Chapter 175 is on the road

The carriage drove on the winding mountain road.

“Uncle Oske, you are driving too fast, so the carriage is too far…” Claude climbed out of the carriage and sat next to Uncle Oske in the carriage.

“Drive, drive.” Uncle Oske shook his voice twice in the air: “No way, the delay in the morning is too long. If you don’t hurry, you have to camp in the Black Forest at night. There are wolves in there. If you can’t get to Hessen Town at night, I’m afraid it will be dangerous. After all, we are not a caravan, a carriage, two horses and two people. If it is caught up by the wolves, it will be difficult to take care of…”

Claude is ashamed, no way, it is his fault, and the delay in the morning is because everyone sent him. Today is August 20th, the day when Claude is scheduled to leave for Kafilitzt. Although it takes only five or six days to arrive by the estimated mileage on the map, Claude decided to leave today for the sake of insurance. This way, even if you report it in the early days, you can get familiar with the new environment. In addition, you can prevent accidents on the trip from delaying for a few days…

Claude hired Uncle Oske’s long-distance carriage for this purpose, and spent two of the high price of the crown, so that Uncle Oske sent him to Kafrezite, Königada, and the Fukby Hill Camp. It was only scheduled to start at nine o’clock. As a result, it was not expected that the number of people who sent off would be so much. It was delayed until nearly eleven o’clock. Claude couldn’t easily say goodbye to relatives and friends, and got off the carriage.

In fact, the mother got up early in the morning, and wiped her tears to prepare Claude for the last love breakfast before leaving home. It turned out that Claude came out of the pharmacy lab with Kaffney. When she asked, she knew that Kevnie didn’t go back last night, and Claude spent the night in the pharmacy lab. So the mother turned to worry, and even Claude was forgotten to leave, surrounded by Kaffney, and even asked Claude. If Kevni was pregnant, what should the child name?

Claude was dumbfounded, and Kaffney was ashamed and embarrassed, and could only use Claude’s shoes to suffocate under the table. Seeing that this mother has already regarded Kaffini as her daughter-in-law, she even wants to let Kaffini move to the forest to live with her.

It was hard to calm down the mother. Claude used the breakfast and went back to the study to pick up his backpack and set off. As a result, the mother made another big bag and prepared to let Claude take it. When I opened it, my mother prepared it quite well. Even the winter sweater coat gloves and scarves were stacked neatly.

Claude had to patiently explain to her mother that he was going to join the army and not to travel. There are military uniforms in the army. It is not allowed to wear other clothes. Whether it is summer or winter, you can only wear military uniforms. Therefore, it is enough to put a set of changing outerwear and two sets of underwear in your shoulder bag. Everything else. I don’t need to bring it, he has already inquired clearly, even the towels and soaps are distributed in the army of daily necessities…

It was already 9:30 in the morning when Claude drove his family and Kaffini to the starting point agreed by the town and Uncle Oske. Didn’t wait for him to say goodbye to his loved ones, and as a result, Uncle Thomas and Lu De’an butler also rushed to see him off, so he greeted again and greeted, and the time was delayed…

Uncle Oske is also a nationals, and like Verikoro’s father, Uncle Kubrick, he retired after returning home for 15 years as a nationals. Unlike Uncle Kubrick, who became a hunter, he became an hiring guard and walked south with the caravan. Later, when I was older, I used a savings to buy a long-distance carriage, and I worked as a coachman and guard. I didn’t have much business, but my life was still going on.

This time, Claude hired two long-distance carriages at the high price of crown. He counted him for up to half a month, and at least he had a net income from crown, so he promised very happy. I just didn’t expect to have so many people who sent off the line, and delayed the departure time for nearly two hours. Since the people who came to see him were all in the face of Whitestag, and Claude was an employer, he couldn’t say anything, only Can speed up the carriage after the road to make up for the delay.

Claude asked curiously as he sat down next to Uncle Oske: “How come there are wolves in the Black Forest? I haven’t heard anyone talk about it for a long time.”

There is only one mountain road to the east of Whitestag City. This is the only land export in the entire southwestern three counties. After turning over two mountains, you will arrive in Ambry County. However, it is necessary to cross the original Black Forest area to reach the area of ​​the Anbrze County. Fortunately, the road to Hessen is on the edge of the Black Forest. It only takes about five or six hours without crossing. The entire endless black forest center.

Claude is about to reach Kafilitzt, with a total of five counties passing through Ambrye County, Kouklia County, Chanalal County, Corusg County and Limassols County. According to Uncle Oske, if all the way goes well, six days is enough to get to Kaffelezte. Because the four counties are in the plains except for Limassolya, the transportation facilities are extremely convenient, the roads are well maintained, and it is very convenient for carriages.

“There are always wolves in the Black Forest, but they are not very close to the densely populated areas.” Uncle Oske said: “Probably seven or eight years ago, the Hessen Town garrison once organized a large-scale hunting wolf. The event hired nearly 400 hunters to enter the Black Forest hunting wolves. That time, more than 300 wild wolves were killed, and almost all the wolves that wandered on the edge of the Black Forest were hunted. The town of Senzhen had a wolf disaster all over the place. Later, even a child of ten years old would not encounter any danger in picking mushrooms from the edge of the Black Forest.

However, two months ago, a caravan said that he had met the wolves on the way to Hessen Town. There were seven or eight people. They were only looking at the caravan from afar, and they were not close. In the following days, there were traders who said that they heard the wolverines. Although they have not received any reports of being hurt by the wolves, there have been notices in the town of Hessen, suggesting that the merchants and travelers who travel to Whitestag town are best organized. Go through the Black Forest and don’t go alone to avoid accidents. ”

“Strange, why didn’t we notice the Whitestag City?” Claude asked.

