IV Final report of the year

“… At present, four of the five major Seize Castles that we planned to build have been completed, and the Weckham Castle, which is under the direct jurisdiction of Kronwell, has been completed. The White Creek hill castle, which is under the direct jurisdiction of Ghana, has also been delivered and the rest is under construction and is expected to be completed in June next year.

After the completion of the five Serb castles, we will also need to improve early warning and defence against attacks from sea in the two direct jurisdictions of Kruewell and Pegasa on the road and coastal defence posts leading up to the port of Vibato. Consideration is also being given to the possibility of constructing a fixed stone bridge on the Doolinibala River to replace two small floating bridges.

However, these infrastructure projects appear to need to be postponed, and the city of Monknard, which is under the direct authority of Port Vibato, needs to be reconstructed, where white silver pits also require artificial excavation. That is the property that belongs to our war zone, which was destroyed almost after the riots of the Nikanica people in the year, and now we have to get this White Silver City back to work.

Mines and business associations have already sent experts to visit, and if they have sufficient hands, it will take only two months to get this white silver mine back to work, with an estimated 150,000 gold kroner a year worth of silver minerals, and the financial tensions facing our war zone today will be a modest remedy.

In addition, the city of Monk Nadu is located in a vast eastern mountainous area under the direct jurisdiction of Port Vibato, only 100 miles from the State established by the Nikanica, and if we do not send personnel to this abandoned White Silver City, the area of one third of the eastern part of the country under the direct jurisdiction of Port Vibato will be lost once it is occupied by the Nikanica.

My suggestion is that we should use the Nikansas who have just created the country to require our military assistance and, in the event of various transactions with our war zone, to delineate clear border lines with them in order to prevent future rectification by the ambiguity of the border line between the two sides as a result of the ambiguity of our national borders and our war zone. ‘Cause now there’s a lot of swimming Nikkansas going into the port of Vibato, and until we’re expelled by our patrol.’

This is the annual wrap-up conference, which is under the direct jurisdiction of War Zone, with the annual summary report of the General Assembly of the War Zone, with the participation of Claude, Boronik General, Alberto General, Bichiklin General, Mr. Bennett, the sole commander, and Mr. Chazorak, the new Chief of the Crown Guard and the White Order of Ghana. By the way, the heads of the former War Zone were just missing a Sevic General who had been assassinated.


city of Monk Nadu is to be re-established, as is the case with the Weckham castle, not only because of the white silver mines next to it, but also less than 100 miles from the national borders established by the Nikansas. When formerly belonging to Hicks Kingdom colonies, the city of Monk Nadu was a colony of Hicks Kingdom, so it had nothing to do with the protection of the White Silver City, which had been attacked for the first time after the riots by the Nikanica people, rescued those Nikanzai miners, killed almost all slave owners and monitors, and burned the White Silver City.

Then Claude led the Radiation Corps across the colonial county of Port Vibato, and Hicks Kingdom had only one permanent Legion Turtle shrinked in Port Vibato, and the city of Monk Nadu had been abandoned. The West Overseas Territory of Port Vibato has now become the eighth Overseas Territory of Kingdom of Aueras and, according to the original map, the Municipality of Mongold and the White Silver Mines are also under the direct jurisdiction of the port of Vibato, and the Scottish General, who has been forced by funds, has hit the idea on this white silver mine.

“We war zone this year’s fiscal deficit is close to CK 1.45 million, the main cost of which is the resettlement of immigrant relatives and the construction of Kronville, which ordered Ghana’s two direct jurisdictions.” The General continues to report: “At present, two direct settlers, nearly 2 million immigrants, and twenty three new towns, twenty. According to statistics, there are an average of 18 relatives who migrate from one soldier, the highest number of whom is sixty-seven and a minimum of six, which is the main cause of the lack of funding for our war zone…

Fortunately, most of the current two Legion officers have moved their relatives to two direct jurisdictions, and the remaining estimate of 2,300,000 will continue to arrive next year. The problem is that a large number of Kingdom native civilians have been cited by migrants who, in order to avoid civil war in the Kingdom’s own territory, are willing to move along with the relatives of our soldiers to Overseas’s jurisdiction.

