Blackstone Code Chapter 295


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“Are you leaving?” Vila looked at Lynch in surprise. She didn’t quite understand why Lynch was leaving the Federation suddenly.

Judging from Lynch’s very solemn and deliberate attitude to tell her about this matter, it seems that the time will not be too short, “Is it going to be a long time?”

Lynch nodded, he peeled the fruit on the table, a very common fruit. A year ago, the family would not buy this unpeeled fruit.

They will start from some supermarkets with thresholds–

In Baylor Federation, there are some supermarkets dedicated to middle class. These supermarkets will screen customer groups to a certain extent. Their method is very simple, that is, they charge membership fees.

Membership fee levels ranging from 150 yuan per year to 500 yuan per year, all customers are divided into one level.

Then the things in these supermarkets must be good?

Actually not necessarily, but these supermarkets will create a more advanced atmosphere for them, and they will think more for their customers, and they will help customers think about things that customers can’t even think of themselves, such as fruits. Shelling.

Whether it’s hard-shelled fruits or soft-shelled fruits, there will always be people who can’t do anything about them. Supermarket employees will dress as rigorously as if they are about to walk on the operating table, and then peel them in front of customers The fruit is cut, placed, and packaged.

Ensure that customers can eat directly after they return home, rather than having to spend time on processing.

Various services make some groups with higher incomes willing to spend a little more money to enjoy this convenience. This is also an attitude of middle class life. They make more money than ordinary persons and are willing to spend money to enjoy it. Improve their society status.

The current situation has changed a little. After the divorce from Gapp, Vila kept some of his main assets, but only part of it.

Gapp voluntarily gave up all net assets, but the court rejected his statement. Their family deposits, family stock accounts and some common assets were confiscated, including half of their house rights .

Originally, the house had to be taken away, but Vila spent money to buy the house that originally belonged to them.

Of course, the money spent is not much, about half of the market price, which also makes her less affluent.

She already knows how to choose a pound of unpeeled fruit and 5 98 cents of peeled fruit.

Lynch threw the fruit peels in the trash can, while biting the sweet fruits, while nodded, “It will be about three months to half a year, maybe I will come back early, or it may be later…”

He sucked and licked the juice that fell on the tiger’s mouth, “So I’m here to tell you that I’m not in the Federation during this time. You have to keep an eye on all company accounts for me. Do you understand what I mean? “

Looking at Vila, he didn’t come back. He ate the pulp in his hands in a few bites, took the towel and wiped his hands, while saying, “Those people on the board and I are not of the same mind. I have done everything else. Arrangement, only accounts, can only rely on you.”

More than two months ago, he had found a suitable manager through some relationships, a man.

The manager named Joyce is very young, only 30 or five years old. It is when a person has the most energy, physical strength, and brain power, pinnacle.

This person is ambitious and assertive, which also means that he is not easily manipulated by other people on the board.

He will not make the mistakes youngster will make. At the same time, his fighting spirit and his hope for the future make him seriously consider whether to fill in a stain in his career, plus some of Lynch’s control methods. , Basically, there will be no big problems.

The board of directors does not need to consider whether there is a problem, but the finances are still dangerous. If there is no reliable person and only a few small means can empty Lynch’s company, the importance of Vila is unquestionable.

Lynch’s attitude, expression, expressions are all serious. Vila was silent for a moment and then nodded. This time she didn’t find any excuses to shirk her responsibility.

After experiencing so many things, she gradually realized that the next road may not be easy to walk. If there is no one to help her, she will not be able to walk with a child.

Rather than finding someone you don’t know to work with again in the trial, it’s better to take it seriously and help Lynch to do things, at least they are familiar.

This matter can be regarded as a clear answer or result. The two were silent for a while, and Vila suddenly mentioned Lynch’s plan, “If you go for that long, you will miss the new semester!”

Lynch once said that he plans to go to university for further studies, especially to join a school of the Holy Peace Society alliance. Vila knows what this means, everyone knows.

