Chapter 347 Victory and Expansion

Claude now looks at McJack and always feels a bit awkward. This kid has become his own cheap brother-in-law. His beautiful and well-behaved younger sister has become the wife of this kid. I can only say that this kid has gone. . It’s a bad time, or it’s a good news, and the younger sister Anna is forced to leave home by the mother’s marriage, so McJack’s life is a void, and she becomes the son-in-law of the Fred family… …

It was the younger brother Bloweyk who was very happy. Every time I saw Anna, McJack was called to drink and was so busy that it was like a dog. Now that someone has replaced him, he is very happy to be taught by the elder sister, so he does not object to McJack becoming his own brother-in-law. Instead, he thinks that he is elder sister, Anna, who is a wife in this life, and bronchitis is affirmation. of……

If Anna is not magician, then McJack will definitely think that this marriage is perfect. He himself could not think of becoming Claude’s brother-in-law. He never thought of Anna and thought that he would have a relationship with this proud lady. Or the inferiority of being a beggar on the streets when he was a child. He never saw himself as an equal person with Claude, even though he is now the official First Lieutenant officer of Kingdom.

In McJack’s heart, he regarded Claude as his own master. It was Claude who took care of him in the military camp and taught him how to survive and develop in the military camp. He followed Claude to learn to read and write, learned various military skills, became a good Kings officer, became Claude’s most trusted and important adjutant, and he dedicated his loyalty to Claude.

When McJack was young, he followed a crippled old tramp in the town, listening to the old tramp and the pub in the pub talking about magician, who often scared him in order to tease the little McJack, the magician favorite thing to do was Turning people into frog sheep and monsters, which left him a deep psychological shadow. So when he discovered that Anna was a magician and he was tied into a scorpion, the most feared thing was what he would be turned into…

As a result, he did not become a frog, nor was he turned into a monster. Instead, Anna wanted to be his wife. This is a beautiful thing he never dreamed of, except for the fear of facing Claude’s anger, McJack’s heart is more of a surprise. But no matter what, McJack has unwittingly reduced the fear of magician, as long as Anna can become his wife, he does not care whether magician is evil.

During the war, all should be simplified. Since the younger sister insisted on marrying McJack, Claude certainly had no right to oppose this good thing. It’s just not suitable for a wedding now, so after seven days, Claude took some of the friends in the barracks to Greno Castle, the capital of Amphitheatre, and the Moon Temple in the city for younger sister Anna and McJack. A very simple wedding ceremony, sent his own blessings.

However, because the war was just around the corner, McJack did not get a wedding holiday, all of which had to wait for the Rangers to destroy the Pankle Legion, the Clardo Legion, and regain all the lost ground. Younger sister Anna had to stay in Lanhu Town for a while, and when the war came to an end, she could bring her husband home to give another explanation to mother.

On May 11th, the Rangers Division led an overseas field army to approach the camp of the Pankle Legion. Since the reconnaissance cavalry of the Pankee Legion has been suppressed by the 3-1 battalion, the majority of the squadrons until the 10 li camp is still not discovered by the enemy. General Michelle took the initiative and ordered all the officers of the Ranger Division to launch, incarnate the light cavalry, and raided the camp of the Pankle Legion.

The Pankelai Legion was divided into two divisions, one stationed in the camp and one attacked the port of Patras, the capital of the Robisto municipality. The enemies stationed in the camp could not resist the rushing rush of the tide, and soon they were rushed to the defensive positions, and their camp was in the hands of the Rangers.

Without the logistics and replenishment provided by the camp, the Pancra legion, which was besieged under the city of Patras, insisted on lifting the white flag for three days and surrendered to the Ranger. The warrior’s regiment only paid a minor casualty, and General Michelle followed the command of the Rangers and a team of overseas field corps, and flew directly to the Clardo Legion, which was directly under the jurisdiction of the White Ghana.

The enemy has already learned of the destruction of the Pankelai Legion, and the Clardo Legion has regained its power to attack the city of Brikaman, setting up three defensive fronts around the town of Ginko. However, because of the huge gap in combat power, equipment, morale, etc., the Clardo Legion could not resist the siege of the Rangers. After only three days of defense, the soldiers of the Rangers broke into the town, separating the enemies on the defensive positions into two halves, attacked and destroyed before and after.

