Blackstone Code Chapter 289


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Jackson, Jefferson, these two old men are political celebrities and religious figures important figures. They have achieved extraordinary achievements in their respective fields.

This kind of achievement is not given to them by others, but they are snatched from others through competition after competition.

There are that many seats in the State Senate. If one comes, one must leave.

There are that many churches in York State. There can only be one presiding pastor in a parish, and there are two impossible.

Beneath the glamorous appearance of the two concealed things that are difficult for others to understand. In fact, at first, they knew very well that Ms. Tracy, their daughter and niece, could not fulfill her demands.

If you want to rely on the “features” of feminism to dominate the whole thing without spending any money, and also want to get the right to control the core interests, this is simply cracking a joke with herself and she cannot do it.

Don’t say she can’t do it, even if the president of the Federal Women’s Rights and Benefits Protection Association comes, she can’t do it.

It’s a bit ugly to say that if the annual income of tens of millions is only used to communicate with some women in depth, they may be exhausted on the floor!

From the face of Ms. Tracy, the two old men understood one thing, that is, Tracy had come to her senses, and they had also bet on it before, and bet a yuan.

Jackson felt that his daughter would definitely be persuaded by Lynch, he knew some rumors related to Lynch, this is a very amazing kid.

Jefferson doesn’t believe that Lynch can do this. This may have something to do with his work. He is more idealistic. He thinks Tracy is a difficult woman. Although she is his niece, he Still have this feeling.

It’s all right now, everything is resolved, but the two old men began to become curious about what convinced Tracy to let her give up those unrealistic ideas.

After sitting down, Ms. Tracy asked a question she had never paid attention to, “Professional athletes transfer…will…, is that the word, transfer?” After receiving a positive answer, Continue to ask, “Do they cost a lot of money to transfer?”

Men are always interested in some sports. In addition to all kinds of publicity work done by the joint games over the years, they even deliberately created contradictions between the two cities to promote the game, and then compared the sports field to the battlefield , Comparing sports to war, let people fall in love with this kind of joyous fighting.

The two elderly people also like to watch sports games. They have their own loyal team and naturally follow the news about the transfer of those athletes.

Jackson nodded as it should be by rights and said, “In the transfer period not long ago, in order to get their midfield core, the Kings spent a huge sum of 2.3 million to introduce core players from the Giants… “

Ms. Tracy straightened her upper body slightly and sucked in a cold breath. The cost of the transfer was just above the annual income of the Women’s Rights Association last year. She now probably understands what Lynch means.

Feminist organizations have terrifying influence in certain fields. They can create a star with no difficulty, just like they created some feminist leaders in the past, and let people cheer for some artificial stars.

They can also destroy some people with no difficulty, as long as they are trapped in various scandals, these people will soon surrender or disappear completely from people’s sight.

The same is true for players, whether they are suitable for transfers, or even for continuing to be athletes, and whether a club discriminates against female athletes or abuses female athletes is the specialty of feminist organizations.

They can gain the trust of the people with no difficulty, and then start the investigation, even if the investigation does not produce any problems, it does not matter. If the dirty water is splashed on the body, it can not be washed away by washing, even if the final investigation is no problem Dirty water is still dirty, and so is the smell.

After thinking about this, Ms. Tracy’s thoughts suddenly opened up. She has been living in such an atypical political family. Father and Uncle’s political actions have actually been affecting her.

She knows more about this society than others, except that she valued the amazing wealth too much before and ignored some invisible things. Now she understands it, and she is also grateful to Lynch for reminding her and letting her Did not make the wrong choice.

Soon she shared some of her thoughts with the two old men Jackson and Jefferson. After listening to the two terms, she frequently nodded. This strategy is very clever. It gives away the benefits that everyone can see. People will only continue Staring at the International Games, I don’t know that there are still some benefits that have been put into the pockets of feminist organizations.

Finally, Mr. Jackson summed it up, and roughly means “Lynch is right.”

After a night’s rest, on the morning of 2nd day, Lynch, Fox father and son and some other invited people sat in the conference hall of a 5-Star level hotel chain, which can accommodate 200 people. There were only a dozen people sitting, and it seemed a bit empty.

