Blackstone Code Chapter 373


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“Mr. Lynch, why…”

Lyme sat in the office as he wanted to say something. He didn’t quite understand why Lynch wanted to encourage everyone to short copper ore while he did not conceal and deceive on the foreign exchange issue.

He lied to others before, and then told others the truth. This is something that Lyme didn’t understand. He could clearly tell others about changes in copper ore as if talking about changes in foreign exchange. people.

Or continue to talk about the opposite of his prediction on the foreign exchange issue, and seek more benefits.

There is no doubt that Lynch, who has won four trading seats through Mr. Herbert, has begun to let Lyme learn from the traders. The two-day operation is somewhat for this stockbroker who has been in the bottom It’s not clear.

He was very curious, he thought there was a lot of knowledge in it, and finally asked after thinking about it.

Lynch, who was sitting at his desk looking at the newspaper in his hand, put down the newspaper, and it was still a photo of him who was left by reporters for some time.

Young and vigorous, high-spirited and vigorous, even if this photo was only black and white printed on a thin newspaper, there is still an imposing manner ready to come out.

Guevra’s failure has become a society’s hotspot, but what is surprising is how sensitive Guevra’s diplomatic ambassador is not at all. In fact, many people know it and everyone is waiting.

Wait for a result. Once this result comes out, what follows closely from behind is a series of diplomatic means. During this period of time, various negotiations between the Federation and Gevlar have also stopped. The reason is that the summer is coming. To avoid heatstroke everyone, so delay the negotiation time appropriately.

Lynch moved his gaze from the newspaper to Lyme’s body. Just a simple glance put a lot of pressure on Lyme. He leaned back subconsciously, tidyed his clothes with both hands, and buttoned them. Buttoned it up, straightened his spine, and focused his gaze on the desk in front of Lynch to show his acknowledge allegiance and humility.

“The reason is very simple, Lyme…” Lynch’s voice is as easy as ever. “Among the various factors affecting commodity prices in the futures market, the power of capital is also a very important reference factor. If more capital forms a power, a trend, and a flow, we will not make much money.”

“In this market, if you want to make money and make a lot of money, you must use the information gap to snipe everyone, whether those people are your companions, or the enemy, in this brief moment, they will become your nourishment, you Understand?”

“Chasing the ups and downs” is a very practical trading method that Bupen has recently spread. Its method is as easy to understand as its literal meaning.

When the stocks, bonds, and futures held in your hands start to lose money, stop the loss and close the position immediately to kill a backhand. This is a very limited basic theory, and it can even be said that It is not valuable to a degree, and it is not an effective theory.

But in this era, it is still very operational.

Many people have made a lot of money in the financial market through this method of operation, which also makes more people start to follow this method of play.

What Lynch wants to take advantage of is their superstition of chasing ups and downs. Once they start to lose money, some of them will immediately liquidate their losses and start buying copper ore. This force will not compete with Lynch. The most delicious cake will only become a bargaining chip to help him get more benefits.

As more and more people join in, Lynch’s revenue will also increase. You must know that as long as the fund is played well, only one minute can create a myth.

“As for the foreign exchange issue…”, he shook the head, “Most of the things that can really affect foreign exchange changes are political reasons, so I need people to unite with me. Only in this way can we have the power to shake Frau Price trends can also bring us security in various senses.”

Short the currency of a country, and this is still a country that is currently regarded as a strong country by the whole world. The risks in this are not only from transactions in the foreign exchange market, but also in reality.

In this seemingly civilized world where people still have barbaric thoughts, it may not be the best way to physically destroy the enemy, but it is the simplest.

Furthermore, if he is the only one shorting Frau, his power cannot shake the whole trend. Even if the Anmelia region is unrest, Frau’s fluctuations will only be temporary.

Only when most of the capitalists and businessmen of the Federation can stand on their side and form a force. When there are signs of riots in Anmeria, a large number of accounts will follow up, and even international hot money will follow. Together they went to stop Fra.

After all, no one really wants Gevlar to become a powerful country, so adding some artificial problems to them while alleviating their current tough situation has become everyone’s common idea.

