Chapter 210 is in the bureau

If Prince Widlerk is a man who is resolute in his work, strong in character, and not greedy, then the most ideal situation of the sickle plan that the Department of the Army has set may be realized. The Kingdom of Aueras was able to sweep across the eastern part of the continent in the shortest possible time, sending the Anti-Austrian Five Alliances into the abyss, and there would be no more than three years of war, and so many incidents that shocked the entire Freia Continent and misfortune……

Perhaps only the passage of time will make the conspiracy appear in front of the world, but the only thing the Blue Feather Legion can complain about is that they chose a prince who is not suitable for the front line. They must endure the prince’s procrastination and unreliable playfulness and sloppy style of action, sitting on the fighters and slipping away from their control.

The Red Dragon Army and the Griffin Army on the Western Front slowly advanced on the border of the Kingdom of Nasri, knocking on the defense facilities with cannons. The battle was fierce and the losses were large. On the east side, although it has occupied two-thirds of the territory of the Dukedom, but because of the delay and delay of the Prince of Weidek, the subsequent attack plan of the Blue Feathers is completely abolished. With the arrival of Eskilin Dukedom, Rimondra Dukedom, and Cannes Dukedom reinforcements, it is likely that the Blue Feather Legion will conduct a big battle in Defenas and the enemy to determine the fate of Siddings Dukedom…

However, this is also one of the several alternative plans developed by the Department of the Army. The original sickle plan is that the Blue Feather Legion crossed the Odin Mountains from the secret road and forced the defenders of the Siddings Dukedom on the two defensive fronts. Sweeping the entire Sidings Dukedom with lightning speed, occupying two seaport cities, approaching the country of Evinasburg and conquering the death of Siddings Dukedom.

The Blue Feathers immediately attacked the Kingdom of Nasri from the Dukedom, which is the back of the Kingdom of Nasri and is home to no defenses. The Kingdom of Nasri could not have imagined that the Dukedom of Siddings would die so quickly. The border between the two countries was a flat, and the Blue Feather Legion was like a sickle, sweeping its strategy from the unguarded ribs of the Kingdom of Nasri. With the Red Dragon Legion, the Griffin Legion attacked and smashed the Battle of Nasri’s war deployment, which made it impossible for them to resist the attack of the Kingdom’s three major field ace legions and the follow-up second-line legion.

As long as the Kingdom of Nasri surrenders or perishes, the remaining three Dukedoms can no longer resist the Kingdom of Aueras. The war that sweeps across the eastern part of the continent will soon be extinguished, and the Kingdom of Aueras will soon become the eastern part of Freia Continent. Regional power.

Of course, this is only in the most ideal situation, the Blue Feathers attack Sidings Dukedom all the way smoothly without any mistakes. But now this situation has been interrupted by artificial means. Although the military wing of the Blue Feather Legion arrived under Efenasburg, it was unable to launch an attack. It can only sit and watch the enemy’s reinforcements come continuously…

However, this is not unexpected before the war. In this case, the Blue Feather Legion will simply step back and retreat for 30 to 40 miles, preparing to implement the second strategic backup plan, which is to kill Xidins under Effinsburg. Dukedom was finally armed with three other Dukedom reinforcements, killing the Dukedom with a big battle victory, and also gave the three Dukedom a slap.

Therefore, the Blue Feather Legion does not urge Prince Widlerk to speed up the journey. A large battle is obviously not enough for the Blue Feather Legion. At least two second-line corps have to be dispatched from the rear. The reconnaissance has been learned that Eskilin Dukedom, Rimondra Dukedom, Cannas Dukedom, each of the three Dukedoms sent a legion of reinforcements to the Sidings Dukedom, plus the remaining armed forces of the Sidings Dukedom Strength, the total strength has exceeded 220,000.

If the enemy’s reinforcements have not yet arrived in Efenasburg, and there are still some entanglements in the logistics supply, frontline command, etc., perhaps the Blue Feather Legion is already under siege. The current situation is that the second field division of the Blue Feather Legion is setting up a defensive front in a mountainous area more than forty miles from Efenasburg, arranging the battlefield for the future big battle here, and waiting for the arrival of the two second-line corps. front.

The top of the Blue Feather Legion is very optimistic that as long as two follow-up second-line regiments arrive, the Kingdom Army with a strength of up to 160,000 will be able to slap the other side of more than 200,000 people, and the victory of the battle will be defeated by Siddings Dukedom. The facts of doubt. There are even many high-level executives who believe that the delay of Prince Wedler’s trip is not a bad thing for the Blue Feather Legion. After all, this battle is dominated by the Blue Feather Legion, which is better than the implementation of the sickle plan to break into the Kingdom of Nasri is much better at fighting the Red Dragon Army and the Griffin Army…

Therefore, Prince Wedrek’s itinerary was even less tense. Until mid-August, after two and a half months of the war, he finally arrived in the city of Emis and rested for three days before he began to handle the business. After the handover ceremony and the handover of the city and the captives, the first field division of the Blue Feather Legion can finally go to the front line. Because the weather began to heat up, Prince Widler was in the city of Amys, and he did not want to move the door, appointed two honorary generals to follow him, and headed to the two port cities of Dukedom in Westings. Handed over, there are two divisions of the second-line army stationed in the city of Emis.

Claude’s eleventh field battalion has become the only unit of the Blue Feather Legion to stay in the city of Eames. Of course, their duty is to protect the personal safety of the esteemed Prince Wedrek, and the battle camp of the Guards. In the same way, staying in the military camp all day and doing nothing. The main reason is that this distinguished second prince is more concerned about his personal safety. He never went out in the city government, which was protected by the Guards Corps Combat Battalion, and saved a lot of trouble for everyone.