In particular, Claude, as a combat staff member of General Michelle, drew on the lessons of his failure to lead the 3-1 battalion attack on the logistics base of Giinco Town, commanding the artillery regiment’s artillery unit to destroy all the way forward. The house made the offensive team smoothly split the enemy of the town of Ginko into two, and then attacked the enemy, forcing the enemy to rush out of their position, launching a helpless counterattack charge to the offensive force, and then becoming a target to be knocked down. Ground…

After a total of seven days of fighting, the Claydo Legion suffered more than half of the troops. The remaining troops could only surrender to the Rangers after they had finished their work. Claude was eager to find the enemy officer who arranged the artillery position, but after interrogating the prisoners, he discovered that the staff of the Clardo Legion, who had placed the artillery position, was hit by the artillery on the second day of the battle, and the collapsed house gave him Buried under the ruins, people are already stiff when they dig out…

In just one and a half months, the two regiments of the enemy were annihilated, and the tourtaker group was famous for the earthquake. Immediately after the Ranger’s group built a pontoon at the ferry, three heavy field artillery positions were quietly placed along the ferry.

Without the expectation of General Michelle, the Nubissia continent sub-fleet of Hicks Kingdom’s Navy’s fleet was dispatched, and seven warships and 11 armed merchant ships were forced along the Dolly River to push the ferry directly under the jurisdiction of Ghana. The pontoon, bombarded the camp of the Rangers. The result fell into the trap set by General Michelle, and the three hidden heavy field artillery positions fired together, and the enemy’s fleet was inevitable on the Dolly River, becoming a living target.

The battleship carried out an artillery battle against the field artillery for an hour and a half. The enemy’s fleet dropped four warships and eight armed merchant ships to sneak away. But this does not mean that they can safely return to the port of Vibator, where the port of Patras, the capital of Robisto’s municipality, has already placed 12 heavy field artillery pieces and blocked the entire Dolly Bara. The estuary and river course of the river, the enemy fleeet does not open the gun when it comes to shut the door to fight the dog…

The undefended enemy fleet was once again bombarded by heavy field artillery. After only half an hour of artillery, the enemy had only one heavily damaged armed merchant ship lucky to escape the Dolly River. Hicks Kingdom The submarine fleet of the Neptune Fleet, which was placed in the port of Vibator, was completely annihilated, and all seven ships were sunk in the Dolly River.

Without the threat from the sea, the Dolly River will no longer be the gateway to the enemy fleet. In mid-June, the Rangers led an overseas field army to cross the Linipaba River, sweeping the two territories directly under the river, Robisto and Beringer, and regaining all the lost towns. At the end of July, he entered the last collapsed Cromwell Overseas Director, sweeping the whole territory and conquering the capital of Weckham Castle in mid-August. At this point, the Rangers Group has recovered all lost ground.

“General, why don’t we attack the enemy’s Vibatato colonial county, but stationed at the border? If we capture the enemy’s Vibator port, then the enemy will lose the only military port, and it will no longer be able to transport troops and logistical support. Nubissia continent, the entire colony of Hicks Kingdom will fall into the hands of Kingdom…”

The Viputal Colonial County was the colonial territory of the Kingdom of Nasri. Because of the huge debt owed to Hicks Kingdom, it had to be repaid with this colony. Hicks Kingdom also received the only excellent port of the Nubiansia continent’s colony, enabling it to transport troops and supplies to suppress the indigenous riots that occurred in Kingdom’s inland colonial territories.

After recovering Cromwell’s overseas direct control, the Rangers were stationed on the colonial borders of the two countries and did not march into the Viputal Colonial County of Hicks Kingdom. The senior officers of the Ranger Corps raised doubts at the military meeting of the division, agreeing that they should win the battle, capture the enemy’s port of Vibator, and sever the enemy’s reinforcements from Freia Continent, and enemies in all the colonies of the Nubissia continent. They are all under the jurisdiction of Kingdom.

General Michelle can only smile and explain to everyone: “Gentlemen, our Rangers have recovered all the lost ground, destroyed the enemy Pankelai Legion, the Clarion Legion, and all the enemies in the lost territory. The garrison, along with the Veyto Port Fleet of the Neptune Fleet, is expected to have destroyed and captured more than 250,000 enemies. This is a very heavy blow for Hicks Kingdom, they lost in Nubissia. Continent colony garrison two-thirds of the force.

