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“Lynch friend!”, as soon as he walked through the passage, Lynch heard Mr. Fox’s shout, he smiled and walked towards Lynch, and their respective female companions released their hands before they touched , And keep a very appropriate distance between them.

Sometimes social etiquette is really cumbersome. You need to know when to do what to do. Doing a little wrong will attract ridicule.

People will not obviously laugh at someone who is ashamed or disrespectful, and even cares about reminding others what they have done wrong, but in the bones, they are still laughing at these mistakes.

It’s like being unable to make a sound when drinking soup. Those people will regard these as a measure of the others and lower-class people.

If someone does something wrong, they will laugh too, but it must be the forgiving smile of the others to the lower-class people.

The two hug and separate. Only Mr. Fox would use “Lynch friend” when calling Lynch. This is actually very street, but he likes to call Lynch that way. Maybe he thinks of Lynch as himself An important role in life, so he was also given a special title, or something to commemorate.

When dealing with others, he will behave normally.

“Your body looks great!” Lynch gave a compliment, and his gaze was collected from the female companion next to Mr. Fox. It was a girl Lynch had never seen before, who was in her twenties. He didn’t know how old it was.

Some girls will look very young no matter how old they are, but the girl in front of them looks very ambivalent.

She looks mature, but she feels that she is actually very young and not very old.

Secondly, she has a great figure, which can be said to be the standard required by most federal women for figure, and she is also very bold in dress.

This is not the girl last time. Mr. Fox has changed a female partner. Of course, there are many such phenomena in this industry.

Judging from some subtle interactions between the two, their quality of life should be good. Mr. Fox is almost 50 years old and he can maintain such physical fitness. It is indeed commendable.

“Of course, I’m still very young!” Mr. Fox said while introducing his female companions to Lynch.

This is a girl who has only filmed an adult movie since her debut. For some reason, she tried to catch up with Mr. Fox.

As for why we choose such a girl instead of a more orthodox female star, perhaps it is to avoid trouble.

Those orthodox actresses also have normal fans. Once they cause trouble, it will be a public event, which may hurt Fox father and son, such as a breakup scandal and so on.

Mr. Fox knows very well that he is impossible to marry any girl who can be his daughter and is even younger than his son. This is unfair to little Fox.

At the same time, he is also impossible to distribute his money to those women who want to get some benefits from him, purely for the benefit of those women who are with him, so he constantly changes his female partners, and replaces those who can be dismissed at any time. Companion has become his first choice.

He took Lynch and walked aside, “I have done what you said to me, and I have found people. After the premiere, we will find a place to sit down and talk.”

Yesterday Lynch called him, hoping that he could find a documentary director, one or two documentary screenwriters, and he wanted to talk about his new shooting plan-“The Federation in Naga Lil.

Mr. Fox has released several movies now. With the addition of the name Lynch, he is already a small reputation producer in the industry. If you want to find some directors and screenwriters, that’s just a phone call.

Lynch exchanged a few more words with him and then entered the theater, Mr. Fox and others wanted to receive.

As always, Mr. Fox greets the guests outside. Little Fox is dealing with the scene here. It is difficult to see the traces of the past life on them from the father and son. It comes from the bottom of the society and comes from The grassy breath of the streets.

They wear decent clothes and stand in front of society celebrities and talk confidently. This has to be sighing. Money is really a fucking good thing, and clean money is a fucking good thing. .

As time approached, the light in the theater dimmed, a single film in focus appeared on the big screen, and people began to keep quiet because the movie was about to play.

Ten seconds later, the entire theater was completely dark, and the big screen suddenly lit up, with a line of white characters on the dark background—this film was adapted from real events and novels.

This line of words, a very special feeling assaults the senses.

At first of the picture is the shaking lens and the branches and leaves of various unclear categories whipping the lens. Someone is running wildly, and the sound of the theater’s sound is heavy breathing when running violently.

The strong motion lens and the large-angle rotation give people a wonderful feeling of being on the scene.

