The 357th chapter of the attack in the early hours of the morning

“Reporting General, we just received a letter from the Mordred Lieutenant Colonel of the 312th Regiment. Their reconnaissance cavalry has discovered the enemy’s trail and is currently in secret surveillance, requesting instructions from the division.” Admiral Anders Major Come in and report.

“Oh, finally found it?” Claude’s spirit was a long time since he found the buffalo group, and it was only now that he found the enemy’s trail. It seems that the volunteers of the Cannes Dukedom Retreat soldiers, Legion, really want money, and know that some of their scout teams are missing, there is a great possibility of being captured and leaking their whereabouts to hunt the bison. But they are still here, this is ignoring the five enhanced divisions of the Kingdom of Aueras new War Zone, or can’t get out of the money…

“Where is the enemy? How big is it?” Claude was preparing to take a nap. I didn’t expect to lie down and Anders Major came in and reported the enemy’s whereabouts. He immediately jumped from the sleeping mat on the ground and finished the uniform. Asked.

Anders Major stepped forward to help Claude tie the armed band and replied: “The letter didn’t say it, but the estimate is not small. Because Mordred Lieutenant Colonel said in the letter of the vulture that they sent the reconnaissance cavalry because of Canna. The light cavalry of Dukedom found the enemy’s trail after the big wolf slaughtered the wolves behind the buffalo.

Slaughter wolves? Claude nodded, it is clear that the enemy has at least dispatched a regiment of troops, so it will first kill thousands of wolves trailing behind the buffalo. They are going to deal with the nasty wolves before they are ready to hunt the buffalo, so that when the official hunting begins, there is no need to worry about the wolves like a tiger watching his prey. Only the size of the army and the strength of the army do not need to worry about the revenge of the wolves, perhaps they also regard the wolves as prey…

“Blowing the number, let the troops prepare for the start. After half an hour, we will pull out the camp to the camp of the 1302 group,” Claude ordered.

Along the periphery of the bison migration route, it took two days to reach the camp of the Thunder Division 1230. This is a depression of a small mound that is nearly 4,000 meters away from the bison. In the distance, it is impossible to find a military camp hidden in these small mounds. Claude is very satisfied, Mordred this guy has finally grown up, this camp has a good choice.

Mordred, who was informed that Claude had led the troops, had ordered the soldiers to expand the camp, enough to accommodate the division’s and the two regiments. At the same time, he also greeted him early, and made a report on the situation to Claude.

Nearly a million headed bisons are distributed on the grasslands, and their width is nearly ten li or so. The enemies discovered by Mordred’s Thunder 312 group are on the west side of the tail of the buffalo group. About two regiments, after slaughter nearly a thousand grasslands Azure Wolf and red wolf, these two days have already begun. Hunting for bison. According to the secret observations of these two days, Mordred speculated that the enemy may be divided into two groups. The strength of the two regiments on each side, one on the west side of the tail of the wild cattle group and one on the east side, can speed up the efficiency of hunting the bison. Get more revenue…

Claude also sent two regiments of the Thunder Division as the first troops to search for the enemy’s whereabouts on the prairie. Now Mordred’s 312s found the enemy’s whereabouts, and Claude immediately used the eagle to send a letter to Berklin’s one or three. A group of straight into the back of the enemy, one is to cut off the enemy’s Retreat road with one hundred and three groups, and the other is to prepare to fight the enemy one package.

This volunteer Kansas Dukedom Retreat soldier, Legion, only sent a division’s strength to hunt the bison. Claude is confident that he will command the Thunder Division’s enemies in the Alberto Prairie. After an enemy fled back to report…

Only before the commanding forces launched the attack, Claude needed to observe and observe.

As can be seen from the monoculars, these Retreat soldiers of Cannes Dukedom are riding very high. They quickly separate dozens of bison from the tail of the buffalo group and easily hunted them. . It took less than half an hour from start to finish, and then the transport team that followed them moved the bodies of the bison to the car and sent them to the camp not far away. In this way, it seems that the whole process is like a very smooth buffalo slaughter line.

It is no wonder that the captured cavalry Dukedom’s reconnaissance cavalry confessed that last year it was also a division’s force, hunted more than 30,000 buffalo and earned a profit of 70,000 gold. It is no wonder that this year’s volunteer light ride Legion still sent a division to hunt the bison while knowing that his reconnaissance cavalry was captured and might leak them to hunt the bison. This is a fortune, and the 70,000,000 gold krona is indeed an extravagant that cannot be easily rejected.