The influence of the Holy Peace Society in the federal society is really too great. Whether it is a star or a politician, whether it is a capitalist or a scholar, most of the people in the cream of the crop are Holy Peace. Member of the Society, or have a certain relationship with the Holy Peace Society.

People are willing to believe that “Holy Peace Society controls the Federation and even the world through conspiracy” is not unreasonable. Of course, this also supports the status of the Holy Peace Society.

The easiest way to become a member of the Holy Peace Society is through the Holy Peace Society Alliance Campus. This is also the easiest and most effective way to screen members of the Holy Peace Society. They are similar to those supermarkets that have thresholds.

The students of the affordable Holy Peace Society alliance colleges are basically from middle class families, and they have more advantages than ordinary persons.

Networks, wealth, status, various advantages.

These people who are already good enough have to come together to compete and finally select some people to join the Holy Peace Society. This ensures that every new member of the Holy Peace Society is the best.

They will bring something new to the Holy Peace Society and complement the interpersonal network. This is also one of the main reasons why the unnoticeable influence of the Holy Peace Society affects the Federation.

Of course, everything is impossible absolutely. Lynch is just laughed about Vila’s doubts, “I have my own way…”

If his business in Nagalil is successful enough this time, it can prove that the theories he said on some radical Sand Dragons are correct.

When the time comes, donate a little more money to find a Holy Peace Society alliance college and name it. I guess those people won’t mind.

Most non-confidential organizations are doing the same thing, which is to expand their influence, and so is the Holy Peace Society.

They never hide themselves from the outside, and even hope that people will know about them. They will hold some activities in the air, and they will not shy away from other people’s discussions. What they need is influence, and Lynch happens to have this ability.

He will become the wave of an era. There is no more influential person and event. The Holy Peace Society will give him an invitation.

Vila doesn’t know as much about these things as Lynch. She smiled reluctantly and understood Lynch’s arrangements. The things she experienced in just a few months made her hard to laugh now and very tired.

It was a kind of exhaustion from the soul, and she felt tired.

After leaving Vila’s house, Lynch went to visit Nell. He needed the help of Nell, his father.

Lynch’s parents have moved out of the original block. They took advantage of this financial recession and bought a large single-family house in a middle-class community at a very low price.

Lynch can understand these practices of his parents, and this is precisely the most urgent and true idea of ​​all the people at the bottom of the Baylor society-big houses.

The small public rental apartments in the downtown district make every house look like a box. It is good that there are fewer family members. If there are more family members, the living room will become a bedroom at night, and life is also extremely inconvenient.

People’s desire for a big house exceeds their desire to squander money, so the first thing Nell does when he has money is to sell the damn little house before and exchange for a big one.

There is a big difference between Nell at this time and Nell a few months ago. He gradually figured out how to be a master who used to be in his eyes.

Most people who come out of the bottom will have experienced the process Nell has gone through. They will feel that if they become managers, they will gain the friendship of workers through humanized management and friendly methods. Work together in a relatively harmonious environment.

But this is not the case. Nell also worked with the workers when he was at first. He thought that this kind of pioneering style would make the workers work spontaneously.

He improved the treatment of the workers, gave them large pieces of beef in the noon lunch, and gave them free juice and fruit.

However, apart from saying that he is a “stupid beep”, these workers will not become so active at work. Some people secretly mock him for acting and showcasing.

Then he finally understood how to use rules and punishments to restrain these lazy workers. The benefits come from awe, not enthusiasm and friendship.

This is the only way for a manager from naive to mature!

Nell and Serra greeted Lynch. Serra took Lynch’s hand and said a conversation before going to prepare dinner for the men. Nell and Lynch stayed in the living room.

Looking at Nell wearing glamorous clothes, it was in stark contrast to his shabby and shabby outfit a few months ago.

“What can I do?” Nell asked casually.

After several months as the manager of a construction company, Nell gradually understood something. He felt that Lynch would not visit him for no reason.

Lynch slightly adjusted a comfortable sitting position, nodded and said, “There is indeed something, remember that two or three months ago, the factory where you used to work, those thieves…”

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