Blackstone Code Chapter 292


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The governor of the province, his position in Nagalil is probably equivalent to the governor of the Baylor Federation, but it is a little different.

Here, the governor of the province is the existence of military and political grasp, but he is not without opponents, his opponent is High Priest.

People follow the arrangements of power, but believe in gods more. This also maintains a strange balance between government and theocracy.

In general, the provincial governor is in power, but he cannot hide the sky with one hand.

“Didn’t your boss come with you?” Aser’s father enthusiastically took his hand and asked about Lynch.

Aser mentioned in his letter from years ago that his boss might invest here. He knows his father very well. This old man is a person who can’t hide his concerns, or a person who likes to show off.

He likes to show off his success to others. For example, he has a son with foreign settlement rights. For example, his son will send him some living expenses every month. For example, his son is in a company The big shot is a manager…

He likes to say this. It makes other people respect him. Every time he goes to the street, he doesn’t need to collide with the untouchables. He enjoys everything that only Lords can enjoy, such as distance.


This is a local culture. Maybe Aser’s father thought the curse was effective before, but now he doesn’t care anymore.

When local officials heard from some people that Aser’s Boss was coming to invest, Aser’s family status was significantly improved.

Officials are constantly asking when Aser’s Boss will come, what scale of investment it will bring, and what kind of factory will be built here…

In addition to these officials, local people are also very concerned about these issues, because these will also affect their lives.

The formation of a small eco-economy environment around a factory is the most normal situation in this era. Once the investment is confirmed, it means that the factory has to recruit workers. Some people can hold iron rice bowls and more There will be some changes in income.

Many people came to visit Aser’s father, and he gradually became a small reputation person in this city. Sometimes festivals, political events, and religious events would invite him to participate, and he felt more and more I am very important.

At this time, the passenger ship that was about to set sail sounded the whistle at the end of the supply, and the captain didn’t seem to like staying here for one minute.

Know that at every supply point along the way, the captain will communicate with the sailors in-depth with some indigenous girls who need help near the port and leave something behind. Only here, they will leave as soon as the supply is completed. Seems to hate it here.

The loud whistle made Aser glance back at the passenger ship that was about to set off. When he turned around, he felt an indescribable sense of loss.

The father and brothers in front of me have become extra strange, not as friendly as they communicated in letters. Everyone is like a familiar stranger, with warm smirks on their faces and eyes All of this makes Aser feel uncomfortable.

But he still answered this question, “I will be here around mid-March, and there are still some things that my Boss has not handled…”

“That’s two weeks later?” Aser’s father clapped his hands, “This is really a good time!”

As for why this time is good, he actually doesn’t know. He said this is just a habit that’s all, a habit of beginning to blend into the upper society, habitually affirming everyone and everything. Characteristics.

“Go back first, you must be very tired!”

In Aser’s startled gaze, his big brother drove a car that looked like it was produced ten years ago, or more.

It still retains the most bizarre and universal aesthetic characteristics of the last era.

His big brother’s patted car body, “didn’t expect, we’re already in the car…”, his tone was so strange that Aser didn’t know whether to cry or laugh Pride, he even asked Aser, “Did you have your own car when you were in the Federation?”

Aser laughed, his big brother did not continue to ask, but from his expression, he seemed to think that Aser did not have his own car.

Aser suddenly understood something while sitting in the car with the oncoming smelly wind.

When I returned home, the small broken house in my memory had disappeared, replaced by a single-family house that looked no less than his Baylor Federation, even more beautiful and larger.

The religious culture of Nagalil has long penetrated into every corner of life, even the buildings, every brick, every stone pillar, there are patterns or sculptures containing religious colors.

The combination of these things makes the house look more than simply luxurious, but also full of a noble temperament due to theocracy.

The house is in a courtyard. Aser is a little curious, “I remember there are some neighbors next to us.”

His father nodded proudly and said, “Yes, but because we built a new house, they left here!”

For Aser’s father, driving away those neighbors will not make him feel ashamed, but rather proud. The overwhelming majority in this society can’t do this, but he can. This is what he is proud of.

Aser froze for a moment. The culture and education he received in Baylor Federation over the years has given him some more precious things, that is character. He doesn’t think this is something to show off, and he built it for his own house. It’s better to look at, there is a bigger yard, not only to tear down other people’s houses, but also to drive those people away, what a cruel terrifying thing!

But these people in front of me think this is something proud. He is getting more and more uncomfortable with everything here. His father and his brothers are completely different from the ones described in the letter.

He silently followed his father and brother into the room. His mother and his brothers’ wife had already knelt at the door to welcome the return of the host.

Nagalil is a typical patriarchal society. Women do not have the slightest status at all. Aser is a little uncomfortable let his eldest brother’s wife take off her shoes and wash her toes with water Putting on new shoes for himself made him feel embarrassed, but everyone else thought it was normal.

The men in the family came to the living room and sat on the benches made of vines. These vines are very tough after drying. Some High Priest or Leader’s houses will have these wicker chairs.

Men are sitting, women kneeling in a row and handing them spiced boiled milk, some local special cakes, saying that they are the mistresses of this family, it is better to say that they are servants in this family .

“Why did your boss suddenly want to invest in us? Is there anything worth investing in here?” Aser’s father asked a question that had been hidden in his mind for a long time.

Everyone knows how poor Nagalil is. Although many people say that there are rich mineral resources hidden here, so far no rich minerals have been discovered.

The only thing you can tell is probably the spices. Many, many years ago, Nagalil’s spices were very famous, but with the development of chemistry, some expensive spices have been replaced by fragrances, and they have also become Not very valuable.

Except for a few top wealthy people who have a demand for natural spices, ordinary persons don’t care whether the taste they taste comes from some grass leaves or chemical additives.

Aser was silent for a while, then said according to Lynch’s statement, “The labor here is very cheap…”, as he spoke, he took the cup handed over by his eldest brother and his wife, containing some extras. Milk boiled with spices.

I can smell a very strange smell before tasting it.

These milks are freshly squeezed, and the spices are fresh. This smell is very strange, fishy, ​​nasty, and a little spicey. Looking at the spice leaves that are constantly churning in the milk, Aser doesn’t want to drink it.

Although he didn’t want to drink, he still said “thank you”.

In Nagalil, if relatives come to the house, the wife of the eldest boy in the family usually comes out to entertain the guests. This is a rule and a custom.

Aser is used to being cautious in Baylor Federation, but his father and eldest brother’s face changed a little with his thank you.

After the two coldly glanced at the woman who was already kneeling on the ground, Aser’s father smiled and said, “You don’t need to thank her, that is what she should do.”

“She eats ours, drinks ours, wears ours, we give her shelter from the wind and rain, everything she does is what she should do.”

“I know this is a habit you developed in that place in the Federation, but when you come back home, you don’t need these!”

Speaking of his father, he twisted some black yellow powder crystal-like condiments from the condiment jar on the side, and sprinkled them into the cup of milk in Aser’s hands. “

He took a sip of the boiled milk while resisting the messy taste. Aser almost vomited it out in one mouthful. After swallowing his mouth, he resisted the discomfort and never wanted to touch this thing again.

His father asked again, “What is your factory going to do, about how many people?” Then he began to show off again, “How can I say it now is a person with some prestige. Can it be solved for you, do you understand what I mean?”

Aser nodded, said something that Lynch told him.

The more he talks, the more strange he feels to this family, not just this family, the whole Nagalil seems to be different from what he remembers.

What made him more uncomfortable was that he was ready to go to bed at night, but his eldest brother’s wife entered his room with a red face in light clothes…

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