Blackstone Code Chapter 301


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“On behalf of the people of Magurana, I welcome you, Mr. Lynch from the Federation!”

The governor of the province masters a fluent international language, and he does not need Lynch to guess what he means. This is rare in some backward countries.

Many backward countries have a mystery of self-confidence, they always feel that others will come to accommodate them, rather than they will accommodate others.

Ignorance, arrogance, and arrogance make up the face with backward nostrils.

Lynch did not feel here that the governor is not like a ruler in a backward and ignorant region. His personal style, attitude, and the standard can’t be standard Interlingua give him the same identity and background. Kind of fragmentation.

This is a not simple person, only from his mastery of the language.

Lynch’s thoughts turned, and he always kept his clean smile on his face. At this moment, he extended the hand and the governor’s hand was held together. In an instant, he could feel the heat in the governor’s palm and the tightness. Real but not tight grip.

No successful person is a coincidence. Even if there is luck for a while, luck will not last forever.

“I am also honored to have the opportunity to come to this rich land, which is full of miracles and future in my eyes!” Lynch’s response made the smile on the Governor’s face more cordial.

He shook his hand vigorously before letting go, “No need to praise, I know what kind of country Nagalil is, and I also know that we are much behind the mainstream countries in the world. This is exactly what we need you. And why a passionate international friend like you helps.”

“In terms of science and technology, in terms of advanced management, we have a lot to learn. For all international friends who are willing to help us, we will not be stingy and will not hurt him!”

Sometimes people say half of their words to avoid embarrassment and coldness. For example, in the above sentence, the governor of the province actually left half a sentence without saying it–

“If you just come to take advantage, we won’t let you go!”

It probably means this or something similar, but he can’t say it, it will make the scene very embarrassing, but if he doesn’t say it, it doesn’t mean that this sentence does not exist.

Lynch’s expression is serious, and there are some reporters on the scene, including some international reporters from the Federation.

These people are also the opinions reached after discussion between Aser and Michele Haye. Lynch’s investment in Nagalil should not only be reported locally, but should also be reported to the Federation. This is actually for Nagalil. Advertise.

Once people find this is a good place, federal investors will cover the sky like rain clouds, and then sway their money like raindrops, covering every inch of land here.

After discussing with the provincial governor, Mishahaya finally agreed to Aser, or Lynch’s request, to allow reporters to witness this historical moment with their eyes and their cameras.

This is also an amulet that Lynch gave to himself-international public opinion and the situation.

Once the federal state has formed a trend of concern, even if the people in Nagalil want to take action on Lynch, they must also consider some international and diplomatic issues. As long as they dare not take action immediately, Lynch has a chance to reverse it. situation.

The short burst of the spotlight made the room flicker for a while. As the two of them let go of their hands, the flashing of the flashes fell into a short pause. They will flicker. They are now accumulating power for the next flickering .

After talking about these official scenes, the provincial governor started some more “private” exchanges, saying that it was private. In fact, what is the problem of being private or not in his status?

“Lynch, can I call you that?” After getting Lynch’s affirmative reply, the governor directly removed the “sir” and called him “Lynch”.

“I was very surprised when I heard that someone wanted to invest in me. I am not humble, because I really know what kind of country Nagalil is. Can you tell me what attracts me? You came to us, and what industries do you plan to invest in here?”

The people around have also begun to move towards here. Some people who are not qualified but just come to make fun actively stay away from the core. Nagalil’s strict class system affects everyone at all times.

Lynch took a glass of sparkling wine from the tray in the hands of the waiter. He moistened his throat, “Like Lord Governor said…”

“You can call me Drag, you forgot, we are friends!” Lord Governor has always been very enlightened, trendy and even avant-garde, but Lynch will not take it seriously.

When he appeared on this occasion wearing traditional clothes, some of the new trends and avant-garde he showed were actually just his hypocritical masks.

However, Lynch won’t pierce these. With a slightly surprised expression, he bowed his head slightly to pay tribute to the governor’s generosity, “I’m honored…”, he paused, “Just like Mr. Drag As said, many people’s perceptions of Nagalil are still many years ago.”

