Blackstone Code Chapter 375


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To treat different people in different ways.

You can use a woman to seduce a pervert, but you cannot use a woman to satisfy the desire of an alcoholic.

Richard is a person who likes to relax and dislikes. Lynch noticed this from the first day he saw Richard.

He has a fairly good degree of education, and he has a good sense of letting people relax, but from his resume, Lynch found that this person can’t do any job for long.

His resume will not leave the reasons why these jobs he did not do long. Some of them are manual jobs and some are ordinary jobs, but he can’t do them long.

He can speak well, unlike a person who cannot survive on society and has severe autism and social barriers. Then he is likely to be dissatisfied with his work.

Most people who can’t keep a job for a long time often have two reasons. The first is based on the current intensity of their work, and they are not satisfied with their monthly income.

The second one is based on the current income and is not satisfied with the intensity of my work.

The two seem to be the same thing, but there are some differences. In the final analysis, it may be a better explanation.

To deal with this kind of person, don’t talk about ideals with him. The ideal of this kind of person is to do some decent, beautiful, and without mental or physical work as much as possible, and then make as much money as possible.

So from the very beginning Lynch didn’t talk about ideals with Richard, but talked about money with him.

As long as he can bring in people, as long as he can instigate or confuse, as long as his customers are willing to spend money on things, then he can get the corresponding money, a lot of money.

This fits well with Richard’s definition of work and self-worth.

everyday all revolves around some male and female clients, either having afternoon tea with this client or having in-depth communication with another client. There is also a group of attendants looking at him with admiring eyes.

He was immersed in the drunken gold fan, feasting and feasting.

Lime is another kind of person. He is engaged in the lowest level of work. Stockbrokers are very beautiful. People who know this industry know how hard they are, not just physical.

In order to make a customer willingly, when the other party knows that there is a recording, he promises to buy stocks that he simply hasn’t heard of. This is not just sitting in the office with his legs on the desk and picking up the phone. It can be done just by talking.

The layman’s perception of stockbrokers is probably like this. They wear decent clothes, sit in the office, with their legs on the table, the shiny leather uppers can reflect their own shadows, and then play a few times a day. With a phone call, money flows into the account every month like water.

No, running exhibitions, running scenes, it’s just the most basic job of low-level stockbrokers like Lyme. They also have to go to customers’ homes, to grasp the various preferences of customers, and sometimes they have to work for them. .

For example, hoeing grass, or doing some work within your power.

You also need to be proficient in all kinds of words, to know how to observe words and colors, and to know how to deal with all kinds of problems that you suddenly face in chats, such as “If you make money so much, why don’t you or your family Do?”

He can endure hardship and is still suffering. This shows that he has ideals and pursuits. Whether he is aware of it or not, everything he is doing now is for the tempering of the future flashes, and he will He is a person with ideals and pursuits.

Talking about money with this kind of person is no problem. Anyone will be troubled by money before success, but when he gets money and has the opportunity to realize his life value and realize his dream, Lynch gives him His money can’t restrain him.

He will pursue his dream.

So for people like Lyme, if you want him to work willingly, talk to him about ideals, pursuits, and future.

Standing in the huge floor-to-ceiling windows of the office, Bupen’s financial center was glowing in the sun. Lyme’s eyes were a little blurred. After watching for a while, he looked towards Lynch with confusion, “Mr. Lynch, I understand everything you say, but can I… really do it?”

Lynch is very decisive and nodded, “The opportunity is only for those who are prepared, Lyme.”

“People should not be conceited, arrogance can cause people to lose their way, but they should not be overly humble. When others dare not recommend their stocks to me for various reasons, you did it.”

“You challenged your destiny. You are ready to bear the best or the best result. Now it is just the feedback from your destiny.”

“I see the potential for success from you, so I give you a chance, I bet your tomorrow will be extremely brilliant!”

Lime’s eyes gradually became clear and moist, “Sorry, Mr. Lynch…”, he apologized and turned around and took out his handkerchief to wipe his tears.

He wanted to cry very much. A young man in his twenties started looking for opportunities in Bupen after graduating from high school.

