Blackstone Code Chapter 296


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If placed half a year ago, Lynch said that Nell’s co-workers were a group of thieves. This honest man might become angry. He would pat the table and point to Lynch’s nose and tell him what he said. How ridiculous.

Those people are not thieves, they are just pitiful persons who cannot see the future because they are forced by life. They just live hard. If they are thieves, they just stole hope.

But at this time, Nell not at all felt the slightest anger at the word thief. He was at best a little uncomfortable, a little unhappy, and a little dissatisfied with Lynch’s statement.

The change in status has allowed him to adapt to saying goodbye to his past life, a new big house, a car of his own, and he even has a cloakroom that he has never thought of before, with some of his own The decent formal wear and small accessories.

These changes are like a sharp dagger, completely separating the past from the present.

He was nodded, “Yes, I know that. I’m lucky I didn’t do it with them. The case is over?”

Nell knows what Lynch has done. He will obtain the houses that may be sold by the factory owner through lawsuits, and then return these houses to these “uncles” in another way.

He feels that Lynch is a bit stingy and a bit strange. He can give these houses directly to these workers without any loss at all.

This case is still a bit complicated in nature, because a group of workers, a factory, and a boss are involved in three lawsuits, and there is a weight issue.

Whose power takes precedence and who is lagging behind requires a process and time. Fortunately, Lynch performed well during this period. The judge gave Lynch the highest level of weight on the grounds that Lynch has complete evidence and procedures.

Because he signed the sales contract and the responsibility letter with the workers, everything is very complete, and there is no dispute, so this lawsuit is tried and executed first.

Lynch confirmed this, “I will soon enter the implementation process, but you know, I intended to help these uncles…”

Nell finally couldn’t help it. “Exploitation is not help. I believe if you think exploitation is help, they would rather not help you!”

For these Old Partners who have worked with him for many years, Nell has not yet been able to face the indifference of ordinary workers. He has begun to learn indifference, but he is not yet mature.

Lynch smiled. He looked at Nell, “But if I don’t help them, they will be driven onto the road by the police and bankers.”

“Accept my help, they can still have a home, and refuse my help, they can only have a home destroyed, do you know the term home destroyed?”

Lynch patiently explained the meaning of this word for the less educated father, “They will be very pitiful. Those with older children will go on crooked roads, join gangs and become thugs, or become street lovers. The actors in strip clubs show off their bodies to their uncles and even relatives.”

“Their wives will divorce them, and of course they may not divorce, but you know, if there is no love between homeless people, their private lives will become corrupt, and they will even seek a warm place in winter. Into someone else’s sleeping bag.”

“In the end, they will have nothing, sick and sick. They don’t have even a tiny bit of money to see a doctor. They can only…” Lynch glanced at the dinner plate that Serra brought up.

The bright smile on his face and the words he said are completely two extremes. He stopped here and sniffed, “It’s delicious, can I taste it before I start?”

Serra is a very typical ordinary housewife. Life takes away a lot of her things, which makes her easy to be pleased and satisfied.

Faced with her son’s request, she smiled happily, “Of course, I hope you won’t find it against your appetite!”

Lynch then picked up a slap-length beef rib and ate it in big mouthfuls. After eating, he didn’t forget to slur on the bones and fingers. The thick sauce exudes a strong aroma. The ordinary family is cooking It will have a salty and sauce flavor when it is cooked.

This is because they have not mastered advanced cooking skills and cannot make the food have multiple levels of taste changes, so it is important to emphasize oil, salt, and sauce.

“Very delicious, I am looking forward to other dishes!” Lynch’s generous compliments made Sierra happier. She couldn’t help but walk up to Lynch and touch his forehead with her cheek without using her hands. Because her hands are stained with water, Lynch’s clothes are expensive.

“Of course, of course, all you like, wait for me!”

After watching Serra leave, Lynch withdrew his gaze, “Where are we talking?”

