Blackstone Code Chapter 290


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“I propose that we temporarily adjourn the meeting…”, the representative of the International Games took out a handkerchief and wiped the invisible beads of sweat on his forehead, and the development of the situation went beyond his control in an instant.

Whether to support the development of this matter or interrupt it to start again? He can’t be the master. He must let the senior leaders of the International Games unify their opinions before making a decision.

As for the remarks made by the representatives of the International Games, everyone knows that there is no need to produce results only during this meeting.

It took less than an hour from the beginning to the end. As soon as the meeting was over, the young representative of the Intermodal Conference immediately called the York State Branch to report on some of the problems that occurred during the meeting.

On the other side, as soon as Lynch left the hotel, someone came up.

“Mr. Lynch, Mr. Adelaide would like to invite you to have lunch. Do you have time?”, the visitor wore a somewhat old-fashioned formal dress. The old-fashioned statement was that there were no trendy lines or colors on this dress Block and so on, formal wear can also be trendy, such as fabric, background color, and some corner treatments.

This person wears very old fashioned clothes, which also allows the federal people to exert their special innate talent. Just as they can distinguish between the police and the agent with no difficulty, people can also see the identity of these people at a glance. –Government staff.

Steady is to make them look more stable. Working in government departments, especially the middle and lower levels, stability is a very important label.

They can rigidly follow the rules and regulations to do everything rigidly, but they can’t break away from it, be original and different.

When the former is doing something wrong, people will think that the error comes from the thing itself, and the execution process cannot keep up with the times. People will say that the person who executes it is not flexible enough, but it is limited to this.

But when the latter does something wrong, people will have a feeling like “I knew he was going to do something wrong”, “He never followed the rules, he will definitely make a mistake.” It’s fatal.

So it’s rather rigid than stark. This is a certain rule, a certain system, that the lower-level government workers need to follow.

Lynch stood on the side of the road and looked at him up and down. At this time, the sergeant had faintly surrounded Lynch with people, and surrounded the people who had accosted him.

Lynch came out this time with some employees of the Blackstone Security Company, or security guards, bodyguards, because he published some radical views on the Sand Dragon of some radicals, so that many people knew him, including those Those who oppose.

Some people support it, while others oppose it. This is normal, but some things cannot be viewed from a normal angle and perspective, such as things related to politics.

Some people may have some kind of pessimistic doomsday thoughts. They always feel that some thoughts will destroy the world. In order for the world to continue, they will destroy those dangerous thoughts.

Assault incidents due to differences in thoughts and opinions are not uncommon in history, so after returning from Bupen, Lynch has more bodyguards by his side.

“I’ll take my car, and you can lead the way…” Lynch finished speaking without giving him the opportunity to refuse, and got directly into the car prepared for him by the hotel.

The person who came to invite Lynch was stunned for a while, then got into the car to lead Lynch.

Although the other person’s attitude is a bit uncomfortable for him, he can only endure it.

Not long after, Lynch came to a small remote restaurant and met Adelaide here.

Adelaide was already sitting at the table, and with the help of the waiter in the restaurant, Lynch was quickly seated.

“I want to thank you, Mr. Adelaide…” Lynch shakes away his napkin while saying thank you.

Adelaide smiled and waved his hand, “I didn’t do anything. You have to believe that the law is fair and will give people the most fair trial.”

They are talking about Vila’s case, like this kind of small case that is involved in a big case, can also be independent, does not need to go to the jury and so on, what the final result will be is completely subject to the judge Judge and decide the final result.

This also means that Vila can be guilty or innocent.

The governor previously said that he would investigate the Ristoan Group case, but he has actually set the tone for these dispensable crimes. They are all guilty.

Fortunately, someone greeted him, and the judge dismissed the state prosecutor’s lawsuit on the grounds of insufficient evidence and lack of motivation, and Vila was acquitted.

If it hadn’t been for Adelaide to say hello, Vila might have started her jail career now.

A word of thanks, quickly dispelled the strangeness between the two, after the main course came, they began to talk about some more core things.

“Some of the documents Bupen sent to York State contained a free trade permit, and you were number one…” He kept looking at the youngster in front of him, and it was hard to believe that he actually met the president for the first time When I was with Truman, these two people were moved.