A leopard suddenly sprang out from the bushes behind him and chased him closely. The race between humans and beasts, the sense of urgency to face death, captured all views in an instant. Shadow man’s heart.

Lynch could feel that the girl around her became so nervous that she couldn’t even hear her breathing.

After ten seconds, the screen suddenly fell forward and everything fell into darkness.

This scene comes from the second scene of Lynch’s Adventures, the jungle is in distress. The general content is that he accidentally lost his way in the dense natural rain forest of Nagalil, then found the ruins and returned to the human society. story.

Although many Scholar experts believe that there is no way for humans to get lost in the primordial rainforest without auxiliary equipment, but this does not prevent this book from becoming a bestseller.

For 95 minutes, I have been revolving around stories that caused a fight against the natural environment and wild animals, with some relics and the like interspersed in it.

Finally, Lynch was forced into an ancient ruin. After fighting with agencies, Guardian and other enemies, he finally escaped from the ruins’ underground waterway and drifted to a somewhat backward town outside the rainforest.上子上.

The desperate search and rescue team found him. When his good friend, an archaeologist, celebrated avoided a catastrophe with him, he accidentally discovered an antique he brought out, one that should be worn in the legendary hub. The ring on King Yain’s hand.

And the whole movie ends here.

After a brief period of calm, people quickly responded with enthusiastic applause. No matter what the critics have, at least the audience who came to enjoy the movie are very excited and still have some meaning.

There is no doubt that the ring that Lynch inadvertently used as a souvenir at the end will be the cause of the next series of movies, and maybe there will be a third and fourth in the future, which will take all Lynch’s experience in Nagalil. All of his adventures are photographed.

I have to say that this is a successful movie. James and his screenwriter, as well as the director, lost those things that wanted to reflect the epic and heavy feeling. They made the plot flow faster and more compact. , The screen switching speed is also faster, and the sound and light stimulate more.

There are no philosophical principles, only actors show off their bodies, faces, muscles, and grand scenes.

Exciting 95 minutes. It is said that the at first version has 100 30 minutes, which also contains a lot of knowledge popularization and various background introductions, but in the end it was re-edited at the strong request of James and obtained Fox Father and son’s approval.

A successful movie!

Lynch applauded. There is no doubt that this movie will be a success. When people are still pursuing long shots and stream of consciousness, this movie that already has a commercial film tone will inevitably detonate the market.

Maybe it is not deep enough, has no connotation, lacks content, and is made up randomly. It may not get any awards, but as long as it can sell, it is the greatest affirmation.

Fox father and son and the main creative staff are all on the stage. They should be congratulated and blessed by the people. After the intense and intensive applause, Lynch was also invited to the stage. People hope that his “party” can say something what.

Faced with thousands of spectators in a movie theater, Lynch looked back at the big screen that had already ended, “He is not as handsome as me!”

In the theater, people’s laughter rang out in an instant, including the actor standing on the side could not help laughing. Lynch nodded and added, “This is a fact!”

People laughed more enthusiastically, and some people agreed with Yinghao. Of course, this is indeed true. After all, it is a film “adapted from reality”.

When everyone was almost laughing, Lynch’s expression became a little more serious, “A great movie, I did not participate in the filming process, this is the first time I saw this movie today, but I To say, it must be a great movie.”

“The faster tempo, the more vivid color conflict, and the stronger tension. I noticed that when the whole movie was put down, no one seemed to go to the bathroom or snoring with others. This shows that it is attractive Place.”

“Of course, there is the most important point…”, he paused and teased, “I am sure someone will accuse me, but I still want to say, this time I didn’t see the preaching, it made me whole The heart’s devotion made me experience an adventure again, of course, this time it must be more exaggerated.”

“It is an excellent movie because it has an excellent team, excellent directors, screenwriters, actors and our Fox father and son. It has all the elements for success…”

Lynch stopped suddenly as he spoke. He turned his head to look at the emcee standing aside, “Did I take your job?”

The emcee’s response was also very quick, “It depends on whether they pay me!”

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