Black Iron’s Glory Chapter 495

Chapter 495 Assistance

“What do you say?” Claude looks at Kefnie.

It’s Claude’s day back to Fred’s house, and he’ll be back for two nights. He built another garden on the outskirts of Western District of Lake Lang as a shelter, and there was news of a beautiful girl named Hilla that should have been passed to Kefnie’s ears earlier.

Just Kefnie doesn’t say anything, pretending that he doesn’t know anything, taking care of Claude’s days back, is more sophisticated and more gentle. That’s what Kefnie is smart about, and she’s not going to be a jealous woman, which causes Claude to be more anti- and disgusting…

But Claude didn’t expect to come back today and listen to Kefnie saying that Mother was up, that she could recover, and that she was lying for more than a month. It’s just that she got Claude’s eldest son Teslay picked up the past, and told Kefnie she was going to develop Patriarch from a qualified Fred family. It was decided that, from now on, there would be nobility education for Teslay, and that it would cost some teachers to come and teach Tesóle familiarity with nobility ceremonies, learning and style.

Troy’s 16 years old this year, too. It’s really fast. Claude didn’t pay much attention to himself, this eldest son, because Tess Ole was never close to him, but he had the best relationship with the old lady. In Claude’s eyes, his eldest son is a bear child, and in three forks, you get some exciting things out. It’s just that when Claude or Kefnie wanted to teach him a good lesson, and give him a deep memorial, Mother would always come out to shelter him, so that Claude didn’t like his eldest son so much.

“Didn’t Tess Ole just graduated from Lake Lan City? And then he’s going to read the country? Didn’t he say his grades were not good, and were often taught for bullying peers? What does Mother mean, and he can’t read the country?” Claude was trying to throw him into the force for years after he graduated from his eldest country.

But what does Mother mean now? Tess Ole was supposed to be small when he was twelve, and that’s why Mother stopped and let him play at home for more than a year. Small arrivals have become a small hegemony in the Lake Lan city because they are more powerful than one year older than their peers. Mother’s offer to give Tess Ole the nobility lesson, and it won’t let him go to the country?

“Mother meant that there was no need to go to school, and that the teaching was not a famous teacher, and there was nothing but a confession, and white delay in child innate talent. That’s what Kefnie said.” Kefnie said.

hmm. … “Claude laughs, why does a little lesson in the country just sue you and Mother for not counting? If it were not for yourself to be high, the stubborn ones like Teslay would have been hanged up by the trainers in a small country and fiercely educated stopped. Claude’s memory also preserved his body, former owner, little Claude, who had been subjected to corporal punishment when he had not crossed, when he was in Whitestag Town in the first grade of the country and in the first grade of the country.

At that time, Mr. Father Morssen, the body of former owner’s little Claude, was also Administrative Supervisor of Whitestag Town, but the teaching in schools was still as good as corporal punishment, with no intoxication, and Mr. Morssen knew that little Claude was going home to be beaten up for the second time. Now, Teslay did a bad thing in school, taught them to look after themselves, dared to go straight to corporal punishment, just to come home to confess.

Kefnie and Mother have always flowed the past, saying that children have grown up for reasons that naturally understand, and harbouring Teslay for excuses, leading him to bullying his classmates in schools, becoming Little Overlord, where everyone is afraid, and even Claude is called an asshole parent. This is the example of the many failures of the charity, the result of the excessive drowning of the child.

young sister Anna has also tried magic innate talent in Teslay, but unfortunately very low, so Claude can’t give eldest son to younger sister Anna education. The same stubborn young brother Blowk was given adult talent to younger sister Anna forcibly. But now Kefnie and Mother are here, and less than younger sister Anna is going to educate Teslay, especially younger sister Anna, where three more babies are now taking care of, and Claude is no longer in trouble with younger sister.

“Be happy.” Claude is lazy, and he wants to see what Mother’s so-called nobility education can do to educate Tess Ole. It is also Mother who treats Tess Ole as a baby, who says that his innate talent was delayed by the teaching in the country, and is concerned about the malignant illness of being mixed with colleagues in the country. Fucking innate talent, bullshit the character of a man? And I don’t want to think if Claude wasn’t his father, Ethero would have been taught in a minute.

Claude was very impressed by a word of custom, three years old and seven years old. This is what his grandfather used to say in his ear when he was a child, meaning that he would learn well, cultivate a good habit of life, develop a good style of courtesy and diligence for hospitality, which would be of great help to his future.

This is also the main reason Claude does not like himself, this eldest son, where Claude fought outside the war in the course of Tess Ole’s growth and was unable to take into account all these cumbersome things at home. When he and his family were reunited under Overseas’s direct jurisdiction, they found themselves as if this eldest son was drowned by Mother and Kefnie. So he didn’t look at the future development of Tess Ole, and he thought it was good to be safe for him to live a lifetime.

