Blackstone Code Chapter 300


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Lynch’s humming songs are very charming, a kind of charm with national culture, this thing is difficult to describe, but it does exist, and it can be felt at once.

Aser was a little curious, “Mr. Lynch, is this a federal song?” He touched his forehead, “I don’t seem to have heard it!”

Lynch glanced at him, nodded with a smile, and at the same time stopped his humming behavior, explaining a little bit.

“It used to be popular during the cultural filling period, and then the Education Committee stopped promoting this song. It is normal that you have not heard it, and many federal people have not heard it!”

The history of the Federation is neither long nor long. A group of bandits established their own country on other people’s land. It is impossible to have a long and bragging history.

When others talk about the surging forward with great momentum of dynasty change…

When others sing a heroic poem like a miracle…

In others…

The federal people can’t find something they can take out to be proud of, so there is the term “cultural filling”. They fill the indigenous culture into the history of the federation, and use an embarrassing way to Aggression, possession, and massacre were described as “a new page in the development and progress of civilization”, and the peaceful life of those indigenous generations was described as “an old chapter full of dross in feudal barbarism.”

Although feudalism is also very barbaric, these histories have effectively filled the pale historical blanks of the Federation. Shengsheng has dragged the history of the Federation from a short few hundred years to thousands of years.

This is very nonsense and sad, and it also reflects the inferiority complex of the federal people on historical issues. They desperately want to look like other countries with a long history.

During this period, the Federation implemented a lot of policies and copywriting. Among them was “Hunting Music (19)”. It was a song that was circulated in various tribes during the period when the federal natives were not persecuted. Most were hunters. Singing tunes when returning full of loads.

This kind of positive content, cheerful music style, and folklore charm was added to the elementary school education system during the “cultural filling” period and became a must-learn song.

But it was quickly deleted because some Native Person rights organizations released some data and information to the society. It is said that after federal invaders landed on this land, they slaughtered the natives while singing this simple Easy to learn songs.

In some video materials, some gentlemen wearing waistcoats, top hats, spur boots, and shotguns in their hands, face covered in blood gentlemen stepping on countless indigenous corpses, singing loudly.

So its society died. No one mentioned its simple and cheerful tunes, and no one mentioned its “positive” content. It is normal that Aser has not heard of it.

That’s why Aser at this time couldn’t help but sigh, “It’s really a nice piece. It should be heard by more people and people will like it.”

Like it?

Lynch laughed, no, they wouldn’t like it. They wished that this history didn’t exist, even though the massacre of indigenous people was an indispensable process at the time, it was also an unavoidable process.

About six and ten minutes later, the convoy stopped outside a building that looked like a palace. After Aser introduced it, Lynch realized that this is not a historical site and so on. This is the home of the governor. .

The overall building presents an “apparatus”-shaped structure. A main building has four symmetrically extending outwards, and beyond is a lawn and an artificial river. Looking at the clear river bottom and the various ornamental fishes in the river that are not afraid of humans , Wealth and power once again prove their greatness, as well as terrifying.

Miche Haye ran out to greet Lynch in person. It stands to reason that he is the host of today’s dinner. His status is very honorable, but in fact, the real host is the governor of the province, and his status has been lowered by a level .

If he doesn’t come to greet Lynch personally, is it necessary for the Governor to come personally?

So he took the initiative to come, with a close smile on his enthusiastic face, he also took the initiative to act as a waiter and opened the door for Lynch.

“You are too polite, it makes me a little uncomfortable!” Lynch appropriately expressed his flattery.

Miche Haye repeatedly shook his head, “No, today you are our most distinguished guest, you should enjoy these with peace of mind!” He said, leading Lynch into the main hall, a huge hall.

With words like exquisiteness, I can’t care about the luxury of the interior of this building. There are gold, jewellery, and specimens of various animals everywhere. Lynch also saw some intact furs that I don’t know if it’s a lion or Old Hu. Some entrances serve as carpets.

No incense was burned in the room, but it was still full of a light but everywhere scent of vegetation. The big red wood with some golden threads was the main material for constructing this building.

Lynch couldn’t help but take a few more glances on the materials. The bright red wood color like blood soaked and the mysterious gold threads that shuttle through the wood make this wood look very eye-catching.

