The third hundred 48 chapter theater settings

Holy Light On January 28, 586, Hansback Grand arrived in Tyrrsim. This time, he represented the Stellin royal family to inspect the overseas jurisdiction of Nubissia continent, and by the way, the long-distance equipment and logistics supplies were delivered to the Rangers and Overseas Fields. Among them, the Obas mark 3 musket is almost full thousand, ready to replace all the old-fashioned arquebuses equipped by the local garrison armed forces…

All the way to the inspections and condolences, when Grand arrived in the Amphitheatre, it was already at the end of March, and the rainy season just passed. Claude led the newly-expanded zip-riding light battalion battalion responsible for the Grand Prince’s security policing mission. After accompanying Grand Prince to inspect the capital of Amphitheatre and meet with the governor and the admiral, Claude will accompany Grand Prince to the port of Patras, the capital of the Royal Jubilee, because of the division command of the Rangers. It is there.

On April 18th, Grand Prince arrived in the port of Patras, and General Michelle held a grand parade of ceremonies to welcome Grand Prince.

After the parade ceremony, Grand Prince delivered a warm speech in public, winning tens of thousands of live audiences and cheering troupes of the parade ceremony and overseas field troopers. The atmosphere was extremely warm.

After the speech, Grand Prince also performed the honor and promotion of the ceremonies for the officers and men of the merits. The most noticeable one was that General Michelle was promoted from the rank of Lieutenant General to the rank of general. The title was promoted to honor count by honor viscount. . Claude was given the title of “Kingdom Honor Baron”, and the two of them were the only two of the Rangers’ promotion and title.

By the way, when Claude was given a baron, there was still a formality, which was what he wanted to give. According to the general situation, Claude can choose the word security, which is the first word of the Aphrodite rule, or you can choose the word, or white, which means that the merits are from Robisto and Beringer. The two directly-administered consensues, even the gram-words, can also be used to commemorate the collapse of the Cromwell Direct Jurisdiction.

But Claude chose Chinese characters, which made Hansback’s Prince very confused. He didn’t understand why Claude chose Chinese characters to give words. Claude explained that it was Hansback’s great Prince who knew the talents, and he was able to get himself to the military and finally get the Knights Medal. Therefore, Claude was grateful, in order to show that he did not forget the gift of Grand Prince, so he took the first word of the name of Prince to give the word.

Even if Grand thought that Claude was making a flattering, he was still very happy. Everyone liked the person who knew the newspaper, so he made a big stroke and recognized the title of Claude as a Chinese character. From this moment on, Claude became Claude. Han. Fred baron. Even with his family, there is a Chinese character in the first name and last name.

Although it was explained to Grand Prince, in Claude’s mind, this Chinese character is the only word in his life that can be connected to his previous life. Because his past life was a Han Chinese, this is a word that represents two thousand years of splendid civilization, great and glory. Even after the rough and hardships, modern times have been humiliated. However, after Claude passed through the moment, the motherland with Chinese characters as the main nationality has re-established itself as the leader of the world in the world after more than 30 years of reform and opening up…

After the promotion and the ceremony, it is a grand celebration party. It was only Claude that the Hansback Grand Prince didn’t seem to have much interest. The banquet soon disappeared with General Michelle. Sure enough, when he returned to his residence at night, Claude received a notice of a military meeting at 9 am the next morning.

“…Hicks Kingdom once again ignored Kingdom’s willingness to peace, and they simply refused to admit defeat in the Nubissia continent. They proudly told the Kingdom’s special envoy that the Pankee Legion and the Clardo Legion were completely annihilated, and The powerful army that does not mean Hicks Kingdom is not as powerful as the Kingdom of Aueras. Because the two legions are armed with colonial garrison, not the standing army of the Hicks Kingdom…”

Hansback Grand Prince brought the bad news that the war will continue for the officers of the Rangers who participated in this high-level military conference. Fortunately, Hicks Kingdom did not turn its attention to the Kingdom of Kingdom, where to climb where to fall. Reluctantly, Hicks Kingdom announced that it would ship five standing corps to the Nubiansia continent colony, using offensive defenses to fight the invading Kingdom of Aueras, until it annihilated all the enemies who invaded the Hicks Kingdom colony… …

“No, how do we become aggressors? Are we stationed on the borders of the two countries’ colonies and have not invaded the one-inch territory of the Hicks Kingdom colony?” Many senior officers called Hicks Kingdom the Rangers as their invaders in the Kingdom colony. I am puzzled.

