Blackstone Code Chapter 376


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The golden horseshoe reflects a very special brilliance under the light.

It does not reflect the dazzling light like other metals. The light reflected by gold gives people a sense of stability, which makes people feel reliable and want to get close.

Horseshoe Cinema, or Western Cinema.

In Raldimore, this cinema has become the first theater for almost all westerns, cowboys, and adventure films.

It is said that the first cowboy movie in federal history was released here.

At that time, the cowboy film caused a huge sensation. It directly rescued the movie theater on the verge of bankruptcy. To thank that movie for saving the theater, and to commemorate the creation of a new film type and an era, This movie theater is more named Western Theater, and used the beloved thing that was the protagonist of the first cowboy film as the logo of the movie theater.

A horseshoe, which is why people call it a “horseshoe theater” or a “shoe theater”. Not everyone knows that it is actually called a “western theater”.

There is a gold-plated horseshoe on the gate of the cinema. It is said that this horseshoe was used by thieves, robbers and so on to steal gold more than once in the middle of the night with a file and a planer.

Of course, people also know that it actually only has such a thin layer of gold plating on its top layer. Even if the entire horseshoe is removed, the gold on its surface may not be as valuable as its own metal.

Gradually, there is no idea for who to play it. Of course, it may have something to do with it being powered on.

In order to avoid constant restoration of the symbol of the theater, the owner of the theater connected the horseshoe to a safe voltage, which can make people painful, paralyzed, but not fatal. At the same time, they also arranged for a 24-hour guard.

At this time, the Western Cinema was overcrowded, and reporters from various media had long since blocked the water in the vicinity, let alone those fans who came to work and paid for work.

Speaking of which is embarrassing, but this is also one of the ways to live in Laldimore. There are many fan groups in the area. These fan groups are not fan groups targeting a certain star or a few stars. They are actually Semi-professional workers.

When there is a premiere that needs some fans to join in to show people’s sense of expectation, someone will contact them.

This approach is very common. After all, not every movie can attract a large number of fans, and not all movie star fans live in Raldimore.

There are more industry practitioners here, but there are not too many movie fans and so on except those who come to travel.

The appearance of heavyweight practitioners has led to the constant screams and cheers of professional fans. They seem to be tirelessly maintaining amazing excitement all the time. This also drives some real fans to follow them. Called roar, the atmosphere on the scene was exceptionally warm.

When an extended courtesy car stopped at the beginning of the red carpet, when the door of the courtesy car opened, the flashing lights almost dazzled the blind people’s eyes!

Lynch got out of the car. He stood by the door, covering the top of the door with one hand while extending his forearm.

A very delicate palm stretched out from the car and pressed it on Lynch’s forearm, followed by a pair of big red high-heeled shoes falling on the ground, the flashing light flashed faster-thanks to the advancement of industry and technology With the pre-packaged Magnesium block, this disposable magnesium block can be more convenient and faster to install and use, solving a lot of trouble for reporter friends.

Immediately afterwards, a young girl bent over, covered her neckline with one hand on her chest, and got out of the car.

A beautiful girl, professional movie fans began to scream again, they are like real movie fans, some people are still holding the signed version with all their strength and want to go forward, the atmosphere is almost at its peak. !

Lynch is not an actor, but he is still very popular in this circle.

Handsome, young, rich, well-known and more influential than a star, he is a star who is not a star.

The girl standing next to him is the girl who accompanied him to a premiere before.

The agency company to which the girl belongs was invited again. Girls as their main young actress are naturally the top priority, and no matter how much they spend to arrange the girl with Lynch, Lynch is not disgusted with this arrangement .

At least he has had contact with girls, and he doesn’t hate beautiful girls.

“Thank you!” The girl gracefully expressed her gratitude to Lynch for her gentleman action. She stood beside Lynch, tidyed up her long skirt, and then walked on the red carpet with Lynch.

People’s screams, cheers, and her name, these shouts and screams joined together.

She tried her best to keep her perfect side to face anyone and reporters, all of which made her a little addicted.

It is difficult for girls who are 18 years old after their birthday to refuse everything here. Everyone may have such a dream. They are the center of the world, and the entire world revolves around them.