“I’m very curious, how did you convince them, is it convenient to talk about it?” Adelaide said, raising his hands slightly, “I will make a point first, I will not tell anyone about this People, I’m just curious. I might need to use this content in the next stage of national policy analysis. Is it convenient to say?”

Lynch thought about it for a while and then nodded, “Of course, if you notice my speech during Bupen and some problems that are happening in the whole country, you will understand better than me that we need to win !”

We need to win. This seems to be a word that has nothing to do with everything, but in fact it points to the point and points out the current dilemma Baylor Federation is facing and the way to solve the dilemma. Victory!

Frustration in economy, failure in diplomacy, failure in international status, failure in national strategy… The Federation has failed too many times in these years, and people are infinitely eager for a victory to change some of the current situation.

There is nothing more exciting than winning victory. The economy war proposed by Lynch in the Sand Dragon of some radical organizations, the hegemony of international trade, and the use of unequal conditions for plunder are all To make people feel this atmosphere.

We need victory, and we can also create victory!

The resources obtained from the outside world feed back to the federal society, and people’s confidence will return. People in mind are omnipotent and full of vigor, and the “Ariday, a trace of Aniu generation” that comes oncoming every day will also return.

We need a victory, a big victory. Lynch’s radical remarks indeed seem very radical, but this is exactly what the federal government needs most. This is why he can impress Truman and the president. .

Actually, in the final analysis, Progressive Party and Conservative Party are essentially expressions of society and international society needs in an era.

When people start to tend to be cautious, Conservative Party will appear.

When people start hoping to try something new, Progressive Party will take the stage.

Many times, the birth of national strategy is not imagined out of thin air by a certain person or a certain political group. It is a natural evolution of domestic society demands.

If people are not afraid of war, participating in international affairs, and not afraid of sacrifice, the President of the Conservative Party would not have come to power six years ago, and his isolationism would not have received people’s response.

Maybe people will choose the President of the Progressive Party, and the Federation may participate in more international affairs and break the head with other countries.

Now that the Federation has confirmed that isolation and conservation have no ground for survival in the new era, then the Progressive Party will stand up.

Now people still tend to be conservative in contact with international society, so the president is a moderate.

The moderates are impossible all their lives. If necessary, they can be radicals or hardliners. It does not need to change the complicated political environment, as long as “people need” is enough.

Lynch gave him a solution that was different from the current solution, and also showed him people’s desire for victory, so why not try?

In addition to Truman’s contribution, Lynch was quickly approved to engage in international free trade.

These things are actually not complicated in nature. With Adelaide’s ability, experience and experience, he will soon be able to figure it out, but he still has to ask Lynch and ask him in person because his time is tight.

He is impossible to focus all his energy on one thing, and he has to take care of the large and small things that happen in large and small places across the state.

Sometimes Adelaide’s governor’s staff are more like the governor than the governor, at least they know what happens in this state every day, and the governor only knows what he wants to do next, and what he wants to do is still Adelaide. These people planned it for him.

After thinking for a while, Adelaide almost understood it. He looked at Lynch with even more emotion, “You have more courage than I thought, do you know this is dangerous?”

Lynch shrugged, he cut a piece of beef and wrapped it in his mouth. The fried and tender gravy had a more delicious flavor than the seasoning. After swallowing the thing, he smiled and said, “I know, but there are always things that need something People do it.”

“If you don’t stand up, I won’t stand up. When we hope that others will stand up, others also want us to stand up. If we are all waiting, we will never wait for victory.”

“Rather than being disappointed in every hope, I want to win with my own hands more!”

Lynch’s high-spirited and vigorous is very impressive. In fact, what he is doing is very dangerous. Once he makes a mistake in his judgment of the international situation, he is likely to become a scapegoat for some policies.

Of course, this is also in line with Lynch’s essence of pursuing profit as a businessman. If he does not fail and really ushered in victory, then it will definitely be a terrifying victory!

Adelaide put down the knife and fork, raised the wine glass, “I wish you success.”

Lynch also held up the wine glass, “I wish the Federation success!”

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