Blackstone Code Chapter 293


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The night in Nagalil is very dark, and the stars are especially shining. Unlike the Baylor Federation, the colorful neon lights at night will cover the original sky.

The dazzling starry sky is reflected on the curtain of the night sky. When people look at the stars in the sky, they will inevitably be attracted by it and shocked by it!

Aser looked at the peaceful night outside through the transparent glass window, but the waves in his mind were shaking.

After all, it is different, the civilized world and the barbaric world are different after all!

Actually, he was mentally prepared before he returned, but he was still careless.

The Nagalil in his memory seems to have disappeared. His memory of the past has become fuzzy, and most things are happy-joy in suffering.

The happy emotions generated in pain make people remember for longer, so his memories of his hometown are more positive and cheerful. The memory seems to deliberately erase the unpleasant facts.

In these years of living in the Federation, he has gradually adapted to being a civilized person in a civilized world. Although the Federation has all sorts of unbearable and discriminatory overt and secret, it is ultimately a civilized country.

They used the law this thing to protect all the weak and restrain the powerhouse. Even if people in the bones are rotten, they at least maintain their nobility on the surface.

He has begun to adapt, although it may not be an ideal country there.

But here, Nagalil, everything seems to have not progressed, the barbaric is still barbaric.

The policemen who drive passers-by with clubs, just to make the powerful cars pass easily. In fact, their real job should be to protect the people, but they did not do so.

In order to expand the yard, knock down other people’s houses and drive them out, and treat these things as talking to show off. How can a cold person do such things?

Because he habitually said “Thank you”, his father and elder brother thought that his elder brother’s wife was seduce him, so that the poor woman would dedicate her life to satisfy his brother’s lust…

Too terrifying, too savage!

When a person has started to learn and is used to sitting on the side of a table spread with tablecloths, using exquisite utensils to serve food, playing with exquisite tableware to enjoy carefully cooked food, it is difficult for him to accept devour The life of raw meat and fowl.

He will be sick when he sees those pieces of meat drenched with blood, he will be sick when he sees those corpses, and when things are put in his mouth.

I don’t know when, Aser fell asleep, no one called him to get up on the 2nd day, he did not wake up until almost eleven o’clock in the sleep.

In Nagalil, except for a few people who have a job in a factory, most people are engaged in casual labor and farming. Generally speaking, the pace of life is actually not fast. It’s not impossible to wake up in the afternoon.

After Aser got up, the bad smell and body odor in his nasal cavity made him suffer again. He changed his clothes. He felt that he also had this smell on his body. When he came out of the bedroom, he walked downstairs , His expression froze when he stood at the gate.

His eldest brother’s wife didn’t know who was hung from a tree in the yard. Aser’s brothers were watching. His elder brother was beating the poor woman with a whip.

Every whip was whipped very loudly, and the woman silently endured it. She bit her lip, her lips were bleeding, and her eyes were a little loose, as if she might faint anytime and anywhere.

Aser’s mother, and the other brother’s wives knelt aside, witnessing this somewhat ritual punishment throughout.

When the last whip was finished, Aser’s eldest brother put the whip away and handed it to the younger brother beside him. He glanced coldly at the hanging woman and untied the rope that bound her hands.

The woman slumped to the ground. A few seconds later, she braced herself and knelt in front of brother Aser, with her hands facing down and palms up against the ground, she kissed her husband’s toes. Finally, press your forehead against the ground.

This is a standard procedure for repenting for what you did wrong, but only for women. Aser’s eldest brother shook his shoulders. His arms and shoulders were a little sore when he whipped his whip, and he turned around. , I saw Aser.

The indifferent face was suddenly filled with a smile. It was a smile from the heart. Aser recognized this kind of smile because he had had it before.

“My younger brother, are you sleeping well?”, he walked up to Aser and embraced Aser with open arms, but this hug did not give Aser some warmth.

Aser’s expression was sluggish for about one or two seconds before reacting, “Very good, I always think about home when I am outside, and it feels good to come back…”

His brother’s nodded indifferent expression, “It must be the best in hometown, this is your home, you and us…”, he said, hugging Aser’s shoulders while walking towards the house.