He respected his parents’ wishes and became an apprentice plumber after graduating from high school at 18 years old…

He also sells some cheap goods under the bridge for his ideals…

He has seen the darkness at one midnight and the dawn at five in the morning…

No one knows how hard he is, no one knows how fragile he is under his decent appearance but he has a strong body and heart, lying in bed exhausted in the middle of the night countless times, feeling the darkness, accompanied by backache When he fell asleep with backache and exhaustion, he was filled with confusion.

Why do you work so hard? Isn’t it good to be a plumber? I eat and die every month, then marry a woman with similar family conditions, have two or three children, and live a life that is not rich.

Why bother desperately like a bird that has lost its way in the dark, is it not good to fall on the ground?

Maybe the last flame in his heart for the future and hope has not been completely extinguished. He is still working hard until this moment.

Lynch squeezed his shoulder, “You should laugh, child, life gives you bitterness, so that you can understand the importance and touch of sweetness…”

Maybe it was because of feelings, maybe something was thought of, Lynch slightly sighed, he used to be a dreamer.

But with emotion comes and goes fast, he just stretched out his expression and he got in his mood, “Go to work, if you want to realize your dream, rely on your hands to achieve it!”

Lyme’s tears have not dried up yet, he is a little embarrassed, “Mr. Lynch…can I give you a hug?” He quickly explained, “I know this request may be embarrassing, but I really want to …You know, no one has ever told me so much, and no one has given me such an opportunity.”

Lynch opened his arms as if he was holding a child, hugged Lime tightly, and then watched him leave briskly.

“I almost moved myself…”, Lynch curl one’s lip, exhaled one mouthful of impure air, turned back to the desk and sat down, just as he was thinking and so on, the phone rang, and he picked it up. “It’s me.”

Now the office has not hired some secretaries, and there are not too many other staff, so the phones he installed are just ordinary phones. When there are more people here, it will be difficult for ordinary phones to call him directly. , But all are transferred by the secretary’s office.

Of course, this is done on the one hand to reject the harassment of ordinary persons, on the other hand, it is also to reflect the special characteristics of the bosses-they can always be consistent with the caller in terms of topics, because they have already done it Psychological preparation and various coping plans.

“Me, Fox…”

Lynch tapped his toes, the revolving chair turned his back to the office, facing the glass curtain wall, “Is there something wrong?”

“The movie is finished, and the trial screening effect is good. We have scheduled the premiere at 7:45 pm on Friday this week. You have to come here…”

The time from filming to the completion of production is only two months. It seems that this is a very short period of time and may be suitable for shooting, but it is not.

In this era of a huge influx of capital into the entertainment industry, one movie a month is the most normal operation. Of course, this has nothing to do with special effects in this era.

There are no special effects, there may be some special shots, but after all, there are still a few. Most movies are shot in half a month to about a month, and then it takes a week to edit, and then they can be released.

Some film companies have more than a dozen or twenty films planned for the second half of the year. High-density and high-intensity work has compressed the actors’ rest time. Of course, most people will not feel pain, because they Making money crazy.

The producers are making money, the actors are making money, the theaters are making money, everyone is making money!

Lynch’s first-hand experience of Legendary adventure novels were changed into scripts and immediately invested in filming. He also invested a portion of the filming costs in additional holdings, so that many problems that may exist in other companies or projects are not a problem. Speed Naturally it is also exceptionally fast.

In order to create influence, this film also hired the youngest actor among today’s first-line movie stars, handsome and handsome, to set off the image of Lynch.

No, it should try to restore the image of Lynch, although they are not good enough.

Now that the film is ready to be released, Lynch must go there whether he is an investor, the copyright owner of the adaptation, or the prototype of the protagonist of the film.

“Yes, I will be there on Wednesday, which is tomorrow!”

The propaganda for Nagalil will always exist. Even after the film is over, there will still be further propaganda, such as the semi-documentary gold rush “serial”, of course, it is declared to be a documentary.

It will introduce in detail the changes of the two society’s bottom floors after the gold panning in Nagalil. They have become rich men. They have palace-like houses in the local area and countless wives.

Anyway, that’s a really good place.

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