Blackstone Code Chapter 302


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Red blood wood is a unique tree in Nagalil, because it is as red as blood and contains gold threads. This special texture gives this tree a sacred nature.

In many religious beliefs, “gold” seems to be a characteristic of the gods. For example, in myths and stories, people often describe the blood of the gods as “golden streamer”, or even directly “golden blood” .

The characteristics of the Crimson Blood Tree also give it some legends and myths. In some myths and stories, the blood of the gods drips on the ground, and the Crimson Blood Tree grows where his blood gathers. The golden silk represents the undiminished divinity.

The more gold threads of Crimson Blood Wood, the more expensive it is. The price of some special plants is several times or even dozens of times the price of the same weight of gold.

Nagalil is a country of faith. People believe that using furniture or utensils made of red blood wood can also stain their bodies with the breath of gods, and they can take the protection of gods when the great destruction comes, and then enter Divine Kingdom.

Therefore, people are vying to use the wood of Crimson Blood Wood, but unfortunately, it is precisely because of its characteristics and its status in religion that Crimson Blood Wood is listed as one of the trees that are forbidden to be felled.

If you want this kind of wood, you must obtain the consent of the temples in various places before this precious tree can be cut down.

Maybe at first, people just want to use something with special meaning to assert their higher status, but as time goes by little by little, some of the lies that may have been once have now become facts .

Lynch missed this topic after getting to know it a little bit. He talked about Mishahaya and other topics of interest.

“Tell me about some of my next plans…”, people looked at him with bated breath. In the entire hall, apart from the soothing and ethnic music played by musicians in the distance, only Lynch was speaking. the sound of.

The architectural structure of this hall is carefully designed. The area where Lynch is located is the core area of ​​the entire hall. It is not in the middle of the hall, but the sound made by the people talking here can be borrowed from some The clever construction mechanism allows everyone in the room to hear clearly.

Every civilization has its merits, even though it may not be able to keep up with the times today, but in the long history of the past, there is always time for it to lead the times!

Of course, the Federation is not counted, because its history is not long.

“I will arrange for the problem of building a factory to be solved immediately. I don’t know what I can do here. I’m also impossible to ship the raw materials from other places here and send it away after processing. This will cost me So I am more inclined to some products that can obtain raw materials locally.”

“These things require further observation and exploration before I can draw conclusions, but overall, I am always optimistic about the future of Nagalil. There is a soil that is extremely suitable for the survival of capital forces, and the future can also be foreseen. A lot of capital will settle here.”

“Although we cannot start building and manufacturing immediately, we can start some business first.”

“Long room of wood, spices, animal fur, minions, and beautiful gems, gold and silver, copper is also OK, I want them, once a week, you can pay Galil or Pay for the federal Sol, or the currency commonly used by other countries!” He said as if thinking of something, “By the way, we still have war bonds that can pay a certain appreciation rate!”

Lynch has countless bonds in his hands. When he talks about this, it does not mean that these bonds are rotten in his hands. On the contrary, as the status of Baylor Federation in the international society rises, international diplomacy begins , The exchange conditions of these bonds also began to thaw and relax.

Guevra is willing to reclaim these bonds at half the face value of the bonds. Lynch has actually made a lot of money, but he is still a bit greedy. He believes that things will turn around, and everyone else thinks so. So these bonds Most of them are still in people’s hands, only a few of the courageous have escaped.

If the people here are willing to pay for these bonds, Lynch thinks that this is not impossible. Anyway, this kind of thing is willing to fight one and the other is willing to pay, and Gevlar’s ​​reluctance to cash in the future has nothing to do with Lynch. Lynch was also a victim of the ugly face of Frah hegemonism.

The more he thinks of this, the more he feels that it is a good idea to use those bonds in things like that. Maybe these people would prefer bonds with higher value-added space that can be cashed in the short to medium term than cash?

As Lynch’s voice fell, someone asked a question, “Mr. Lynch, do you need any animal fur?”

It was a fatty, and Lynch looked around all around. He found that almost half of the guests here were radicals, and a few were even more obese.