Especially in comparison with the illegitimate child Marlex that Mrs. Sonia had given him for his life, Teslay didn’t look like a bunch of flies. And this year Marlex has 18 years old and is about to age, and his magic class has reached triple-ring. Even when he decided to take part in the army after his birthday, as Claude did in the army…

Regrettably, Marlex was going to inherit the family name of Bernard Great Master, who could not be a successor to Claude, and he knew that Malix saw himself as a father, and after all Claude’s personal experience could be called Legendary, a march hero. So he also created the idea of being a soldier, and there was a great deal of dispute with Mrs. Mother Sonia. As far as Mrs. Sonia hates Claude, he needs to be squeezed because she wants to have a nice child again.

Claude shakes his head and reaches out his disseminating mind, and he doesn’t want to take care of it anymore, but after he’s old, he throws him into the army and he doesn’t see himself. But now it seems that the old lady and Kefnie are increasingly stubborn in their minds, really treating Fred’s family as Upright Sect, hoping that they will let Tess O’RE learn about those aspects of nobility’s education.

“You take a break at night, you get ready to eat and drink to the bookshop, and I have guests who may talk to you later…” Claude says.

At night, the guests were Sky General and Albert General, who came mainly to negotiate with Claude the provision of assistance to the Kingdom’s own homeland. Six months ago, Royal Capital sent several more envoys to Overseas Autonomous Territories, not to talk about the resumption of relations between Overseas Autonomous Territories and Kingdom, but to hope that self-government will provide Kingdom with a large amount of agricultural and mineral resources to mitigate the adverse economic impact of the war between Royal Capital and Kingdom of Nasri.

The debt war that erupted in Kingdom and Kingdom of Nasri has been taking place for more than three months, and the Kingdom of Nasri first launched an attack, while Kingdom of Aueras did not occupy the three frontier counties of Kingdom of Aueras. The Kingdom of Aueras was beaten up like an angry winter bear, angry. It was always defeated Kingdom of Nasri who dared to do it first, which was the greatest shame of Kingdom of Aueras.

So the Red Legion on the border between the two countries was the first to win, one against two, not only after the two standing Legion Festivals of Kingdom of Nasri, but also after the two failed border districts. The two parties then carried out a massive field offensive in the Kingdom of Aueras’ last failed Uesdiya county, and, as the Kingdom of Nasri’s two standing Legion reinforcements arrived, Red Legion was weak and could only be kept on hold.

This debt war is indeed not a good news for the Kingdom of Aueras, which is undergoing economic revival. It was an unintended war with itself, which had brought the Kingdom back to a low level of comfortable economy and a large area of agricultural apologies. The Kingdom needed to regroup its armaments to confront the war, while a large amount of grain was needed to save the local counties where agricultural products had been remunerated, so as not to regenerate the flow.

The messenger of Overseas Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Authorities was not sent by the new Prime Minister, King Frederick I, but was commissioned by the new Prime Minister of the Kingdom, the representative of the old plate nobility Aristocratic Family, Blancar marquis, who hoped that Overseas Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Authority would support the Kingdom’s large volume of agricultural products and herbs, which were lost in food production, and would use substantial mineral resources to help Kingdom’s four military industries to produce sufficient armaments to cope with the debt war.

Of course, the Royal Capital side would also be willing to accept a few minor conditions, such as the discontinuation of governor Tibetan and so on, in the case of Overseas Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Territories, just to restore the name of Overseas’s direct jurisdiction. While it is possible to retain the installation of a direct territorial military area and parliament, Overseas’s direct jurisdiction will restore taxes and contributions to the Kingdom, Royal Capital will send tax agents to oversee the taxation of Overseas’s direct jurisdiction, while at the same time charging Overseas’s human rights to Royal Capital, etc. …

If it was not a quick stop by the Skyley General, Bolognik General almost answered all the requests made by the Royal Envoys. For Boronik General, Royal Capital, this is a step back to Retreat, which has given Overseas the full face of self-government. The change in name is irrelevant, and it is important to retain military zones and parliaments, which means that everyone’s rights are guaranteed and fully acceptable to Royal Capital.

And the Scotty General’s head was sober, and Royal Capital played the idea of a soft knife cutting meat and slowly re-establishing ownership of Overseas’s autonomous leadership. If Boronik General promised, he would not be pushed down by members of the autonomous assembly.

It is simple that Royal Capital retains military districts and parliaments, but that the right of personnel to return to Royal Capital means that the election of the elected members of the autonomous parliament will have to be approved by Royal Capital. Now, parliamentarians don’t matter, but if the older parliamentarian wants his family’s children to inherit his place, Royal Capital will not approve, his family will be crowded out of the top class of power of Overseas Autonomous Autonomous Regions, which is intolerable to any parliamentarian.

No one is willing to take over his wife and the human rights are retrieved by Royal Capital, and it is unacceptable for members of the self-governing council to go to the Royal Capital National Assembly after that time and to be questioned and reviewed by the National Assembly, even if they are likely to be deprived of their membership.

They are now at the top of the autonomous territories, with oversight and advice over the policies implemented by the Self-Government Executive Committee, as well as the right to trial. They are all human beings and are respected by nearly 7,000 people throughout Overseas Autonomous Region. Since such a step had been reached, of course, no one would be happy to go to Royal Capital to pretend to be a good grandson and be discriminated against by members of the National Assembly as Overseas Countries bumpkin and tyranny.

