Blackstone Code Chapter 299


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One of the two priests is older and the other is younger, and they both wear roughly similar clothes.

A cloak similar to that worn by ancient clergy, with a loose shawl, a dress that looks like a long skirt, a simple waist, and some mysterious patterns and decorations on the dress, and The most important thing, a hood.

They walk barefoot on a clean floor that can illuminate people’s faces, and each step will leave a gray footprint, but they don’t seem to care, they don’t care, at least in a certain way. There are indeed some characteristics.

“Mr. Lynch, do you believe in God?”

The older priests looked at Lynch with muddy eyes, but they felt that there was an unclear power in it, “Do you believe in our god?”

The eyes of the two priests fell on Lynch, like Mishahaya’s attitude to the police chief to test Lynch. They also wanted to know Lynch’s religion to Nagalil, their gods, and what view.

This is a very important temptation. In the past, among the people who came to Nagalil from outside for many years, some were atheists. They insisted not to believe in any gods. Lil’s religious teachings are completely violated, and these people are blasphemers.

There are some people who believe in gods, but they only believe that the gods they believe in exist and are righteous. The others are Evil God, which is more terrifying than atheists. They directly deny the Earth Sect The doctrine has tainted the sanctity of the gods.

Temptation becomes important, especially since Nagalil is still a religious theocracy. The sacredness of God does not need to be questioned, nor can it be questioned.

Lynch listened to the nodded without the slightest hesitation, “I believe it!”

His decisiveness made the two priests stunned for a moment. They had prepared some rhetoric, but they were obviously not needed now.

They originally planned to wait for Lynch to say “I don’t believe it” and use some facts to convince him that these words are useless, which also made the atmosphere a little awkward.

In embarrassment, the silence lasted for about four or five seconds, and the older priest’s face had a little more expression. He slightly nodded, “Mr. Lynch, although you say you believe it, I think…”

“You have not been in contact with our religion, have not read our doctrines, and have no understanding of the great gods we believe in. Can you tell us why you have such thoughts?”

His expression gradually became more serious, “The god is omnipotent, you can deceive me, but you can’t deceive it!”

Religious issues and belief issues are very serious things for some special people. It can even be said that these people exist around these things.

They may not pursue some other issues, but only insist on some rigid and strict requirements in terms of faith.

Lynch said Thaksin so quickly, on the contrary, it made the two priests a little suspicious, whether Lynch really believed it, or just to deceive them.

Faith cannot be reserved, cannot be full of deception, these all are blasphemy against gods.

They would rather Lynch say that he is an atheist, and they don’t want him to deceive himself and deceive the gods.

Compared with the seriousness of the older priest, Lynch was quite relaxed. He sat on the sofa with his legs crossed, and asked a question, “How do you know that I am cheating? Really believe it?”

“Just your guess?”

Without waiting for the older priest to say something, Lynch snatched his chance to speak, “I am a theist and believe that gods are real. I didn’t want to explain these issues, but your words may I caused some bad effects, and I have to correct your mistakes.”

“In fact, anyone who can think independently will understand this. Every religion is an extremely large and complicated system. Many people study a religion for a lifetime, and they cannot thoroughly study all the things in it.”

“If there is no god in this world, where did these things come from?”

“It’s impossible to be born out of thin air. If someone lied and made up these things, not to mention whether people have the ability to make the system and content of each religion so perfect, why should others believe one and make up False story?”

Lynch’s voice is filled with a mysterious smell, which makes people unconsciously immersed in, “You made up such a huge lie, and people will know. People in the same age as you know that before you No one has said such a thing, then these all are false, they will not believe it.”

“Others won’t believe it, and no one will pass on your lie after you die, because everyone knows it’s false. The next generation, but no one will inherit lies.”

“Everyone knows these things, inheritance these things, it means that these things must have happened, at least people know that they did happen before they will be passed on.”

“And if you don’t understand other gods so narrowly, you will find some doctrines, some stories related to gods, and the content is not unique to you, but common and shared. .”