Of course, this may be related to the enemy’s belief that the five divisions of the new War Zone have just been formed, have not threatened their strength, or have a lot of confidence in their combat effectiveness. They are likely to think that it is still safe to hunt the bison this year. The five divisions of the Kingdom of Aueras’s Overseas Directed New War Zone have just been formed and it is impossible to attack them…

Although the enemy has such a view, they are not the troops with rich battlefield experience hunter. The defense of their campsite was in place, and a trench with a width of two meters and a depth of three meters was dug around the camp. The excavated soil was built up to three meters in size, and the log rafts transported from the rear were combined with the soil barriers to form a protective fence that was high and small, posing extremely high on the campsite. Security barrier.

If it was last year’s Rangers, it would take a lot of casualties to get into this well-protected camp. But now Claude has the weapon of throwing the bomb, he is sure to make this wall of the enemy become the shackles that trap their own. Just before the attack, the officers and men of the Thunder Division still need to do some preparatory work, such as climbing over the trench and climbing the ladder of the wall…

“Report General, Berklin Lieutenant Colonel sent a letter from the eagle, they found the enemy’s follow-up division, and we have more than two days of travel…” The adjutant Anders Major handed Claude a new urgent letter.

“What? The enemy has a follow-up division?” Claude grabbed the letter and took a look. Berklin said in the letter that he sent a small team of reconnaissance cavalry to the white-collar Ghanaian governor and Cromwell. Look at the border, this is just an unconscious assignment. If you are lucky, you may be able to capture several enemy reconnaissance cavalry or maybe a communications soldier. But what I didn’t expect was that the scouting cavalry of the squad reached the border and suddenly found that there were still many enemy cavalry marching. It is estimated that the scale is close to a division.

Volunteer light ride Legion formed by Cannes Dukedom Retreat soldiers? why? Claude looked at the eagle’s letter, which was written by the squad, and the time when the scouts found the enemy was about 10 o’clock in the morning. It is now four o’clock in the afternoon, and nearly one day has passed. Then the enemy’s follow-up troops are likely to arrive here one day later or one and a half days later, and the time left for the Thunder Division is not much…

“The order, let Berklin Lieutenant Colonel lead the 301 group to find the right place, waiting for the follow-up notice, if necessary, resolutely block the follow-up of the enemy’s large forces, in order to delay the time for the division to encircle the enemy to hunt the bison. One hour before dinner, all the officers and men immediately rested after eating. The Thunder Division will attack the enemy’s camp in the early hours of the morning.” Claude made a decisive decision and issued a combat order.

“Yes, General.” Anders Major’s spirited salute, ready to go out and convey the order.

“Wait, let the officers in charge of all divisions of the division immediately come over, first open a pre-war seminar to determine the tasks and actions of the ministries.” Claude was also instructed.

The night is already deep, and the enemy’s campfire is burning outside. It is worthy of the elite troops who have experienced the great war of the eastern region for five years and the most serious casualties of the Rimodera Dukedom position. Their measures against night attacks have been perfected. A pile of bonfires was divided into two layers, two front and the back, separated by two thirty meters, which just covered the space of the five ten meters in front of the camping wall.

At such a distance, any enemy who wants to sneak into the camp will not escape the whistling eyes on the wall. As long as they enter the lighting range of the campfire, they will attract the sentinel’s precise cold gun shooting.

Claude and the others saw far away that a bloody smell and bacon from the camp attracted the cheetahs of the past, and at the moment of approaching the ditch, they received seven or eight Muskets from the fence. Aiming at shooting. With the flash of the fire on the wall and the rise of the smoke, the cheetah cheetah shivered and planted on the ground. After a ten-minute break, a small team of horses and a carriage were taken from the camp, and the body of the spotted cheetah was thrown into the car and returned to the camp.

All the senior officers who saw this scene have begun to express their expressions. Obviously the enemy is not a soft persimmon. Their strength should be considered a hard walnut. This is an elite force, not the standing Legion of Hicks Kingdom, which everyone is impressed with.

“Okay, go back.” Claude put away the monocular: “The enemy’s combat power is clear to everyone, not much weaker than our Thunder Division. But this time you only need to remember the tasks assigned to them, guerrilla The camp will capture the walls and the gates of the camps in the first place, and you will attack the areas under their responsibility according to the pre-combat arrangements and sweep the remnants.”

“General, are you sure that the guerrilla camp is sure to capture the enemy’s defensive walls and the gates of the camp?” Mordred asked with some concern.

