scale armed conflicts that took place on the border between Nasri and Mambamac Kingdom. Although the Nasri area has been conferred on Kingdom’s territory nobility, it is entirely possible for these territory nobility to form a family to respond to these gangster attacks. But as a king, Frederick I also had to decide for the nobility of his Kingdom. It was his obligation to send a special envoy to negotiate with Mambamac Kingdom.


It was just that Claude did not expect that the wildfire plan carried out by the Dominion Territory in the eight-nation colony on the west coast caught the attention of Hicks Kingdom’s paranoid king McKid III and sent a special envoy to contact the Hicks Volunteer Division. This was by no means tolerable for Claude, he could only order the two Hicks divisions to quietly withdraw the Dominion.


As Claude said to Derek General and Hibilos General, in the event that the Hicks Kingdom agents are lurking into the Overseas Dominion, contact those Hicks released prisoners, use the conditions of returning to reunite with their families, or The use of family safety to coerce these Hicks’ released prisoners will really bring chaos to the Overseas Dominion …


If these two Hicks Volunteer Divisions continue to implement the wildfire plan on the West Coast, in the event that they are countered by a special envoy sent by Hicks Kingdom, the combat strength of the two Hicks Volunteer Divisions will still be able to It was easy to get a colony from an indigenous people. Then it was Hicks Kingdom that sent troops to Nubissia continent again. With the instinct of that paranoid king McKid III, the Overseas Dominion said that it would not be necessary to fight the fifth colonial war.


This is the main reason for Claude’s determination to settle Hicks Kingdom once and for all. This rogue country must be completely laid down, and then set on one foot, so that it can never be troubled behind. Only in this way, the Kingdom can secure economic construction, and the Overseas Dominion can continue to implement the wildfire plan without worries.


For Claude, now is the best time to defeat Hicks Kingdom. The first is that Hicks Kingdom just defeated Retreat from the second great war in the eastern region. No matter how hard McKid III has spoken, it will not change the eastern region. The League of Nations overthrew the fact that the participating nations were destroyed. Even though Hicks Kingdom still has two in exile Royal Courts, trying to maintain the alliance’s shelf, they have lost their eastern territory and are currently at a low tide.


The second point is that the Overseas Dominion and Kingdom of Aueras also maintained their military superiority over Hicks Kingdom. They advanced the Hicks army by almost a few points in both the advanced performance of weapons and equipment and the training of technical and tactical tactics. A gap of ten years.


A thunderbolt legion, one can stand against two standing legions of Hicks Kingdom. If Claude does not show this advantage on the battlefield as soon as possible, but waits for Hicks Kingdom to catch up slowly in the military aspect, that is the biggest fool …


The third advantage is that Claude now does not lack a leading party. The eight Hicks Returning Divisions are the best puppet forces. They do not belong to the Hicks royal family, but are opposed to McKid III. , Those of the Hicks Kingdom territory nobility. Now they hate McKid III very much because he regards them as trash and is abandoned in the Overseas Dominion. Regardless of their life or death, they even hinder them and refuse to return to their country to reunite with their family.


And in the eyes of Claude, he has taken these more than half a million Hicks prisoners as his own, and the only difficulty is how to get them back to heart. The willing immigrants settled in the Overseas Dominion. Therefore, taking them back to Hicks Kingdom and letting them move with their families and relatives to the Overseas Dominion became the only best option.


This is a win-win situation for the Overseas Dominion. The Overseas Dominion has a shortage of new immigrants. It is not like the Kingdom of Mainland, there are more than a thousand people a year, but millions. If there are more than 500,000 Hicks prisoners, their families and relatives will also migrate to the Overseas Dominion, which is at least two 3 million immigrants.


Claude doesn’t need these eight Hicks Returning Homes to be the vanguards and rush forward in front of them as cannon fodder. Even the Hicks prisoners of the Home Returning Division hate King McKid III very much. At the same time, the eight Hicks prisoners of the Homecoming Division also hated their original owners. Those Hicks Kingdom nobility put their Life and Death at stake, and they could not return to China after serving in the labor force of the Overseas Autonomy, and no one came to visit them. They …


Claude only needs these eight Hicks Returning Divisions to guard the Hicks Kingdom territory after the Thunderbolt Legion captures them. They were originally Hicks, and would not arouse resistance from Hicks residents, or even use their experience to arouse the sympathy of the Hicks. As long as there are no troubles in the rear, the thunderbolt Legion in front can naturally attack forward without fear, and is invincible.


On January 16, 604, Claude boarded the new flagship of the Iron Armored Fleet, the Iron Armored Cruiser St. Hugh Linde, and went to the Kingdom of Kingdom.


“… For our autonomous region, the three elements of the armored battleship are structure, speed, and artillery. In this era, Farslan World has not yet achieved the armored battleship of our autonomous region with respect on equal terms. Basically, other countries are still exploring how to use mechanical power to propel ships to sail. We have led them a lot, so for us, the first factor is how to design and build ironclad ships that are more suitable for cruise and combat. It is the most important to optimize and improve their voyage performance.


For maritime operations, I always think that the speed of the armored battleship is the most critical, and we can catch up with the enemy at a fast speed. Even if we are in a disadvantage of quantity, we can use the sea strike method, and run, or Assault, breaking through the enemy’s fleet formation, causing them a chaotic situation, and then dividing and encircling, eating the enemy’s fleet in one bite.


Artillery is also very important, this is the third element. In fact, our armored battleship does not need to consider defense at this stage, because the enemy’s breech mounted artillery is difficult to pose a threat to our armored battleship. Unless it is a heavy naval gun that fires a huge solid iron projectile, it will cause some damage to our iron armored battleship.


And our naval guns are still not good from the current equipment situation. Look at the six turrets now assembled, one turret and one barrel. When can two turrets of a turret be fired together to pass? Of course, our naval gun is now the best because other countries can’t compare with us. What’s more, our naval gun range has reached two five hundred meters, which is already a great improvement. … “


Claude and his brother, Mordred General, the armored fleet’s governor, have been discussing the tactical issues of the armored battleship in the sea battle during this voyage, and Claude’s views and opinions on the armored battleship have almost been hollowed out. All the inventory in his stomach let Mordred General let him go. More than two decades later, Mordred General of Retreat wrote a “naval warfare review” in which he lauded Claude as the founder of a new era in naval warfare.


On a sixteen-day voyage, the Iron Armored Fleet appeared in Sharkkou Bay outside Whitestag, home of Kingdom. Two Iron Armored battleships greeted with a whistle blowing in the distance. In the binoculars, on the podium deck of the armored destroyer on the left, a sailor was waving two small banners of different colors in his hands.


“The semaphore said that King Prime Minister Blanchard had been waiting in Whitestag for a long time, and he welcomed King Marshal Claude to return to his hometown …” Mordred General read the meaning of the semaphore.


“Why are Prime Minister Blanchard here?” Claude wondered: “Isn’t the last six ironclad battleships transferred this time to be received by the director of Kingdom Admiral Praček General?”


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“Damn, I want to go directly to the Northern Section …” Claude murmured: “Forget it, advanced port, I’ll see him and see what he says.”