Black Iron’s Glory Chapter 524

Chapter 54 Selection and hugging

“Did you design your family badge?” Claude looked at the emblem of nobility on the territory of Nasri.

Boronique Marshal walked to Claude’s side, looking at the map, sighed: “Find someone to design, a formal three standby, and then review the Royal Capital registration so as not to duplicate other nobility’s emblem. But I think there’s always one of these four badges that can be used, that’s not good enough.

Claude laughed: “Don’t worry, you’re a worldly viscount, and you can be tattooed in the lower half of the family badge, which is more visible than that of the bald families around baron. As for markings, bird fish, grass mountains, Sun, Moon and Stars, you can pick a picture you like, even like others, and you can change the picture, and you can make a difference. Look, there are 13 family badges on the map that choose cattle, but they look different.”

“Well, I chose the image of Musket’s hand.” Boronick Marshal said, “Soldiers with Musket’s aim to commemorate my first experience in the field when I was younger, and to keep in mind that their ancestors were a civilian soldier and were not much more expensive than others. It depends on its own efforts to get the status of today and to get the jazz and the territory…”

Claude turned his eyes on the scene: “Pull it down, you graduated from the Wang Family Military School, which is the second Lieutenant Army class. What the hell are you talking about? Who would have a second Lieutenant set up to launch an attack on enemy positions in the ranks of the soldiers? I’ve had this experience, but I’m lucky I survived.”

Boronik Marshal laughed at shook the head: “I’ve really had the experience of taking Musket with the soldiers to the enemy defensive positions. I remember that attack, which struck more than 800 people, ended with less than 300 more people living in enemy positions. I’m lucky, like you, is one of the surviving officers.

In fact, the enemy was on the position a big guard force, but they broke eight attacks on both of our battalions, and most soldiers fell on the road to attack. If it is not their artillery ammunition, four light infantry wild artillery are dumb, perhaps our attack will fail. By the way, how many territories are on the map now? ”

“Almost 600 families…” Claude took a folder next to the table and looked at a few eyes: “By yesterday, there had been 4,556 registered Kingdom territories of baron, 61 of the Kingdom’s viscount territories, 43 of the world’s successive count territories, 17 of the Martquis territories, and three of the duke territories. A total of 500 or 80 nobility territories. I don’t know if there’s any increase today.”

Boronique Marshal was jealous: “These nobility Aristocratic family should be more expensive, taking the best place in the Nasri area as family territory…”

“The best place in the Nasri region should be to be the city of the King of Polevia and the surrounding area where we are currently located, although your Majesty and Royal Court will not at all give it an envelope. These nobility who have acquired the hereditary territory are also very interesting and will not overestimate one’s capabilities’s main kingdom as family territory. They know that it’s more than a choice to spend your Majesty not to answer, or even question his loyalty, so no one will choose here.” Claude says.

“They all paid?” Boronique Marshal curiously asked.

Claude points out nodded: “Yes, at least 100 000 gold kroner’s option. The news from Royal Capital said that your Majesty and Royal Court had struggled, and that there were tens of millions of gold kroners in the interior and the treasury. Queen Your Majesty is said to also lend money from the inner bank to honorary nobility and national parliamentarians, who are poorly paid and chosen. There is also information that, in fact, the promotion fee and discount fee can be compromised with your Majesty.

Most of these 580 Kingdom nobility, most of which are hereditary nobility, have now been acquired from the hereditary territories, and they have only received a satisfactory and habitual territory at a cost of 100 million gold kroner. The rest are rich honor nobility and III nobility, who have paid the promotion fee to make themselves a worldly baron and who have paid the option to obtain the homeland’s territory. It is estimated that your Majesty and Royal Court have earned nearly 30,000 KK from both charges.

Royal Capital is now said to have still 7,800 Kingdom nobility people who are both nobility and honour nobility in the Third World. You think that your Majesty gave all the members of the National Assembly the honour of baron, and that led Kingdom to more than 300 honorary baron in a minute. At present, these honorary baron people are raising money to get a family inheritance from your Majesty, Queen Your Majesty’s lending business to get rich, and this hand is going back to that hand, no profit! “

These are all the information gathered by Overseas Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Authorities at the close of Royal Capital’s office, which they reported on at the end of Royal Capital Street. Of course, Queen Your Majesty’s loan in Royal Capital is almost half public, and many people know. Claude, when he sees it, he says he can’t be jealous.

It’s just Boronik Marshal doesn’t want to be in the back of the non-royal royal room, and he shifted the subject: “Claude, do you say if all nobility in Kingdom has a family territory, will it be over?”

Claude shake his head: “Without that possibility, even the old duke occupies only half of the county. Those Kingdom’s old baron territory are a village, and the good fortune can be occupied by a small town. Sixteen local districts in the central Nasri area, seven south-west of García in the five north-east districts, and the Royal City of Polevia and the surrounding territories, the entire area is not much smaller than the Kingdom itself.

