Blackstone Code Chapter 374


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“The resistance group incited the workers of Mine No. 7, they blew up the mine and attacked the soldiers we were stationed in. They are now fighting with the troops we support…”

On the other side of the phone, you can still hear the gunshots of crackle, and occasionally there will be explosions. The person who called the governor was the captain in charge of Mine No. 7, and he was complexion ashen with his forehead still hanging. Blood stains.

The Gefla people are arrogant, they disdain and don’t want to live with the lowly defeated, so they have a separate yard, and it’s this yard that prevents this captain from being killed in battle like the others. Call the governor.

Either he or the governor realized the huge trouble. In fact, it didn’t matter to him that the mine was lost, or the mine was bombed, and some imperial soldiers died.

What is really terrible is to speed up mining. There are a lot of explosives on the mine field, and some soldiers. These explosives and munitions may become supplies for the resistance organization!

Once these madmen who are destroying peace and security get those explosives, it is conceivable that the entire Anmerian province will not be peaceful.

The governor immediately made a decision, “Destroy all the weapons and explosives that cannot be taken on the spot, tell the support troops, let them retreat in the same way, and be careful of their stationing points being attacked.”

“Besides, don’t get entangled, and exit immediately. The focus of the light cannot see the darkness outside the light. Your current situation is very unfavorable for you!”

The Governor is not the kind of stupid who relies on family relations for promotion in peacetime. He is the Number One Person who was captured by the administrative military in the Anmerian region. He has also participated in dozens of large and small wars, and has also participated in The final battle.

He knew very well that at this time the captain and his soldiers had almost nowhere to hide under the searchlight, but the resistance organizations were in the dark mountains outside the light.

If they don’t retreat immediately, they will all die before dawn. When the time comes, the guns and explosives are also lost.

It’s better to destroy everything that can be destroyed now, and then also retreat into the dark. After the rebels do not have the advantage of the terrain, they will retreat.

The captain immediately began to execute the governor’s orders, and the governor has no mind to sleep, he knows better than anyone what the stability of the province of Ameria means to the empire.

At this time, there was a very vicious expression on his face. For a time, he wanted to impress these untouchables with his kindness and kindness, so that they would understand that as long as they did not resist, they would not be in danger.

But I have to say that these untouchables and untouchable resistance organizations annoyed him, and he will no longer treat people here as kindly as he used to.

It doesn’t work to give them a good face, then threaten them with death!

The city of Mazel, the capital of the province of Ameria, was just getting dark, and the sound of neat leather boots on the street alarmed the people living in the city, and then the big horn rang, bringing everything that happened last night. All told everyone.

And the governor issued a new order. From this moment on, the province’s military control and curfew will be re-implemented. Anyone who appears on the road after five o’clock in the evening can be killed directly without giving reasons.

Anyone who dared to hide the resistance activists without knowing it was also included in the resistance activists.

All Gevlar soldiers can request random inspections of any house at any time and place, and search everyone’s private items. Anyone who dares to resist or stop will be regarded as a rebel.

At the same time, around seven o’clock in the morning, the gunshots in the central square of Mazel began to ring rhythmically.

All the people who did not stay at home and ran outside were found in a large search in the middle of the night yesterday. They were all arrested as rebels and executed in public.

Citizens one after another, maybe some are citizens, and maybe some are indeed resistance organizers, but at this moment they are no different.

No matter how they begged, the Gefla soldiers raised their weapons cold blooded and emotionless to them, and then threw the dead bodies onto the truck.

A large number of citizens were driven out of their homes by soldiers, surrounded the square, and had to watch this uncomfortable behavior.

The cracks of the truck are constantly spilling blood. When the truck is full of corpses, they will be transported and burned. The weather is too hot now, and the corpses are decaying quickly, which will cause unnecessary trouble. Like earlier, it can be air-dried.

The bright red blood on the ground flowed along the cracks of the bricks into a river of blood, and people looked angry, timid, and humble at those people, those Gevlars, those compatriots who were or have died.

On this same day, some international reporters reported what happened here. Compared with the accusation of the governor of Ameria by the international moralist countries headed by Baylor Federation, Gevlar directly telegraphed praise. The decision of the Governor.

