Blackstone Code Chapter 371


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If the price of a commodity in the international market does not fluctuate sharply, it will become difficult for investors who want to obtain huge returns in a short time, but for long-term investors It is a good thing to say this.

As the time span of collecting data is getting longer and longer, it is possible to roughly analyze the general trend of future prices, plus the use of hedging methods to avoid conventional risks. If the annual rate of return is not forced, this is not unacceptable .

Even some Foundation believes that this is the perfect market. Everything has rules to follow, everything can be predicted, and all risks are under control.

But never forget that the desire of capitalists to pursue great interests will never be satisfied.

The stable price may be friendly to some people, but some people don’t want to see it.

Lynch took out a newspaper, “This is a report published by the Southern Institute of Machinery two days ago. They have overcome a difficulty and can increase the amount of copper mining at least on the current basis. 20% five!”

The newspaper was in Lynch’s hands. He handed the newspaper to the people around him. Soon everyone present had read the newspaper. There was indeed such a news, and it was still published in the Federal Daily.

This is a federal semi-official newspaper. It has always been known for its rigor. Fake news rarely appears unless… it gives too much.

Of course Lynch won’t tell anyone here how much he paid for this news.

“Not only has it received a great response within the Federation, but some other countries have also sent delegations, hoping to introduce this technology. With the popularity of this technology, the price of copper ore will increase Continue to fall.”

In fact, people are always talking about the market, and the word market has also confused many laymen, but to put it bluntly, it is nothing more than a change in the relationship between supply and demand.

There are more people buying a product, but fewer people selling it, so the price will naturally continue to rise with the bidding mechanism.

If conversely, fewer people buy a product, but more people sell it, the price will get lower and lower.

No matter what product it is, after all, it cannot escape the nature of supply and demand and bidding. The reason why people get confused is nothing more than artificially adding many interference factors in the relationship between supply and demand.

Political factors, military factors, geographical factors, climate factors and time factors, etc., will make people confused, but in fact it is not complicated.

This newspaper brought out by Lynch made it clear to people that once the entire world’s copper ore output has increased significantly, if the demand does not increase, then the price of copper ore will fall. And the price of finished copper will drop because of the price drop of raw materials.

Some merchants suddenly woke up. Several people said sorry directly, went to the telephone room next door to contact their trader, and inquired about world copper prices and copper ore prices-these two are not the same thing, It is a well-trained copper, and it is divided into many categories according to the copper content. Copper ore is a raw material, and it is also divided into many categories.

As some people entered and exited, in another digital market, one after another futures accounts began to see intensive transactions, and their general content was very similar, shorting copper ore!

The short-selling signals appeared one by one in the Baylor Federation, which immediately aroused the close attention of more capitalists. When they learned some of them from some gossip, they also began to short positions in copper ore.

That many people are doing this, it must be right to do so, and for the futures of the entire world, the impact of capital participation on prices is also a very important consideration.

No matter what kind of relationship is involved, it is still inseparable from the relationship between supply and demand, which is the relationship between buying and selling.

The emergence of a large number of empty orders in the Federation soon affected the movement of world futures.

According to the current regulations of the world futures trading bank, data will be updated every fifteen minutes. The reason why there is such a long interval of fifteen minutes is also because of the current backward communication methods.

In fact, it is much better now than before. Before the phone and Wireless Electronics appeared, the data update ranged from half a day to a few days.

He walked to Scholar’s side, “This gentleman looks a little tired, then I will talk about my thoughts.” Before the Scholar said anything, Lynch just glanced at him.

It was just such a glance, and Scholar withdrew from his stomach. He hesitated, and finally sat on the sofa. He had said long enough.

“Does anyone know me?” Lynch asked casually when he got the right to speak, like a joke.

People were laughing lightly, it seemed that it was as funny as a joke, and even someone chanted “Does anyone still know Mr. Lynch?”

This sentence seems to have been recognized by many people. Knowing Mr. Lynch is inevitable, but not knowing it is a problem.

Lynch slightly nodded in salute. When everyone’s laughter almost stopped, his first words made people frown.

“I just heard what the expert next to me said. Some of what he said is very consistent with the development of the situation, but I think he is wrong…”, the corner of his mouth slightly √, “Fura is Facing a huge test, if it cannot pass, then Gevlar’s ​​idea of ​​promoting it as an international settlement currency will be hindered!

This is an idea that goes against the mainstream. You must know that Gevlar has just determined that they are the “core” of the world through politics and military from the Great War of the World. Gefra took a high look at the future potential.

No one thinks that Frau will be blocked and it will inevitably rise, but Lynch gave a completely different view.

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