At this moment, the girl seems to be the core of this World, and people are surrounding her to promote her.

“You are walking a bit slower…”, the girl who was immersed in her own world was suddenly interrupted by a sentence. She looked back towards Lynch beside her, her face still a little blank.

Lynch stepped up a bit, “We should be faster, the flash is too dazzling…”

Lynch’s power may not be very strong, but it is still irresistible compared to a girl. At the same time, the girl has to cooperate with his speed to ensure that she will not be embarrassed, but this is completely irresistible to her agent. same.

Let her become Lynch’s female companion to attend this premiere again, the price paid by the brokerage company is not a little bit, they naturally hope that after paying so much, they can get ample rewards and walk on the red carpet. Slow down is one of them.

There is Lynch here, no security will come over to tell them, there are others waiting for them, their time is over, people will only smile and offer them compliments and blessings.

It’s just a thousand counts, not Lynch himself.

Looking at the sudden acceleration of Lynch and the girl, the agent who was still intoxicated the previous second was dumbfounded. Originally expected to walk on the red carpet for three, five, seven or eight minutes, he was halfway through.

If you leave it alone, maybe one minute will be over!

She snatched the signature board in the hands of a resting fan next to her, moved towards and squeezed in front, squeezed to a place not far from the girl and shouted, “Give me a signature, I’m a big fan of you ……”

The girl who was not knowing what to do heard this familiar voice and immediately turned her head in surprise. She glanced at her agent, and then stopped.

The sudden stop force on the forearm and side made Lynch stopped. The girl bit her lip and looked at Lynch, like a girl who was eager for a candy. The pitiful look in her eyes was hard to refuse.

Lynch released her forearm, and a bright smile appeared on the girl’s clean face. People exclaimed in a low voice because of the girl’s dazzling smile.

“You are so smart, how did you come up with this method?” the girl asked while signing her agent.

The agent is a woman in her 30s. She is dressed very neutral. She lowered her head and said with a bitter smile, “Otherwise, what else can I do, I can’t come anymore, you are going to the end!”

“Can you discuss with him to reduce the speed?” The agent asked in a low voice, the girl shook the head, and the agent began to think about other methods again, “Then sign more fans…”

The girl nodded calmly, and was stopped by Lynch when she was about to hold out hands to receive other signature plates.

With a guilty expression on his face, he apologized to fans, true or false, “I’m sorry, there are still people waiting behind, please forgive us for not staying too long, I hope you can be considerate.”

The gentle tone, clean smile, handsome face, although people hesitated a little, they still withdrew their hands.

The girl looked at her agent desperately, and her agent also looked at the girl desperately, watching the girl re-arm Lynch’s forearm, watching them go through the show faster than most people blanket!

At the moment of entering the theater, Lynch glanced at the girl next to him and said softly, “People like you not because you have a few more photos in the newspaper, and a few more articles about you. It’s that you did things that people deserve to like, but I believe that there is no such thing as staying on the red carpet for a while.”

The girl’s expression was a bit desperate. This bastard was different from all the men she had ever met. He had no demeanor at all, but the blow was not over yet.

After the two left their names on the check-in book, Lynch said again, “I noticed that your writing is ugly. As a public figure, you have to set an example of what you should do. You can also say It’s a responsibility.”

“Society pays attention to you in the hope that you can bring positive things to everyone. This is what you should reflect. You should practice your writing more when you have time, even if it is just your signature.”

The less intense light allowed the girl to hide the shame and embarrassment on her face. Now she didn’t want to say anything, just looking forward to the end of the premiere as soon as possible.

Next time, next time she will never be Lynch’s female companion again, this man is a mental disorder.

The brokers and brokerage companies were also afraid that Lynch would take advantage of her, and they were nervous to death in private. They also gave targeted surprise training on how to deal with harassment.

Some people even say that if Lynch really shows a certain tendency, it may not be impossible for the girl to have a relationship with Lynch, it is the kind of holding hands.

The age of the two is also appropriate. Even if they are destined to break up from the very beginning, this can add some character settings to the girl.

It’s just that these people are completely wishful thinking, they just want to be blinded, the girl wants to ask Lynch, are you fucking gay?

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