From the inner desire, I also hope to enter the enemy’s port of Vibator and return all the colonies of the Hicks Kingdom in the Nubissia continent to the pocket of Kingdom. But no, the above issued a strict order prohibiting us from entering the enemy colony. The reason is very simple. Our Rangers group came here to give Hicks Kingdom an awkward lesson, instead of angering the Freia Continent’s Northland overlord and fighting another battle with our Kingdom.

If we occupy all the colonial territories of Hicks Kingdom in the Nubissia continent, then the most likely outcome is that Hicks Kingdom is aligned with the Kingdom of Nasri, Canas Dukedom, and once again in the eastern part of Freia Continent. This is only a few years after the end of the war, and it will be a disaster for Kings who is slowly recovering Essence Qi. Because no one of us can predict, Kingdom can still win in the next battle.

Now our Kingdom’s special envoy to Hicks Kingdom should be on the road. The best ending is that Hicks Kingdom accepted this lesson and reached a peaceful armistice agreement with Kingdom to restore peace and tranquility to Nubissia continent. If Hicks Kingdom is not convinced that we still have to compete with our Kingdom, then as long as the port of Vibato is in their control, they will only send the reinforcements to the Nubissia continent, instead of turning their attention to the Kingdom.

Our Rangers group, since we can defeat the enemy once, no matter how many reinforcements the enemy sends again, we will continue to defeat and destroy them until the enemy can not bear such a huge loss, and bow down to us. Gentlemen, do you have this confidence? ”

“Yes!” All the officers who participated in the military conference stood up and responded loudly.

General Michelle was very satisfied with the effect of his speech, so he then assigned his own tasks to the officers who participated in the military conference. It was nothing more than training overseas field corps, building various defensive facilities, and several overseas direct jurisdictions in the rear. Continue to recruit and do the preparations for the worst outcomes.

The task that Claude received was very simple. He returned to the governor of Aphrodite and expanded the 181st and 3rd battalions into a regiment. The required soldiers were selected from the civilian age-appropriate youths of each municipality and within six months. Form combat effectiveness.

In fact, in the battle of the Rangers’ annihilation of the Pankle Legion, the Clardo Legion, and the recovery of all the lost territories, the 3-1 battalion only played a role as a scouting light cavalry, with almost no casualties. As Sevict Colonel said, when the big troops did not arrive, you had already squandered the limelight and made countless merits. Now that it’s their turn to go to battle, don’t come and snatch the merits.

At the end of October, the 181st camp was returned to the town of Lanhu, which was directly under the jurisdiction of Amphitheatre. They will be expanded into a group of 13th and 1st in the area, and select the appropriate civilian youth group from the recruits recruited by the rear court. Enlisted in the army, start recruit training, and set up the field camp of the subordinates. Things are very busy, but for Claude, the most important thing is to send younger sister Anna and McJack to go home to visit relatives, so that mother has a wish.

McJack won a half-year home leave this time, one of which is a wedding holiday after the break, and one month is a round trip. On the night before their departure, Claude took the younger brother Bloweyk to the cabin rented by younger sister Anna and spread two drawings in front of younger sister Anna.

Claude said very seriously to younger sister Anna, this is the drawing of two weapons he designed. I hope that younger sister Anna can help him with the alchemy magic symbol when he returns home. McJack can help him with his own. Military skills and weapon knowledge give younger sister Anna a puzzle. Claude wanted to study it herself, but because she was in the military camp, it was inconvenient, so I could only ask the younger sister to help him.

The first drawing is a schematic diagram of a long-handed grenade. The drawing is relatively simple. The difficulty lies in the setting of the fire-fighting device and the delay in the throwing time. The second drawing shows a revolver. The biggest difficulty lies in bullets, shells and fire.

Claude has no hope of developing any rifle, just jump directly to the revolver. He once saw a western film. The protagonist in the film made a lead-head bullet with a small die-casting device. He placed a primer at the bottom of the shell, stuffed with gunpowder, and then set the bullet, and a bullet was completed.

Although the revolver’s range is not far, Claude believes that if younger sister Anna can help him develop a practical bullet, then the days of bid farewell to the arquebus will be very fast. Of course, no matter whether the weapons on these two drawings can be studied, the most important thing is to keep secrets and not let any outsiders know…

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