The people of the original joint games set the meeting place in the Conference Hall of the York State Joint Games branch. But Ms. Tracy remembered what Lynch said yesterday, and asked to change the venue an hour before the meeting , The reason is that this matter has nothing to do with the intermodal games itself, and it is not suitable to be held in an organization of intermodal games, which will make people subconsciously think that the things discussed by them will have a relationship with intermodal games.

Since someone had such a request, the people of the multi-sports meeting did not force it. They changed the meeting site.

The person sent to the joint games this time is very young. He looks only in his early 30s. It feels very energetic and energetic. He also brings an assistant, a 27-28 years old. Female assistant wearing glasses.

The appearance of both of them is very good, and Ms. Tracy’s stern face is slightly softer.

There are many things involved in the negotiation process. Compared with the related work of the intermodal meeting for so many years, everyone else is actually a layman, which also makes the entire meeting process very slow.

The representative of the International Games gave a general operating framework, with the International Games as the mainstay, and women’s rights agencies and others as supplements. The advantage he gave Lynch these people is that the game being held by Qaziril Earl will be a women’s professional football league The highest event in the middle has been held.

Lynch and their women’s rugby team will also be regarded as the first-tier team, enjoying Level 1 broadcast fees and various benefits, but as for what will happen in the future, they did not say that any competitive sports will People laugh and some cry.

The people of the joint games also introduced their promotion capabilities and strong strategic partnerships. In the words of youngster, 80% of the federal seven TV stations and channels have close ties with them, and only 10% are left. 3. Because it is an adult TV station, so there is no deep cooperation relationship——

In fact, they have tried to cooperate before, such as adult sports games and other programs, but the ratings are not high, and adult program viewers don’t like to watch those meaningless programs.

If you just want to watch women running around without clothes, just go to the scene to participate when women’s rights organizations are engaged in sports. Don’t spend money to subscribe to channels and programs, and you can join them closer.

By nature, the joint games are unwilling to let things go out of control, so the best way is to control these things in their own hands, but this time they will definitely not do what they want.

“What you said is too complicated. I still don’t understand it very well. It is so complicated and troublesome now, and it will only be more troublesome in the future.” Ms. Tracy frowns looked impatient, “I have one I suggest you think about it…”

The other people looked at each other and then looked at her. Her eyes never fell on Lynch. This is also to hide what she had already met with Lynch last night. “I suggest that we re- Establishing an organization, just like the Federal Athletes Association, we also established a brand new organization.”

Without waiting for others to react, she said directly, “Let’s call the Baylor Federation Women’s Professional Sports Development Promotion Association. This name is also very suitable for our next job. People know us when they hear it. Is doing and so on.”

She slightly processed Lynch’s casual name, added a few more words, and copied it directly. This move shut the youngster who was just about to oppose the International Games.

Undoubtedly, this kind of name is definitely not something you can come up with in a short time, and it fits their work very well, which also reflects that Ms. Tracy has done it for this purpose. A lot of work.

Lynch kicked Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox, who was wandering away from the sky, froze for a while, and then there was a good old man’s smile on his face, “I think this proposal is good!”

This is what they discussed before the meeting. If Lynch kicks him, he will say “I think this proposal is good”, if Lynch coughs, he will say “This proposal may not be suitable”, if Lynch tapped his finger on the table, he was about to say “you are wasting time”, then he patted the table and left here.

Lynch kicked him just now, and he said what he should say, as if he really thought the proposal was good.

Someone supported me, and Ms. Tracy’s courage came up. She dignified and reserved Mr. Fox slightly nodded to express her gratitude for her support.

Qaziril Earl’s eyes turned around on the faces of the people at the conference table, and he suddenly laughed, “I also think this proposal is good.”

A move that was just a proposal suddenly turned into a bidding vote. Two people voted for it without even reacting to it.

When he was just about to interrupt this untimely vote, Lynch leaned back slightly, “Integrate loose individuals, give full play to the power of the group, unified management, unified distribution, why refuse?”

Lynch raised his hand a little to indicate, “I also agree with Ms. Tracy’s proposal to form a new organization to run women’s professional sports related matters.”

The owners of the other two teams are friends of Qaziril Earl. They both started this football team under Qaziril Earl’s persuasion. To some extent, they wanted Qaziril Earl, so they also chose Agreed.

In a very short period of time, everyone’s opinions were unified, and the representatives of the International Games immediately became restless, which was different from what they imagined at first.

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