Hansback Grand Prince smiled: “Because Hicks Kingdom has always been overbearing that the land they have occupied is their territory. How else can they occupy the entire northern part of Freia Continent? Cromwell is directly in the Hicks Kingdom colony. In the hands of the garrison for half a year, according to their Kingdom’s jurisprudence, this land became their legal and undeniable colony. We recovered the Cromwell colony, and in their view, it was an indiscriminate invasion…”

“Nonsense!” “There is no reason!”…

All the officers present here are very angry. The war is not over yet. Hicks Kingdom thinks that Kingdom’s overseas direct jurisdiction has become their legal colony. This is simply an insult to Kingdom and a contempt for the Kingdom army. Almost everyone is gearing up at this moment, ready to give the Hicks Kingdom army a good lesson in the next war.

A staff aide in the vicinity of Grand Prince walked to the wall hanging the map and introduced the army of Hicks Kingdom to the officers of the Rangers. Hicks Kingdom is located in the northern part of Freia Continent, occupying the entire northern region, with 57 counties in 13 states. The army is divided into the army and the navy. The army has fifteen standing army regiments. Basically, one state is stationed in a standing army. The total strength of a standing army is about six Wan Sanqian people. The scale is actually similar to that of the Kingdom of Aueras’ ace field army, and its standing armed forces are nearly a million troops.

The Navy of Hicks Kingdom is the Neptune Fleet, whose main mission is to prevent the evil magician and pirate groups of Siklos island from attacking the northern part of the continent and the coastal archipelago. But the so-called Siklos island evil magician once again invaded Freia Continent’s rumors year after year, basically no one took this rumor seriously. The Neptune Fleet without opponents began to reach out to the Nubissia continent, and after obtaining the port of Vibato, they could not wait to set up a sub-fleet, but all of the sub-fleet was sunk in the Dolly River.

In fact, the Pankle Legion and the Clarion Legion, which were annihilated by the Rangers, were also one of the standing legions of the Hicks Kingdom. The two regiments were transported to the Nubissia continent as the main force to suppress the indigenous riots in their colonies. Hicks Kingdom also recruited three local army corps in the colonial territories to form the colonies. After sweeping the indigenous riots in the territory, they turned their eyes to the overseas governor of the Kingdom of Aueras.

Hicks Kingdom originally thought that with the strength of the Pankelai Legion and the Clarion Legion, they could bite several overseas direct-collecting collars from the Kingdom of Aueras. I didn’t expect to steal the chickens and the two legions were completely smashed. All destroyed, all the occupied sites were recovered, and the colony lost troops nearly twenty four-five million.

For the Hicks Kingdom, which has always been bullish, it is an intolerable face-lifting act. They are determined to compete with the Kingdom of Aueras in the Nubissia continent to decide the outcome. Just as they claimed to the Kingdom of Aueras, what was annihilated by the two legions, the Hicks Kingdom had elite troops, sent five legions in the past, and then sent ten legions, and did not believe that the Kingdom of Aueras did not believe. surrender……

In fact, just before the big Prince informed the bad news that the war would continue, the officers and men of the Rangers group had already prepared for continued operations. Because in the first two months, there were spies sent from the port of Vibatato. Hicks Kingdom has already transported three legions to the Nubissia continent. There are already two legions on the border and the Rangers and the Overseas Field Corps. Confrontation, but the two sides can still exercise restraint and there is no conflict in the fire.

In this respect, it may be that the strength of the Hicks Kingdom is not in place, so I don’t want to have a premature engagement with the Rangers. On the other hand, the Rangers’ observance of the above orders must not cross the border and should not be provocative, lest it adversely affect the peace negotiations between Kingdom and Hicks Kingdom. But now it is confirmed that Hicks Kingdom still wants to continue the war. Immediately, there are officers who propose to preempt, and when the enemy and two regiments do not arrive in the port of Vibator, they will destroy the two regiments deployed by the enemy on the border… …

However, both Grand Prince and General Michelle rejected the proposal. Preemptive strikes are a viable strategy, but not in line with Kingdom’s strategic needs. What Kingdom needs now is not to defeat the enemies that are about to invade, but to make the powerful Hicks Kingdom continue to lose blood in the Nubissia continent until it loses its threat to Kingdom in Freia Continent.

“The loss of 250,000 troops does not care. If you lose two hundred five hundred troops, I believe that there will be no more Northland hegemony in the future.” General Michelle said that everyone is stupid. ,is it possible? Eliminating Hicks Kingdom two hundred five hundred forces, this is simply not something that can be done.