“I’m not an atheist, nor a believer of a certain faith, but I believe that gods exist. In the years we don’t know, people cannot leave the area where they live. How do they cross even Today we all feel that the journey is far away, and record the same thing?”

“Maybe because of language, customs, habits and other reasons, we have different understandings of the same god, different records, so that we have different views on some things of the same root with different branches, but this is not Can’t stop me from believing that God exists.”

Lynch’s words stopped here. He tilted his head slightly and looked at the two priests with a very calm look, “Do you still think I am cheating you?”

The older priest stroked his chest with one hand and bent down at the same time, “I’m sorry, Mr. Lynch, I was wrong!”

Lynch greatly raised his hand and gave an empty support. “I forgive you. We didn’t know each other before. The strangeness made us wary of each other. Now the misunderstanding is solved.”

The older priest straightened up, he nodded, “Yes…”, he glanced at the young priest beside him, who took out a red velvet cloth bag from the sleeve cage, and opened it in the middle. Drag and drop a white brand three inches long and two inches wide.

It seems to be the bones of some kind of animal or something. The brand has mysterious patterns carved out of gold silk, which is very noble overall.

“This is High Priest personally blessed the blessing card of divine force…”, the older priest took out the sign and handed it to Lynch, “In addition, there will be an event next week and weekend, High Priest also hopes You can be there!”

This kind of invitation is a formal invitation only after confirming that Lynch meets their invitation conditions. Otherwise, they might just come and walk through the scene today. They are impossible to invite an atheist or a believer of other faiths to participate in the local Religious activities, that may lead to some unforeseen consequences, they have encountered before.

The brand they sent was made with the horns of a horned animal. This brand represents a religious status in Nagalil. High Priest will only give it to some special people. To express their affirmation.

For example, the cultivator of painstaking cultivation, these people prove their beliefs are extremely pure by torturing themselves. These people look very thin and sloppy, but they can always burst out unimaginable power.

In the history of theocratic and political confrontation, there have always been a few times theocratic power fell into a disadvantage, and several times even almost lost control of power.

It was these cultivators of painstaking cultivation gathered from all over the country in Nagalil that saved the situation at that time and stabilized the divine power again.

From then on, Ben Earth Sect of Nagalil began to improve the society status of cultivator of painstaking cultivation, and High Priests would give them magic cards to make them admired.

Their children also have the right to enroll and enjoy various society benefits higher than citizens.

But don’t think that becoming a cultivator of painstaking cultivation is a simple matter. It’s not that simple. To become a cultivator of painstaking cultivation requires a deep understanding of the doctrine and taking precepts.

They need to cut off the family relationship with their relatives, cut off the connection with the worldly view, the only thing they can have connection is the god and the god’s spokesperson-High Priest.

Then they still have to choose intensive repair or active repair, which of course is another matter.

The person who holds this magic card is equivalent to an alternative religious nobleman. The Nagalil people who have faith will respect the holder.

Lynch thanked the two priests again and again and watched them leave. After he closed the door and returned, he glanced at the magic card on the coffee table and held it in his hand for a while.

In fact, Lynch has faith, true faith. He believes in wealth, power, and cannons, but he does not believe in gods.

But in order to better integrate into this society, he needs to put on himself a coat of faith, fortunately these people are very easy to fool.

After an afternoon’s rest, when the sky outside the window began to darken, Lynch and Aser came to a dinner party specially organized to welcome him.

The organizer was Mayor Michel Haye. He invited local celebrities, and even the provincial governor was on his invitation list.

He said it was organized by the governor rather than the governor of the province. It was just borrowed from him.

At half past five, a team of luxury cars appeared in front of the hotel. Looking at these luxury cars, it was hard to imagine that there would be such a luxury team in such a backward place, but Lynch would not. Because he knows very well that this is the function of wealth and power.

Sitting in the car, watching the police riding bicycles or walking outside the window constantly beating the people to drive them away, providing a wide road for the convoy, looking at the eyes full of hatred or anger, Lynch is in a good mood.

He even hummed a traditional Baylor Federation minor, a victory minor!

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