The storm fleet in Whitestag City, however, only takes into account the high cost of transport and does not care if we Overseas are able to administer war zone for so many immigrants, knowing that migrants from a vessel will be transported. In addition, Tyrrsim, the governor and the Christians of the three direct jurisdictions of Mormali and Atalas, and in spite of the deaths of these immigrants, only knew that they were sent to direct jurisdiction under the War Zone. These immigrants who are now registered as not associated with our two Legion soldiers, close to 200,000, are placed under Roberto’s jurisdiction.


year, our war zone’s financial deficit, although as high as CK 1.45 million, does not require much cash. Claude General’s proposal to issue a gold release effectively addressed our lack of funding, but this does not mean that our funding problem has been resolved. In the coming year, we will not be able to collect any taxes from both Krenwell and Bailing Ghana, but will also need to be transported from a few other direct jurisdictions to Kronville and Bailing Ghana for trafficking.

That is to say, the goods that we purchased from the real gold silver, delivered to Karenwell and Bailiwich Ghana for sale under two direct jurisdiction, were received only by the bonds that we issued this year, and we simply deferred the financial problems we experienced this year to the ’s all next year. If that’s all right, I really hope that we war zone will distribute every year a spreadsheet to replace Kim Clan.

At present, the two major problems facing our war zone are the lack of financing for construction and development, which cannot be filled even by the diversion of military costs. It is a long-term process, but it is expected that we will take more than 10 years to recover the funds invested in development.

Another problem is that Kingdom has not invested in that many cash directly in Overseas, even if we do not lend so much money from the Overseas National Bank, which they do not have so much gold kroner and silver thale. This has had a very negative impact on Overseas’s direct civil trade and investment in construction. As those manufacturing plants have indicated, the commodities they produce need, but they cannot provide cash, but they can only trade in goods and increase the difficulty of dealing.

And the proposal of the Association of Mines and Commerce is that we Overseas administer war zone’s own private currency making. They purchased a few silver scrap versions from the bottom of Royal Capital’s casting market, which could be used to build crown, silver thale, Arizo and fennie, just like sunar and penny. But the lack of sunar and penny can be transported from the Kingdom, and Overseas’s direct gold copper mine is enough to make these silver Copper Coin, who are willing to provide us with 300,000 gold kroner a year in war zone… “

Claude sometimes had to be surprised by the courage of those traders in the mining and business associations, which was a killing business, and no one had done the same. The law of Kingdom provides that all silver Copper Coin can only be made by the State-run casting field, and that there is only one private silver Copper Coin, the death penalty! However, the Kingdom’s restrictions on Overseas’s direct jurisdiction have resulted in a halt to Overseas’s economic development, which the mining and business associations have been attempting to break.

Without sufficient currency, there was no significant gain, and what the Kingdom had used to do with Overseas’s direct jurisdiction was resources Plundering Form, where mining and business associations were predominantly affected, and the mineral resources they exploited could only be refined and transported to the Kingdom’s own territory for sale. Business nobility hierarchy, which is owned by the Kingdom’s own monopoly on the trade in two continents, receives most of the proceeds, leaving only residual meals to mining and business associations.

The gold mine can only be transported free of charge to Royal Capital to the Kingdom’s Treasury Department, and the mining and business associations have earned less than 10 per cent in this regard, and this is also the reason why they took these gold deposits last year in collusion with War Zone Command to seek funding for direct jurisdiction for development. It was not envisaged that their follow-on arrangements had been prepared, and that private silver Copper Coin had also pulled war zones in order to do nothing.

Claude knocked at the table and said, “Tell the people of the mining and business associations that we war zone can agree that they make the silver Copper Coin privately, but we’re going to have to get five hundred thousand gold kroners a year. We can hand over the white silver mine in Monk Nadu to them, and we war zone will help them with security. It’s just that they need to keep it secret when they make money, don’t mess with the winds of the city, and everyone knows that it’s gonna make war zones difficult.”

The Emperor of the Mountains is far away, but there is also a silence between the two continents, and the Kingdom itself is engaged in civil war in the second King’s position without regard for the development of Overseas’s direct jurisdiction. And war zone is trapped in money, and we can’t get ourselves bankrupt. Now, regardless of the illegality of the law, there is a scarecrow that should be caught first, and it is the most important to resolve the problem.

Bolognik General nodded: “I went to Tyrrsim, Mormali, Atalas’s three direct jurisdictions to negotiate with those governor supervisors about the difficulties we face in the war zone, so that they can help them not deduct the 30 per cent tax fee, so that war zone can also add about 100 million gold kroner.”