Five hundred and eighty Kingdom nobility has now been distributed in the twenty-eight local districts, and they do not occupy more than one quarter of the entire Nasri area. And Royal Capital’s 700 Kingdom nobility, which is, at the most, promoted to the world’s baron, with the largest number of territories they add as large as those of those 500 or 80 Kingdom nobility, should have half of the Nasri area left behind your Majesty’s envelope, or left it to our Overseas Autonomous Assembly parliamentarians and our leaders who chose the Lord of the Army. “

Boronik Marshal has some suspicion of abandoning: “Those territories that have been picked up by others will only be given us, and there is no good place for us in Overseas’s autonomous territories.”

Claude laughed: “What do you think about Allen, Bike and Skyley, if I go and you choose a good place for your own hereditary family territory? What do you think of the parliamentarians in Overseas’s autonomous territories? Will they still believe we turn us in the head? Maybe your Majesty and Royal Court want us to do this, without Overseas Autonomous Territories, do you think there’s anyone else who thinks of us as one thing?”

Boronik Marshal was silent, and that was also his difficulty, and if there were no rocks Legion, he would not be Kingdom Marshal, and the Rock Legion was one of the two main Legion powers of Overseas Autonomous Territories. And if he leaves Overseas Autonomous Territories, no one puts him in his eyes, whether he is Kingdom Marshal or Kingdom’s hereditary viscount, because he possesses today’s identity and status as a backbone of Overseas Self-Government.

“One more month, and when the armoured fleet escorted the self-governing parliamentarians to the port of Florrick in September, we are also going to the capital city of Paster of Northern Section Bay. At that time, all of our Overseas Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Assembly members and the General Assembly, who obtained the honour of Kingdom nobility, will hold a General Assembly to discuss how to deal with your Majesty, the Feng Family Territory. Speaker Bennett has written to me that he wants us to be united, not to give Royal Courts the opportunity to break each other, and to stand up.”

Claude stretched the shoulder of Bolognik Marshal, and of course he was the only one who could do that: “You Majesty this move made us Overseas Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Regent completely unprepared before we left the army. Chris wrote to us that let us not go to act blindly without thinking, preferably by all groups. Didn’t he warn us in his letter that if this failure led to a negative outcome, it would even be possible to dissolve the entire Overseas Autonomous Territories. The heart of the human being is the hardest to regain.”

Boronic Marshal laughed at Claude’s shoulders, pointing to the map of Nasri, where a Kingdom nobility envelope had been marked on the wall: “I understand what you’re saying, but there are just some unhappy places that are not going to be our turn. All recognized places of wealth and output in the Nasri region are now dominant and, as leaders of those areas, they have no effort to earn their income.

Look at the area where the seven small and medium-sized silver copper mining bases are located, the first time was marked with the family badge of the Kingdom’s old plates nobility Aristocratic family. Now they are said to have all their hands on the mines, cleaning up our daily mineral mining, pending completion of the mining period next month and a half. Even a private messenger asked me if we could sell some Hicks prisoners to keep them as miners… “

The seven small and medium-sized silver copper mining base Overseas Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Authorities, since the Nasri area is to be sealed by your Majesty as a nobility territory, Claude is also lazy to assign the remaining 100,000 Hicks of prisoners to the maintenance channel, to rehabilitate the labour of the sewage channel, but to select some of the seven small and medium-sized gold copper mining bases to dig mines, the rest of which are working in the Royal City and surrounding areas.

The production of silver copper mines in the first five months was still good, and the mineral output of the seven small and medium-sized silver copper mining bases was surprising because of the absence of the Kingdom of Nasri’s corrupt officials to report it. Almost twice as much as the original Kingdom of Nasri’s books were registered, and, as such, the annual silver reserve for output would be more than 3,0000 gold kroner, whereas only 100 400,000 gold kroner and Copper Coin would have been registered in the books of the Kingdom of Nasri State Treasury.

As you can see, the officials of the original Kingdom of Nasri, who have handled these gold copper mines, have corrupted almost half of these mineral output, although thunderbolt Legion and Stone Legion are now cheap. Gold copper minerals produced during the semi-annual mining rights were used as cantonment funds for the two Legion Unions, and only KK 200,000 was required to be surrendered to Royal Courts and Treasuries. These minerals, which were thought to have been exploited for half a year, could also compensate for the silver reserves that the envoys had taken away for several hundred and a million dollars, which had only now been discovered that they had earned much more than a million gold kroner.

The reason

why Boronik Marshal’s upset is here, thunderbolt Legion and Rock Legion only have a semi-annual mining period. Now that the seven small and medium-sized gold copper mining bases are in place, nobility awaits the expiration of the next month’s takeover of these mining bases, which are then owned by their hereditary family territory. Although half of the books submitted to the Kingdom are equally available on the basis of the original books of the Kingdom of Nasri, these territories, nobility, will have two or three times the proceeds of minerals.