In addition, Royal Capital sent tax agents to oversee tax revenues from the autonomous territories, indicating that they would intervene in the financial affairs of the autonomous territories, which would have a significant negative impact on the entire Overseas autonomous territories and would have serious consequences for military expenditures in the autonomous territories. Otherwise, the disclosure of the tax status of the entire Overseas Autonomous Territories alone would give rise to Royal Capital’s blanket, and it would not be possible to require more tax revenues from it.

To understand, Bolognik General came out of sweat and almost got hit by Royal Capital’s ambassador. So he pushed the military area and the Executive Committee into busy business, and Royal Capital’s request required good discretion and thought about it. And then you just pushed it straight to the moment, and you gave the Royal Capital these envoys half a month. The war was taking place on the Kingdom’s own soil, and Overseas’s autonomous leadership was not at all urgent, some of which were circled around time and Royal Capital.

But those Royal Capital envoys received another letter from the Kingdom’s own territory the other two days before they blocked the doors at the headquarters of the autonomous military area and the Executive Committee’s office building on the day. According to them, the phenomenon of mass famine in the Kingdom’s own territory in the past year has come to an early stage, and it is hoped that the people of the autonomous leadership will see their assistance in front of the Kingdom’s compatriots, transporting large amounts of grass to the Kingdom’s own soil by the end of the year and contributing to the Kingdom’s famine and victory of the enemy…

These Royal Capital envoys cannot be held hostage, and Boronik General simply gave this matter to Claude, Skyley General and Alberto General General. If it was not Bichiklin General who was far away from the colony of the Gulf of Rodx, he might have come to Claude’s party to discuss the issue of whether or not assistance was needed.

This time, Bichiklin General went to the Rhodes Bay colony, mainly because the five-year lease colonial agreement between the Fux Islands Joint Kingdom and Hicks Kingdom would expire at the end of this year. The second teacher, who won Hicks Kingdom’s forcible occupation of the colony of the Rhodes Bay, will return to Rocky Hills by the end of the year and put an end to the occupation of the colony of the Rhodes Bay. Bichiklin General is going to preside over the tail and retrreat.

“This year, the Kingdom’s real estate apologizes, and will famine in many counties by next year? Isn’t that what happened in the years?” Albert General has other words that do not believe in the Royal Capital envoys.

“We sent a message from the secret agents to the Kingdom’s own territory.” The General replied: “Indeed, as these Royal Capital envoys have said, there are three bis local counties in the Kingdom. The main reason was the destruction of agricultural land irrigation facilities in these counties, such as the Kingdom civil war a few years ago, and the displacement of people, which had not been repaired.

Last year, when small-scale farming resumed, it was not clear that the problem had been detected during this year’s large-scale agricultural production, but was limited to a shortage of financial and human resources, coupled with the deliberate concealment of the local administrations’ news, which had led to a concentration of the problem until autumn harvest. In the absence of this debt war, Royal Capital could bite his teeth and barely get through it.

A good harvest can be achieved next year if a fund is made available to the organization to repair these irrigation facilities and evacuate the water channel in winter. But this debt war has come too unexpected, and Royal Capital’s limited funds have been invested in this war, has been unable to cope with this imminent famine, and they have to go to our Overseas Autonomous Autonomous Territories. “


fact, there is another reason that everyone knows about stomach, just not on stage. The former Kingdom of Aueras, during the former King Sterling X administration, did not have such a situation in the Kingdom’s own territory, but all were overly distracted by the Kingdom’s success. The main reason is Overseas’s direct jurisdiction over blood transfusion into the Kingdom’s own territory, helping the Kingdom to live up to natural disasters and so on.

At that time, Overseas’s direct jurisdiction was the origin of the raw materials, whether agricultural or mineral, that the Kingdom had looted wealth and productive resources, which had been imported into the Kingdom’s own territory at extremely low or even expensive prices, and had maintained the economic development of the Kingdom’s own territory for nearly two decades. This unfair ocean trade and economic pillaging, similar to that of cutting scissors, has led the Kingdom to finally accumulate wealth that is sufficient to cope with the A-5 alliance.

It was only a five-year great war in the eastern region that allowed the Kingdom of Aueras to accumulate its treasury for nearly two decades to be extinct, and while becoming an unrealistic victor, the ensuing colonial war launched by Hicks Kingdom had led Overseas to direct involvement in the war and was unable to support the economic revival of the Kingdom’s own territory. The Kingdom civil war triggered by the dispute between the two Kings, as well as the tyranny that followed Wadellek prince’s denunciation, ultimately led Kingdom to the path of landing.

When Overseas finally won the victory of the colonial war zone, their relationship with the Kingdom was broken, direct autonomy was exercised and no support was given to the Kingdom’s own territory. Even if four prince Frederick was born in the throne of the world and challenged it, the immediate war and this huge amount of apology revealed the weakness of the Kingdom’s own territory that could no longer endure a wave of wind, and that was the main reason why they could finally come to seek Overseas’s self-government.

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