“It’s very simple. Whitestag City is a big caravan to Ambry County. Even if it’s a separate trader and traveller, it’s not a caravan or a cruise to Port Neru. You can take a separate carriage like you. There are very few long distances,” Uncle Oske replied.

“So what if we run into a wolf group, I know that I will take it out.”

“Nothing, I brought a stone scorpion, a longbow, a shotgun, and a short sword and a hand axe. Basically, there are only six or seven wolves that don’t have to worry. It is hard to say that camping in the Black Forest at night is very difficult. It is difficult to protect the carriage and the horse.”

Claude was shocked: “Uncle Oske, you have so many weapons hidden in the car, I have never seen it?”

“It’s all under my seat. This is the safety guarantee for my long-distance driving. It’s better to not let it go.” Uncle Oske said it was very indifferent.

“Long-distance driving is going to bring so many weapons. Isn’t our law and order in Kingdom very bad?”

“This is not to say that law and order is not good, towns and villages are actually very safe, but the investigation is also very strict, like you have a conscription order and a pass without worrying about anything. Mainly on the road can encounter fugitives and escape military service. The gangsters, who could not enter the towns and villages to get supplies, took the idea to the caravans and passengers on the road, set up ambushes in some of the more remote areas, forcing the caravans to provide them with food supplies or robbing travelers.

Like the last time I sent a family to Mariek City in Tamotus County, it was because there was a group of gangsters in Tamurus County who fled from the labor camp and fled to the forest to fight home. The local garrison and the Tamorus County Police Guard Camp have not been successful for many times, so the merchants and travelers who travel to the other side must hire escorts to ensure safety. But when I came back, I saw that the Griffin Legion had a battalion that was heading to the mountainous area where the gangsters were entrenched. I believe that it will not be long before the gangsters will be annihilated. Uncle Oske and Claude talked about his knowledge.

The Griffin Legion is also one of the four ace of the Kingdom of Aueras, specializing in mountainous areas.

Lying in the grass, in the Kingdom of Aueras, there is still such a gang that needs to send the ace field army to clear, this has never really heard of it. Claude was very surprised and opened his mouth: “Uncle Oske, is there such a lot of events in Kingdom like Tamurus County?”

Uncle Oske shook his head: “Not too much, very few. The gangsters in Tamorus County can be in the local area where there are mountains, hills, too many places to hide, not enough people. Going to hunt, and even giving them the opportunity to take the opportunity to sit down.

The five counties that we have to pass this way, that is, Limassolya County, because of the mining development of the county, so the law and order is a bit confusing. Need to be careful, to avoid disputes and conflicts with the local tempered miners, there is no danger, there are people who have disputes like to use their fists to reason, win and ignore it and become rational.

As for your destination, Kafilitzt, I have never really been to the truth, this time it is the first time to send you in the past. Speaking of my time as a soldier, this Kafirazite is also the territory of the Kingdom of Nasri. When I was a soldier for fifteen years, I went to three battlefields, but I didn’t set foot on the territory of the enemy. It’s really a shame to think of it. ”

Two people rushed to the long distance, the most fear is that no one chats. Since Claude climbed out of the carriage and sat in front to talk to himself, Uncle Oske was also excited to talk to Claude about his experience as a soldier on the battlefield. Later he was hired as a caravan to guard the visits to various places in Kingdom, etc. I was very happy to talk, and Claude also listened with great interest.

Until the mountain road, Uncle Oske stopped the carriage next to a small stream, told Claude, rested for half an hour, and ate something. He had to feed the horse and let the two horses of the cart take a break and add some salt. And clear water.

At the same time he picked up the long cushion and asked Claude what weapons he needed. Claude took a closer look. It was really true. I really didn’t think that there was a weapon box under the seat that had been sitting for so long. The weapons that Uncle Oske said were really everything.

“I take the stone shovel, then give me the short sword, but unfortunately you have no two-handed swords. I am better at using that. But Uncle, you are very chic in this double-tube hunting. It is very troublesome to put a gun on the medicine… …” Claude picked up the sarcophagus in the box, put the arm and the body in it, put it on the string, and tried the strength.

Uncle Oske took the double-barreled shotgun out: “I have a custom-made gun. It is not far away, it is about seventy or eighty meters. It can be a big one. You don’t need to aim at it. Like me. It is most appropriate to drive a horse-drawn carriage and use this shotgun to counterattack. However, as you said, this gun is also more difficult to play, and you must install two barrels at a time, but you can shoot twice in succession. The first gun was used to warn, and the second gun was used to threaten it, which was enough for me and the carriage to retreat.

Now we have entered the borders of the county of Ambry, and then headed for the national road through the Black Forest. It takes an estimated five or six hours to reach Hessen Town from here. In addition to parking at a few campsites along the way to rest the horse for ten minutes, we must be vigilant and well prepared. If all right, I think I should be able to get to Hessen Town at around 8:00 in the evening, so that we can stay in the hotel and have a good rest. ”

Claude nodded and went out. It is best to follow the advice of Uncle Oske, who is often experienced by Nanbei, instead of hiring him because he paid for it. He wants to know what to do, then he is looking for himself. trouble.

“Well, listen to you, Uncle Oske, let’s have something to eat first. In the morning, they sent me a small bucket of rye to let us quench our thirst on the road. Would you like a cup first?”

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