While walking, I said, “Let’s have lunch first. After lunch, I will take you to our factory. Maybe you are interested in these things.”

This sentence really caught Aser’s attention. He didn’t expect that father and these brothers who had hardly studied had a factory. His occupation made him a little sensitive, so he asked casually. In one sentence, “What kind of business does the factory operate?”

“Recycling and processing!”, the two walked into the hall, and Aser’s eldest brother said proudly, “We have opened up some relationships. This business is not easy. We also spent a lot of money… “

In his introduction, Aser finally understood that the money he sent back over the years was not saved by them or used by eating and drinking merrily.

When some people have certain characteristics or qualifications, someone will come to the door to make money for them.

Since Aser’s father showed off his son as a “foreigner” everywhere, he gradually gained some local fame, so some people came to him.

Any society is absolutely impossible to operate in the way planned by the rule makers. There will always be some anomalies. There are also such people in Nagalil. They are like speculators.

They are uncomfortable with the status quo and want to change their situation. Without breaking the Nagalil rules, they will try their best to make money and improve their status.

The people who found Aser’s father are such a group of people. They have no reputation, but they have taken a fancy to a business and want Aser’s father to help them.

They don’t need Aser’s father to pay extra, they can enjoy half of the income of the entire business!

Aser’s father agreed without thinking about it for too long. At least he can guarantee that even if the other party is a liar, he will not lose anything.

This business will be recycled.

A large number of “gold wares” are born during religious activities every year. These gold wares are not actually made entirely of gold. Some are coated with a layer of gold, and some are just ground and mixed with some lacquer Together, brush the surface of some utensils.

The former is often the way of the rich, while the latter is the choice of people with slightly better family conditions. There are actually subdivisions.

How many times the gold paint is painted also represents different family status. The “goldenware” that the most common family enshrines to the gods is not only small, but the gold paint is also painted once.

The richer families will enshrine some larger “goldenware”, and the golden paint will be painted several to dozens of times.

The gold-clad “goldenware” is easy to handle. Just tear off the outermost layer of gold, but the gold that is made of gold paint and painted on the surface of the vessel is not easy to handle.

If you want to say that these things are not valuable, they are really not cheap, but if you want to say how expensive it is, it doesn’t seem to be enough.

In addition, the recycling method is very troublesome. The major temples do not personally handle these things. They will pack these “golden objects” to some recycling factories and let them do it.

It is said that it is a factory, but it is actually a workshop of neither too big nor too small.

In the past, people used to recycle gold paint by smashing and grinding the powder as a whole, and then selecting the bottom layer with relatively high purity gold powder by natural layering, and then recasting it into gold ingots after calcination.

Now these problems are easy to solve. With the development of foreign technology, some chemical things have gradually appeared in Nagalil.

Through a chemical reagent that is banned for civilian use and abuse in many countries in the world, the chemical components in the gold paint can be decomposed with no difficulty and the gold can sink to the bottom.

Aser’s expression became a bit solemn when he heard these contents. After having a quick meal, he drove to the factory with his elder brother.

There are more than 100 meters away from the factory, and you can smell a pungent smell. When the two parked their cars in the yard, they watched the workers come into contact with various chemicals without any protective measures. At that time, Aser’s heart was touched.

People’s numb faces don’t seem to see any mood swings. They don’t even care about their ulcerated or deformed hands. They just keep repeating their work.

Those white and ulcerated hands that had been soaked in chemical agents were in and out of various liquids, and Aser’s heart suddenly seemed to be caught by something.

His brother didn’t seem to notice the change in the expression on Aser’s face, and he still introduced everything here happily. He also took Aser to his office, introduced Aser to other people in the office, and gave him Opened the safe.

The gold bricks of neat and tidy in the square box in the safe are said to be gold bricks, but actually they should be gold pieces. These gold bricks are only about half a centimeter thick, palm-size, and filled with a luster that accelerates the heartbeat.

“Look, this is our business!” In his ostentatious tone, he couldn’t feel the man’s awe for life.

A familiar and unfamiliar country.

A group of familiar and strange people.

The only thing that remains unchanged may be the essence of the pursuit of interest!

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