“People think that this place is poor and backward, and there may be some mineral resources but not suitable for development.”

“The harsh natural environment restricts the mining and transportation of mineral resources. Some people with ulterior motives here say it is worthless!”

When talking about this, people seem to be calm on the surface, but in fact they are still somewhat unhappy. They are the ruling class, the leader of the middle and upper class society. The worse Nagalil’s development, the more it shows Waste, how could they become happy?

But Lynch quickly turned around. He is very proficient in the word game of declining and then raising. “But in my opinion, people overlook a lot of things!”

“Our development and evaluation of the society cannot be simply measured by the value created by the society.”

“The development of culture, the changes in people’s lives, these things are all progress, are a manifestation of value, or are obviously higher than the intangible value of wealth.”

“Nagalil has obvious advantages. My assistant Mr. Aser and I have mentioned many times that the labor here is cheaper than other places. This is the greatest wealth.”

“Someone once said that in the new era, people are a kind of wealth. I agree with this statement, and this statement is very suitable for Nagalil now.”

“We lack everything, but we do not lack the sincerity of rapid development, and we do not lack hard-working working people.”

“I will gradually invest in the construction of at least five factories with no less than 1,000 jobs in Magurana, and will also invest in the construction of roads and railways, repair rivers and open up wasteland in some uncultivated areas.”

“In addition to these, I will regularly send a group of people who are willing to accept advanced knowledge to learn advanced technology abroad, master advanced work experience, and even send them abroad to learn advanced knowledge!”

“After these people have mastered advanced technology, they will return to Nagalil and make their own contributions to change here, and this is what I will do!”

Lynch stood in the crowd. He stretched out his right hand and pointed to the dome, “Investment is not plunder, it is common prosperity and common development.”

“I know that some people think that foreign investors will destroy some of the customs of the local society. I also ask everyone not to worry. I respect the customs and habits of every place, respect their work and life attitude, I am definitely not a spoiler , I am a builder!”

A few seconds later, there was enthusiastic applause in the hall. People clapped and passed some information between their eyebrows. They clearly heard what Lynch wanted to express.

He will not engage in the same benefits and who rights as the previous investors. He will not undermine the rule or the interests of everyone. He will also invest money here, which will make people willing to accept him.

The governor of the province is also applauding, “Good idea, it reminds me of Nagalil’s future. We need people like you to help us. What you said is very good.” p>

“Get rich together, develop together, it’s very enlightening!”

The governor stopped as he said, he raised his arm and glanced at the luxury watch worth tens of thousands of Federal Sol on his wrist, with a slightly apologetic face on his face, “Sorry, I have other arrangements. So I have to leave. If we have time, we will sit down and talk. I am very interested in some of your ideas!”

“Definitely!” After Lynch shook hands with the governor again, the governor waved goodbye to everyone and left the gate.

He doesn’t really have anything else, it’s just that it’s not suitable for him to be here now. After all, the host of this dinner is Mayor Michel Haye. He stays here for Lynch or for Mi For Shekhaye, they are all overwhelming.

As soon as the governor left, the atmosphere in the hall became more enthusiastic. Many people, including Michel Haye, surrounded Lynch, talking with him about what he was going to do next.

“Mr. Lynch, when do you plan to build the factory, where do you plan to build the factory, and what kind of products are you mainly engaged in?” Mishe Haye first asked his own question.

Lynch patted the honest wooden utensils around him, “I think these woods are good, how are their branches in the wild?”

“Forestry mining?” A very modern word popped out of Mishahye’s mouth, his slightly frowned head, which was different from what he thought.

He hopes that Lynch can invest in a real factory, preferably in the heavy industry. The assembly line of those heavy industry is often tens of millions of galil, and even if it has money, it may not be available.

But now that he talked about logging issues, Mishahaya’s brows stretched out quickly, he pondered for a while, and said, “Not many, and this kind of red blood tree logging requires the temple’s approval ……”

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