Blackstone Code Chapter 370


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“Destroy two copper mines…”

This request actually completely exceeded the expectations of the white-skinned young man. He thought it would be some other more utilitarian content. It must be said that this “kindly resisting sponsor” needs some power, such as a monopoly. and so on.

But only to blow up two copper mines, not because the requirements were too high, but too low. He didn’t know what to say about the low ones.

Even he thinks that the other party is thinking about him. You must know that the copper ore obtained by the Gefla people from mining these copper mines will not be used locally. Bullets, artillery shells and various military weapons used to kill enemy soldiers in a war.

Even if the person on the other end of the phone does not say this, if there is an opportunity for the white-skinned young people, they will destroy Gevlar’s ​​production and construction facilities in Ameria, and this will be a long process.

It’s just…, he always thinks this request is too strange, so strange that he is not sure, “Sir, can you ask, can you get any benefit by destroying two copper mines?”

He also explained his curiosity, “I believe that your support for us is not for no reason. I always want to know what benefits you can get through us, so that I can cooperate with confidence, I may say I don’t quite understand, but I believe you must understand what I mean.”

The young man on the other side of the phone did not at all conceal something, “So you are worried about this. If you destroy these two copper mines, the world copper price will rise…”

It’s another capitalist’s disgusting theory of interest, but it just made the white-skinned young man feel relieved. He sighed with relief, “Maybe we can try to cooperate once, sir, I can know you Your name?”

“Name?” The young man on the other end of the phone said and laughed, “No, no, if there is no accident, we will not meet in this life, but considering that we need to address each other even if we are only on the phone, You can call me a’robin’ or you can find a code name for yourself.”


This code name caused the white-skinned young man to fall into a short-term loss of consciousness. He didn’t know if the guy on the phone was intentional, but this bird is very special and fits his current state of mind.

Whenever a foreign enemy invades, the robin will fight the invading enemy. Its small body carries great courage. Whether its opponent is an eagle or something, it will bravely meet it.

Or, drive all enemies out of its territory.

Either, until you die!

Isn’t this just like the mood of him and more people at this time?

The evil invaders from Gevlar occupied the area where they lived for generations, enslaved them, and let the darkness shroud this land.

The motherland also gave up on them. Now they are deeply in a desperate situation of isolation and helplessness. What’s more sad is that there are still many people who are numb and even happy accepting the rule of the aggressor.

Ten years…

20 years ……

30 years…

After 120 years, no one knows where they came from, no one knows what their real language should say, no one knows what their ancestors gave to live in this land…

Although many people gave up on them, they did not give up on themselves, resisted, and resolutely did not bow to fate.

After a few seconds, he came back to his senses, “Haiyan, you can call me Haiyan, sir.”

“Haiyan fighting against the brave rainstorm?” The robin’s voice made people feel comfortable. The young white-skin dog who claimed to be Haiyan seemed to have found a confidant, somewhat happy.

“Three days later, when you go to this address…, you will see the little gifts I gave you, my sincerity, of course I also hope you can tell me before you act, so that I have some preparation.”

“As long as you put a bunch of wild flowers…here, you will know how to contact me. This is how we contact me. Is there a problem?”

The young white dog shook the head, “Nothing, sir!”

“Well, good luck, Mr. Haiyan, who has the courage to resist tyranny!”


The white-skinned young man who hung up the phone didn’t seem to react. It took him a while to rub his face and gradually recovered from the shock he had just been shocked. At this time, he became particularly excited.

No matter what the purpose of this person supporting them to resist Gevlar’s rule, at least he can provide some necessary assistance to the resistance organization.

Weapons, funds, various supplies and consumables, once the resistance forces can lay several strongholds, they can gradually get rid of the control of these people.

But before that, he decided to cooperate with this “Mr. Robin”.

Three days passed quickly. In the early morning of the 3rd day, the young white-skin dog, code-named “Haiyan”, took advantage of his identity as the No. 1 henchman of the patrol team and changed his work to the night shift with no difficulty. .

Night shift is not a good job. Starting from Gevlar, he ruled the region of Ameria. Almost all assassinations against patrols came from night.

Darkness has become the natural protective color of the Assassin’s door. Although the assassins are very difficult to escape, so far there are more than 40 dried corpses hanging on the square outside the city hall. Assassinations still appear from time to time.