The Federal Territory is a temperate region with very distinctive four seasons, and lacks some special plants and animals. These things can be sold for a lot of money when sent to the Federation!

There are also those gems, jewels and so on, as well as specimens of various animals.

In order to prove their strength, humans will hunt other species at the top of the food chain and make them into specimens to bring out the dominance of humans in nature.

Some rich people are said to have their own “zoo”, which is full of complete specimens of the various animals they hunted, which has become their capital to show off to their guests.

However, this behavior is currently illegal in the federal government. Since the establishment of the Federal Environment Agency, many behaviors have been prohibited. They prohibit people from destroying vegetation, prohibit people from discharging harmful industrial waste, and prohibit people from hunting beasts. These things have created one protected area after another.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the federal natives also have three protected areas. The Federation claims that this is the protection of Native Person rights. Although the outside world does not understand the relationship between these natives as animals and human rights, protection It is really protected.

As the heavy main entrance of the hall was pushed open, a larger and more shocking room appeared in front of Lynch.

It is very large and spectacular. At least the height above ten meters makes people sigh for their insignificance. There are not many words to describe the luxury here, but it can only be said to be shocking.

The people in the hall have long been waiting for it, and there was a lot of voice. After the Aser half a month promotion, people in the entire city and the upper society of the entire province knew the news. A rich man from the Federation is going to be in Naga Lier invests.

Privately, the governor has inquired about Lynch’s federal assets through his relationship, so as not to suffer a loss.

They suffered losses before. Some people claimed to come to Nagalil to invest, and then they were deceived, and they were deceived more than once. Now they have become smarter and know to investigate first and then make arrangements.

After investigation by people on the federal side, Lynch probably has a wealth of more than 10 billion Galil. This allowed the Governor to confirm that the dinner will be held in the Governor’s Office.

“This is the chief of police, you met yesterday…”, Mishehhaye introduced Lynch to the guests present, and the chief of police was the first to bear the brunt.

The chief of police took off his police cap and held it around his waist, stretched out his hand and shook Lynch, “In this city, if you have any public order issues, you can contact me at any time and help you at any time, Mr. Lynch! “

His attitude is very low, because the chief of the police is not one of the “nobles”. In Nagalil, the chief of the police is actually a thug and henchman of the ruling authority. The position of great power and prestige, the members of the Great Family of the upper society are not willing to take on this job.

Almost all police chiefs in cities are from the civilian class. They are all instrumentalists in the hands of real rulers, and these people treat civilians more cruelly, more venomously, and decisively than those from the upper class.

When they are of no value, it is not a pity to throw them away. It can also quell public grievances and public anger. Therefore, in Nagalil, the status of the police chief is not high.

Next are various local officials and wealthy businessmen, celebrities and society celebrities, until the appearance of the governor.

This is the first meeting between Lynch and the governor. The governor in front of him wore a set of decent, local-style clothes. This is also a very distinctive feature, or characteristic, of him.

Look around those people, whether they are society celebrities, dignitaries or dignitaries. Most of these people’s clothing tends to be international mainstream styles. They seem to have a blind closeness to developed countries, but the provincial governors are different.

He is dressed in Nagalil style from top to bottom, a brown-red wide-legged hakama, a…I don’t know how to describe it—a normal dress, but it extends A lot of cloth strips, these cloth strips entwined around the body, a bit weird.

The governor’s face looks very friendly, not harsh, and his voice is not sharp, like a person who is not difficult to get along with.

“I need a grand introduction…”, Michel Haye leaned slightly. “He is the governor of Magura, a friendly friend of the people, our teacher and best friend on the road of life. , Mr. Drag Beer.”

Miche Haye used different words when introducing the governor to other people, which also highlights the unique and unmatched status of the governor.

In Nagalil, the post of provincial governor can be regarded as semi-hereditary. After the upper society closed the ascending channel, the entire upper society has begun to slowly decay.

In a society where power is concentrated and class is solidified, people regard power as a private property, which makes power abused and the alternation of power becomes troublesome.

In addition, Nagalil has no concept of tenure, and several decades of power is enough for Leader to suppress all opponents and smoothly transfer power to his next generation.

The center of Nagalil didn’t think about solving these problems, but the problems left over from history are very difficult to solve. This apparently flawed ruling system will not be subverted to this day, so I have to say the regime His opponent, theocracy, played a key role here.

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