This is completely different from the upper society of the Baylor Federation. In the Baylor Federation, people in the uppermost society always maintain a very self-disciplined diet and fitness habits. It is difficult to see the presidents of certain groups and the controller of the consortium A fat fatty.

Even if there are, it is only a very small number. Most people care about their health and physical condition. Some of them even lead a self-disciplined life comparable to a cultivator of painstaking cultivation!

Some people make their work and rest time accurate to the second level. In the Federation, a fragmented rest time has begun to be popular most recently.

It is said that these people did it. They are convinced that the fragmented deep rest time will help the body more than a full night’s sleep. In short, the upper-level federal society and the upper-level society here treat “self” completely differently.

One already knows how to restrain himself, but here, he is still indulging his desire.

Lynch without the slightest hesitation’s nodded said, “The fur of any animal, but I must inform everyone in advance that the fur of some beasts and the fur of mice will definitely not be the same price. The extent of this determines the price of these things.”

“If a beast can be caught alive, as long as there is no injury or illness, you can also exchange money!”

People around you listened very carefully. Most of Nagalil’s land area is grassland and jungle. There are too many wild animals here.

In the past, people were reluctant to hunt wild animals. On the one hand, it was very dangerous, especially in the jungle. Whether it is bean-sized insects or two to 30 meters long pythons, they can be fatal to humans.

There is no need to risk your life into the jungle in order to get some food.

On the other hand, this backward country actually has a good agricultural foundation, because between the temperate zone and the tropics, the climate here is very suitable for agricultural development.

Just throw the seeds into the ground and simply take care of them, you can grow enough food for people to eat, and they have no need to enter the jungle.

But from this moment on, some things have started to change, and people will be willing to enter the jungle, whether it is voluntary or forced.

The fur businessman took a step back with satisfaction and said that he had finished asking the question, and then a new person came up and asked, “Mr. Lynch, what are your requirements for the spice acquisition?”

Lynch keeps answering people’s questions, as if he is really here to disperse money.

In a study room slightly behind this hall, the governor sat behind his desk and watched an introduction about the Baylor Federation and what Lynch did in the Baylor Federation.

He investigated Lynch and investigated it very carefully. By the way, he also got to know a little bit about the Zhou State family of Baylor Federation.

When he saw that the Baylor Federation was still pursuing an isolation policy until a year ago, he inexplicably had a good impression of the country, because Nagalil actually pursued an isolation policy.

They will not actively contact the world, and they do not want other countries in the world to disturb them. This makes the governor resonate, but the value of these resonances is limited to this.

In addition to him, there are five children in the room, boys, that’s not all.

He has a total of nine boys and seven girls. In Nagalil, as long as men have the ability, they can take care of more women. This is a demonstration of their ability. No one will accuse them of this.

In other provinces, there is a 70-year-old provincial governor. His greatest interest in this life is to create life and expand his ethnic group, so that he now has more than 200 children, more than 300 grandsons and For granddaughter, just prepare three meals for the family every day, so many people need to cooperate.

Compared with the governor of many descendants, the governor of Degra here is much simpler.

“What do you think the purpose of Mr. Lynch from Baylor Federation, come here at this time!”, Governor Degla put down some of the information in his hand, took off his glasses and leaned on the chair, which made him feel After a brief relaxation, his gaze kept scanning the five children across the table.

These are his five most outstanding children. Those girls are not counted. Women in the patriarchal society have no status at all, even if they are of prominent origins.

In fact, Nagalil is also facing some changes at this time. The world war has made this closed and backward country suddenly aware of some dangers. They think that if they have to face those war weapons, they cannot fight. of.

Some people in China have thoughts of change, but unfortunately, these thoughts are still faintly fluorescent, not even a leaf can be lit, let alone burning the entire world.

The decadent ruling class is afraid of change. Once the barriers of class are broken, some of them are likely to be broken into pieces and become nourishment for the newly emerging ruling class, so everyone is avoiding this problem.

At this very ingenious point in time, Lynch did not choose countries that are more suitable for investment, more stable countries, and stepped into the mud pit of Nagalil. Degra could never guess what Lynch really was. purpose.

Is he really here to do business, or is he here to make trouble?

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