“Don’t forget that our Overseas Autonomous Region is much of the gold mineral resources.” Claude reminds us. Overseas Autonomous Territories’ small transactions are in paper currencies, with a statistically high value of approximately 30,000 gold kroners in civil circulation, a large proportion of which are used in the colonies of the West Coast countries.

However, the Overseas People’s Living Bank of Overseas Autonomous Territories was not allowed by colonial colonies in the West Bank, but the Trading Company, operated by Overseas Autonomous Autonomous Autonomous Authorities, could be exchanged with gold Copper Coin, so the coin was becoming increasingly accessible to the colonies of the West Bank.

Whitestag City, the Kingdom’s own territory, allowed Overseas People’s Bank to open a branch, but Royal Capital did not, but the Royal Capital Office played a branch role in exchange for coins and gold Copper Coin. It is only the people of Royal Capital who have little trust in paper coins, which, in addition to businessmen travelling to Whitestag City, is difficult to promote in the Royal Capital population.

It is ridiculous that, in Overseas Autonomous Territories, gold mineral resources in Rocky Hill County are being exploited and, after all, the Bank of Overseas Nationals has a reserve of 20 million gold kroners, which is fully capable of coping with currency exchange. After the destruction of Kingdom of Nasri and Kananas Dukedom, thunderbolt Legion and Rock Legion were transported back to Overseas Autonomous Autonomous Territories, forgotten that a number of additional funds had been made available for emergency response. It was only here that the procurement of military supplies was found to be preferable, as was the real gold silver and Copper Coin, where no one was willing to collect the coins.

That is why Boronik Marshal cares so much about the production of these silver copper mines, where more than 100,000 Legion people are stationed, and the funds purchased out on a daily basis are not a small number, fresh meat fish, and the logistical supply of vegetable fruits costs thousands of kroners per month. Boronik General took over these duties before regretting that it was too generous to let the Kingdom envoy take the many gold reserves and look at the current royal treasures and Royal Courts, which were the largest money.

“Those Hicks are captured and cannot be sold to these Kingdom nobility, and when our Overseas autonomous parliamentarians arrive, perhaps we need them to exploit our new territory.” Claude says.

on 1 June of the sixth year of holy light, the King of Aueras, Frederick I, officially issued an envelope issued with the approval of the nobility and the People’s Parliament, granting Kingdom nobility’s hereditary family territory in the newly occupied Nasri area. As at 1 August, 580 Kingdom nobility had acquired the territory of the family of the world.

However, the Kingdom nobility, from Overseas Autonomous Territories, has remained silent and appears to have been unaware of this injunction. This is mainly due to the fact that Overseas Autonomous Territories are too far from the Kingdom’s own territory and that it takes two months to return. While two Legion Regions of the Autonomous Regions were stationed in Nasri and Kananas and were unable to return to Overseas Autonomous Territories in a short period of time, the members of the Overseas Autonomous Council decided to travel all to Northern Section Bay in Kananas, where the capital city of Paster held a general meeting to discuss the granting of the Order.

Claude and Boronik Marshal left King Borevia City only on 20 August, leading thunderbolt Legion to Northern Section Bay. The force was taken to prepare for integration in Northern Section Bay, and Albert General wrote to Claude for assistance. After Kananas Dukedom died, there were countless bandits on the Cannas grass, all of which were small, often attacking towns guarded by thunderbolt Legion. Alberto General had only one temporary faculty at his disposal, and the area where Northern Section Bay could be safeguarded had done its best.

Rock Legion continues to be stationed in King Borevia City, where Claude took all the captured and surplus arms. According to information transmitted from Royal Capital, the Royal Court, which had the money at hand, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Kingdom Army, began to integrate the Guard Legion, Red Dragon Legion and Lion Legion. Your Majesty was said to compensate the old plate nobility Aristocratic family forces in the three main Legion Groupion, which reintroduced Red Dragon Legion and Lion Legion under the control of Royal Courts and Kingdom Army Ministries.


Kingdom’s old plate nobility Aristocratic Family Force, which gained a large proportion of its members from the Kingdom’s three main Legion Legion, brought together their own letters and sons in the Kingdom army to form the private armed forces of their families until the influence of the old nobility Aristocratic Family Force was significantly reduced in the three Legion, and your Majesty and Royal Courts paid a disproportionate price to that end.

Royal Capital has heard that the Red Dragon Legion will be sent to Nasri after its integration and will be stationed in the Crown City of Borevia to replace thunderbolt Legion and Rock Legion. The lion Legion will, in turn, be the mountain Legion in Odinmountain range and the east gate of the Kingdom’s own soil. Guard Legion remains in the Royal Capital and Ibinist Plains. There is also news that your Majesty would also like to re-establish Blue Feathers Legion for the purpose of maintaining Whitestag City and Coastal Zone, but was opposed by many ministers of Royal Courts who thought that Blue Feathers Legion was rebellious and should not be reconstituted.

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