Whether it is a Gefla or a local, they all hope to be able to perform duties during the day.

It just so happens that this gives the white-skinned young man a chance, and he also needs the night to hide his identity.

At two o’clock in the middle of the night, the white-skinned young man brought several companions to the train station under the guise of patrolling. According to the instructions given to him by the other party, those things were hidden in a train that entered the station yesterday evening.

They found the carriage very easily. A robin was depicted with white chalk on the outside of the carriage. Although it was not detailed enough, people could still see it at a glance.

“Faster…”, the young white dog urged, and then carefully arranged other people to look out for the wind. He took two comrades from the resistance organization and climbed into the carriage together.

When they lifted the thick layer of grass cover, everyone’s breathing became rapid.

A box of brand-new Gafra standard ordnance, ammunition, explosives, scarce medicines and a box of money, these things are worth at least a hundred thousand Fras (fras), and more importantly, many of them are spent here. Money can’t buy it.

The white-skinned young man soon came back to his senses, “Quickly, 15 minutes at most, the next patrol team will come over, move away as soon as possible!”

As soon as he was reminded, the members of the resistance organization who had mixed into the patrol immediately woke up. They swiftly moved these things out of the carriage, and some people who had been hiding around rushed over quickly and quickly go away.

All the supplies were broken into pieces and they were transported away by a set of manual methods. With excitement and excitement, the young white dog and the comrades behind him did not have the slightest patrol until dawn. Sleepiness.

Because they survived the night and waited until dawn and dawn!

However, the young white-skin dog is not clear about it, besides his “petal swallow”, there are also various small animals.

There is more than one resistance organization in Ameria. Originally, Lynch’s idea was to avoid the safety committee, but he still underestimated his influence.

When he started contacting some international businessmen to prepare a large amount of Gevlar’s ​​standard arms, the internal affairs investigation team of the Safety Committee came to the door, because Lynch was hanging up in front of Mr. President and Mr. Truman The character of the number, the safety committee not at all embarrass him.

After ten minutes of secret conversation between him and Mr. Truman, people from the Safety Committee sent a list.

He wanted to avoid it. In the end, he couldn’t avoid it, and was even more involved, but at this time, it is meaningless to say nothing. The arrow is on the line and he has to send it!

“Copper prices will no longer have a significant increase in a short time. On the contrary, I think copper prices may continue to fall or remain stable, but the probability of falling is greater…”

In a Bupen financial Sand Dragon, Lynch talked about his views. In fact, everyone has a similar view on the future trend of world copper prices, that is, it will not continue to rise like during the war, but will decline.

During the war, the production area has always been the main care area for the artillery fire of the belligerent countries. Uninterrupted shelling has caused many copper ore producing areas to be reduced to rubble under the shelling, so copper prices will continue to rise-world demand not at When all is reduced, the amount of mining and output are reduced due to the destruction of the war, so when the demand exceeds the supply, the price will rise.

But it has been more than a year since the end of the war, and the destroyed mining areas in various countries have almost been rebuilt. Each country can almost meet the current copper demand and no longer rely on imports, so the price of copper is within one year There was the first decline since the outbreak of the war, and the decline was large.

The price of copper ore per ton has dropped from 370 per ton Federation Sol in the final stage of the war to 266 Federation Sol per ton, a drop of nearly 30%.

“With the reduction of countries’ reliance on imported finished copper products and the updating of some new mining and mining technologies, copper prices will remain at a stable price for a period of about five to ten years. Big float.”

There are many people participating in this financial Sand Dragon. Whether it is businessmen like Lynch or big capitalists in Bupen, they are all seeking new markets and outlets.

The domestic financial economy is in the process of restarting, so go to the international market. Although they are very unfamiliar with the international market, someone must take the 1st step.

Lynch’s words have attracted the recognition of many people. This is not because they blindly believe in Lynch, but this is the fact.

After the war, the prices of many important materials did not soar as people imagined. On the contrary, after rising slightly in a very short period of time, they began to decline.

Even the price of gold has fallen, and the drop in copper prices is not uncommon.

Of course, there are also some strange fluctuations, such as the unfathomable mystery rise in silver prices.

Sand Dragon like this about international futures has now become the most trending topic in Bupen. Many people are proud to be able to participate in similar high-end Sand Dragons, and the Sand Dragon that Lynch participated in is the highest-spec One of Sand Dragon.

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