Chapter 176 Retriever Tavern

The so-called camping point is to make a circle of logs on the open space next to the road. The most important thing in the open space is to dig deep wells, so that the caravans and passengers can have a safe and clean water source. The first two camps were empty, the leaves were dusty, and Uncle Oske was taking a break, feeding them oats and water, and after a decade, they were on the road again.

At the third camping point, there were crowds of people, and hundreds of people stopped there to rest. The soldiers dressed up by the garrison came over and asked each other, only to know that this was a labor camp from Chanalal County to Whitestag City. There were more than 500 people, and more than ten carriages filled with logistics and heavy materials. A garrison squadron is responsible for the custody. Unlike Claude’s long-distance carriage ride, the labor camp relies on two legs. They have been on the road for nearly a decade, and it is estimated that it will take two days to reach Whitestag City.

Claude found that the Servant who was serving was not as tragic as he had imagined. Although his clothes were old, they were not broken, and they looked good and they were obviously enough to fill their stomachs. Although the garrison soldiers scolded a few times, did not come on the crowd, but also not far from the crowd to discuss the coach of Uncle Oske, and even say something unspeakable.

The garrison squad leader heard that Uncle Oske and Claude had to continue on their way, looked up at the sky and shook their heads, thinking that it would be best to stay with them for a night to keep them safe. Because they had heard the wolves’ screams when they took a break from the first camping spot on the other side of the town from Hessen in the morning. It will start to be dark in the sky. It has been more than five o’clock. It takes at least two or three hours from here to Hessen Town. It is not a good idea to stay in the Black Forest.

However, Uncle Oske and Claude decided to continue on their way. For Claude, seven or eight wolves were not enough threats, that is, they did not need to bow the shotgun, and he was sure to destroy the wolves. Uncle Oske thinks that it is more dangerous to camp with the labor camp. He is not afraid of his own life safety, but he is worried that those Servant who have been killed by the labor camp will steal things. They will not be clear the next day, and they will not have time to contact them. delay.

After returning to the road, Claude was puzzled: “Uncle Oske, isn’t it said that the labor camp is very strict? I see those soldiers who are defensive, they are loose, and even the police are not doing well. It seems that these Servant are very laissez-faire… …”

“This is a misdemeanor camp. The Servant inside is not a thief. It is a fight and a fight. They also sentenced to three to five years of hard work. They are not so strict, because these Servant know, for a few years. Going out, on the contrary, if you run away, it will aggravate the crime. It’s not economical to escape a sentence of ten years. I just insisted on the road and didn’t want to stay with them for the night. When we fell asleep, we lost our carriages and tomorrow we can only I feel bad luck…”

The original labor camp also had misdemeanor and felony points, and Claude understood it. Uncle Oske said that the laborers who would run away were basically felony camps. They were sentenced to ten years and twenty years of hard work, so escape is the only option. Anyway, being caught back is the same result. More important.

The first two camping sites were safe and the second camping site was the last resting place on the national road in the Black Forest. It was more than an hour away from Hessen. It is estimated that it is about seven o’clock, and the night is dark, especially in the forest. It is very sinister and depressed. The two horse-drawn horses are a little restless in the camp. Uncle Oske is in the well. The two horses also drank a few mouthfuls and stopped drinking…

Uncle Oske took the initiative and said to Claude, who was on the alert at the campsite, “Get on the bus, we will leave immediately, and we will not rest here.”

Sure enough, just after leaving the camping point, there was a scream of wolves coming from behind. Claude stood up and looked back, but did not see a wolf tracking the carriage.

“We left early, the horses have already run, and the wolves are smart. If you don’t know, you won’t chase them…” Uncle Oske said, “It’s okay. After running this road, I will go to Hessen.” In the town’s hound pub, you can have a good meal. The roast rabbit is famous for its delicious food, especially the belly is stuffed with fresh mushrooms and then grilled on the fire rack. The meat is absorbed by the mushrooms, and the mouth is full. Oil, very delicious…”

It was nearly nine o’clock in the evening when it arrived in Hessen Town. Unlike the Whitestag City, there was a long stone wall outside the town of Hessen, which was covered with moss and looked very old. Several garrison soldiers guarding the gate of the wall simply asked Uncle Oske a few words. They heard that they had come from the Black Forest National Road overnight and asked if they had met the wolves. Then they opened the door and let the carriage enter the town.

Uncle Oske is familiar with Hessen Town because he has to pass through Hessen Town every time he escorts guests. He was very familiar with the carriage and quickly arrived at the hound pub, handed the carriage to the groom and the servant in the pub, and joked with them loudly, and took Claude into the pub hall.

Time is a bit late, but the pub hall is very lively, and there are ten guests sitting there drinking and chatting. There were four or five people in a corner of the hall playing cards around the table. Claude listened and found that they were gambling, but the stakes were not big, one or two sunars at a time.

Several guests in the hall knew Uncle Oske. He came to the counter all the way to hell: “Old Peter, give me a big room, then give me something delicious, roast rabbit or not?”

The owner of the Hound Tavern is a white-haired old man who is very thin and has a black round frame of reading glasses on his nose. He looked at Uncle Oaks and Claude: “Where are you going? Oaks, the room is there, the roast hare doesn’t know if there is any, I have to go to the stove to see.”