If the previous operation in the futures market is to suck blood to a greater extent, then the latter’s operation in the foreign exchange market is unity!

Capital is never isolated, just like politics!

“You may not understand some of the issues here, but you will understand later, you can write down my words first!”

Lime took notes very seriously. Lynch’s words gave him a feeling of looking at flowers in the fog. He clearly understood what he had said, and he also had a vague outline in his heart, but he just couldn’t see it Full picture.

This is why his vision is too low and shallow, but it also makes him aware of the gap between him and Lynch. He will tirelessly learn these things that he has never been exposed to before, and make himself better powerful.

The non-rigorous research results of the Southern Institute of Machinery have created amazing influence. In fact, let alone a 20% increase in output, even if it is only 5%, it is definitely an invention that can change the industry structure.

More and more foreign mining institutions have sent personnel to the Federation. They gathered near the Southern Institute of Machinery, hoping to obtain more detailed data.

It’s just that they don’t know. At this time, the director of the institute was sweating. He kept blaming, cursing and even cursing a researcher who had voluntarily resigned because of his mistake in his calculations. A decimal point increases the final data many times.

On this day, in Anmelia, the resistance organization of the young white dog, code-named Haiyan, has infiltrated the largest copper mining area in Anmelia.

They are about to start sabotage. The equipment and medicine provided by the robins do not have any hands or feet. At the same time, they also want to show their will to resist.

During this period of time, some resistance organizations in Ameria seem to have received various aids. They have become particularly active. The assassination of the patrol team has become active from the silence of the previous period.

The young white-skinned dog heard a similar request from other resistance organizations, that is to make trouble, the greater the noise, the more attention the international community pays attention to here, while supporting them to liberate themselves and confront The more people are oppressed by imperial hegemonism.

In order to quickly establish the image of their own organization among a group of rising resistance organizations, under the arrangement of the white-skinned young people, they sneaked into the vicinity of the mining area.

“It’s not difficult to blow up this mining area. We only need to destroy the supporting structure of the upper-middle level mines. The vibration will close all the mines. They will have no chance to continue mining the ore in a short time !”

The person who spoke was a rebel who was contacted by the white dog young man, a foreman who had worked in the mine. He knew how to make this place into ruins easily and easily, and the white dog young man agreed with him. The plan, but the white-skinned young man still has some doubts.

“How do we confirm if there are any miners in the mine?”, his face was a little sad, “Will they work at night?”

The miner rebels were silent for a while, nodded, “They will also work at night. The Gevlars are like demons. Let us work 24 hours a day without stopping until we get tired and get down. There must be people down there, but not many.”

The nodded of the facial expression grave of the young white dog, “Can you tell them to leave?”

The miner rebels shook the head, “That will surely disturb the Gevlar people!”

The white-skinned young man was silent for a long time, weighing for a long time between alarming the Gefla people and not alarming the Gefla people, and finally made a decision to attract more miners to join their business. This is The best soldiers!

With the decision, the resistance organization began to take action. They touched out the Gefla people who could be touched, and began to quietly contact the miners at work.

When five patrols at the Gefola Mine found that the soldiers in the guard booth were accidentally killed, a gunshot shocked the night sky in Ameria!

In a trance, the governor who was already asleep suddenly opened his eyes. He stared into the darkness. After a few seconds, he sat up suddenly, put on his slippers and walked to the window.

The calm night outside the window made him feel a little peaceful, he sighed in relief.

This year, he has always spent all kinds of nervousness, and often wakes up in the middle of the night like he is now. He frowns looking at the dark and quiet night outside the window, always feeling a little uneasy in his heart.

When he walked to the door and was about to open it, he found Steward and asked him if he had any urgent contact. The harsh phone ringing in the bedroom made him shiver.

It was a bit embarrassing to say it, but he was really frightened and shivered. The silence of the night was instantly torn apart, and every beep of the phone’s ringing sounded particularly harsh. He quickly walked to the bedside table and picked it up. After the phone call, his expression changed.

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