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Chapter 246 Ignition and Fireball


In fact, Claude’s demonstration of the bright pearl, ignition and water collection, and what he said is the harmless spell that Mrs. Maria said. It is said that such a harmless spell is sold to the registered mage at the price of ten crowns in the magic store opened by the special department of Royal Capital, so that they can achieve more of their own purpose by showing off and fancy on the road of making a girl. . In fact, these so-called harmless spells are castrated versions, and the special department guarantees that these spells will not cause great magic damage to others.


For Mrs. Maria, in addition to the bright pearl, this lighting spell is very helpful for her to read the book in the evening, the rest of the ignition water collection and exploration is a dispensable spell. After all, she was born in a nobility family. She has a good life and does not need to go to the candle. She only needs to press the summoning bell when she is thirsty. The servants will give her a variety of delicious drinks.


For Claude, there was never a useless spell, just useless. Just like the Pearl of Light, the three spells of ignition and water collection, it is simply the best choice to live in the mountains. Or Claude thinks privately that these three spells should be more effective for the girl mage than the spider hand she wants to exchange and precisely control the two spiders. There are illumination sources, fire and clean water at night. So life in seclusion in the mountains will not be so difficult.


As for exploration, this was added later by Claude. He just feels weird, rune mage has the eye of exploration, and battle mage also has insights, but the natural spell that girl mage said does not see the spell of Magic Power imprint, so she will be very disadvantaged. First, it is impossible to tell whether the other party is the same kind or not, and there is no ability to cast spells, so that when she communicates with others in the future, it is easy to be counted by the unscrupulous magician.


Second, she is easy to waste her Magic Power, such as the poisonous smoke trap she set in the witch woods. She often re-sets it in five days, because she can’t tell which ones are about to expire and can continue to maintain one or two. day. With exploration, she can distinguish the strength and weakness of the Magic Power mark left by the poisonous smoke trap. It only needs to be added once again, so there is no need to spend two days to re-arrange. The poisonous smoke trap in the witch woods.


When Claude told the girl about the role of mage, the poor Sheila fell on the bed and tangled with which one she was going to give up. In the end, she looked at Claude with a big eyes and a pitiful look, like a puppy foraging. Although she couldn’t say it, her eyes were clear that she wanted Claude to give her all four spells. She knew that the four spells helped her and how useful she was to live alone in the witch forest with the big black wolf…


Claude avoided the big eyes and looked up at the top of the wooden zenith. It seemed to have a pattern that fascinated him, and his mouth whistled gently.


I am so angry! The girl mage on the bed was very angry, and the nasal breath was aggravated, and it was like a small wild boar. Finally, she was angry and finally opened her mouth: “I am changing with you, these four spells I have!”


“You want it?” Claude turned amazedly. “You still have a spell?”


“Not a spell!” The girl mage whispered a small mouth: “I still have three prescriptions. I use these three prescriptions to exchange the exploration with you…”


“Three prescriptions, in addition to treating colds and treating trauma, what is the prescription?” In fact, Claude deliberately reported that four spells were the idea of ​​the two prescriptions. His bottom line was a prescription for a spell. Big deal, then hand over the feathers to the girl mage in exchange for the prescription for the treatment of trauma. But I did not expect that the girl mage would like to use three prescriptions in exchange for a spell. This is really a surprise, and there is a feeling of bullying the weak woman.


“My mother still has a prescription for treating broken bones and bones, but this medicine requires the bone powder and bone marrow of the mountain leopard. The treatment effect is very effective. Only this mountain has no mountain leopard, so we did not make this ointment. If you If you can’t find the mountain leopard, you can use the Bobcats instead, but the treatment effect will be much worse.” Sheila is very sad to say that this prescription has no physical objects, she does not know Claude is willing to exchange.


“Well, I exchange with you.” Claude nodded and gave the girl mage a surprise.


When Claude went out, he had drawn the magic array structure of the five spells on the white paper and gave it to the girl mage. In the same way, he has three more prescriptions and five natural spells. In the following days, he needs to remember and use these five natural spells firmly, and then destroy the drawings of the five kinds of spells. He is now in the army and can’t carry anything about magic, lest he be found to be a magician.


Of course, he asked the girl mage to learn the five kinds of spells she had given her. After practicing in the room, the doors and windows must be closed. Don’t make too much noise to avoid the attention and panic of the soldiers. Because Claude is very clear, how to explain to others that the girl mage is just a hunter’s daughter who lives in the mountains, can’t clean the suspicion of the witch on her head, just the big black wolf next to her can make Many soldiers who heard rumors believed that the girl mage was indeed a witch…


Claude went downstairs, McJack, big man Jamie and two help communication soldiers were putting the marinated bear meat in a hot oil pan and the meat was fragrant. Although smelling incense, but the size of the palm-sized bear meat is only cooked on the surface, the meat inside is still raw, you need to put in the saucepan and pour the marinated sauce into the sauce and cook it for a while. It’s so ripe, it’s good to be marinated when it’s dried out.