Not to mention two hundred five hundred thousand troops, that is, half of the loss, one million troops, Hicks Kingdom will hurt Essence Qi, can no longer afford the shelf of the Northland boss. Maybe some of his younger brothers around the week will still play the idea of ​​a boss who has lost too much blood, and prepare to bite the fat from him.

“I am not talking about jokes.” General Michelle said in a positive color: “We have fought with the Pankle Legion and the Clardo Legion. In fact, we did not regard them as real opponents. Their soldiers It is really brave and tenacious, and the grassroots officers are well trained. But compared with our Rangers group, their tactical tactics are very old-fashioned. The weapons and guns are also extremely backward. It can be said that we are different from us.

Don’t forget that Hicks Kingdom has been through the war for more than 40 years. Although they have huge standing arms, they have not really experienced wars. At most, it is the suppression of the indigenous riots in the colonies. It is not like us. It has just experienced a five-year continent war in the eastern region, mastering the latest tactics, equipped with the latest weapons, and possessing Rich war experience. They are dogmatic and rigid, and they only act in strict accordance with the old-fashioned war model, and this is our opportunity.

If we pre-empt, then it is certain that the enemy can’t resist our attack, and we will eventually force them to retreat to the port of Vibator with strong and comprehensive defenses. We can’t capture the port of Vibator, which is not in line with our strategy, and even risking turning Hicks Kingdom’s attention to Kingdom. But not attacking the port of Vibator means that we will fight a battle against the enemy, and the enemy will learn the latest tactics and tactics from us…

So our best strategy is not to attack the enemy, but to lure the enemy into our territory. Use space and time to lengthen the enemy’s logistics supply lines, so that they can go deep. We can concentrate on encircling them and then annihilating one legion. We have more flexible power than the enemy, more powerful firepower, I believe that no enemy will be our opponents of the Rangers. ”

Hansback Grand Prince announced several orders after General Michelle’s strategy, or it could be seen as a guide to the Kingdom of Aueras’s war on the Nubissia continent. .

First of all, the Rangers will be expanded into a legion, and the required soldiers will be recruited and transported to the Nubissia continent to join the army in the domestic age of civilian. Secondly, the seven overseas direct-collecting forces once again recruited the second overseas field army to serve as the second-line legion of the Rangers to assist the Rangers in the war against the Hicks Kingdom colony.

This order to form the second overseas field army is a big burden for the seven overseas leaders. Because the seven overseas direct jurisdictions have a total of more than 2.3 million residents of Kingdom. The two overseas field corps, together with the local garrison armed forces, have nearly 20,000 troops, which is 10 to 1 compared with the total population of Kingdom residents, and has almost exhausted all the residents of the municipality. The age-appropriate young man.

The third order is to divide the theater. Robisto, Beringer Ghana, the two directly-owned lorries on the opposite side of the Dolly River, merged into the governor of Beringer Ghana, and together with the Cromwell sect. In the battlefield, all the residents of the Kingdom in the two directly-administered territories will migrate to the immediate jurisdiction of the territory to play the role of a clear-cut field.

At the same time, Robisto on the side of the Dolly River, the remaining territories of the two direct jurisdictions of Beringa and Ghana merged together to become the direct jurisdiction of Robisto. After this division, the Robisto direct control on the map looks like a narrow area along the Dolly River. On the other side of the river, the Beringer Ghana governor’s collar looks almost twice as large as the Robisto.

The redefinition of the two direct jurisdictions of Robisto and Beringer is mainly for the convenience of combat. The bottom line of Kingdom is the two overseas direct jurisdictions of Beringer Ghana and Cromwell that can be abandoned on the other side of the Dolly River, and then defend the Robisto governor with the natural danger of the Dolly River. Even if the Dolly Bara River can’t stop the enemy’s attack, it must rely on the Claude line of the Aphrodite rule to keep the enemy out of the Aphrodite rule.

The final order of Grand Prince merged the four direct jurisdictions of Aphrodite, Robisto, Beringer, and Cromwell into the Kingdom of Aueras Nubissia continent. The highest chief is Michelle. Qi General. Starting today, Kingdom will recruit the governors and admirals of the four overseas governors, and all the military and political affairs of the four overseas direct jurisdictions will be under the jurisdiction of the warrior’s wartime command, that is, this The four overseas direct jurisdictions are in the state of wartime military management…

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