And mobilized part of the army to the Anmelia area to strengthen control of the entire area.

In fact, they originally wanted to send the first-order Imperial Family Navy to suppress the turmoil, but this idea soon fell through the strong opposition of most countries. Most countries think that if they just send the army, they can still look at this. To do is to deepen the rule of Anmelia.

However, if the main fleet is dispatched, this will inevitably cause panic in some countries, and may cause military confrontations on the sea near the Anmerian region, and may even lead to fire.

Lynch, who heard the good news, laughed from ear to ear all morning, and the muscles on his cheeks became stiff.

When he arrived at the office he just bought, Lime took the initiative to greet him.

In order to facilitate some financial operations, Lynch bought an entire floor in an office building in the financial center of Bupen.

Although the current price is still not cheap, compared to two years ago, three years ago, the current price has fallen to the bottom, and there is no loss.

His office is here, a huge, empty office. All the curtain walls are transparent glass curtain walls. The most prosperous place in Bupen is right under his eyes and under his feet.

“Mr. Lynch, the price of copper ore has gone up!” Lime looked very excited. He also learned about what happened in the Anmelia region. The largest copper mine in the region is also the largest nearby. The copper mines in China were bombed, and the international shipments dropped in a short period of time. Gafra began to eat copper mines and copper prices began to rise.

Lynch has started to make money, and it is crazy money.

Funding, which can also be called leverage, is used in this way. People often say that 50 times capital leverage, 100 times capital leverage or even 200 times capital leverage are most often found in the futures market, but less in the stock market.

Lynch just nodded slightly, he was very reserved, “This is indeed good news!”

Lime remembered and said again, “But Fra not at all has a significant decline…”

This is still a teaching, Lynch still nodded, “Yes, it will not fall for the time being. Gevlar sent an army to the Anmerian region to suppress the unrest and stabilize the local situation. The problem has not seriously affected Gefra’s authority and status in the world, so Fra’s price will not change. There may be a short drop, but it will be back soon.”

“Now we don’t need to pay attention to it, what we need to pay attention to is the price of copper, let our traders pay attention to the changes in the futures market, and establish a hedge when necessary…”

The term hedging is also a trading technique that has become popular recently. To put it simply, it is to set up two completely opposite accounts, one for buying up and the other for buying down. It stands to reason that there will be no loss in doing so. And surplus, even a loss of delivery fee.

However, at some point, people will have an obvious and controllable risk prediction for the next price trend, for example, because of the dividend period of a certain policy or some other changes in the pattern.

At this time, you can make a profit if you sell it at a loss, and keep the profitable part.

When the profit meets the initial investment demand for return, hedging or holding down can be used to continue to avoid risks.

The advantage of hedging is that the risk can be controlled within the acceptable range, but the disadvantage is that sometimes it is too stable, so stable that there is not much effective rate of return.

It’s not like speculation. It will always speed up the heartbeat, but some people like to speed up the heartbeat, and some people like to hedge like a pension.

Establishing a hedge is a better way to control risks, which is very stable.

Lyme nodded and took this in mind. Now some of the traders that Lynch has invited have entrusted some friends to find independent traders.

The rake of these traders is much more than people think, and of course they deserve it.

Currently, the best trader in Bupen needs to draw a minimum of 20% or more from the employer’s profit as personal income. As for the upper limit…Of course there is no upper limit.

But this is also conditional, in this world everything is binding, especially good things.

The contract of these top traders is more like a gambling agreement. Lynch will provide them with various factors and data, and at the same time give them a return basis. Only when they complete Lynch’s return requirements, they will gradually start those High commission clause.

For these traders, they will also take every trade very seriously, because as long as they mess it up once, they will be rejected by Bupen.

In general, Lynch’s own interests can still be guaranteed, but he prefers to have a few of his own people on hand instead of hiring these independent traders.

The controllability of these traders is not high, and they are not necessarily safe.

“You have to learn more from them. I hope that next year, you will be your own one!” Lynch got up and walked to the glass curtain wall, beckoning to Lime.

After Lime approached, he put his arms around Lime’s shoulders and pointed to the Bupen Financial Center outside the glass curtain wall, “This will be your world!”

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