“Of course.” Claude laughed: “Because we have secret weapons.”

At four in the morning, this is the darkest night has passed, the sky has already revealed a trace of white belly, but this white belly is also quickly dyed brown red. In Nubissia continent, red has become a commonplace color, the sky is red, the earth is red, and even the ocean is red…

One night of peace and nothing to let the sentinels on duty on the camp wall relax their vigilance, and after a long time, the sky will be bright, and today will be a day of intense and fulfilling. Hunting bison will make everyone very tired, but as long as they have been busy for more than half a month, each person can get two or three Jin Lunyi, and there is more money on the World than this? It is said that Legion decided to try to kill more bison and try to double it over last year, so that everyone can get double the benefits.

(Note: Jin Luny is the legal gold coin of Canas Dukedom, and the Jinkran exchange of Kingdom of Aueras is three for two.)

The bonfires on the outskirts of the camp have been mostly extinguished. Although the bonfires that have been piled up with dry cow dung are burnt, the smell is not so good, and there is a slight odor. But on the prairie, if you don’t use cow dung as fuel, there is no way to accumulate that many bonfires to guard against the night’s attacks. Now the sky is bright, and the bonfires that are extinguished are still braving the white smoke, and some are like morning fog, which are even one piece, shielding the vision of the outside of the camp.

However, such a scene has become accustomed to the sentinels on the camp wall. It will not be long before the morning winds can blow off the smoke outside the camp. Even if you hear the outside seems to be a bit quiet, I guess that the undesired wild beast is attracted by the meat in the camp and refuses to leave. It doesn’t matter, when the sky is bright, most of the cavalry in the camp is dispatched, and the wild beast outside the camp can’t run and can’t run…

So when the outside of the camp flew into countless black iron cans that fell inside the walls and walls, most of the sentinels still didn’t respond. What happened? They just stared at them and looked at them. In the far of the black iron can, there is a soldier trying to pick up a closer look at what this is…

Then there was a violent explosion, and the camp wall and the wall became a hell on earth, flesh and blood, and even the wall was blown down a small part.

“The enemy attack!” Finally, the surviving sentry screamed out loud.

In fact, he did not need to be reminded at all, the explosion has already explained all of this. The troops of the Cannes Dukedom Retreat soldiers in this camp were truly elite, and they took Musket and rushed to the wall after reacting. This is the strongest defensive position in the entire camp. Even if they are attacked by the enemy, they will never give up this line of defense. As long as there is one person, the enemy will not want to capture this wall so easily.

No soldier was shocked by the heavy casualties around the wall. Even if his comrades were wailing because of the injury, no one stopped to help him. This battlefield situation was already used in the attack and defense of Rimodera Dukedom a few years ago. It is. Soldiers rushing to the wall reinforcements are well aware that only when they first attack the Retreat enemy will they have time to help their comrades. Otherwise, once the wall is captured by the enemy, there will be more casualties of the comrades, and even the entire army will be annihilated by the enemy, perhaps including themselves…

Only when these fearless soldiers rushed to the wall to find the enemy’s whereabouts of the attack, another group of iron-smelling iron cans fell on the wall and their side, then exploded, fire, smoke, soaring human debris, countless wail And screams have become one.

These iron cans fell in the walls and walls four to five rounds a week, and no one Cannas Dukedom soldiers dared to rush to the wall. The wall has been blown up, and the log rows inside have collapsed more than ten places. But it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that the scene inside the wall is terrible. The flesh and blood and the body cover almost two meters of the ground and the wall inside the wall. There are already blood and different sizes of each and everyone on the ground…

When the soldiers of the first Thunder Division stepped on the ladder and poked their heads out of the wall and took Musket on the wall and aimed at the camp, he glanced at the tragic inside the wall and immediately lowered his head on the ladder. He spit…

There was nothing to say about the outcome of the battle. With the throwing of the bomb, Claude led the Thunder Division with no difficulty to win a tough battle. The enemies of the two regiments were annihilated, and the hard work of their work over the past few days fell into the hands of Claude.

Just to make Claude dissatisfied is that even if it consumes nearly a thousand throwing bombs, it will give the enemy a terrible casualty, so that the guerrilla camp can easily capture the wall of the enemy camp. However, when the three regiments rushed into the camp and swept the remaining remnants, they were still hit hard by the enemy. The casualties of more than 370 people made Claude angry and drove Mordred and Diavide two Lieutenant Colonel to the head…

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