“Cafelezite.” Uncle Oaks patted Claude’s shoulder next to him: “This little guy received a recruitment order from the Blue Feather Legion. I have to send him to report there.”

Old Peter pushed the glasses on his nose and looked at Claude: “Poor little guy, just just getting grown up, run so far away to be a soldier. You go there and sit, I will give you Eat it.”

“Hey, old Peter, I just forgot, you told the groom, give me two horses to feed three eggs, hit the oats and black beans, and they will run long distance tomorrow.” Uncle Oske stopped Old Peter, old Peter listened and nodded and went to the kitchen behind.

In a short time, Old Peter personally brought in white bread, rye, potato stewed beef, fried bacon and other dishes. The middle is a rabbit with a shiny and shiny hair.

Claude is a bit strange: “Uncle Oske, is there a maid in this pub? I have to go to the boss to serve myself…”

Uncle Oske laughed: “This will be the time for the maid to earn money. If you know it later, you will know, or else, how can you find a companion at night? Just three riya…”

After a while, Claude immediately knew what time the maid was making money, and a maid came down from the stairs leading to the second floor room with flushing. A single-sitting alcoholic rushed to let her go. The two bargained for a long time and reached an agreement. The maid took the drinker to the stairs, and the alcoholic guests sitting in the hall turned a blind eye.

It’s strange to say that Claude didn’t go to the pub in Whitestag town, so it’s not unusual to know that the pub’s part-time job is a part-time job. Like Kaffini’s sister Catherine as a maid in the mermaid pub, it is an alternative to not making this money.

Uncle Oske slammed the roast rabbit, and as he said, it was filled with mushrooms that smelled with meat and succulent. With a fork and a fork in the mouth, Claude nodded again and again, the taste is really delicious, not barbecue, but meaty and delicious.

When the meal was over, the pub’s door was pushed open, and the two patrolmen came in and walked to the Claude table. For the older patrolman and Uncle Oske, he seemed to be an acquaintance. Then, he took out a folder from the black briefcase that he carried with him and opened it to take out a registration form.

Uncle Osque quickly asked Claude to take the blue-legged army’s conscription order from his backpack and the pass issued to Claude by the Whitestag City Administration Center and hand it to the older patrolman.

Because the documents were complete, the old patrolman asked the young patrolman to copy Claude’s pass to the registration form he had taken out after checking it. After the completion, he took out a seal and stamped it under the pass. Claude saw that the seal was allowed to pass four characters and a small squad of the Heisen Town Patrol Police.

Uncle Oske asked the two patrolmen to drink a glass of rye, and they left.

Claude asked: “Uncle Oske, why don’t you register?”

Uncle Oske smiled and said: “I know them. They know that I am nationals, so I won’t check them. Even if I go to a strange place and run into a check, I don’t need to register any national ID card, so I also You don’t have to go to the administrative center to apply for a pass.”

This may be Kingdom’s biggest difference between the nationals and the civilian. Nationals has relative freedom. It is convenient to go anywhere, just bring a nationals ID card. And an adult civilian, go to other places to go to the administrative office to apply for a pass, go there, how long it will take on the road, how long to stay after arriving at the destination, and when to come back must be clearly written.

Business is generally better, and Claude’s receipt of a conscription order will not be deliberately martyrdom. If you do a private business, you need someone to guarantee you. It must be a sponsor of nationals status. In addition, it has to endure all the way through the endless investigation, which is annoying, but for the civilian, he can only tolerate the laughter.

This is also the main reason why more civilians are not willing to go out, except for some civilians who are doing business in the caravans. They would rather stay in their hometowns to have a good meal. Even if there is something, most people are asked to go out on their behalf. It is impossible for Claude to go to the heights and the flow of water to the lower reaches is impossible in this world. Unless it is an irresistible natural and man-made disaster, it is possible for people to leave their homes and go to other places to make a living.

Because the accommodation and eating expenses of this road were all handled by Uncle Oaks, Claude only hired two long-distance carriages at the high price of two gold krona. However, this evening is quite good for Claude. Apart from the roast rabbit, the other normal diet is not much different.

After dinner, Claude followed Uncle Oske to the yard behind the pub. There was a well. The two men wiped the water directly from the well and took the simple bag to the second floor to go to their room. Rest, and have to hurry early tomorrow.

The big room that Uncle Oske said is actually a double room, with two single beds placed on the left and right against the wall. Perhaps it was because of the strange environment, or the voice of the men and women who came from the room next door was too disturbing, and perhaps the uncle of Uncle Oske was too loud, Claude was on the first night after leaving home. No way to fall asleep, he almost turned over and over in bed until dawn…

After drinking a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, Claude went to the carriage to let the uncle Oske drive in the carriage. A little Uncle Oske is right, the road traffic facilities in Ambry and County Kuklia are really good, the plains are flat, the roads are very smooth on the road, and there are few bumps.

In the evening, staying in the White Rose Tavern in the county town of Cookia, Claude found that the cost of accommodation was twice as high as the Hounds Tavern in Hessen. On the third day, I passed directly through Chanalal County and stayed at the Kellys Tavern in the town of Negus in Corusgal in the evening. This time, Claude had to pay for one more room and two nights. Uncle Oske’s snoring sounded badly.

On the fourth morning, the carriage arrived in Limassols County.

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