Claude, twitched his lips, Bolognik General, this is a bad idea, always thinking too well and believing in human good faith. And I don’t want to think that the three governor and the Guardians who eat the meat in their mouth are willing to spit again? Let Bolognik General touch the wall.

Mr. Bennett said, “As a result of the migration of large numbers of immigrants from the three direct jurisdictions of Kronville, Bailiwick Ghana and Roberto, large quantities of merchandise orders have been received from small and small businesses and workshops under the direct jurisdiction of Anphiston, and it is expected that next year’s tax revenues will grow significantly, and it is likely that there will also be more than 100 thousand gold kroners in commercial taxes, which should reduce the financial burden of some war zone.”

“If these 700,000 gold kroner are available next year, believe that our war zone will be better.” The General replied: “Our war zone situation is not food shortage, and winter wheat will be harvested in April next year under two direct jurisdictions in Kronville and Bailing Ghana, and then harvested in Sharma, which can also produce a potato bean after September, both of which are fertile and suitable for farming.

In addition, the development of land in five of our Serb castles and the newly constructed twenty three townships is carried out in a pattern of distribution of half of the public domains, and all of our public fields employ the families of the relocated soldiers to be cultivated and, at the time of the harvest next year, the food of two million immigrants is fully self-sufficient…

Our war zone’s largest financial investment and spending this year is here, and for them, the construction of five Serb castles is the capture of 200,000 Hicks Kingdom, and for them we need to supply food and clothing to keep them warm, provide some medical relief, and the construction of the castle cost only 100 million gold kroner.

But the families who hire two Legion soldiers to reclaim public land, build water facilities and twenty three new towns, as well as road transport facilities to those towns, cost us a million kroner, and Claude General’s recommendation to issue a gold release to alleviate our financial difficulties, otherwise we will not be able to support it long ago.

But next year we war zone will also need to continue to invest in these two straightforward public facilities, as well as the construction of small boats along the coast and the construction of small fishing vessels for fishing in the offshore sea, which will also bring us some revenue to war zone. Most importantly, we cannot let the relatives of the two Legion soldiers stay in their direct jurisdiction and do nothing, which would have a very bad impact on the security order of the two of them… ”

Claude can only laugh, and next year he will have to continue to invest in two direct public utilities, such as the establishment of patrols in each town, the establishment of national primary and secondary schools, and the administration of the communes, so that these new towns can be effectively managed, which will require substantial financial input, and it seems that another generation of gold will have to be released next year.

Bolognik General rubbed his eyebrows as Commanding Officer, the Acting Supreme Commander of War Zone, all of the difficulties facing the war zone were pressure on him, for a short and a half years, almost half of his hair and deeper wrinkles on his head.

“Let’s go first, we all know what the war zone is doing.” Bologik General said, “The Kingdom’s own soil has already erupted civil war, and we don’t know which prince can win the final victory and become our Kingdom’s new king. For us, it is our duty to do our best to take care of the direct jurisdiction over our war zone.

I have negotiated with Claude General, and next year we have to rehabilitate our two Legion, the Kingdom’s civil war, and we can no longer hear from Royal Capital. The message we received last month from the captain of a smuggled maritime vessel that had stopped purchasing goods at Port Vibato was that Hicks Kingdom had eased civil strife.

Of course we don’t know that the news is fake, but even if it’s fake, we have to be real. In the spirit of Hicks Kingdom, that king Mekyid III, he would never admit that he had lost the colonial war. Perhaps as we said about this, he has reconvened the formation of a new Legion to prepare to attack our direct jurisdiction.

I intend to relocate the War Zone Command to the Weckham Castle next spring, and now the two direct jurisdictions of Kronville and Bailiwich Ghana have become our basic platforms, and even if Hicks Kingdom raids the port of Vibato, we will not be able to withdraw Retreat from these two jurisdictions to carry out a strategy of firmness, but only to fight the enemy’s death.

Albert General, next year you bring the strength of a team of Ray Legion into the city of Monk Nadu to secure the delineation of the border between the two sides with the Nikansas. Bichiklin General, you’re in charge of the defense and early warning of the coastal zone of Port Vibato, Port Patres and War Zone, and you’re in charge of a team of rock Legion. As for Claude General, I and Claude General, respectively, are responsible for the defence and patrol of all areas under the direct jurisdiction of War Zone, which, once a war erupts, is supplemented by Claude General… “

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