“Sir, you haven’t rested yet?” the big man Jamie asked as soon as he saw Claude.


rest? Where do I rest, do you think I want to squeeze a bed with Sheila? Claude now has some regrets. When Sheila returns, she should be sent to the empty room on the second floor instead of her own bedroom. Now she is lying on her bed, and she is embarrassed to let her change room…


“McJack, you put the bear meat in the saucepan and go to the upstairs with Jamie. Move your things to that room. Later, you and Jamie will live in the room. As for your two current rooms, let it out. I live……”


Claude can’t do anything to make a toss. He just worried that the girl mage practicing spell in the room would disturb the McJack and the big man Jamie next door. The two rooms are separated by a wooden wall, and it is easy to feel the movement next door. Some time ago, Mrs. Barcus, Mrs. Barcus, was still enjoying the night and Claude. The next morning, McJack and the big man Jamie were both dark and exhausted. Because they almost listened to the corner of the middle of the night, they didn’t sleep well…


“Okay, sir, I will go and move things when I stay.” McJack replied quickly. Although I don’t know the relationship between the beauty with the big black wolf and her own chief, the relationship between the long-term and her own bedroom is definitely very close. Maybe one night, like Mrs. Baron, Mr. Barcus, it will be called another night. By then, it was hard for me and the big man Jamie to be next door. During that time, I had to squat three times a night…


It’s still a little far away to be safe, McJack is not stupid. If Claude lives in the guest room, he will sneak in the night with the beauty of the big black wolf and go through the corridor in front of Jamie’s room, if it is broken by both of them. Just like Claude holding Mrs. Barcusi’s wife Baron back to the room, she heard the movement, opened the door and looked at it, and wanted to give herself two big slaps…


Claude didn’t even think that he had to make a decision to change his house to make his own intimate serviceman think. After he told him, he put on the rind of the animal skin and went to the stone warehouse next to him to check the situation of the squadron soldiers. By the way, he went to the camp gate to check the post. These things should have been handled by Mark, but when he looked at his drunken look at night, he knew that these things could not count on him.


After more than a week, the girl mage suffered a recovery and she recovered, but she complained to Claude that the dental medicine that Claude had given her was military, and the quality was not very good in some way. For example, hemostasis is an advantage, but it will leave scars. The reason why Sheila was very dissatisfied was that her left chest was there under the ribs and there were three claw marks that were half a foot long. She hates to say that if she has already made a cream for treating trauma, she will not leave such three claw marks on her chest.


Claude would like to study these three claw marks, but unfortunately the girl mage did not give him this opportunity. During this time, Sheila, who was lying in bed, became more and more lazy. In addition to going to the bathroom for convenience and taking a bath and getting out of bed, she basically stayed on the bed for a whole day. Spell’s hand and precise control, whether it’s cleaning or reading, she uses these two spiders to do things. Even using the hand of the spell to smash the big black wolf in the air, the other hand of the spell transforms into a brush, and the big black wolf is cleaned.


As for the Pearl of Light and the water-collecting technique, she did not cast less. There was always a bright pearl on the room. The two glasses of water that I drank every day were the clear springs brought out by the water collecting technique. At last, the doors and windows were closed tightly, and the curtain curtains were tightly closed. The people who toss outside inside did not know.


These two days, the girl mage is studying the magical array structure of the ignition, because she inadvertently found that the spell’s magical array structure is somewhat similar to the magical array structure of her fireball that her mother is good at. It’s just that Sheila is less than thirteen years old and has just started to practice meditation with her mother. It has not yet become a formal single-ring natural mage.


Once she followed her mother to collect mushrooms on the mountain and met several wolves. Her mother just reached out and used several small fireballs to blow the little wolves down the hill. The girl mage who thinks that her mother casts a small fireball is simply handsome, so when she returns home, she is entangled in her mother to learn. Her mother feels funny, and she just started to practice meditation. How can she learn about spell? But in order not to let the young Sheila disappoint, her mother still painted the magical structure of fireball on the table, teaching her how to cast fireball. Of course, the girl mage at that time was just listening, she Fireball will not be released.


Later, Sheila’s mother followed the other magician to the treasure hunt and never came back. The girl mage was only fourteen years old and had not been promoted to a single-ring natural mage. Originally thought that her mother came back after half a year, she became stupid after she became a single-ring natural mage. Without her mother’s magic book, she didn’t know what the basic spell was. After waiting for a few more months, there was no way to engrave the five spells that I remembered, and waited until now.


Because the fireball technique was first taught by her mother, she only left a vague impression on the mind of the girl mage. She couldn’t recall the magical array structure of the entire fireball technique, so there was no way to cast this aggressive spell. Now that she got the magical structure of the ignition that Claude gave him, she became more familiar and more familiar, and finally gradually recalled the magical structure of the fireball that her mother gave her on the table.


Claude was also amazed when the girl mage told Claude about her discovery. I remember that Mrs. Maria had told him that condensing is actually a simplified version of freezing. The special department reduced freezing to icing, and as a harmless spell, it can only be used to make small ice cubes for cold drinking in summer. Then ignition is also likely to be a simplified version of fireball, so their magical array structure is somewhat similar, but fireball is much more complicated than ignition. Sheila can recall the magic character of fireball according to this ignition. This is really good news.


The girl mage’s eager pen draws a dozen similar magical array structures on paper, and I hope to test which one is fireball. Claude grabbed her and made her laugh and laugh. I don’t look at where I am now. If she is allowed to test fireballs in the room, Claude can guarantee that this wooden building will cease to exist today. Besides, is it a joke to test these magic array structures? The wrong magic array structure will make the caster’s light spell explode in the hand, and the heavy one will produce the spell reflexion. It is not a trivial matter to hurt the six-pointed star in the spiritual space. That means a lot of things have to come back…


Claude repeatedly promised to wait for the rainy season to pass and she went to the back hill to test the fireball technique. The girl mage who couldn’t wait to give up the experiment of fireball immediately, pouted and began to draw Magic Power rune in the new bear skin. Since Claude has exchanged the beastly mimicry, even if he doesn’t see the spell again, he has to be familiar with how to draw this Magic Power rune. He asked the girl mage, why do you value this bear skin so much?


The girl mage said that because of this new bear skin, she could transform into a big black bear and go back to the mountain to recapture a cave that was regarded as a bear cave. In the cave, her mother has a lot of books in it…


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