Claude, who is okay, occasionally goes out to the military camp, but the city of Amys is considered to be the Sidings Dukedom. In addition to the national capital of Efenasburg, and the second largest city outside the two harbour cities, the mountain goods of the Odin Mountains have always been produced. The market is famous, but after being occupied by Kingdom, the market has become very depressed. Not to mention the market, most of the residents in the city are closed and closed, and they are not willing to go out at home. Unless you are going to the temple to pray or buy food, it is rare to see local residents strolling around on the road.

Claude went a long way to find a grocery store that was still open. He wanted to go in and buy a few bottles of fruit wine and bring it back to the military camp to drink with four nobility children. As a result, the shopkeeper, who was frightened, shook his head in a hurry, indicating that no alcohol was available for sale. Until Claude paid a silver thale, the owner looked around and found that there was no abnormality outside. He took four bottles of unlabeled fruit wine from the counter and handed it to Claude.

On the way back to the barracks, Claude discovered why the shopkeeper was so nervous. A team of fully armed men and women, led by two honors, were knocking on the door and knocking on the door to enter the house. In the past, I learned that this is the taxation team that belongs to the Prince of Wedrek. The execution of the prince’s order imposes a war tax on the residents of All Amyes. If there is no money, it will be compensated by the valuables in the house…

In general, it is normal for the occupier to impose a war tax on the residents of the occupied area. The only difference is that Prince Wedrek has tripled the amount of this war tax and will The tax amount is implemented on the head of every resident, and even the newborn baby is not missed. Obviously, he is making a fortune for himself by levying a war tax…

Claude has no right to manage this, he can only go back to the camp, and his eyes are not seen.

At the end of September, the preparatory work for the battle was completed. The two second-line corps that arrived from the rear had arrived at the front line and entered the scheduled battlefield position. Whether it was the army of the Kingdom of Aueras or the four-nation coalition led by the Dukedom of Siddings, the default was The battlefield where this battle is located is ready to do its best to win.

Only the eleventh field battalion that has nothing to do is still in the city of Amis. Some officers who are eager to make further contributions to the battlefield are secretly cursing how their battalion has spread such a bad luck. No way to join this decision is a Dukedom. Even in the great battle of the situation in the eastern part of the whole continent, it is obvious that this is a big battle that can be named as a history of youth. It is a pity to miss this opportunity.

It’s Claude. It’s okay to go to Perent’s doctor to talk about it. For Dr. Perent, the days of staying in the city of Amys are enough for leisure, not for the 11th field camp that is not responsible for the city or tax collection. A few wounded and sick people, only two hapless mouths eat and eat bad food, vomiting and diarrhea, a medical soldier can take care of them.

So the two people who are okay often look at the map of Siddings Dukedom, and let Claude wonder that the three Dukedoms, such as Eskilin Dukedom, Rimondra Dukedom, and Cannes Dukedom, have not been affected by the war. The strength of their country, from the declaration of war to the present, more than enough to form four legions, but why only send a legion to support the Dukedom?

In addition, there is the Kingdom of Nasri. The news of the attack on the Dukedom in Sidings should also be acted upon. It is imperative to send one or two legions to support. Why has there been no news of the Kingdom of Nasri dispatching troops to support the Dukedom? ? The Kingdom of Nasri is a four-armed regiment. After the war broke out, it announced the recruitment and expansion of eight second-line corps. At present, there are three standing corps in the Western Front against the Red Dragon Army and the Griffin Legion. They can draw two legions. Come to support the Siddings Dukedom…

Things always say good, not bad, and bad spirits. In the wild speculations of Claude and Perent, a scorpion net has been shrouded in the front of the Blue Feather Legion and the heads of the two second-line corps. Kingdom of Aueras The Army’s staff members once again made the overestimation of their own underestimation of the enemy’s mistakes when making strategic plans. In their delusions, a group of Kingdoms can defeat two or three legions of the enemy. Even those second-line corps, it is a matter of course to defeat the enemy’s standing army.

And as long as Kingdom’s army starts attacking, the enemy can only retreat in addition to defense, until it is forced to fight the battlefield battle, and then defeated by the heroic and invincible army of Kingdom. I will be pleading for a request for a war and a summation. Therefore, in the minds of these staff members, they only need to make a plan to keep on attacking. No one will ever think that the enemy will jump into the wall and fight to launch a counterattack…

No one can expect that the Anti-African Five League has already set its sights on the Blue Feather Legion. The Kingdom of Nasri prefers to step back on the Western Front. It also decided to eliminate the Blue Feather Legion deep into the Dukedom of Sidings and relieve this affliction. . They quietly transferred two standing corps from the west line and transferred them to three second-line corps to defend against the attack of the Red Dragon Legion and the Griffin Legion.

Then they moved the two standing regiments quietly to the border of Dukedom, and sneaked into the territory of Dukedom, ready to smash the Blue Feather Legion and the two second-line corps from the rear after the battle began. Ten thousand enemies. The Anti-Africa Confederation has made up its mind to completely break the Kingdom of Aueras into the claws of the Düdins of Siddings.

In fact, the Blue Feather Legion and the two second-line corps are not only facing more than 200,000 enemies. The other three Dukedoms who sent to support the Dukedom are not a legion, but two legions, in the blue. Behind the known more than 200,000 enemy forces facing the Legion, there is another legion hidden. There are also two standing corps of Kingdom of Nasri, on the side of which is the joint fleet of anti-Austrian five-nation alliances, escorting two regiments to land in the harbour city of the already occupied Westin Dukedom, cutting off the blue The plume’s retreat to two harbour cities…

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