Nell didn’t know whether he should be more indifferent or normal. He sullen his face, his lips moved, and said mockingly, “You told me what the word’family breaks down’ means.”

“Ah! Yes, it is true.” Lynch soon took the previous words on the street. In fact, he knew it, but he deliberately asked this to deepen Nell’s understanding of the word and everything he just said impression.

When the impression is deepened to a certain extent, it will become a subconscious default.

Lynch twisted his fingers. It was a bit sticky (zhan·nian). He wiped his fingers while holding the napkin on the side of the table, and continued, “And none of this is cost-free. The cost of evidence, the cost of opening up various relationships, what you see is only the result, you don’t know how much effort and price I have put in for this, so I don’t think my behavior is excessive.”

“Compared to letting them wander, I am already very kind!”

Nell couldn’t help but sarcastically said, “You are so kind!” His emotional change actually comes from two aspects. The first aspect is that people will remember the past when they are rich, so in this His position on the issue will be more biased towards those workers.

The second aspect is because the relationship between him and Lynch seems to be reversed now. When Lynch explains these problems, he feels that he has been “learned by children.” For raindrops, it is not easy to accept.

But he was still persuaded by Lynch in his heart, and he asked, “What do you want me to do for you?”

Lynch put the napkin on the table again, the fingers became smooth again, and there was no sticky stickiness, he shrugged, “Soon the court will auction their house to convince the workers not to make trouble, we To keep things under our control, can you understand?”

Nell has roughly understood that he is nodded and has a serious attitude. This is related to the lives of his former workers. Even if they are no longer in contact, he does not want to do something too extreme.

After discussing the main business, the two began to talk about Nell’s new life. At this time, Nell’s words became more and his emotions became more active. What he said most was his interest.

He made a special room in the back room and transformed it into a workshop, which contains various tools and two small desktop machine tools.

Some furniture and small decorations in the house are made by himself, and sometimes some things are so interesting.

When he worked hard, he would feel bored with his work, and it seemed that those jobs became the source of his pain.

But when he can enjoy a better life without having to work, he suddenly found that he still loves those jobs, including those tools.

The two talked about Serra and put all the dishes on the table. The family sat together drinking wine and chatting, enjoying themselves.

Until…Lynch leaves.

The cost of growing up is really too great. Being a family suddenly becomes “relatives”. The intimate people begin to alienate each other. This may be the helplessness of growing up, but it is also a necessary process.

With the help of Nell, the workers did not make trouble after knowing the result of the trial. They just found two people to talk to Lynch on behalf of the workers.

With Nell as the middleman, Lynch will not be too harsh on what they do. Generally speaking, everyone can accept this result.

After all, they have broken the law, and now they can solve the problem without paying too much. In fact, they have taken advantage of it. Not everyone is as easy to talk as Lynch, so he considers the difficulties of others, and he should know how to be satisfied.

Although everything seems to be done well, Lynch still understands that some things will definitely change unexpectedly.

Either now, or in the future, there will always be someone who wants to make a fuss, but he doesn’t care very much, that’s something for the future.

For the next period of time, he was busy with these business matters, so that everything became orderly. In mid-March, he and more than 50 bodyguards from the Blackstone Security Company boarded and went to Naga. Lier’s cruise.

Looking at the coastline going away and finally disappearing at sea level, Lynch turned around and walked forward facing the sea breeze, steady and calm.

It takes about ten days to travel from Baylor Federation to Nagalil by sea and land. For this era, this speed is already fast, but Lynch is still a little dissatisfied.

However, this backward mode of transportation also has the advantages of backwardness. At least some information will be transmitted very slowly, which is particularly critical for certain things.

On April 1st, an ordinary day, the cruise ship docked at an external port in Nagalil. A shiny leather shoe left the gangway and landed on Nagalil. Land.

The hot weather caused a heat wave with various smells and fishy sea breeze. Lynch unbuttoned his jacket, looked at the backward city with a smile, and took a deep breath.

That is the smell of wealth!

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